The Complete Benghazi Files: White House Releases 100 Pages Of Benghazi Emails

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Moments ago, as the WSJ reported that "the White House succumbed to mounting pressure Wednesday and decided to publicly release the chain of administration emails surrounding the controversial Benghazi talking points. The move came a week after public interest in last year's terror attack unexpectedly rebounded with testimony by three State Department employees that reopened lingering questions about the assault. The documents were being released late Wednesday afternoon. While many of the emails have already leaked out, the release of the complete set of communications paints a fuller picture of an administration struggling with how much to disclose about an attack that eight months later remains a focus of partisan division."

Courtesy of CNN, the full 100 page pdf of all alleged Benghazi emails is enclosed below (pdf link).

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"Partisan division." What bullshit.

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That is a riot.

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Oh yes, I'm SURE it's complete.

That is, if Holder's testimony can be considered "full and complete", then THIS can.

You're not skeptical, are you?


Edit: just took a quick look, and the amount of "redacted" stuff exceeds the "released" stuff. Great transparency, Chief! (/sarc off)

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"National Security." </Jedi mind trick>

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White House Releases 100 Pages Of White Out.
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100 pages of talking point revisions. This is like releasing a 1000 page report that says they don't know who killed Kennedy.

That, with Holder's bullshit 'testimony' today. What a bunch of crap. They're just laughing at all this because their base is so FUCKING stupid they'll support Obama even if he walked out in front of the White House and mowed down a bunch of school kids with an AK-47.

"It's Bush's fault! The stress caused by the Republicans! It's a lynching! Racism! Religionism! Making fun of my Dear Leader-ism!"

Fuck all this shit.

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Am I crazy, or does this omit Sept 11th - Sept 13th?  I only saw Sept 14+

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Shortage of ink due to Fed Printing. 


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One of the news channels (not MSM but I don't remember which one) already picked up on the releases having been scrubbed and redacted.
Gee, thanks for the partial semi-limited hangout.

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Obama has recused himself from national defense issues. 

(Eric Holder's idea)

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The acting secretary of state and the acting president of the United States have resigned. Obama and Hilary are now in charge.

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They missed the sections on gun running...

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the pricks destroyed one of the three true democratic governments on the planet because gadaffi's dinar was going to fuck with the zio's fiat.  now they're whining about some fratboy ambassador's death?  what kid touching scandal are they covering up?

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When was Libya a State with a "true democratic government"?  

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That's PR, and doesn't address the address the issue of democracy.

Rule of Law vs Rule of Man - When one is free to rape, pillage, plunder, and murder with impunity there is no Rule of Law and any associated government is illegitimate.

Who cares if they get 4G Obama phones and NINJA loans at 0% courtesy of Uncles Ben & Muammar?  By that logic- if Barry just gave the uppity serfs more free shit everything would be cool...  

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"Just par for the course."

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TADA, the most transparent administration in history.

Yea, a spontaneous protest against an anti-muslim no-name movie that no one has seen makes so much more sense than an attack of convenience taking place on the 11th anniversary of the biggest 'terrorist attack'* in America's history.

They're transparently stupid and manipulative.  At least the MSM isn't amazed at how they're lied to like they were when they referred to Clinton's 'spin'.



* In quotes because of the question of who caused this.  Al-Qaeda desires and receives credit for this act in the minds of most people.

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Rahm, good seeing you about these parts!

Chicago getting old?  :P

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Stevens and the other three Obama left behind to be murdered were all CIA.  Shit may start to get real.  this is THE scandal. The others are a smokescreen.

Obama then went to the UN and gave a speech about the fake youtube video and lieka good islamic he bowed to Allah in front of the UN.  Evil fraud. 

BTW - does the word islam and muslim set off the Swiss alarm on ZH?   I would not want to offed the Swiss govt even though the vast majority of Swiss do not want that Mohammeden "plague" in Switzerland.


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

THAT is a good question, Freddie!


Muslim, Islam, Jihadist, Mohammadoid.  We'll soon see.

