US Alerts Two "Elite Military Units" To Be On Standby Over Deteriorating Libyan Situation

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Earlier today, news crossed the wire that the Britsh Embassy was pulling all non-essential staff from its Libya embassy, with the release of this warning: "Given the security implications of the ongoing political uncertainty, the British Embassy is temporarily withdrawing a small number of staff, mainly those who work in support of Government Ministries which have been affected by recent developments." Moments ago, perhaps in an attempt to avoid the humiliation suffer by Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi fiasco, Fox News reports that "The U.S. military has alerted two elite military units in Europe to be on standby if needed to respond to a deteriorating security situation in Tripoli."

April 23, 2013: Security officers and officials inspect the site of a car bomb that targeted the French embassy wounding two French guards and causing extensive material damage in Tripoli, Libya. (AP)


In recent days both the U.S. embassy and British embassy in Libya have removed non-essential staff from their embassies.


A specialized Marine unit based in Moron, Spain, is in the process of being repositioned closer to Libya; and in Stuttgart, Germany, a special operations force assigned to AFRICOM has been placed on heightened alert.


Neither team has moved yet.


"We are repositioning assets in the region that could respond if necessary," a senior military official told Fox News Friday. "If the situation deteriorates (in Tripoli) we would be positioned to respond."


The positioning comes after a series of disturbing security developments. Protests broke out Sunday in the capital. The U.S., Britain and France -- the coalition that overthrew Muammar Qaddafi -- issued a joint warning Wednesday to the militias to observe the rule of law, amid concerns about rising tensions between armed rival factions. In Benghazi, there were two explosions at police stations.

Does this mean that following stern Russian resistance to US-Israeli military overtures in Syria, that particular conflict zone is put on hiatus, and now the geopolitical focus will shift back to the Arabian Spring's ground zero? At least there's some oil that may be in need of re-liberation there.

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Now when people google for Obama Libya , this crap will come upo and not that damning hearing from the other day.


I'm sure clouding Gooles search function with garbage is a new marketing strategy.

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Stealing and piracy has a price....

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But the President said on 20 October 2011 Libya was fixed...

"“Without putting a single US service member on the ground (in Libya), we achieved our objectives... "

There goes the summer vacation in Tripoli. How is Damascus this time of year?


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ two Elite Military Units


Oh, NOW they are alerting the military that something is up in Libya.  Great timing Obama / Shillary / Africom.  I will be interested to see if the Benghazi Hearings amount to anything.

Probably not.  After all, the Obama Administration could probably sic the IRS on its enemies with no repercussions, like Nixon did!  Oh wait...

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Hamas was and is an Israeli controlled terrorist organization.

Arab Time Internet site circulated a report that the Imam of one of the mosques in the Palestinian refugee camps Al-Wahdat based in Jordan, said that Sheikh Al-Qaradawi, known for his blessings of brutal murders by Salafists  of all religious dissidents and Syrian citizens supporting authorities, deserves to die.

Reportedly, "the reason for such decision was the fact that Al-Qaradawi has become the spiritual leader of the Salafis and he justifies  the slaughter the people in Libya, Syria and Yemen as well as religious strife. " Palestinian Imam believes that Yosef Al-Qaradawi had violated the laws of Islam.

This address was sent to Gaza residents, where Al-Qaradawi is presently hosted  by the Hamas leaders. Moreover, according to the site, the plane which Sheikh Al-Qaradawi is using to visit Palestine belongs to the Qatari Emir Hamad bin Jassem Al-Thani and the flight security was provided by the Israeli air defense.

According to France-Press, following the Israeli attack on Syrian military sites, Palestinians in the town of Khan Younes responded to the call by the PFLP and came out on a demonstration against the Israeli aggression against Syria. However, Žerhun Nasrallah, who was organizing the Palestinian protest, stated  that HAMAS security guards were using police sticks to attack and break up the demonstrations. 13 people were injured during these demonstrations.

The site also notes that the France press film crew reported that Hamas prohibited any anti-Israeli filming.

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US gov found more evidence that needs destroying. I keep telling them, "Why not just Daisy-Cutter the joint and be done with it?"

flacon's picture

HiLIARy cleared up the Bengazi hearings. She said "It doesn't matter anyway". Case dismissed. 

GetZeeGold's picture



It was just a little perjury....but that was a long time ago.

knukles's picture

Now Benghazi and Tripoli are in Syria?

Where's my old California Auto Club Tripticks?


Y'all realize it's Bush's fault, dontcha?

Pinto Currency's picture


The damage to the building from the car bomb looks identical and just as extensive as to the OKC Murrah Building.



