Did "They" Ever Tell You To 'Buy Gold' Or 'Sell Stocks'?

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Gold bears are coming out of the woodwork to declare gold dead. Santiago Capital's Brent Johnson wonders where they have been for the last 12 years and reflects on the reality of why one should hold the precious metal; putting the recent weakness in its proper context.

Some context?


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LetThemEatRand's picture

The Gold is dead.  Long live Gold!

FEDbuster's picture

Paper gold is dead, long live physical.

LetThemEatRand's picture

L'or papier est mort, vive l'or physique!

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We're entering the end game ZH'rs    the rubber is going to meet the road when this leveraged paper short collides with the physical accumulation of the East......this will not end pretty......Epic!

LetThemEatRand's picture

Ben:  Monsieur, have some more paper gold.  It's wafer thin.

Economy:  I couldn't eat another fucking thing.

Ben:  Garcon!  Get monsieur a bucket.

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When the University of Texas Retirement Fund sells its $4 Billion of gold bars, I'll consider selling mine. Same....when Northwestern Mutual Ins Co. sells its massive holdings...same with the Central Banks...when they start sell instead of grabbing all the gold they can get...then one needs to pause maybe.....


But for right now, I agree with the Chinese and Indians....all 3 billion of them.

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Agreed, I will join with "Mrs. Wang" and continue to trade FRNs (or Yuan) for shinny troy ounces.  The "Mrs. Wangs" bought over 225 tons of physical, barbarous relic in March.  Not sure of how much the "Mrs. Patels" bought, but I bet it was measured in tons, too.

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I believe China consumed about 800 metric tons in 2012.

It's about 320 metric tons for 2013. In first three months.

China, last I heard, buys less than India.

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More debased fiat for me........I'M SOOOO BLOODY RICH!!!!


Did "They" Ever Tell You To 'Buy Gold' Or 'Sell Stocks'

Hmm.....not that I can think of.

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I am still a Zimbabwe multi-trillionaire, bitchez.

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"We're entering the end game ZH'rs ..."

Here's a new Andrew Maguire interview.  Talks at length about the divergence between paper and physical. 

Says Western CBs lost another 40 tons of physical gold yesterday alone.  All that pretty shiny yellow metal is heading east. 


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You too can be a Zimbabwe trillionaire, and all it will cost you is 1/8th of a Silver Eagle:




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Maybe we will see one ASE = US$1 trillion?  If the Bernak hits the meth pipe a few too many times while hitting his zero key.

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Wait, was this filed under "Friday Humor"?

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@ Pegasus...

Thank you...

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I've been a zim$ Trillionaire for years now, all for the same cost, at the time I became a Trillionaire, as a pre-64 US quarter.

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Have Indians always been buying gold for their daughters and jewelry.  It probably me but I don't remember reading how Indians been snapping up all the gold that they can find.

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Check out these physical premia in India.

Mumbai spot physical premium on gold is currently $110 per oz.



markettime's picture

Not only has gold been a tradition in India, but Indians in general are tired of the government trashing thier currency. Every time I go back to India I am shocked at how much prices have increased. Gold is their way of coping with the inflation as well as meeting tradition from what I understand. 

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too much gold around your neck and you have risk of this on your way to work:




watch till the end


and leave the gold in a safe at home.

markettime's picture

That is funny...every nml guy I ever talk to trashes gold and pushes whole life instead. 

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Sprott sold a large part of his holdings in pslv and bought mine stocks, now this. GLD etf rose this week... TBTF is contacting certain institutions to sell physical and buy paper to cover shortages? University of Texas receives a new invented subsidy in dollars for the coming years, or just the gun on the forehead?

Sumtin fishy here... thanks for your post, it's saved.

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Yo long Kyle Bass, methinks. Good move. He stilll gagged ...

He is in Asia, and definately on a BIG project ....

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Nonetheless, many of us will continue to accumulate and hold our physical gold.

bb, do you have any news re the magazine American Hard Assets?  Rumor is that it is folding, which would be a real shame.  Thanks for any information!

bullionbaron's picture

There's definitely reasons to hold physical, just get tired of the lack of facts used in scaremongering.

American Hard Assets is from same editor as Australian version. I haven't seen a new copy on the shelf in around 6 months and supposed to be 6 copies published a year. Doesn't look good, I don't know anymore. Haven't been able to contact the editor.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Ah, too bad.  I gave them a nice write-up at my blog about three months ago.  They then comped me for a subscription (one free issue it looks like).  It was an interesting idea, but maybe Oz and the USA just are not ready yet.

augustusgloop's picture

i'm waiting for American Hard Assets #25: chocolate thunder

Jam Akin's picture

When it comes don't get stuck in the pipe...with those liquid assets

samcontrol's picture

The paper gold market lives on.

Xue's picture

Zhi huangjin yi si, shiti huangjin wan sui!

