And Now For Some Totally Different Advice From Marc Faber

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While we have all heard the apocalyptic prognostications by the accented Swiss, and there is little doubt where the Gloom and Doom reside, here is some very unexpected advice on the Boom. Make that the "Boom Boom"... room.


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How do you say "bunga-bunga" in Thai?

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First time I disagree with Marc.

If you have a lot of money to spend, and want a high quality hot girl that will knock your socks off, go to Vegas.

On the other hand, if you are on a budget, go to Eastern Europe like Kiev, Ukraine (you will get the same quality for a fraction).

Asian girls do not even compare to hot Caucasians. Period.

Sorry, Marc.


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I don't know.. Variety is the spice of life after all.

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Holy shit - where the Hell did this cum from...?

Well, sex sells...and is sold...and uh, yeah...

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How appropriate that I should post these comments about changes on and within ZeroHedge on a Thread which can only be described as a ZeroHedge character assassination of Marc Faber. For years we have all known where he lives and what he does, BUT,  why the attention all of a sudden Tyler/s?

Add to that a new-found interest in discrimination too…did we finally grow a moral conscience or did the Queen Knight one of you?


A warning from TwoShortPlanks: Test Your Platform; it is at about this time in the [Great] Game when you must be at your most vigilant.

To ZeroHedge bloggers who know me,

Old habits die hard. In a profession from my past, we adopted a ‘test your platform’ philosophy. This basically means that on an ongoing basis you should test not only the validity of every piece of information you read and hear against actions or similar information attained from elsewhere or other means, but also the ‘context’ which pertains to the delivery or origin.

This is like the old ‘Dead Cat’ story where, if I handed you a dead cat, what could you tell me about it? It’s dead, and, it’s a cat, right?! But what if I told you I found the dead cat in an alley next to a restaurant, then what? Well, aside from being dead and that it’s a cat, you can now use the context (location details) to assist in your understanding of how the cat died (Food poisoning, poison bait etc). Information merely brings your attention to a subject, context gives you the picture.

For those who remember ZeroHedge a few years back, it was more than regularly posting comments, referencing articles, and hosting video/graphics which, quite often, were either blocked or forced to be removed through copyright infringement within a short space of time…true? ZeroHedge was flagrantly disregarding laws and rules pertaining to media and information.

Well, for a long time now, I’ve not only been testing the validity of the Thread Articles, I’ve been ‘Testing The Platform’, testing the validity and/or bias of ZeroHedge.

An obvious example of a changing platform was when ZeroHedge was regularly attacking Goldman Sachs in Thread Posts then, all of a sudden, ZeroHedge and Goldman were virtual boyfriend-girlfriend, swapping spit with each other at every opportunity then, just as suddenly, they were bitter ex-lovers, and now they’re just tolerant. Do you remember those days? Did you notice those changes?...I certainly did/do!

ZeroHedge has repositioned its stance on certain issues every now and then…but it has also been ostracised in many arenas too.

Feel free to delve into my past comments and test my validity against what I am writing here. Test (look at) the time lines between my comments and what Thread Articles were written shortly thereafter.

You will see many comments, sometimes they are short, sometimes they are lengthy. From time to time, I have made deep cutting remarks, targeting the demographics which react the most or are more vocal in the complaints department, and for years they have gone without attention from ZeroHedge. I have continued to test ZeroHedge on this, again, and again, and again, and finally, ZeroHedge have reacted. That is how you test a platform. Their email to my ghost is pasted-in below. The ‘Platform’ has now changed people.

And for the record, in regards to race, colour, ethnicity, age, religion, I seriously couldn’t care less. Equally, I couldn’t care less if people kill each other on mass based upon race, colour, ethnicity, age, religion…that door swings both ways. All I care about is the information, identifying the validity of the platform, and highlighting it once the red flags pop up, and….POP!

