"America, The Dependent"

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Perhaps instead of "America, The Brave", a more appropriate description of what the USA has become would be (judging by the following chart) "America, The Dependent".



(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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I just crapped my depends!

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At first I thought "Gotta be Bush's fault".  Then I saw the X axis timeframe of the graph.  For sure this is Clinton's fault.

And for all you passionate TA'ers, yes, I am being sarcastic.


Divided States of America's picture

I dont wanna get another Warning but HONESTLY HOLY FUCK! Is Daniel Werfel (NEW IRS Chief) another Zionist Cheesepope????

Dunno what a Cheesepope is but if Francis and Otto both uses it, I am fine with that!

nugjuice's picture

You crapped your depends? Jackpot! I'm pretty sure incontrollable bowel makes you eligible for disability. After all, you poor bastard, who would want to hire someone who runs around shitting their pants all the time?

Surely it's not the strict diet of burgers and beer you've been on for the past two years. Surely you should take no responsibility for this terrible fate.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Where does Real Money Benefits come from?  The source?  BLS? Fed?

sgorem's picture

Raymond, I believe the bottom line is it comes from US, and goes to THEM via taxes, zirp, .gov benefits, ebts, welfare, foodstamps, theft, medicaid fraud, social security fraud, overpaid federal, state, county, city employees, military contractor theft/fraud, more taxes, overpaid politicians, free money for banks, zero percent interest on legitimate savings, more taxes, dhs, dea, cia, dod, pell grants, affirmative action, more taxes, acorn, israel, foreign aid, more foreign aid, overpriced stawks, inflation, more taxes, fines, regulations, laws, and taxes on my dog. did i fucking miss anything?

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I am so distraught from seeing these charts that I am rushing out to apply for mental disability.


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Looks like the last president that saw a rise in the ratio of workers to disabled was...Carter!

Now there was a peanut-farming bastard who turned the skrews on the working class, if I ever saw one.

debtor of last resort's picture

It's the ratio of workers/Galts. You Americans are not as stupid as you think.

Chuck Walla's picture

It's the ratio of workers/Galts. You Americans are not as stupid as you think.

2 terms for Obama in exchange for a pittance of Welfare?  You take that back....


ParkAveFlasher's picture

"Galts" - that doesn't mean to you what it means to me.  Galts drop out of the system for rugged individualism. 

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I'm really REALLY surprised that this disability thing isn't more in the mainstream. I'd say pretty much all the alternative topics are generally in the mainstream now. In fact yahoo, sometimes, is faster than Zerohedge at reporting some stuff. However, disability is NEVER talked about.

I personally know NUMEROUS people collecting disability. Shit tons. Some of them sure maybe have some injuries, or some "health things" but to say they're disabled and can't provide any value to anybody? Ridiculous.

NotApplicable's picture

Don't worry, inflation will eventually disable them all.

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Sorry for idiotic question, what is the unit on the bottom chart Y?

seek's picture

The disability thing is quite depressing. I have a (intentionally) pathetically small set of friends on my CIA dosi-  uh-Facebook profile, mostly people I knew in high school, and two go on and on about working with lawyers for a favorable disability ruling due to their tragically acute case case middle age unemployment and lack of desire to work.

I have a mild chronic illness and several years ago my doc at the time said it was a free ride ticket if I wanted to go that route, even though it's nothing that would prevent me from working. One look at the disability stats, particularly past 2008, shows this system is being abused to a great degree.

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Ditto that. I know someone still working SS eligable. Atrophy in one hand. He mentioned disability & I asked him----"With 3 more years on your side, do you want to rush medicare since so many doctors are refusing medicare patients"?

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I saw an interesting documentary on the rise in disabled workers. It noted that given the huge amount of white collar jobs that have been destroyed, most available jobs nowadays are in the service sector where you have to be on your feet all day. Combine that with the rapidly deteriorating physical health of the average american (for those of us older than 40, when you were growing up, how many adults did you know who had bad knees or bad hips? I remember exactly none), and the fact that many people in the lower middle class and below have to work at least 2 jobs, part of the reality is that some of these people are actually breaking down physically.

Of course, for every legitimate disability case, there are at least a dozen shirkers or scam artists. But still.

insanelysane's picture

I have written this before and it is true.

Where my wife works there is a guy that is legitimately disabled due to a debilitating disease.  He is unable to do his job but they can't get him on disability because no one knows how to fill out the paperwork for a real medical condition.  The have just been sitting him in a corner because they have too much compassion to cut him loose but he can't do the work.

nope-1004's picture

Bad knees and bad hips are a direct result of FAT America.  Two human legs were not designed to carry 300+ lbs. - in flip flops of all things!  Ugly feet aside, the load is too much for the supports.


WillyGroper's picture

You haven't climbed ladders, poles, done squats & worked 1 ft off the floor 8 hrs a day for 40 yrs.

nope-1004's picture

Actually, you'd be surprised what I do.  I don't want to give away my identity, but let me just say that I've climbed some pretty tall structures and can say with 99.999% accuracy that it is much harder than anything the boyz at the Volt plant have done.

