Taiwan May Send Warships, F-16s To Escalate Philippine Naval Confrontation

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While most consider the Middle-East a hot-bed of geopolitical risk (prone to flare at any moment), it seems hot money flows and territorial disputes are rapidly turning the South China Sea into a powder-keg. As Japan vs China is off the front pages for a moment (and US and South Korea engage in joint naval exercises) it seems Taiwan and the Philippines are escalating rapidly following the death of a Taiwanese fisherman last week after Filipino military fired on his vessel in supposedly disputed territory between Taipei and Manila. The situation is evolving rapidly as the Philippines' un-apology (though they sent their condolences) may prompt Taiwan to send F-16 fighters, Kidd-class destroyers, and three or more warships, according to The Liberty Times. The threat of escalation is premised on a formal apology coming within 72 hours. As Stratfor notes, Taiwan's territorial 'claims' are "outrageously ambitious" but the various island nations all appear set on rattling sabres as mainland China stiffens its resolve against Japan over the Senkakus.


Taiwan's "ambitious" territorial claims...


Timeline of the Philippines vs Taiwan drama... (via The Global Times)


Brief Stratfor clip on the tensions...


Given the movements of the Navy (below), it would seem the US is well aware of where tensions are starting to rise - in addition to the nimitz which is part of the Korean exercise, there is a large deck amphibious ship in the East China Sea

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flacon's picture

This should be good for the S&P. 

Stackers's picture

Why is Filipino spelled with an "F" ?

Nassim's picture

The "Philip" in Philippines comes from the Spanish king - Las Islas Filipinas


Ahmeexnal's picture

It is called Filipinas because flips live there.

Never One Roach's picture

b/c Filipino sounds better with an "F" then a "Q"


That's why.

Monedas's picture

Comes from King Felipe .... of Spain ?

Divine Wind's picture



It's silent like the "P" in swimming.

SilverIsKing's picture

Thanks for clarifying. I learn more from ZH than I ever learned in my 18 years of formal edumacation.

old naughty's picture

"it would seem the US is well aware of where tensions are starting to rise"


Why of course...

AlaricBalth's picture

2010 - China inks arms deal with Phillipines
2011 - U.S. signs arms deal with Taiwan
2013- Taiwan and Phillipines at odds

Just another move in the geo-political chess match.
Is anyone surprised?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Actually I am kind of surprised.  And dismayed because Taiwan and the Philippines OUGHT to be allies vs. China re the South China Sea.

It is really stupid of both countries, they should both be ashamed.

Seer's picture

One ought to make the distinction between the puppet and the string-pullers.

Both the Philippines and Taiwan are dependent upon the string-pullers.  Clearly this is all tenuous.  When the Titans are done these places will be utterly devastated: and since I have relatives in the Philippines I'm more than just an casual observer on this one.

flapdoodle's picture

"hey guys, we  need a distraction - you and you start a fight while I steal all the gold..."

Ignatius's picture

Looking at the generous line that China has drawn in open waters stretching all the way south of Vietnam and we get a very nice visual of  imperialism in action.

i-dog's picture

Don't get too excited ... Taiwan is "owned" by China (with Ma in charge). It's all posturing for other geo-political purposes. Same with the Koreas.

< Oh, look ... a squirrel! >

BLOTTO's picture

Its like watching Return of the Jedi when those star and superstar destroyers maneuvered around...

wee-weed up's picture

Look... up in the sky... is it a bird... is it a plane...?

Wait... Yes, it is a bird... it's a Black Swan!

Handful of Dust's picture

Japanese will soon claim Hawaii...as they get desperate to evacuate Fuki Island, formerly known as Honshu, their Biggest island.

Major Major Major's picture

I have heard that some Japanese believe they attacked pearl harbor to free the Hawaiians from the colonizers.

suteibu's picture

The Japanese attack was the second invasion of the islands by a military force.  In 1893, the US Marines landed to overthrow the legitimate Hawaiian Kingdom for the Dole Corporation.  Perhaps the Japanese, who had many relatives living there at the time, thought their attack would be a two-fer.

Ahmeexnal's picture

So the US is not a banana republic, but a pineapple republic? Wait...Dole also has banana fields.

foolbar's picture

Most geo-political 'real-politiks' folks can tell you that the USA is a 'banana republic with nukes'.

Where the vast majority of its citizens are wage slaves, and almost 50% are on food-stamps. That my dears is what you call a 'banana republic'.

moonstears's picture

foolbar, alot of what you type here, is a bit off or grammatically incorrect (you're means "you are" i.e.), but, this is a pretty bright observation. +1

Gold Eyed Cat's picture

Ironically, "a lot" is two words.  But you get a +1 for totally mastering the backhanded compliment!

TuPhat's picture

Gold Eyed Cat, you get a +1 for understanding "a Lot".

Major Major Major's picture

The State Motto:

Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono.

Translation in context: The sovereignty of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.

