18 Out Of 18

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Just another "Tepper" Tuesday...

For 18 Tuesdays in a row, The Dow Jones Industrial Average has closed green (on average +0.42%)


The S&P 500 has managed 15 of the last 17 green closes...


but has managed to gaisn on average 0.45% every Tuesday...


accounting for more S&P points than all the rest of the days of the week combined!!

Summing it all up - from January 25th, the S&P 500 is up 9.8%; without Tuesdays, it is unchanged...

Charts: Bloomberg

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I'm sure this is normal. Nothing to worry about.

EmmittFitzhume's picture

What the hell did they pick Tuesdays for?  

espirit's picture

Mondays off to gym out the blow, ditch the hookers, and figure out how to retrieve their cars.

For the married ones, find the blow & hookers.


HFT rats will start frontrunning Tuesdays and turn the next 100 Mondays into green days. Ah, fukk it, just have all days be green days.  Oh wait......

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The machine the algo runs on is actually just an automatic irrigation drip system timer.

Stoploss's picture

Because Wimpy runs the FED?

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My theory.... "The Hill" is basically on a Tuesday thru Thursday work week for the most part, so everyone else falls in line with their schedule. They need to start making money Tues. morning with insider trading and cash out on Thursday before the Lear jet/limo leaves for home. Ever notice how quiet Friday's are?

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What it truly is....is "contrived."  Not even trying to hide it anymore.

Did anyone check to see if Edward Tittman was green today?

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This is the arrogance that comes from always getting away with it. Since they are untouchable they might as well perform the fraud blatantly.

Exactly the same story in Australia, the criminals have had no deterrence for so long they have lost all natural fear. Check out my updated presentation:


Or for chronological updates:


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Like coyotes, no fear.

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The NY Fed even brags about it.

Anyone having access to Fed QE money, just take all your personal money throw it into your company stock, then take the Fed's QE money and keep bidding up the the price. Once the stock is insanely over priced sell out and short, then drive it down. Cover the short. 

Rinse and repeat with all the QE money. Don't worry about loosing any QE funds. The Fed will look the other way.

Criminal behavior is the New normal. 

Eric the Place holder already said he won't  go after the too big to jail boys.

southerncomfort's picture

according to this chart, you buy on Monday, sell on Tuesday - and take rest of the week off.

PingaYourFace's picture

Don't cry, just buy.

Seasmoke's picture

Tiger Woods is jealous.

Shizzmoney's picture

How am I not betting this?

Oh I forgot.....I don't have a money printer!

underman's picture

green tie tuesday!

no life's picture

Deploy the Tepper!!

tradertim's picture

Now that everyone is aware of 'Rally-Tuesday', it probably won't work anymore.

I say we move it to Wednesday begining next week, to throw everyone off.

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I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

razorthin's picture

Fuck off bankstas

razorthin's picture

See you on the limit down near you.

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I should buy it next Tuesday. I am 'a cooler' and my entry should see the index down

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Jump back in around 2:30 Thursday.  5.5 billion in POMO Friday going into opex.  

Fuku Ben's picture

If this was run as legitimately as a casino they would close down the game and throw them out

WAMO556's picture

Now that is just plain ol funny!

Your going to hell for that one!

GrinandBearit's picture

With POMO's almost everyday this month... how could you lose?

Just buy at 10am, sell at EOD... especially on Tuesday's... easy money.

Phony market?... totally, but why not get some while the getting is good?

From 2003-2006, Monday used to be the rocket ship of green candles... remember those days?  I believe it was called "M&A Monday".

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Big negative money flow for a big up day.




Remember. . . . Elephants can't move around without leaving some foot prints . . .



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So basically we're looking straight at a mirage of some sort. The "market" is a Potemkin Village. Some group paints the tape any color they want. Their favorite color being green. Selling and outflow happening behind the scene but the idiot muppet who wanes himself/herself safe is being lied to.

They've taken the rigged game to a whole new level. Everyone except the house is losing although they're looking at winning numbers.


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You should cease and desist from ruining this distribution top for the Ages....SHHhhhhhhh.....

Downtoolong's picture

Dow 20,000 is just around the corner. Here's the catch. The probability that you will be trading in a free and fair market tomorrow is apparently less than the probability the sun will blow up.