Is this a personal attack at me because you've worked hard?  Or are you fat?  Generally speaking, our nation is fat and lazy.  But you are welcome to prove me wrong here......

pursueliberty's picture

While I agree with the fat part, you aren't taking into account that grown men/women running for no reason other than "health" is a somewhat new phenomenon.  I now a shit ton of healthy older men who aren't overweight, worked desk jobs, and have had two knees.  Then you have the ups guys jumping in and out of truck all day, etc.  Lots of reasons for blown out knees, sports injuries, fat, overuse, roofing work, etc.

Go Tribe's picture

Government made Hoverounds too easy to get.

PlausibleDenial's picture

Yeah, we should overlay a chart of new disability claims with the increase sales of quarter fucking pounders and cheese.  Likely exponential... Now then, a quarter pounder with cheese does offer incredible hang over relief, but who is hung over everyday.  I know you guys are......:)

prains's picture

**Glitchez !

instead of drilling down on the poor, why not first address the REAL problem;

an Oligarchically captured gov't that does only their bidding because ALL the policy makers are bought and paid for including the office of POTUS  (for several decades now). Once you have your .gov back and pointed to the land of "by the people, for the people". THEN drill down on your unpayable promises to the people.

Order of Operation: it's an equation that has to be solved in the proper sequence, you can't go to the resultant without first addressing the variables.


Articles like this are just NOISE meant to divert attention away from the correct order of operation


** non identifiable group designation 

Joe Davola's picture

You mean those ones Siragusa's pitching?

prains's picture

I don't follow any sport where the greatest speed achieved is by running on foot and made all the more ridiculous by the use of padding to protect the athlete, so to answer your question, no.

short version; real men play rugby, at least its honest, skull on skull 

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I think I strained my back looking at the chart...where is the nearest SS office? Oh yeah, maybe I need to call Jack "The Hammer" Cheatum, Esq ... see if I have a case against ZH and Al Gore...I mean if Al hadn't invented the internet and ZH had not posted the chart I would not have had hurt my spine bones, right?


Eye strain?



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No one ever gets off the D train

Bad Attitude's picture

...until the train goes over the cliff.

Forward (over the cliff)!

GolfHatesMe's picture

Please send the GPS Cliff coordinates to the Engineer

McMolotov's picture

Drivin' that train, high on cocaine (and disability bennies).

NotApplicable's picture

I'll just point out the fact that the medical system is leading killer.

Rainman's picture

They still pimping those pills to cure toenail fungus ? ...what a scam .

Agent P's picture

That brings up an interesting question...if the pills work, and my toenail fungus is cured, do I have to stop accepting my disability payments?  I'm not really an open-toed shoe model, but that's what my attorney told me to put on the form.

CClarity's picture

I know I feel dis-abled by Bennie and the Feds!  Crony capitalism and manipulated medicated markets have disabled a whole lot of people while making everyone sick!  

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Make everyone dependant upon you, then you can do whatever you want!

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Reminds me of the steadly increasing tuition rates. Which are then reduced for some ( via grants) while loans are generously supplied to others. I guess it doesn't occur to academics to reduce cost somehow. And that would reduce the appearance of being nice with the grants and loans anyway.  I don't have any real issues with academic scholarships BTW.

Umh's picture

People are just doing what they have been shown how to do. People are trying fail since that is the easier route to a relaxed lifestyle. They may not end up being rich, but they are leading lifes of leisure.

Jack Burton's picture

I've watched this for a long time. It began when factory and middle class jobs started heading for China. When these workers often 40-50 years of age got pushed out, their job prospects were grim. They quickly latched on to the disability train. Plenty of lawyers work this angle, and I know many in my Rust Belt area who are not yet 60 but have been retired on disability for years. Most are men. Perhaps women will catch on soon.

Disability has replaced the welfare system as the go to government support program. Britian suffers the same type disability claims explosion.

kridkrid's picture

How many double dip into SNAP, I wonder. Man the crash is going to be something to behold.

seek's picture

Word of advice: look poor and disabled yourself. Just because those working now aren't enough to support the system and raft of freeloaders doesn't mean during and after the crash they won't try to increase the burden on the "wealthy" and working.You don't want to be a target in that environment.

I strongly suspect there'll be a number of off-the-books millionaires sitting it out in mobile homes far in the boonies waiting for the crash to blow over for a few years before returning to the good times.

uno's picture

anyone on disability is permanently out of the workforce.  Next year the number will go balistic with the health care requirement.  Anyone on part time will not be able to afford health insurance.  One of the biggest perks of disability (aka middle class welfare) is medicaid.


Son of Loki's picture

uno, fewer then 8% of the doctors in my neck of the woods now accept medicaid.....the ERs are gonna be packed I predict since 'no one can be turned away." Bad for people who have legitimate emergenies...they're gonna have to wait with that knife stuck in their gut or clutching their chest with a heart attack....

sethstorm's picture

Finances or spitefulness?  Either way, that kind of shortage will eventually result in any medical tourism being looked at as a crime, with surveillance that only the US can bring to the table.

irie1029's picture

It really is disgusting how shameless, lazy and stupid US citizens have become.

sethstorm's picture

Given the lack of work and willingness to train/retrain these people, they're only responding to incentives.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

It might take 2 or 3 years, but any talented disability lawyer can get just about anyone onto SSDI.

Agent P's picture

I'm applying for SSDI on account of my dick being broken...well, I don't think it's actually broken, but my wife seems to think that it is.