DOJ's "Nixonian" Phone Spying Scandal Sets Labor Unions Against Obama

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It is just a few hours old, and already the Department of Justice's (legal) AP phone spying scandal has generated unintended consequences, by alienating and confronting Obama with his traditionally strongest constituency: labor unions, in this case the Newspaper Guild. From the Guild's shocked statement: "There could be no justification or explanation for this broad, over-reaching investigation. It appears officials are twisting legislation designed to protect public safety as a means to muzzle those concerned with the public’s right to know." They sound legitimately surprised.

Full Newspaper Guild statement:

The Newspaper Guild-CWA and its local that represents AP staffers, The News Media Guild, demands that the U.S. Justice Department return all telephone records that it obtained from phones — including some home and cell phones – of Associated Press reporters and editors.


The collection of these records is egregious and a direct attack on journalists, and the Justice Department needs to cease and desist such investigations. The ability of journalists to develop and protect sources is vital to keeping the public informed about issues affecting their lives.


There could be no justification or explanation for this broad, over-reaching investigation. It appears officials are twisting legislation designed to protect public safety as a means to muzzle those concerned with the public’s right to know.


The suggestion that the news story ‘scooped’ an announcement for partisan political purposes only exacerbates the damage such actions can have on a free press. This investigation has a chilling effect on press freedom in the United States – a right enshrined in the Constitution. Please contact your representatives and the White House to tell them to stop this outrageous, abusive investigation now.

And separately, freedom of the press watchdogs called the move "Nixonian."

"The Justice Department’s seizure of the Associated Press’ phone records is Nixonian," said Danielle Brian, executive director of the Project on Government Oversight, a group that advocates on behalf of whistleblowers. "The American public deserves a full accounting of why and how this could happen."

But why? In a totalitarian state nobody is accountable to anyone else...

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francis_sawyer's picture

kabuki theatre...


- AP is owned by Reuters which is owned by Rothschild

- The 'Justice Department' is controlled by the Executive Branch, which is controlled by [insert here]

so when it becomes "CheesePope" vs. "CheesePope", all hilarity ensues...

GetZeeGold's picture



They came for the union thugs......and I said nothing.

HulkHogan's picture

The picture shows a bunch of old people demonstrating. Old people? Com'on! The youth of this country sucks.

francis_sawyer's picture

The picture shows a bunch of [unemployed] old people [getting paid $10 an hour under the table to get a foto op of them] demonstrating...


There, fixed it...

Pladizow's picture

America - Every day = more corruption and less freedom!

Stuart's picture

Every week, the US morphs more towards a fascist state, run by a financial elite with a delusion sense of self-entitlement.    It's the public vs them.   The Public is generally dumb, slow to react and understand, but is a much bigger gang with alot more guns. 

heinrich6666's picture

A lot more guns....for now.

bunnyswanson's picture

I dont have a ghun.

I swear (Nirvana - Come as you are)

redpill's picture

Well you fuckfaces put this Saul Alinsky disciple in office, do you really think your petty concerns for freedom of the press hold a candle to the priorities of the glorious revolution?

Surly Bear's picture

"We are not involved in [those] decisions...."

MisterMousePotato's picture

Here's a first: I get to correct 'Tyler':

"They sound legitimately surprised."

Uh, no. (They may sound *genuinely* surprised, however.)

Encroaching Darkness's picture

Barack Nixon is just doing what comes naturally to a corrupt, power-mad tyrant: reward your (crony) friends, punish your (unconnected) enemies, and spy on everybody....

And doesn't someone need to point out that once information is collected, it is IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee that it is destroyed? One thumb drive can hold everything they collected, and several probably are. That way, the DOJ can return the originals, and the copies remain available (with ALL the information) for future exploitation, blackmail, etc. Anyone who talked to an AP reporter during that period (and, probably, right now to the end of time) is being monitored, surveilled, Email intercepted, etc.

Too bad; it was a better country, previously.

cnsteph's picture

Wish I could up this a bunch more times.

CH1's picture

The Public is... a much bigger gang.

Yes, but that means NOTHING, until they get off their asses.

mick_richfield's picture

A much bigger gang....for now.


Why do you think we built all those spent-fuel storage ponds?

spine001's picture

Those old underpaid people you deride are the ONLY hope that Country has... I still have faith in them...

Our youth has been and is being brainwashed worldwide by Mariguana/Cannabis of super high TCT content that preferentially targes people with 'CHANGE AGENT' personallities, rendering them powerless to organize or attempt to change government.


roadhazard's picture

The internet is a way bigger drug for not going outside than pot will ever be. Youth are now some lazy ass sons of bitches.

FreeNewEnergy's picture

You've obviously smoked too much of the weed ("Mariguana", "TCT" "targes"??? Ya be stoned, mon.). Pass the bong over here. I can handle it.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

"I still have faith"

Therein lies the problem.