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Speaking of 18. I must have looked up the huenta virus or something. I keep getting luekemia ads. I'm going to try searching 18 year old teens on google and see if that makes a difference.

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How do the TBTF banks have 100% positive "trading" days in this environment?

Are they trading or are they buying & holding? If they're trading, they must be selling and buying and stealing from someone else. Who is on the other side of their trades? There are no muppets left at this stage. The muppets are holding.

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Eugene Fama was born on February 14 1939 which was a Tuesday.

So which is the anomoly, the Tuesday or Eugene Fama? Figure that one out....

thismarketisrigged's picture


W T F II's picture

Hey, at least he ain't good lookin'....no amount of cash will fix that....!!

Law97's picture

And we all know women go for good looking men; money has nothing to do with it ...

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Whys that Bernanke have to beat around the bush at his meetings. He should just come out and say that he is going to buy into the markets on Tuesdays when he has those meetings.

My ZH advertisement experiment failed but I'm now very encourged to keep trying.

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While liquidity tightening in South America, China and most of Asia sans Japan.  US stocks continue the money pump run.  It will be glorious when this self destructs.  Pandemonium will ensure.  

South America bellwether Argentina:

The dollar-denominated 2017 Bonar bond slid 1.6% in price terms to ARS692.00, while the peso-denominated discount bond lost 3.2% in price terms to close at ARS143.10.

China bellwether Australia:

AUD/USD @ 0.9877 broad USD strength.  Negatively impacted by commodity falls and knee-jerk selling after Aus budget


Caviar Emptor's picture

They can't stop. The whole Hilsenrath "QE-Taper" story is just so that the Fed has some plausible deniability, some cover against the "hawks". 

They can never take the punch bowl away in what Bernanke himself describes as a fragile economy. That would be like kicking out the plug on grannie's respirator. 

NihilistZero's picture

No, they know the bowl must be pulled eventually, lest a REAL financial armageddon.  Now it may be just in time for some form of global conflict but pull it (or replace the currency sytem) they will.  Think of it this way, we all know these crooked cocksuckers control the world, why would they destroy what they own?  This is why A Brave New World has always been a more realistic depiction of Dystopia than 1984.

chump666's picture

"That would be like kicking out the plug on grannie's respirator. "

I shouldn't laugh,  but that was funny.

What will happen is the patient will overdose and die.  If you were a Wall Street gambler, you would now somewhat be sweating.  Why?  We got bond buying and huge USD buying out of Asia and South AmericaIt's a stock bubble  yes it feels like a forever rally - but beyond the scope of America's inability to look beyond it's borders - the world is f*cked inside and out.  But with stupid humans at the helm (central banks), sh*t will fly...eventually.

Also we are running the 1987 point for point stock rally.  Just saying...

Yen Cross's picture

      WTF is going to happen when Q-2 earnings come out, with higher interest rates and a stronger dollar?

    Guidance will be nilch, and the MSM will spin some crazy idea to justify the reported earnings as Capex costs or some fucking solar anomaly!

Osmium's picture

My guess is they will beat lowered estimates and the markets will cheer.

Biggieshort's picture

But...but...but GS says this market run is based on fudgamentals.

Tsar Pointless's picture

If my comment didn't take earlier today on another thread, I want to apologize for making an early call for S&P 1650 to occur last Friday. I was two trading days ahead.

But we are still on target for S&P 1700 by month's end.

"Sell in May, go away" has been usurped by the Bernanke Buy Buy Buy.

Whatever. It's not like the vast majority of the Amerikkkan population is paying attention to any of this shit. Too much in the way of circuses to keep them busy.


Yen Cross's picture

      I drew an ES channel over the weekend on a daily chart. I looks like key resistance is in the 1664-73 area to me. If you would like me to send it over let me know.

     I think we're in for some 'June Gloom'. The ES put in a big candle today. I think we trade sideways to down into June. The MSM and POMO make the rules though.

Tsar Pointless's picture

Ahh. Yes. Technical analysis. I seem to remember that sort of thing meaning something several years and several hundred S&P points ago.

Save the energy and bandwidth and keep your ES channel for the archaeologists.