Sofa King Confused's picture

Intelligence operatives report Gaddafi had another secret place in the country where he stored large amounts of gold bullion.

Precious's picture

More propaganda.  Isn't the entire point of their job to "be on standby" ? 

New_Meat's picture

Precious doesn't get out very much.

Jack Burton's picture

Three words. "Iraq, Afghanistan, Bush".

What's the price of those three words?  Trillions and counting, not to mention mass deaths. Bush's place in hell is firmly reserved, and you know what? Look at him now, you can see it in his eyes, he knows he is bound for hell. Obama the black Bush will join him with his blood soaked hands. So personally?"Both Parties are a pair of daft cunts"!

Though I know some will negative this post because they still cling to their party loyalty above their humanity and Americanism.

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

she was never sworn in .. how conveinet..

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

Well, wouldn't you be a little touchy about critizing them if you were on a JDAM speed dial list?

Thought Processor's picture

Let us not forget that the vast majority of terrorism (and revolution by extension) is state sponsored.   This is proven throughout history.   

The easiest way to see that a solution is created that meets ones needs is always to first create the problem.

Also real terrorism and or revolution requires money, resources and coordination on a scale that most if not all groups simply do not have.

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Of course not, the republicans are too stupid to use any of the impeachment articles against Obama, so why would anyone think the gift wrapping of another will be of any use to them?  They have about a dozen to work with, many of them prima facie all they have to do is get the ball rolling.  They don't even really need to make the case.  It's cut and dried already.  They're morons.  Instead of actually doing something they want a dog and pony show about nothing.

It's simple.  The CIA was running guns to Al-Qeada linked terrorists a mile or so away from the Benghazi office.  I wonder how long after one of the shipments the (Al-Sharia/LIFG/Feb 17th brigade) procured they wanted to test out their new toys, and whoa a U.S. diplomat they've been threatening is 15-20 minutes away on foot.  

In other words Obama was/is in league with Al-Qeada.  They were giving guns to the people threatening to kill Chris Stevens a mile away from his location.   It's like handing the gun the John Wilkes Booth as he entered the theater almost.  Yet not one dumbass republican can make the connection.  Seriously. 

So what Benghazi is (and like Syria) is very similar to Iran/Contra except the people we gave the guns to are Al-Qeada, who we are 'at war with' supposedly and then used those weapons to kill ambassador Chris Stevens and others after receiving those weapons a mile away from the incident and after the threats had been made.  The coverup and the 'switch' to spontaneous demonstration doesn't really matter.  It's possible it was done to help cover up the gun running, but overall the info is out about the gun running, so the focus needs to be there.  Seeing how the embassy was attacked multiple times, including a rocket attack that took out one of the walls a couple months earlier, a real good question would be....'how many times, right after giving them weapons, did they shoot something off at the embassy with their new weapons?'.

But again we're also doing the same thing in Syria.  Most republicans are in on that scam.  So both sides are perfectly content to run guns to Al-Qeada on one side (on multiple fronts), and take away our rights for their bogus wars on the other.  In essence both parties are in bed with Al-Qeada.  Not to mention some of the most wasteful spending on nothing (DHS) ever. 

Our policy is so fucked that in Syria if the rebels use WMD's, it is ok, but if Bashar Al-asad does, then it's a red line where all the war morons on both sides want war.  You just have video's of these western backed Al-Qeada (since let's not forget the bigger roles in this nexus of Saudi Arabia, Britain, and the rest of middle eastern oil monarchies) testing out these chemical weapons and claiming they are going to use them in Syria.  You have the British eveidence of WMD's being trotted out, just like the Brits trotted out their Chilcot inquiry WMD evidence lies for the Iraq war in 2002-2003.  Obama shot down that evidence because it made him look good as it was obvious it wasn't going to fly this time. 

Republicans have all the info they need to take down Obama and have had it for years.   They could have impeached him in 2009.  A competent republican party or congress in general could impeach Obama a dozen times over.  They don't impeach him because they would be doing the same thing, perhaps even more brazen.  It's just a sick little game of trying to show optically they'd be the better tyrants. 

I mean just look at the incompetence.  You have running guns to Al-Qeada who then used them to kill our Ambassador, and they are stuck on the Susan Rice talking points.  I mean, ok, good to expose that genocidal witch, but the real issue here is the gun running.  They hold hearings about the incident and basically talked dick about it.  Issa is a fucking moron.

So we'll see if this Libya situation with units on alert has anything to do with trying to confuse the issue even more and show through force that we're against the people we have been supporting up to this point.   If anything this might be the response to the hearings.   That they'd go out and kill something.  