How they want to to understand it: The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.

However, it was and is truly about sovereignty of the people and when understood in the proper context it was stated in, the motto of Hawaii denies the existince of the "State of Hawaii."

Bobbyrib's picture

Anytime Hawaii wants to secede from the union and take back its sovereignty is fine with me. Hawaii is heavily subsidized and the US has been paying for its land grab for decades.

spine001's picture

Handful of Dust,  the Japanese don't know yet, but as you imply their government does know. The fallout of 4 nuclear reactors going into meltdown, the fact that they haven't found the CORIUM of any of those reactors yet, that fact that they have contaminated with radioactive waste their sea and most important source of protein, fish and the know fact that due to bioaccumulation all the radioisotopes will end up at the top of the food chain is something that they understand all too well. Thus they know that they are mutating to something else, gods knows what and that once the mutation triggers are switched they last for many generations (it is part of our evolution, the ability to rapidly change to adapt to changing conditions when radiation is high, like it was at the beginning of life on earth). That is happening. If you don't believe me you just need to look at the infant death rate in the regios of the USA that had rain in coincidence with the movement of the radiation particles that came from Fukushima, it spiked and it was reported. But it was covered up. OK, that was only a very small percentage of the radiation that went into the sea when they were just flooding the CORIUM to try to cool it and slow down the reaction to avoid a criticality.

Japan has two choices and they know it, expand or die...

Until next time,


jonjon831983's picture

Ah, why not.  Just throw more things into the pot.  Run interference so it becomes normal to have a few fleets out at sea with guns out.  Now nobody knows wtf is going to happen fo realz.

urbanelf's picture

We're just one bullet away from recovery!!!

Dr. Engali's picture

With all the hotspots heating up around the world we are going to need moar warships as we continue to spread freedom and democracy around the globe.

Matt's picture

Remember, he who goes to war last, wins. Plenty of time to build up on the sidelines.

Little John's picture

At times like this we should be thankful for having the wise and effective leadership we do. I'm just gonna' sit here and fell safe and secure for a while - at least 'till I sober up and damned old reality shows up again. 

Schmuck Raker's picture

Glad to see China has Taiwan's back.


PGR88's picture

Time to let China have Taiwan.

Really, what the fuck does the USA care?  15% of all Taiwanese live in China anyway.

foolbar's picture

What does the USA care about CUBA?


Used to be before Las Vegas that the CIA/NSA mafia kept all their whores in CUBA,... and a great R&R was had by all.


For some 60+ years Taiwan has been a USA service-base for asian pussy, something you cannot find on the mainland china for USA servicemen.


So Castro booted out the jack-boot thugs ( CIA ) out of Cuba, and freed his people of imperialism.


Now CHINA has been patient and eaten shit for 50+ years, all the while the USA controlled an island not far from mainland china,


USA democracy is HYPOCRISY, so say "malcolm x", and that got him killed and something about 'chickens coming home to roost'


The USA needs pretext to reneg on $2Trillion in debt to china ( tbill holder ), and this would be as smart as taking russian money from cyprus banks, ... harm to nobody.


China will not be STUPID, but the fucking stupid USA, ... will do some stupid shit to provoke.


OK USA parasites, ... how would you feel if CHINA opened a whore house of little white girls, say just a few miles from the USA shore?


The problem is the USA is broke, and its money is fake,


The remaining USA bases TAIWAN, PHILIPINES, ... JAPAN ... MUST go ... of course the USA doesn't want to lose this real estate, ... this is probably the only reason we still control... Oh, ... I forgot KOREA we control that too,


Who to bet? Just look at the CNY/USD ratio, and see for yourself who will be the winner. :)


Hi Ho Silver's picture


The U.S. does not need to reneg on it's foreign held debt, it has the biggest, fastest money printing machine in all of history. The Bernanke can print $2 trillion in ten minutes. And only because it takes him 9 minutes to figure out how many zeroes there are in $2 trillion.

foolbar's picture

Well the EURO mafia didn't need to hair-cut the Cyprus banks, cuz they could have pulled euro-paper out of their arse.

So be it for USA,

FED printed money is quite different than t-bills ( US government IOU's ), should and could and would the US government not have to make good on all that debt held by china, then the USA budget could once again look like the virgin mary, prior to insemination.

"bernanke' is just running the ponzi, and most of that money is OFF the books and not part of the US-TREASURY,

The way it works is T-BILL holder's are the first paid,

Should there be a war, the cops, fbi, cia, nsa, .. want a paycheck, the chinese money all $2 trillion could nicely fund the jack-boot pension fund.

We can call this a BONUS, ... and maybe even a 'fisheman fund', essentially while MA&PA amiriKKKa starve and/or fuck/eat their first born, the jack-boot assholes "cops, solider, firemen, and all who get a US treasury check' in the mail every month will never go hungry.

Bernanke funny money is used to BUY t-bonds where there are no buyers at the auction, ... is a whole different TOPIC.

