The Race For The Door

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of Street Talk Live blog,

Clues To Watch For The End Of QE "Infinity"

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The FEDs gonna shit in its hat and pull it over its ears.

They are crooks, traitors, criminals and need to be locked up. The only thing you can be sure about the FED is that they are going to steal your money.

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The Fed will be shitting in everyone elses hat but it won't be shitting in it's own hat that's for sure. Whether it comes in a hat or through a fan, it will be on us and not them.

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There was a nano-flash-crash on SPY today. Did anybody else see it at 12:51 PM?

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Bullish for houses prices when POMO ends, right?



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What's this? Now Tylers believe that the Fed will 'talk down' the markets before they draw down their monetization actions? Thats fucking thinking the kidnappers actually like you. I'll guarantee you I'm not betting on this theory, at all...they'll scalp the shit out of you that's what's going to happen!

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Sheep this is from Lance. He is a market guy. He can't concieve there not being one.

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I knew  this day was coming. The end of QE. Wow it's finally here. I am getting all misty eyed.

QE1...not enough

QE2...need Moar

Operation twist...just a coffee break

QE3....who could have guessed it?

QE4....stock market crack

But that's it. That's where it ends. Shirley they won't do QE5.

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see how many ya get, Fonz: don't evah call me Shirley again

Winston Smith 2009's picture

Airplane and Zero Hour Mashup

From the video's description on YouTube:

"Airplane!" is the greatest comedy film ever made, and was conceived after the writers caught the movie "Zero Hour!" on late night television.

"Airplane!"'s producers bought the rights to the 1957 film and used the same screenplay to create the basis for the spoof.

Airplane contains references to disaster films in general, with specific jokes aimed at the Airport series of films and Saturday Night Fever.

But the film pokes fun at Zero Hour the most, by using the same scripted lines, using a Basketball player to be the co-pilot, and even adding an exclamation mark to the title.

Basically, Airplane IS Zero Hour, and this video shows you some of the similarities. If you like this video, please consider buying either or both movies - they are available on Amazon for hardly any money at all, and both are great to watch. If you know Airplane well, Zero Hour is almost as funny. When they say the fog's getting thicker, you can't help buy say "And Leon's getting laaaaaarger!!!"

JackT's picture

Flash crashes will be like popping popcorn in a pan over and open flame. (For the kiddos - we use to have to pop popcorn in a pan over an open flame, 4Realz we did)

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Sorry but the exit doors are locked up tighter than a nightclub in Rhode Island.

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But how high will the DOW go before the grand pyrotechnic finale? That is the ten trillion $ question that  us greedy investors want to know. I'll bet on at least 36000.


You can always exit early. But don't try to get out even one millisecond late.

blindman's picture

hft. the computers have a clock like door. or a door like
the door . what is clock speed?
"Clock speed is a measure of how quickly a computer completes basic computations and operations. It is measured as a frequency in hertz (Hz), and most commonly refers to the speed of the computer's Central Processing Unit (CPU). While computer developers and users can refer to this term regarding CPU performance, this has fallen out of favor as CPUs have become more complex. The easiest ways to boost clock speed in a computer include upgrading components and "overclocking" a piece of hardware.

What Clock Speeds Measure

There is a small quartz crystal inside of a CPU that vibrates at a particular oscillation or frequency. This frequency sets the "speed" of processes in the computer and is usually very high; they are typically measured in megahertz (MHz) and gigahertz (GHz). A megahertz is one-million cycles per second, while a gigahertz is one-billion cycles per second. So a computer with a clock speed of 800MHz is running 800,000,000 cycles per second, while a 2.4GHz computer is running 2,400,000,000 cycles per second.

These cycles set the speed for all processes within a computer. This ensures that all components and memory are working together at a rate that remains harmonious. Different components and processes can also run as a fraction of the primary CPU speed, which allows each element of a computer to work on its own and still function with the primary frequency of the CPU.
" a rate that remains harmonious".
good luck finding the door.
"..this was no boating accident". r.d. (jaws)

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Real inflation is about 10%.  The government debt is $17T.  We are thus inflating away $1.7T.  The U.S. can thus spend $1.7T more than it takes in indefinitely.  Where's the problem?


WhackoWarner's picture

You do not do the grocery shopping obviously.

In many cases the inflation rate on the basic of FOOD is 33% and hidden in repackaging and downsizing of portions.

Gradual upswing on prices combined with a down-sizing of pack sizes...

Go figure that.

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Yeah, but iPad 3 has more features than iPad 2 so thats a huge deflationary force affecting everyone in the land

A Lunatic's picture

Buy some chickens, a few five gallon value packs of rice, a rototiller,  a .357 mag, six months wages in PM's, a case of Jack Daniels, and a lawn chair and enjoy what's left of the American Dream........

RafterManFMJ's picture

I'd love to have lunatic for a neighbor. He sounds fun.

Papasmurf's picture

I thought those things were the American dream.  Except swap out the chickens and rice for hot dogs and burgers.

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I' like to nominate for #1; the monthly POMO release that shows any reduction in largesse.