Democrat and republican fucktards are both pounding our ass hand in hand.


Rogue Trooper's picture

Yep, we're all Kermits now.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Magnificently explained, + a bazillion.

I share your outrage and regret that no one in DC has any cred.

It all seems to keep coming back to: Gold, bitchez!

Rogue Trooper's picture

True dat.

One more thing. I think the, so called, PTB are fighting internally for the ever diminishing spoils as the farce continues.  None of this shit adds up.  It's kind of like a Gen Y version of Herbets 'Dune' without the old school 'smarts'....

Same ending though.

We are all Fremen now.


uno's picture

It is Iran Contra on steriods, arming terriorists while running guns to Sinola Cartel with immunity to run drugs into the homeland.  Just you wait to the MSM gets a hold of this - oh nevermind.

Miss Expectations's picture

What if Hillary wanted the Ambassador dead?  Think of everything that happened before, during and after in that light.  It got f*cked up because it took longer than expected due to the unanticipated heroism on the part of two marines who rushed in and fought for 7 hours.

New_Meat's picture

"on the part of two marines who rushed in and fought for 7 hours."

Actually civilian "contractors" formerly SEALs, working for the dreaded three-letter-acronym agency.

But there was talk about generating a cause celebre due to the Ambassador's death.

- Ned

Miss Expectations's picture

That was a lazy mistake on my part.  Their names are Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

New_Meat's picture

thanks, I'm kinda' picky about the characterizations.  They were true players.

- Ned

{I knew four people killed in the Embassy in Beirut, back in the '83 time.  The reports always forget the soldier in the toll.}

Miss Expectations's picture

Have you read "The Benghazi Lie"?  Mark Steyn does a good job here:

Jack Burton's picture

Ronald Reagan was the first to sign a blood alliance with Al-Qaeda. Up to now the alliance holds firm. Al-Qaeda is a long standing American institution, doing good work in Syria, Libya, Dagestan, Chechnya and the streets of any Russian city. Vlad's boys send a few to hell every week, and now Assad's boys are kicking Al-Qaeda ass for drill. No wonder Obama is in a panic, his Al-Qaeda legions in Syria have had their asses handed to them by loyal multi ethnic secular Syrian Army troops. USA foreign policy is too fucked up for words.

Ignatius's picture

Still waiting for the scorn of those he betrayed.... 

caconhma's picture

Just wait till Libyan thugs, presently fighting and losing in Syria, come back home to Libya.

Then shit will really hit a fence for America and its Israeli masters fighting battle-hardened terrorists. The Lebanon's Hezbollah is a good example.



Jack Burton's picture

"caconhma", Yes, exactally so!  American foreign policy is one giant Terrorist manufacturing machine. We already saw USA allied Chechen terror blow back on Americans in Boston. Putin keeps warning us not to support terrorists, but we always do.

smlbizman's picture

luckily they bought the 5 yr.  extended parts and labor with just a 50 dollar deduct.

Son of Loki's picture

They have only won some of the minds and hearts..... more to win over, evidently.

onthesquare's picture

Willy Nelson is writting a song about the Libya feasco as we speak.  More Hollywood on CNBC

Tortfeasor's picture

Probably some Libyian asshole printing 3D guns again.

uno's picture

can you imagine if someone in the US printing it, there would be a Boston style lockdown and door to door 100 man squads into each home.

TeamDepends's picture

Now if only some genius could find a way to print honorable politicans....

Saint Pitbull's picture

This will be their talking point - We took care of the problems in Libya as soon as we heard of them.  "oh, you're saying there was ANOTHER Libyan attack - you must be mistaken." 

kliguy38's picture

I thot we liberated them......oh I guess we just destablized them and killed off a hundred thousand women and children as "collateral damage" .... Hey...they got what they wanted.....permanent chaos and war

kchrisc's picture

And gold and oil to by a little more time for the elites of the West.       hujel

Stoploss's picture

Will the "elite units" have to stop and change clothes on the way?


Jack Burton's picture

Haven't you noticed the last 20 years? Every American military unit is now "elite", even the fucking Coast Guard are "elite".

Fuck, when I was young you knew who was "elite" the Navy Seals, Marine Recon. etc. Guys like that. Most of the rest of us were just ordinary Americans doing our service.

Element's picture


Elites forces are unscrupulous ruthless state murderers.

Every other 'elite' is one of these;




GolfHatesMe's picture

HAARP?  Hello, John Kerry here and I would Prefer a storm somewhere