Elizabeth Warren Confronts Eric Holder, Ben Bernanke And Mary Jo White On Too-Big-To-Jail

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Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Elizabeth Warren is one of the few Senators out there pushing to understand why the federal government has created an untouchable class of criminals in America that can do whatever they want whenever they want and, not only get away with it, but also get bailed out when they make mistakes.  In case you missed it, I highlighted a powerful video a few months ago in which she made regulators squirm when confronted on “too big to jail.”  Now she has written a letter to Ben Bernanke, Eric Holder and Mary Jo White.  My favorite line is:

“If large financial institutions can break the law and accumulate millions in profits and, if they get caught, settle by paying out of those profits, they do not have much incentive to follow the law.”

Indeed, which is why they don’t.  Full letter embedded below.

Warren Letter

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She may be a socialist but I like her!

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Socialist? she is more for a true free market than any of these fuckers.



WhyDoesItHurtWhen iPee's picture

Regulatory Capture means just that, owning all the laws, game over.  This is the part in the game of Monopoly where all opposing pieces are off th board.

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Hang all guilty banksters, rape all their better looking wives, and sell their children into slavery. 

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Hooray!  Elizabeth Warren is going to save us!  Until she doesn't.  Then on to the next savior du jure.  Lather/rinse/repeat.

When will the masses, you sleeping Messiahs, when will you finally awaken?

I am Chumbawamba.

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don't get frothy, get even.

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Did anyone read the letter?  All she says is please respond to the question, have you CONDUCTED A SURVEY (LOL!) on whether a settlement or going to trial in CIVIL SUIT is best.  No mention of criminal charges.  No mention of follow up audits or inspections.  No mention of breaking up TBTF.

This is a miserable fail.

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i immediately stopped reading the letter at  " The Honorable ....(Eric Holder)"       VOMIT

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Looks like the bankers are going to have to pay her more than the other politicians just to shut her up...

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If you would like to tell Elizabeth Warren, or any other Senator, how you feel about the serious issues which challenge us each day, here is the complete internal US SENATE 113th CONGRESS SUITE AND TELEPHONE LIST.

It is Published by the Senate Sergeant at Arms / IT Support Services.


I'm sure Jumpin' Joe Biden would love to hear the views of many a ZH'er.


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Unless I saw sustained suppressive fire from her (which I doubt), in my book she is just the fraternal twin of Bart Chilton.

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On this issue she seems right at least

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Just goes to show how insane all this has become.


I yield the rest of my time to the congressman's crying baby.

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Don't be so realistic.

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Actually no, I did not read the letter.  I was expecting a message via smoke signals that said she was going to scalp 'em.

New_Meat's picture

she is only able to use up to 1/32 the amount of smoke, and the "scalp" is only 1/32 of ben's beard.

no sweat, and no question why u missed it.

- Ned

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If she did so, I'd sign on the the dem party immediately.
I prefer the crooks get shot up the keister, "Buckwheats" style, but scalping has a certain appeal. What do you say we mix it up a bit. Hanging on Modays, Buckwheats Tuesday, Scalping Wednesday....

With NO rest for the Sabbath! Draw and Quarter that day...right on the Feds front steps.

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What do you expect for Liarwatha?  This woman is a disgrace to the Mass. electorate and an embarrassment to fellow politicians.  Move on.   Nothing to see here

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Reading your post, and thoroughly reading EW's Letter, word by word, leaves me with the impression that you are part of the machine. You brazenly state and imply her Quoted Words, and they are Not there. You said: """Did anyone read the letter?  All she says is please respond to the question, have you CONDUCTED A SURVEY (LOL!) on whether a settlement or going to trial in CIVIL SUIT is best""""

And nowhere is your accusation correct. You simply placed important words that are Not there, claim she said or wrote them. So Yes do read her letter and your all in CAPS Quotes of "CONDUCTED A SURVEY" and "to  trial in CIVIL SUIT", came Only from You, and can only come from a person who believes The People can so easily be fooled
Why did you do that here? rhetorical ... We're used to this tactic

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At least somebody that can't be just ignored can ask the same questions that I asked... If you carefully read the "this time is different" book with senator warrens question in mind you will realize that the only reason players say, but never actuallly believe the this time is different phrase is that they are  driven by the same set of incentives to break the law and pay a piece of the profits later only when and where they get caught...

Until next time,


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It's du jour, you illiterate knuckle-dragger. You're the kind of dumbass who likes to order an "EX-presso" after he eats his pasta "al DAN-te." Your analysis of anything in written form is worth exactly dick.

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I would like to confront Holder with a baseball bat

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But Liz is perfectly happy screwing future generations with back breaking debt and raising the debt ceiling ... again.


She is such an awful hyopcrite.