Also, I have repeatedly commented upon entities, such as the BIS, IMF, United Nations and then, finally, I made reference to what I viewed as ZeroHedge’s deliberate avoidance in making a connection and commenting upon these entities when so many arrows point directly to them. ZeroHedge would readily attack any entity, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, HSBC, MFG etc, so long as it wasn’t the big ones. However, once I posted comments about this avoidance, citing it was deliberate, all of a sudden ZeroHedge posted an article about a BIS employee, although under the guise of a series of Thread Posts called FleeceBook. Nice, but this has lasted all of a few Threads and it’s back to avoidance as usual. There was another, half-hearted attempt, but, well…

Maybe this is all just part of being Swiss, but I doubt it. ZeroHedge has gone from School Bully to Hallway Monitor.

Half-Hearted attempt:

The first real Thread about the BIS, and my [surprised] response in line 5 down:

Here is the first FleeceBook article, and my [surprised] response in line 9 down:

So, here’s what I believe. ZeroHedge is now, all of a sudden, enforcing Swiss Legal rulings on internet because they’re under pressure. I believe they’ve had warnings and threats of closure. This of course is how Governments apply pressure upon entities, thus forcing them to comply with their [other] agenda. ZeroHedge is no different.

The sudden change in ZeroHedge’s stance on discrimination highlights to me a deeper change in this site’s philosophy, especially with such a shady background of so many copyright infringements and at times slanderous comments and accusations to other entities. Again, did ZeroHedge suddenly grow a Moral Conscience?! Well, when we consider ZeroHedge made its name in the world based upon perceived information neutrality, I very much doubt it. This change most definitely has a Government fingerprint on it.

I’m not upset, angry or distressed about it; again, I merely want to highlight to everyone that the Platform has now changed and that ZeroHedge is no longer the same entity it once was.

This is what capitulation to Government intervention/meddling/pressure looks like.

Dear TwoShortPlanks:

We've received a complaint regarding material you contribute to Zero Hedge.

First, let us say we value your insights as a commenter; you've been with Zero Hedge for quite a while.

However, Article 261 of Swiss Law requires that we address complaints of these matters. The english translation can be read, here:

Given the criminal nature of continuing in such a manner in the local jurisdiction, we ask that you cease and desist in commenting in any matter related to discrimination. We truly hope to work with you through this matter.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to voice them through this channel.

Legal at Zero Hedge.


Exactly who have you got into bed with Tyler/s?

For me, ZeroHedge has gone from a biased platform to a compromised platform.

I can't wait to see just how many brainwashed fools junk my post.

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Dunno what to say Plank man.

Move the ZH operation to the new city states in Hoduras. Those projects are going ok.


Charter Cities, Canada's Porn King, and Garífuna Land Rights ...
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Oh, and Tyler/s, it’s easy to character assassinate someone who isn’t hiding in the shadows and lives openly.

Isn't it about time you made a grand entrance and make public your identity?

Stones and Glass Houses!

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Over the years, I have made few comments. While that may be due to the extensive process required to log in, create content and sate the alegebraic sentry (removed?), know that it does require an unusual chemical state in my brain for this to occur. 


I will not give a disclaimer full of examples on how I am "racially" sensitive (whatever that means). I do try to give people I interact with a baseline level of respect until their actions give me a reason to treat them differently. Unfortunately, years of corporate IT experience make me realize the importance of preventing certain individuals, through body language and words, from knowing that you have not an iota of respect for them. Fortunately, I do make something of a game out of it now.


Moving on from my rambling above, I pose the following question, and will withhold my opinion on the situation referenced until I learn more: 

Did I miss anything posted by the Tylers re: the circumstances surrounding the racial discrimnation change? 


One last note: TwoShortPlanks, you may want to review the ZH manifesto.


EDIT: for clarity 

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"Any person who publicly incites hatred or discrimination against a person or a group of persons on the grounds of their race, ethnic origin or religion, any person who publicly disseminates ideologies that have as their object the systematic denigration or defamation of the members of a race, ethnic group or religion,"

but note from from the EU bylaws, article I, section A:

"we hate and despise the swiss and their crappy helvetii cheese-making; we repudiate and disdain the swiss ethnic and religious beliefs, not to mention their ill-conceived joke of a so-called "banking" system, and we urge everyone to do likewise"


that kind of covers everything mentioned in the antidefamation statute.

note: I am no longer a swiss attorney, and this commentary does not represent a legal opinion for use in adjuticating disputes between the EU and Switzerland. 

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What is with the multiple standards here???