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Bullshit, nobody died in that Benghazi incident. Everything was Hollywood a la Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook, Boston etc etc. Or do you forget (or don't know) that there is no US Embassy, Consulate, Diplomatic mission or whatnot in Benghazi. Also the ambassador was quietly "buried" a short 3 weeks after the incident (was he moved to the US in a rowing boat)?.


Btw, your fixation with Islam and Islamic danger is tiresome and baseless.

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Encroaching Darkness:  ". . . just took a quick look, and the amount of "redacted" stuff exceeds the "released" stuff. Great transparency, Chief! "

Well the federal government did recently buy up 3 billion bottles of WhiteOut . . . . they had to target somthing with it.

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There seems to be 18 minutes missing.

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Its the same talking points for 20+ pages!  Ridiculous.

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Hey look at that distraction over there.

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Redact everything I say or write about Mao Homeboy.

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Syria completly offline again


latest News:


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So many blank pages...they hit "Tab" too much or something.


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After reading the first few pages (Pg 6), I realized the administration and the CIA are more scared of lawyers ("..and future prosecutions...") than they are the fucking TERRORISTS that are killing US Ambassadors and support staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This US Ambassador and his support staff who were left behind by oabam to be MURDERED were all CIA.   Stevens was CIA.  He was there for the gun running operation. He came into Libya on the ship running guns.

Obama abandonded them then lied about it and lied about his gun running operation.  The GOP better have the guts to tell people exactly what was going on..  Stop lying to us!

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I wouldn't put much faith in the current crop of GOPers.   They were told they had to cater to hispanics to win elections by the media, they started to pander.   They were told they needed to quit being extremist and must agree to little spending cuts and tax hikes, they go along.    Some are now warning the gop to be moderate and not over reach on these scandals.  They will probably oblige.


Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and a few others may put up a fight.   But they are outnumbered by both parties.

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Err, um...Tyler? You already did Humpday Humor.

But hey, I'll take a twofer on Humpday.

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IndyPat:  "Err, um...Tyler? You already did Humpday Humor. But hey, I'll take a twofer on Humpday."

Well the American people are definitely getting humped for sure.

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Like....ummmm...Dude!!!! a member of the public......and I have never lost interest in the 100 emails that went back and forth between JPM - Jon Corzine - MF Global.

Memo to John Boehner:

While you are at it, you should get the JPM/MF Global emails.  Oh.  And the Holder/Breuer correspondence file between DOJ and HSBC regarding drug money laundring.


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Sept. 11 till now... 8 months... these are the completely untouched files... right?

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There is no way 100 pages is "COMPLETE".   There were tens of thousands of pages exchanged on this tragecy I am sure.

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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


We want more!

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They redacted nearly ALL of the juicy information and left us with a bunch of worthless fucking triplicate forms.

Nooooo, there's no cover up, really!!!

Fucking banker stooge syphellitic pile licking treasonous cocksuckers...

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That the public tolerates this sack of shit to parade around acting as president is beyond me.

He did not qualify to run and idiots voted for him anyway--not that the other idiot would have been much different.

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+ (redacted) due to National Security concerns.

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(soez I don't get booted offa ZeroHedge)

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I guess the Zionists had enough of Obamas shit. Unwilling to wage war on Iran here comes Obama-Gate.

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"If he wont escalate, then we must watergate''

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Nothing makes sense except insanity.

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Someone started a "Name that Gate" constest. I have a few ideas.

Trifecta Gate - I am not sure I can claim originality with that.

Hat Track Gate - (I am sure that some idiot Republican will goof to the press and say: 'We are going for the hat trick on this one.'  You know - women can't get pregnant from "real rape" because ther amygdala prevents conception.)

Ecumenical Gate - All are welcome.

Eclectic Gate - Same as above but with a little more zing.

Ollie Ollie In Come Free Gate - Y'all scandals can come out of hiding now.

Innumerable Gate - Just how many scandals are there out there?

I am just getting warmed up with this.