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When the correction occurs it will be an instantaneous crash, the markets will halt and remain closed - the notion that you can watch VIX and still have time to get out is laughable.

miker's picture

I think your comment is spot on.  Like you, I believe they will close the markets and freeze everyone out hoping they can figure out what to do which they won't be able.

RafterManFMJ's picture

I just put in an order for 1000 shares of MSFT at nine cents, so I'm ready.

rosiescenario's picture

The HFT's are going to be running just a tad faster than VIX.


I visualize the HFT's as moving so quickly they create a cavitation bubble (vacuum) which then implodes.For an interesting view of this phenomina, Google pistol shrimp.

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Hey Hilsenrath, FU! We know your full of BS. 

It's best to ignore Hilsenrath. The Fed cannot quit QE. In fact the Fed may even increase QE/month.

Hilsenrath, we know Bubble Bernanke, Evans, Dudley and Yellen are about the only ones buying US debt, so they cannot stop.

So you can exhaust all the hot air you want. Your irrelevant now. 

kito's picture

well, ive wasted 2 years plus of my life here................ learning all about how printing is bad, and fiscal responsibility is good, and how this will all end badly.....stocking up on canned goods and toiletries and bullets and band aids......and .....then....he hints about pulling qe.....and nothing happens...all of those supposed algos that run the markets do nothing.....night sets in......with daylight not sure whether to laugh or going back to cnbc............

fonzannoon's picture

2 years plus and you let Lance take you down?

kito's picture getting depressed......really................i cant sleep anymore.............its getting bad.............

fonzannoon's picture

I have not slept in 2 weeks. I have been glued to this place. I walk my dog a bit less, so I can get back here and check in. I'm not depressed. Just convinced something is about to break. Everyone I speak to feels the same way. I have a good group of close friends. We get lunch a few days a week. It becomes a bitchfest. Everyone logging complaints about how things are. Everyone knows a reset will be god awful and yet everyone is almost looking forward to it. Just so that you get that vindication in knowing you were not nuts.

It used to be the market could stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. Now it's the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay sane.

I need a break from this place so bad, but yet this place has become the only semblance of reality that I know. Fucked up man....

blindman's picture

it is very serious. the world can remain evil and
disgusting longer than you can stay alive. a person
does need to have the discipline to walk away, prioritize
their time and energy in a sustainable way or ...
get sick and die from internalizing the global "muck"
and debris that is brought to you at the speed of light
from every perspective on the planet. the mind of man
or any sentient being was not designed to integrate this
many perspectives this fast. it is unsustainable and for your
own survival you have to learn your limits before the
violation of them destroys you.
exercise and quiet meditation everyday for some time is
something to seriously contemplate.

kito's picture

thanks for the wise words are sooo right............

blindman's picture

John Trudell , I'm crazy ?
"they mine the energy of the human." j.t.

miker's picture

Hey man, get your life back.  What will happen will happen.  This thing will go on for a lot longer than any of us think.  Maybe that's a good thing; not sure.  Whatever happens, trust that there are more good people in this country than bad.  We still have a political system that can recover with citizen anger but more importantly citizen action.  Get some sleep.

fonzannoon's picture

Miker thanks, for whatever reason, I never got sleep. My whole life I have fought with it. I am all good. I still keep the seperation and more importantly my sense of humor. What makes me very nervous is to see the people around me come unglued. Short tempers...short fuses. They know something is wrong.

Kito you are local. Say the word and I buy you a beer. It would be my pleasure.

kito's picture

we may have to douse our uneasiness in some suds.........will keep that invitation open......francis would be so pleased............

kito's picture

weve gone mad...........nothing will break until 2015....count on sure of it...............

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

That is seriously bad news for the glaziers of the world and therefore Dr Krugman.

RafterManFMJ's picture

With new Google Glass you can walk the dog, check Zerohedge, and look like like a colossal asshole all at the same time.

Meremortal's picture

You will really be in bad shape in another month.

kchrisc's picture

"I cannot teach him. The boy has no patience" Yoda


Aurora Ex Machina's picture

ZH, and all of the internet in general, is a huge mirror, an echo chamber, a Chinese room with 90% non-signal where you feed it your own emotions, desires and dreams to complete the information feedback and it spits back what you require.


That's its dark secret, and why it works so well.



If you have learnt nothing, then.....................................................................................................................The fault lies within.

fonzannoon's picture

It's an addiction. You know a new article will be out in 20 minutes....and this one wiill be the one that snaps the cord.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Oh, sweety.

Yes, that's ZH's hook, it's not how the internet works though. That's why I've linked to TED talks on information bubbles, and in my more Chthonic moments linked you to dark places, to break said bubbles (to the algos, just having a link in your space is enough to chip the walls).













































David Bowie ~ hi there Mr Star Man. Don't see any others doing the Scientific Journalism though, nor the multi-layered link mimetic referencing. And to think I chose the rankest pound out there, was it by chance? Or was it because it was the only place that would tolerate it in these odd times?

MythicalFish's picture

Chtonic Comeuppance. Just as Marc Faber said.