When those greedy bankers live like animals it's 'bad', but if a guy like Marc does, then it isn't?

You can't hurt someone's feelings based on their religion, but it's acceptable to give advice as to how to live the low life?

This site has taken a severe turn since I first read it.

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banking, MSM, political activism, jurisprudence



I heard that the jazz ensemble 'Squeaky McWheel & the Yodelers' were playing Montreaux this summer... [naturally ~ their band of 'groupies' named 'The Oilers' will be tagging along]...

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How is this character assassination!???

The man is old, but he's not dead either up there in his brain or down there in his cock. Good for him: I sure as hell respect a man for that a lot more that I respect the kind of sociopatic asshole who willingly destroys other people's lives to get a bigger bonus.

Frankly, it sickens me the whole media push (especially in the US) that fucking somebody else is dirty if done physically, but metaphorically fucking the masses (from behind, lubless, without even a reach around) as source of one's wealth is not just alright, it's worthy of celebration and even media-worship.


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From ZH Website: "the right to remain anonymous may be abused when it shields fraudulent conduct. but political speech by its nature will sometimes have unpalatable consequences, and, in general, our society accords greater weight to the value of free speech than to the dangers of its misuse.
- mcintyre v. ohio elections commission 514 u.s. 334 (1995) "


From ZH Email: "However, Article 261 of Swiss Law requires that we address complaints of these matters. The english translation can be read, here:

Given the criminal nature of continuing in such a manner in the local jurisdiction, we ask that you cease and desist in commenting in any matter related to discrimination. We truly hope to work with you through this matter"

ZeroHedge, which is a Swiss entity, is on one hand quoting a United States Commission statement on freedom of speech...but then with the other hand cites, "Local Jurisdiction" pertaining to Discrimination within "Swiss Law".

Who else on this planet sees no difference between local jurisdiction and foreign jurisdictions?


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And this is why I am requesting more information re: the circumstance surrounding the change... I hear what you are saying and only wish to find out more. 

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I wonder if the fact that ZH is owned by ABC inc. and ABC is now owned by Disney inc. has anything to do with this.

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From my layman understanding the Foreign Banksters are trying to take down USA as a ruling state and will be replacing with something else. I am not a big fan of US but the subversion against US is unbelieveable.

I had a feeling this sudden barrage of truth about US has some motive. I may be wrong.

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"I may be wrong."

NO ... you are 100% perfectly correct!!

All the seemingly unconnected events of the past 2 weeks confirm that the thermite has been sparked and the twin towers (politics & finance) will soon be imploding.

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We are at the point where everyone here needs understand who the "Tsathogguans" were\are...

and how\why our 'platform' is under attack. We can\will pull this out...but first... due diligence.

 The idea instantly struck me as utterly immoral, and I rejected it a little surprised, to be honest, to find myself entertaining it. I had no idea that it was not 'I' who thought the thought.

Twoshortplanks... nuff nuff respect. You may have broken the log jam!

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I'm interested to see... now... How the PRE-CRIME unit will react to all of this... I'm 100% certain that all hilarity will ensue...

Add: I'm sure everyone would like to, at least, know, what COMMENT that 2SP made [which prompted the letter]... You know ~ so ALL OF US can double down on our own diligence to serve the MASTERS... We strive, every day, to be in strict compliance with the desire to bring TRUTH to the world [& we know that banning opinions & ideas furthers that cause]...

Alas ~ the comment was probably deleted, & to duplicate it would result in banishment from the kingdom... So I guess we're all left to trip along on our own here...

2SP ~ You weren't criticizing the 'Syrians' again were you?... [Cause that shit don't roll around here ~ you'll get yourself buried in lawsuits]...


& to all the rest of you 'do-gooders' out there... remember your duty... IF YOU SEE SOMETHING ~ SAY SOMETHING... REPORT IT!


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Francis, When you start seing ZH fellating Joe "I am a Syrian" Biden as Obama's replacement, you'll have your answer.

francis_sawyer's picture

Reporter: "General Patton... Is it true that you once said that if you found yourself between the German Army & the Russian Army you'd attack in both directions?"