Again my argument holds, if stealing weren't important then EURO-MAFIA would NOT have demanded a russian hair-cut in cyprus, and just today cyprus got $2 billion euros ( now that was funny money ), ...

Jack Booted thug assholes like to steal money, whether it chinese or russian, to show who is the boss, same as a hair lip USA citizen might kick a dog, or beat a child, or rape a woman.

Everybody and anybody in the USA that's gets a US-government check in the mail, or E-deposited,
In my mind is a jack-boot NAZI fucking enabler to the system.

No rationality needed to understand USA imperialism, and remember the IMF (EURO overlord) is/was created by the same people who created the CIA/NSA.

Ahmeexnal's picture

Speaking of Malcolm-X and whores, his grandson got himself a tremendous beating in some whorehouse in Mexico and died as a result.
I wonder if Ogolfer will send troops to avenge his nephew.


foolbar's picture

Yep, ... never I mean NEVER any where in the world, if your out and meet some girls and they say 'come with us to a bar', ... fucking stupid, so they went, and they got a bar-bill for $1200 ... but only an idiot goes upstairs, ... so on one note I'll concur that the little X was about as stupid as BAMBI in the head-lights which fit's our OREO-OBAMA perfectly, not much different than him or george-bush silver spoon.

People get wasted everyday, this ain't news, and its stupid to boot, to let girls sent out by their mob boyfriends, to lure bambi-ist's back to the bar. I have no sympathy. Had he turned over what pocket money he had, and showed some RESPECT, he might still be alive.

I wish the BIG-ZERO had some similar with X, but X wrote the greatest biography in US history, the Big-Zero is just a whore in a k-mart suit. The 'X' had much to say 50 years ago about what ails the USA, the 'O' is what 'X' would call an uncle tom.

In summary little-X, had a big mouth, and long criminal record, he went to the wrong place, and the mexican mafia had their way with him, ... happens everyday in the USA and everywhere else. A little respect goes a long way, and he his cred's didn't save him in that venue.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

foolbar, keep posting..your a little off, but ain't we all.

swmnguy's picture

That branch of the Shabazz family is a very sad story.  Malcolm and Betty's second daughter, Qubilah, witnessed her father's murder when she was 4.  She had her son, who just died, when she was in her early 20s.  Then for some reason, in the early 1990s, she wound up here in Minneapolis.  I don't know for sure, but the usual reason people wind up here for mysterious reasons involves discreet drug treatement.  While she was here, she had the misfortune to run into Michael Fitzpatrick, who either was a former casual classmate of hers, or convinced her he was. 

He was quite the piece of work.  I ran into him a couple of times in the Minneapolis coffee shop scene.  He was a skeevy bastard who befriended everyone who talked radical, and then tried to egg them into doing something illegal, and preferably violent.  In other words, he might as well have been wearing an FBI vest.  Well, poor Qubilah was unstable enough at that point that when he started egging her on about her family's grudge against Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam over Malccolm's murder, she didn't have the fortitude to tell him to go fuck himself.  That led to the very weird scenario of the Federal Prosecutor's office actiing to "protect" Louis Farrakhan by charging Qubilah Shabazz with soliciting Fitzpatrick to murder Farrakhan.

The whole thing was disgusting setup, and finally the embarrassing flimsiness of it led authorities to allow Qubilah to settle up and finish her treatment.

In the mean time, little Malcolm had been bounced all around, and went to live with Grandma.  Little Malcolm was all fucked up already, and started a fire that ended up killing Grandma.  The poor kid never had a chance.  There's severe instability, if not outright mental illness, down that side of the family, and you have to grant that they come by it honestly.  Seeing your dad murdered will mess you up; look at Bruce Wayne.

And now the kid walks into a really obvious bad-idea situation and gets murdered.  Mexico City isn't the Patpong in Bangkok; by comparison the Patpong is Disneyfied.  That's a dangerous enough place, but as others have pointed out, if you go anywhere in a Mexican red-light district, you're going to have a choice between losing all your money or all your life.  Young Malcolm apparently chose unwisely, or it wasn't an either/or situation.  Very sad all around.

acrabbe's picture

you're way off on this one foolboy. way off... actually, sounds like you don't know a goddamned thing about malcom shabazz aside from the fact that he was black. idiot...



Seer's picture

Yeah, right...  the exact kind of story one would expect TPTB to write.

"I wonder if Ogolfer will send troops to avenge his nephew."

And what is the logic behind this statement?  More closet rascist drivel?

Obama is The System.  Shabazz is/was not.

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

- Martin Niemöller

i-dog's picture


"Obama is The System. Shabazz is/was not"

Exactly. Though, Malcolm-X was groomed within the Khazarain Kult, he later turned against them. That is an automatic death sentence. Little Malcolm could well have been a follow-up on that (they generally exact punishment on all generations of the family of one who turns against them...as with the Kennedys), though it could also have just been a random.