(''Paper gold is dead, long live physical gold'' in Mandarin)

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I'm not sure why the fiat tards have to keep rehashing this argument over and over again. It's pretty simple, has our debt based monetary system changed? No.


Closing price of gold 1792 - $19.39

Closing price of gold 2012 - $1,664


Yea, I don't see any kind of long term trend developing here, it's a mystery.


On a long enough timeline the survival rate for every fiat currency drops to zero.





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Your data is too short my friend.

In 1266 one French ~livre~ corresponded really to its weight of 409 grams of Silver. In 1790, it was so debased that it was 1/18th of its weight of 1266. I think we have an acceleration from 1792 onwards....

css1971's picture

The Great British Pound used to be one Troy pound (373g) of Sterling silver.

Today the Great British Pound is 9.5 grams of brass.


And they say they worry about counterfeiting...

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I'm not planning to live for 800 years, so gold's intermediate to short term prospects are of more interest.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

1792?  Really?  Another nice but totally meaningless factoid.  Assuming the truth and ALL facts matter, and not just the ones we like (because they support our agenda and ideology/worldview), then...

The only things that matter if you are buying it as part of a portfolio, are:

  1. When you are buying (I got money to invest today or this month, not 220 fucking years ago)?

  2. How long will it stay in Allocation (before I start cashing out or re-balancing)?

  3. What Volatility can I handle (psychologically, or financially if I need to cash out or choose to re-balance into more promising asset)?

  4. Asset Allocation: What fraction of my portfolio should contain PM?  10%, 15%, 20%, 25? 35%?  How much in hard bullion, and how much in paper?  Keeping in mind that the paper portion is used purely for speculation (with lower margin costs than bullion) when buying & selling.  You do NOT want to have the dealers eating your bullion profits with their margins, so avoid 'churn' with buying & selling bullion.

  5. Exit Strategy: When and how do I intend to cash out?  When I retire or die?  When TSHTF and money is re-anchored to gold/PM?  When all else has tanked and I need some money?  When?

All else is BS and noise, stated out of ignorance, or said deliberately to support a hidden agenda. 

But, since most ppl are not that smart and get distracted by almost anything (like my 3 mo. old puppy), the BS usually works (has high stick ratio), sad to say.  Well, somebody has got to 'serve' (make money off) the bottom half of the IQ Bell-curve!  There's an army of 'entrepreneurs' and predators (all very smooth & charming SOBs) looking to make money off the poor, uneducated, uninformed, gullible people, alas.  Happily, most of these work in the usual and popular establishment.  There's a reason that snake-oil salesmen and TV evangelists are so numerous in the US:  It works, it's a very profitable business!  Sad, but true. 

A good Adviser is very difficult but great to find.  Make sure he/she discloses up front how they make money and if or how they have 'skin in the game'.  My view is:  No skin in game?  No game!  If you choose to DIY, then you must do DYOH, and manage it actively as intended, and cannot get lazy or deviate from principles you set up at the beginning.  Otherwise you become... 'Unprincipled'.

I've followed Brent's AV postings for a year now, and must say I'm impressed with his profound understanding of Currency and it's (mis)creation, and Money (PM).  It was in fact an email link I got from a friend, who got me to follow Brent and thus ZH.  Interestingly enough, ZH has made me smarter, but no richer: Having increased my PM holdings significantly, has seen its cash value drop, and having canibalized the Equities in the process, has compounded the problem.  Sometimes "a person can be too smart for their own good" applies here.  And extreme positions (financial or personal) are filled with risk and dangerous people.  That much is or should be obvious.

Yes, some buy gold to hold the bullion "forever", but that is a different conversation and not part of this article. If one were to stay on topic.

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No need tonget grumpy here....
You don't plan on liv'in 200+ years?
Haven't you heard?
We've got us Obamacare!
Da gubment is gonna take care of all us!
I can't believe you're not dialed in.

......... You must not have your OBphone......

Ok, sarc 'off'

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most people here don,t have portfolios.

+1 capt kirk.

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Closing price of gold 1792 - $19.39

Closing price of gold 2012 - $1,664

Dude ... have you worked out your rate of return?

(1664.00/19.39)^(1/220)-1 = 2.04% p.a.



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OT But Holy Shit


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Police have neither confirmed nor denied that Reed's arrest is tied to the plant explosion. However, authorities said Friday that the Texas Rangers and the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department have launched a new criminal probe into the incident, with Texas Department of Public Safety chief Stephen McCraw pledging that the state will “leave no stone unturned.”

Element's picture

It seems to be saying he turned up after the explosion?

RaceToTheBottom's picture

That would be terrible if he was just Jinning up some OT.....

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This s#!t happens all the time. Volunteer fireman start blazes they then rush to the scene to help put out.

A wacked-out "rescuer's syndrome", or something..??

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hmmm. I bought 8 more gold eagles today