Patton: [laughs]... "No I never said that... But I wish I had"

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Honestly, I think some people on here need to have a bit more respect and understanding for the predicament Tyler/s may be in. I understand it is frustrating and not ideal but the fact is, the entire world is a prison and yes that means Tyler/s are inmates along with the rest of us. If it comes down to either chilling out on some of the comments on here or possibly having no Zerohedge, I say chill out on the comments. I don't understand why there is so much blame put on Tyler/s any way. Blame the system, not them.

Seriously though... respect the Durden.

francis_sawyer's picture

Yes... by all means... blame 'THE SYSTEM'... [& we all know by now that 'THE SYSTEM' are a bunch of faceless, lifeless, & agenda-less, limestone edifices]... Blame THEM ~ by all means!... It's time to ban 'Indiana Limestone QUARRIES'...

A is A's picture

No lets blame zerohedge for the tyranny we live under instead. That's who we should blame. Do you seriously expect Tyler/s to watch this site go down and/or battle TPTB and be bogged down in litigation because of some punks and wack-job bigots on his website? You guys are giving Tyler/s way to much grief over this whole thing. What do you seriously expect him to do?


By the way, I am not bashing the average zerohedge reader, just the few who keep spewing this crap that Tyler/s have to deal with on several occasions.

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Tyler explained it partially in his message on this thread a few days ago, which you may have missed:

I do think given the shift in policy (and more specifically acting upon the policy and notifying users, which is a big change) it might have been more appropriate for TD to do a top-level highlighted story on what's going on and why. The policy change and the purported email from ZH as revealed by TwoShortPlanks certainly seems to suggest an entity external to ZH is interfering with business as usual here. At the very least some of us who like to put together "big pictures" would find the nuts-and-bolts of what's going on interesting.

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This place has gotten damned weird in the last several days.

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Sunspots and solar flares.

francis_sawyer's picture



Tylers don't need to do a headliner story on that... Or hell ~ If they do... francis_sawyer could write it for them [maybe I can get foto uploading credentials in the process ~ now wouldn't that be a dandy?]...


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seek, thank you for the link and thoughts


I am noticing myself attempting to ignore the change and squash an emotional reaction- oddly, I feel almost like I have lost something. It is difficult to put into words.

This does reinforce the blatantly obvious importance of obtaining your information from many sources. 

thepsilocircus's picture

And below is the comment from Tyler, out of context of course (I did not read the slew of comments he was responding to, I imagine many were complaining about the change):



Tyler Durden  Sat, 05/11/2013 - 20:59 | 3552480

Oh for fuck's sake.

Here is a great idea. 20 or so commentators can keep on bashing the evil "joos" because we didn't get it in the first four years of ZH that it was all the evil "joos" fault (and really, who could have possibly thought of it before), and in the meantime zerohedge can spend millions in Swiss court defending itself against defamation lawsuits and since all our time will be taken up by legal affairs, not post a single article until such time as we are forced to shut down.

Of course, we will leave it to CNBC and Business Insider to find the factually (although who needs facts when prejudice is enough) culpable parties of the biggest generational theft of the history of the world.

Surely this is precisely the win win outcome our "intelligent", "sophisticated" commentators want




My thoughts:

I am disappointed in the message delivery method, but somewhat satisfied. The response seems emotionally charged though- as if the Tyler posting may have expected a different reaction. What would you expect when the change was implemented as such? 


This does not destroy the utmost respect and gratitude I have for those that have, and continue to, run this website. The people involved should be applauded for their contributions to the lifting of the veil so rooted from cradle to grave information bias. 



It should also in no way change how all of you must always question everything- especially the things you take for granted. If you managed to read my post, please forgive my jumbled sentences. 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Tyler, I love you man.  Let's hug it out.  

francis_sawyer's picture

Any boyscout with a working compass can figure out from which direction the coordinated & levered efforts to stifle free expression are coming [it's contained right there in the comment]...


Quel surprise!

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psilocybin; in regard to: <It should also in no way change how all of you must always question everything- especially the things you take for granted.>, a fella named Clemons so stated many generations before us, "It ain't what you don't know that'll get ya', it's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

Thanks for bein' real.

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It would be nice if the tylers would just put up an actual thread, this issue has popped up in near every thread regardless of issue since the anti discrimination notice went up.