InTheLandOfTheBlind's picture

morph?  we have been fascist for a long, long time.... there is no morphing here.... 

GetZeeGold's picture



How bad is it when MSNBC starts shouting about tyranny. no attention to calls of tyranny.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

tyranny is a religion now, watch out

gaoptimize's picture

Can't wait to hear Mark Levin calmly, factually and legally set up a massive apeshit rant about this tonight.

GetZeeGold's picture



Mark Levin may have prompted IRS-conservative group revelations

In a letter last year on behalf of the Landmark Legal Foundation, an organization he heads, Levin requested an investigation into what he called “misconduct.”

On Friday, the Internal Revenue Service revealed that it had improperly targeted conservative groups for audits during the 2012 election.

Joe Davola's picture

Don't worry Old Fishrag/MSNBS, government only after the bad guys - you shouldn't complain if you've got nothing to hide.  You do have nothing to hide, right?

Fuh Querada's picture

There must be at least 10 of them...

Doña K's picture

Rothchild or not. This is a pure Chaveesque way for Obama's eternal leadership. I posted this a few times and I am convinced, he is thinking of sinking the country in order to save it.

You fill in the gaps....

CH1's picture

The ruling elite (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.) are vastly over-rated.

If they were that smart, they would have killed the Internet in 1990. Or Bitcoin in 2009.

Lord Blankcheck's picture

They wouldn't always need to be bailed out either.

francis_sawyer's picture



I won't beat you up over the 'bitcoin' comment... But really... Come on... [Instead of reacting with your junk button fingers ~ apply LOGIC for 2 seconds]

1. There's nothing to prove that someone like 'Rothschild' isn't behind bitcoin in the first place... Before you overreact to that, just consider the blunt evidence... An "anonymous" creator that hasn't been seen or heard from in what, 2 years... At minimum, even if placing 'Rothshild' fingerprints is a fallacy... Who the fuck really knows anything... & if they do, come out & prove it... Otherwise ANYTHING is possible

2. Even if Rothschild has NOTHING to do with it... The TOTAL market is so small as to be insignificant... IOW ~ someone with the resources of a Rothschild, or, for fucks sake, even Bernanke, or Buffett could do a 'Hunt Bros' on the whole operation in 2 seconds flat... I mean, if 'Winklevoss' owns 1%, the whole thing is less than a pebble in a pond... Might as well start cornering the market in peashooters & slingshots for an upcoming revolution...

CH1's picture

Bitcoin succeeding would be the Rothschilds' worst nightmare.

If you hate the Rothschilds, you should love Bitcoin.

francis_sawyer's picture

Can you prove to me... beyond a shadow of a doubt... that bitcoin isn't an operation funded by Rothschild?... [whose 'raison d'etre', for hundreds of years, has been about money & payments]...


When you can, you might have a point... but if you can't, it's a waste of time arguing about...

& before you get to spouting off about sidestepping this or that, consider the following...

Perhaps the reason for bitcoin [as controlled, say, by Rothschild], is a convenient way for fiat paper money to go bye bye... IOW ~ as paper collapses, convince the sheep to herd themselves into a digital currency that can vaporize in a nanosecond using the right tools... At that point, everybody is flat broke while you, on the side, have been stockpiling gold bars...

Voila ~ new 'gold backed' currency [where you have all the gold ~ can "back" a new currency with it ~ create a whole new 10 generations of debt slaves ~ then pull the plug once again]... By that time, we'll be in full blown 'Idiocracy' land...

It's useless arguing with you people about this because you can't see anything behind the technology itself...


At present, [despite all the silly little "junks" I get on these threads] ~ there are two main issues that NOBODY here can get around...

1. NOBODY can PROVE who is actually behind all of this, if what they promise is true, or who holds any hidden cards that have not been revealed

2. If you bought bitcoins [with cash], then the value of those coins increased & you 'monetized' that gain by making a purchase or transaction... You had a capital gains windfall [which, I hate to be Johnny Law Abiding Raincloud here], which you are required to report to the IRS... I'm not going to bother to get into any arguments about the actual right for the IRS to exist in the first place, or who that benefits, but if you want to roll the dice on that one, be my guest...

Thisson's picture

Holy shit you are obtuse.  It's just embarassing to read your shit.  I'd put you on par with AnAnonymous.

redpill's picture

Is there anything you don't like that you would say ISN'T connected to "Rothschild"?? I mean seriously, talk about a one note tune. There are lots of shitty people in the world with lots of shitty motivations, they don't need to all fit into your same boogeyman template.

francis_sawyer's picture

You didn't read what I said as carefully as I'd hoped... But that's OK... No problem...


The 'money shot' of what I was saying is that, with regards to bitcoin, NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING OR CAN PROVE ANYTHING... Or, until you can, every scenario must be considered to still be on the table...


On a sidenote... this comment:

"Is there anything you don't like that you would say ISN'T connected to "Rothschild"??

