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Fed Unleashes Another Taper Hint... Or Not

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Last week it was Fed's WSJ lapdog hinting at a tapering. Now it is up to the Fed's own John Williams to provide an even stronger hint at what may be coming as soon as this summer. From Bloomberg:


However, promptly following this is the following headline which we can only hope has a typo in it:


And just to confuse everyone, as the Fed enjoys doing, here is the conclusion:


Bottom line: nothing will change.


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Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:14 | 3570310 azzhatter
azzhatter's picture

Fuck You John Williams

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:18 | 3570332 ACP
ACP's picture

2105? Yeah that's the only honest forecast I've ever seen out of the Fed.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:20 | 3570347 Pinto Currency
Pinto Currency's picture


Tapering infinite money creation still results in infinite money creation.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:23 | 3570372 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



Like a "rolling stop" at a stop sign.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:26 | 3570388 knukles
knukles's picture

It's like Don Draper describing margarine;

"It’s morning. We know because we see the rooster crow. A farmer’s wife sets pancakes on the kitchen table. She puts a pat of margarine on top, and sets the dish down next to the yellowest fried eggs, a loaf of homemade bread, and a beading pitcher of heavy cream. Syrup pours. A smile comes over their Dorothea Lange faces."
                  (h/t wired)

Yeah, well it's still fucking margarine, not butter.....


Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:34 | 3570398 ACP
ACP's picture

They'll just hint at a tapering, then when the market falls enough, retract the statement.

Criminal Market Management 101.

The effect is twofold:

1) Cause a market correction.

2) Get people to pile into bonds, saving the Federal Govt from having to make further spending cuts.

--I just can't believe Bill Gross missed this in 2011.

Edit: The ONLY was this could possibly end for reals is when people stop piling into bonds during a correction. Eventually, they'll pick a designated stock to ramp during an overall correction, say another AAPL for instance. While the broader market sells off, everyone piles into AAPL or TSLA, ramping it up 1000% in a few days, then selling it off when the market reaches a local trough. No more need for bonds for "safety" may be the true end for bonds. Just a thought.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:14 | 3570601 eclectic syncretist
eclectic syncretist's picture

Jawbone that shit you stupid motherfucker!  Maybe someday you can get credit for pissing in the wind the way berstanke does you sack of maggot shit.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:28 | 3570650 ACP
ACP's picture

You can jawbone my dick. And go back to your HuffPo hate boards where you belong.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 17:28 | 3570850 asteroids
asteroids's picture

Think about what has happened this week folks. Rumor of tapering a week ago. The market is ramping like crazy during the week. You can just see the boyz trying to unload. Then another rumor today to try and cool off the market. I bet the boyz won't let it happen. They'll ramp it again trying to extract every fucking nickle they can into OPEX tomorrow. This market is totally scripted and you are the target of Psychological manipulation. Don't play. Cash out now!

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:33 | 3570672 negative rates
negative rates's picture

What do you mean? Like you see gold and I see dirt??

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:49 | 3570725 ACP
ACP's picture

This whole market is dirt. I'm saying the Fed won't stop before everything blows up. The blow up is the only thing that will stop these bubbles.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 17:19 | 3570818 spastic_colon
spastic_colon's picture

plausible i guess, partof the problem is the fed is always referring to lagging targets in their analysis which give them the excuse to be behind the curve.  They also said QE would create jobs, so credibility is not their strong point.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:28 | 3570397 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

I guess they'll have figured out that "full employment" enslavement thing by 2105.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:30 | 3570412 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



Yes, but a scant 7 years after that, the Elder Race will return:

We have assumed control...we have assumed control...we have assumed control. (fade distorted Lifeson guitar rift to end)

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:24 | 3570375 The Juggernaut
The Juggernaut's picture

They obviously have no fucking clue on what to do.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:25 | 3570382 Mad Mohel
Mad Mohel's picture

I just wish he would go back to composing Star Wars soundtracks and stay the fuck out of economics.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:01 | 3570567 CrimsonAvenger
CrimsonAvenger's picture

I'd like to lock him in a room with three wookies and a horny ewok.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:35 | 3570438 Randall Cabot
Randall Cabot's picture

So what happens when oil shoots to $200 when war spreads from Syria?

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:05 | 3570576 Zen Bernanke
Zen Bernanke's picture

tapering QE doesn't mean tightening?  WTF williams, are you that stupid?  not even your bullshit makes sense any more. 

Fri, 05/17/2013 - 00:57 | 3571899 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

The Bernank:  "...You don't want the truth because deep down in
 places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that printer, you need me on
 that printer!..."

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:14 | 3570311 flacon
flacon's picture

Which hedge fund manager is going to appear in the news tomorrow morning to say that they find these valuations to be CHEAP and now is a great time to buy GOOG before it hits $1,000?

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:18 | 3570330 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



I dunno, Becky...why don't we spin the wheel and see whose name comes up?  Or maybe try Mr. Magic 8-ball this time 'round?