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Are you saying to us that you received that email from ZH?


i've been very uncomfortable with rumours of folks being banned from ZH.... at the baying of certain twats but this is the beginning the end for me if they are sending you mails like that...

i've been uneasy and posting less on zh this last 6 months - it seems you are correct ... something is fishy.

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Hey BigDuke.

Yes, it was an email.

It would seem that ZH have made a giant leap from law breaker (copyright violator) to law upholder (discrimination issues) in what seems a blink of an eye.

I can understand perfectly well that entities wish to obey the local law however, when you put this saintly behaviour alongside a character assassination (link to youtube), even though ZH did not create the video, it smacks of hypocrisy!

So, I guess I'm saying that one or many of the Tyler/s, and/or ZH, is both hypocritical and more than likely, corrupt.

It doesn't pay to simply stay away from ZH, but it does pay to be mindful of these issues when absorbing whatever Post you are reading.

The game is changing.

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Copyright violator? What are you talking about there?

TwoShortPlanks's picture

FUU, you have been on ZH for long enough to remember clicking on video links and seeing "Copyright Violation" messages. ZeroHedge rarely asked for permission to rebroadcast such video clips.

fuu's picture

Thought they had won a court case about that actually.

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TWO short planks!

i'm depressed mate

i'realise there is a big dollar to be made with financial websites where the demographic is mainly 30 - 50 year old  high income males.... are you looking at ukrainian single babes off to the side too?...


but this fucking sucks!

Thanks for raising this buddy.

i'm off to get fit - who's with me?

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Should we view this as the end game of the Gold/Silver manipulation getting hot and bothered?

TwoShortPlanks's picture

We're not even close yet. Close is when all the planets align to fleece the masses. This is just the Tidal Forces heating things up a bit.

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How the fuck is this vid clip an 'assassination' of Marc Faber's character?

It's his own voice making observations to an interviewer for publication. You got something else besides this pathetic attempt to accuse ZH of impugning Mr. Faber?

Perhaps if you don't like ZH having to comply with Swiss law (odd as it may be) then you could suggest that you will bear the full expense to move the servers to another locale.

Seems simple enough to me.

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I agree... Marc is fine, I have no clue how this is char killing attacks... Maybe the guns god and gold crowd here are ruffled

Lord knows I'm part of that 20 or so Jooo bashing club but I understand if they want to keep the lights on they weed it out.. They made their position and point pretty clear and valid

And by the way.. Fuck usury, use bitcoins, print a few guns, and keep some gold and a remi 870 close by loaded

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b-b-b-but, I thought ZH was based in Bulgaria.  I just ain't gettin' the "swiss law" bit.

dark pools of soros's picture

Not sure when they moved but they did... They could of sold the site as well..who knows

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It sounds a lot like the usual pains that befall a business which relies on user-contributed content as they grow and start getting the attention of the authorities.

The willy-nilly copyright violations are pretty common on the small startup/blog stage especially if the founders are not techies (us hacker types have been fighting the big copyright fight for decades now) and being forced to trawl for people who break one of the modern speech-suppression laws (discrimination, harassment and libel laws are purposefully designed to be able to sue pretty much anybody by making it illegal to SAY things that other people dislike) is a natural barrier to growth once the site reaches a size big enough to become visible to the authorities.

I'm quite surprised this didn't happen earlier.

That said, I personally suspect that the blunt and senseless anti-semitism of recent months, from brand-new accounts and at the top of articles which disclosed some pretty scandalous abuses by the status quo was being done purposefully and was meant to discredit this site and scare away any "normal" people that came across the site and those articles.

Oh and by the way, senseless and blunt support for an ethnic or religious group is also a form of discrimination.

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That said, I personally suspect that the blunt and senseless anti-semitism of recent months, from brand-new accounts and at the top of articles which disclosed some pretty scandalous abuses by the status quo was being done purposefully and was meant to discredit this site and scare away any "normal" people that came across the site and those articles.

Acet, I have had exactly those same suspicions myself.  And have you noticed in the last few months how many utterly offensive racist and anti-semitic posts here have received suspiciously and anomalously high numbers of up-arrows, usually however without any posted agreement with said racist and/or anti-semitic sentiments?