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So let me get this straight. We have approximately 99 senators lining up to sell out the American people to Wall Street on a daily basis. But Elizabeth Warren, the only Senator willing to challenge these scumbags is the hypocrite. You have to be an incredible asshole!

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Brian: ...there's no pleasing some people.

Ex-Leper: That's just what Jesus said sir!

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She's not a hypocrite, she's a dyed-in-the-wool marxist and protege of the American Trotsky Cass Sunstein.

Be careful what you wish for.

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Elizabeth Warren, on the whole, is a know-nothing lefty.  However, I think that unlike others, she may actually believe in her positions and not be a sell-out.  We can often better work with true believers on the left rather than the sellouts on either side, because at least they still have a conscience and a moral compass.  She really is fairly stupid (she was recently comparing the federal reserve discount window to student loan rates and suggesting students go into more debt), but at least perhaps she is sincere and moral.  That would certainly be a step forward.

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By "know-nothing lefty," do you mean woman who is more academically accomplished, articulate and famous than you, but does not share your exact political opinions?

Lebensphilosoph's picture

And that demonstrates what other than her abiity parrot and pander to the establishment?

DrewJackson's picture

Yeah but if she was a white male Christian would she have accomplished so much??


You are correct she is one of the most accomplished, articulate, and famous "Native American" ever to serve. 


We are blessed!

New_Meat's picture

"...would she have accomplished so much??"

She IS an accomplished box-checker!

- Ned

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Helvetico - did you read the rest of my post?  I gave specific reasons to call her a know-nothing lefty.  Specifically, she complains that students don't get the same rate as the federal reserve discount window.  To even compare these two rates is insanity - they have nothing to do with each other.  They exist for different purposes, have different repayment terms, are collateralized differently, and have different risk factors.  The fact that she thinks this is an apples-to-apples comparison means either (a) she's just a shill, or (b) she's stupid.  The posted letter indicates that she is not a shill, so I'm going with (b).  She shows herself to be a know-nothing lefty, but I don't think she has the totalitarian tendencies of the make-believe "liberals" (i.e. totalitarians who use freedom-oriented terms).  She wants freedom and justice, but just doesn't understand how the ideals of the left undermine those things.  Understandable. Totally wrong, but understandable.

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To those who don't like EW:  If you're in a hurry, skip the first six minutes.  If you skip any more, then you're not serious:


This is the Elizabeth Warren I remember.  To crap on her is the equivalent of crapping on yourself.  Yes, I do worry about someone's soul once they get into politics.  I imagine it would be damn hard to protect your soul while anywhere near the white house without the help of some uzis or a nuke.  And I do doubt she can do much on her own.  Anyone out there gonna give her a hand?  Or do a better job?

Yes, she did invent the "You didn't build that" speech, many thanks to the poster who reminds us where Obama hijacked it from.  But prove her wrong.  Go and get rich all by yourself.  I imagine it would be sooo much easier than getting rich with so many annoying people around.  I'm not good at Geography, but I'm quite sure there are plenty of barren, lawless nations where any enterprising businessman could set himself up and become a success all by himself.

(Edit:  I just had another look at that other youtube video.  Apparently she swiped the "You didn't build that speech" from Professor George Lakoff.  I stand corrected.  You didn't say that ...)

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In case you have not realized it yet, future generations are already screwed.  We are talking about this generation doing something about it....  Neither party has reduced enough to change the inevitable.  As we spiral into the toilette bowl, it would be nice to bring a few of the causes into the sewers with us...


BeetleBailey's picture

Why waste the energy?


Pay a couple of homeless guys a McDonald's feast to take Holder out back and thrash the ever loving shit out of him.


...then have a dawg come along and piss on his carcass


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Most importantly, don't forget to steal their gold.

thisandthat's picture

Btw, their better looking wives have a name - it's called mistresses...

Schmuck Raker's picture

Yeah, it's probably wiser to shoot their wives, and rape their horses.

Bunga Bunga's picture

Better let them work in a Bangladesh garment factory.

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Ben's address reads '20th street and Constitution Ave'  LOL!!!

It needs to change to 20th street and Fuktha Constitution Ave.


That's much better.. Goes with the theme of things now.

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She's right you know.  Nobody in this country got rich on his/her own!  WE gave them the money.  WE bought their stuff.  WE protected their interest.  If you don't enjoy the benefits of being in a modern industrial society, go get rich on a deserted island.

Gene Parmesan's picture

Yes, of course, punish success. Because it's worked so well throughout history.

GoinFawr's picture

No, it's: of course, punish assholery.

Because it's worked so well throughout history.

Yeah, it has, just ask Norway.


Graph's picture

See this treads? Country divided. And who is the winner?

Offthebeach's picture

Wealth, population it would be a ho-hum county in the US.
Maybe, Delaware.