Well here... I have a question for the rest of you:

"Is there anything you people automatically don't have a pre-conceived notion as to what the substance of a francis_sawyer comment pertains to?..."

With reference to the above, I was making the point that NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING [until proven]... The entry of 'Rothschild' into the argument was a quixotic feature... not a material one...

But to answer your question [sans responding with an interrogative]...


I don't like brussel sprouts [& I don't blame 'Rothschild' for that]...


Tinky's picture

The point is that when you inject the same "non-material", "quixotic" feature so consistently in your posts, it has the rather predictable effect of distracting readers from the substance of the post (at best), or turning them off completely to anything useful that you might have to say.

francis_sawyer's picture

Fine, then that's the way it is... I happen to think it IS "material" to MOST of my comments because I believe there are some 'truths' embedded [& which is therefore why I include them]... But people, because of their 'Pavlovian' dispositions, have been programmed to reject the idea of considering these notions... I've admitted before, that I might be right & I might be wrong, &/or I might be right sometimes, & wrong othertimes... I just want people to CONSIDER the possibility...


Then you get the case of this particular instance, where it was, if carefully studied, 'quixotic'... [Yet it seems that I'm being held accountable for the notion that others chose to lazily deny that aspect & default to the usual mouth breathing which follows any francis_sawyer comment at large]...

Notwithstanding my explanation ~ your point is taken [in practice]...

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

The truth of the matter is often disturbing, and causes much cognitive dissonance, which is often too painful for many to bear, ergo the rationalizations/relativism/deflections/etc.

The idea of a "cheesepopery" as it were, that quite literally runs the entire fucking planet more or less, is very disturbing, particularly because there is such an immediate revulsion (due to past events, repeatedly and graphically "reminisced" via various media channels) to the idea that there are some very, very wrong things that these "cheesepopes" do, and that they very, very much need to be "held into account" for these wrong things that they do.  Hiding behind past atrocities in order to obfuscate/justify the execution of present atrocities is mind-bogglingly immoral and frankly demonic behavior, and I know of at least a few people "in the family" (yours truly included) that are actively fighting this "unfortunate tendency".  

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Can you prove to me... beyond a shadow of a doubt... that bitcoin isn't an operation funded by Rothschild?

Nobody can. It is not logically possible to prove a negative.

francis_sawyer's picture



Perfectly succinct answer... Which is my TOTAL point... Nobody can prove anything, so ALL SCENARIOS are therefore, on the table... All the rest is conjecture...

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

All I can reasonably convey is the following:

1.  BTC is primarily utilized for black market flows.

2.  There is a significant interest in making those "black market firms" very wealthy.

3.  Geopolitics is energy first, "black market products" second.  And it's a closer second than many realize.

There is a reason a lot of "cheesepopes" don't fuck within anything but wine.


This song in general is humorously close to the exact template followed in many areas outside of this particular trade.

The Thunder Child's picture

A 100% digital global currency where all transactions can be tracked by ledger and wallet id. I'm sure the Rothschilds and their criminal gang are totally against that idea.

Put that wallet id on an implantable RFID chip and they've won.

Ghordius's picture

CH1: "Bitcoin succeeding would be the Rothschilds' worst nightmare" - Don't know about that, but since there is a real Rothschild scion still betting against the EUR I could make the same statement for the EUR. And yet there could be another Rothschild betting the other way

to the point that this Rothschild here and Rothschild there is a bit tiresome, particularly because most people using it have no clue of the Rothschild's family history and use the label anyway as a fig leaf for Jew and/or banker, to which I can only... yawn

francis_sawyer's picture



For the record... [& perhaps this is my fault for not making this clear in the past]... I personally consider the 'Rothschild' aspect of anything I talk about somewhat of a separate entity... IOW ~ I'm not delibrately using 'Rothschild' as an umbrella icon for any whole race of people, or group of folks [who would 'group themselves'] within the parameters of a particular religious affiliation...

Perhaps therein lies the 'confusion' [amongst ZH readers]

& if you think I'm 're-writing' my storyline, think again... [or else, do some work & go pull up some past comments that implicate me thereto]...

I've stated many times:


All I've ever really talked about, deep breath, is 'asymmetry': Curiously, MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE  asymmetry in 'power nodes' [banking, MSM, political activism, jurisprudence]

Rothschild have traditionally had the exact same, let's call them 'interests'... But for now, let's call that 'anecdotal...

But any lawyer, detective, or person with half a brain would be an idiot to dismiss all possibilities, out of the inconvenience that that puts pressure upon their personal desire to see themselves as a liberal minded, or unprejudice individual...

The Thunder Child's picture

Can't have digital currency without the internet....think CH think!

fonzannoon's picture

Having that many union fat guys walking around like that makes me very nervous. I see trips, falls, sprained ankles, free x rays and free doctor's visits and lawsuits as far as the eye can see while my taxes and healthcare costs explode to pay for it.

Someone please bring them a bunch of reclining chairs!!