QE Qaption Qontest

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If the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world asset bubbles don't exit, the question is who really is QE Soze?

inspired by Omid Malekan, h/t @Williambanzai7

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Can you ask the one at far left to stand?

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Careful guys...

If we don't hang together...

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Benny, as Verbal, actually make me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.

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"How many times you been in a lineup ? It's always you and four dummies."

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"Give me the QE you cocksucka motherfuckahahhaalallaahaa!"

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All: "Fucking Bloomberg Terminals..."

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"Give me the Keynes, you corksucker..."



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We shoulda pulled a Paulson!
Like amnesty man, before the crime!"

"Where is that little pervert anyway?"

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"We released ourselves on our own recognizance."


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I miss Michael Jackson...


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Officer to victim: "which of the five was not involved in your ass raping?"

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Funny, they don't seem Druish.....

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Second from left looks pretty shifty.

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A better question to ask is, who is Verbal Kint?

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Well, they're all verbal cunts.

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I thought Max Keiser was Kaiser Sose. No wait, that's Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Wealth and Savings In Danger: Bosten Consulting Group (BCG) wants haircut for everyone of 11-30% to solve debt-crisis



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You know, the one where the banks don't have all your money, so you need to give it to them. That crisis.

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Even if you do not like this comment, mark it up for me please? I only have one greenie to give.

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Keynes seems kinda smarmy.

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He's a tall motherfucker too.  They're all taller than I thought.  Didn't think you could pile shit that high

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PhD  Piled higer and deeper. 

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Krugman's Keynesian Krush on BernanQE Bullion Bandit




Via email(to BI's Joe Weaselthal), Princeton economist Paul Krugman expanded on this theory:

I don't really know, although at some level I'm not surprised: finance types just hate, hate easy money policies, although you would think that these policies are often good for their bottom lines. I do wonder in this case whether there's extra hatred of Bernanke because he keeps proving them wrong: they keep predicting terrible things from QE, runaway inflation, and all that,and instead the bearded academic stuff keeps turning out right.



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I was thinkin the junkie on the right but its the guy in the middle and I'll swear to it in court!

(Been nice knowing you guys)

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"And like poof.. its gone"

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"Hit the Ctl-P key, you fucking cocksucker."

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Captures the essence of Bernanke's speech today PERFECTLY.

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"Hand me the keys to the printing press, you fucking cocksucker."


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Krugman.  Always Krugman.

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Why is Jack Lew hiding his face?

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Orca fat. She was.

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     " I always tell the truth, even when I lie" ...         Al Pacino, Scarface


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"the greatest trick the Banking Cabal ever pulled was convining the world they didn't exist"

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Amen brother.  Federal Reserve is about as "Federal" as FedEx.

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Not supposed to use criminals in all of the places in a lineup.

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Put da ink in the fuckin' printing press, you fuckin' cock sucka, what da fuck?

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Casting for The Diary of Ann Frank?

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It's the one on the far right, guilt showing with his hands ready for handcuffs.

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     The 23 year old newbie says to his/her boss> I noticed yields on longer term notes are widening in a "Greek way".

 She/He politely seduces their object of affection, and hands them a "pink Slip"!  Bitxhez

    Self employment is awesome. ( and it creates jobs)

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Priceless, we're being ruled by a bunch of clowns.

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They're all Bozos on that bus.