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:26 | 3570387 1C3-N1N3
1C3-N1N3's picture

Accidentally read that as "Tragic 8-ball". This shitshow's warping my mind...

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:33 | 3570424 insanelysane
insanelysane's picture

The 8-ball always says Buy Moar!

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:19 | 3570618 eclectic syncretist
eclectic syncretist's picture

Abby Joseph Cohen is so worn out her genitals sound like a Basso profundo in the wind, so it won't be her unless they want to use her for secret code for a market top.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:18 | 3570340 pragmatic hobo
pragmatic hobo's picture

a $300B company selling at 4X sales? Too cheap if you ask me.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:06 | 3570582 Zen Bernanke
Zen Bernanke's picture

goog is so setup for a gap down island reversal.  come on oh god of stocks, hear my prayers.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:17 | 3570312 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture



This ride is almost over. It looks like the wealthy have extracted enough on the way up and have set the table for the way down.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:20 | 3570346 Mad Mohel
Mad Mohel's picture

........ "extracted enough"


First rule of fed club; enough is never enough.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:35 | 3570435 insanelysane
insanelysane's picture

Not until we get to Memorial Day and then we can just show back up after Labor Day.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:35 | 3570441 Everybodys All ...
Everybodys All American's picture

There will be a fortune made by some on the ride down. Unfortunately the little guy will be losing theirs as is always the case. Why else by law can't you short in your retirement accounts?

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:15 | 3570313 DavidC
DavidC's picture

I'm getting really, really fed up with all this crap.

Hint here, hint there. They KNOW they're fucked one way or the other.


Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:19 | 3570342 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

Don't hit it long. But don't leave it short.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:27 | 3570394 dracos_ghost
dracos_ghost's picture

Yeah, these fucking amateurs need a hot cup of STFU.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:16 | 3570318 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



Absent wanting to intentionally crash everything, the Fed CANNOT stop QE.  It's just math at this point.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:30 | 3570409 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

Only question is if they've gotten the fall guy ready.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:40 | 3570459 Everybodys All ...
Everybodys All American's picture

A market crash will happen either way. QE will be unnecesary for a while as Treasuries will once again be considered safer. Once the shock wears off. Well you know rinse and repeat.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:17 | 3570324 CClarity
CClarity's picture

Tapering will be the signal.  Of the turn.  Not an official tightening, just not as much easing.

When they do tighten it will be in small increments.  Like 25 bps.  But the bond mavens will front run them and that's where they'll lose control.  They'l raise 25 and the market may jam 75.  Then the munis and corporates and MBS and junk will push further.  New issuance outside the Treasuries will all hurry to get in and that will push even higher yields.

Even if inflation is low and unemployment high, not to Fed targets, it won't matter.  The markets will unhinge from the Fed when they lose control and it will move very very quickly.  We will watch history as the financial world economy spins away.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:26 | 3570386 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



Tapering will be the signal...yes, the code-word to all of the insiders to get physical and get the heck out of Dodge before they crash this puppy.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:43 | 3570475 Edward Fiatski
Edward Fiatski's picture

BoJ & ECB have Ben's back, just look at PIIGS yields of late. Draghi especially, given the politica talk of decreasing ECB balance sheet being bad in the current situation.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:17 | 3570328 ekm
ekm's picture

How about next week?


And I am not joking at all.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:24 | 3570373 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

I have a lot going on next week. Can we just push it to tomorrow?

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:39 | 3570456 ekm
ekm's picture

you are freaking hilarious

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:26 | 3570392 thelibcentury
thelibcentury's picture

ekm, this would tend to indicate that you are on the right track:


Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:40 | 3570463 ekm
ekm's picture

They rule, they always did, but always ruling in the shadows

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:41 | 3570469 Everybodys All ...
Everybodys All American's picture

A lot of option activity indicate September is more likely. But it's coming. 

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:44 | 3570481 ekm
ekm's picture

It depends on the orders.

I think they'll pull a Navy Seals like attack.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:47 | 3570506 thelibcentury
thelibcentury's picture

could you elaborate?


who is "they", and what constitutes a Navy Seals like attack?


Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:50 | 3570517 ekm
ekm's picture

It was metaphor.

I meant that the Fed will come out of the blue and declare end of QE quite abruptly.


"They" is the White House + Congress committee overseeing the FED who actually make the final decision. 

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:58 | 3570536 Everybodys All ...
Everybodys All American's picture

No chance of it coming out of the blue imo. But we shall see. I might also add that Blackrock has been asking(telling Ben) for the QE to end and that should tell us all something is likely coming.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 17:06 | 3570784 thelibcentury
thelibcentury's picture

understood - thank you!

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:52 | 3570527 Everybodys All ...
Everybodys All American's picture

Assasinate Assad. Nah. I was talking stock options as in derivative trading.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:56 | 3570543 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

I think ekm is as well. As soon as the fed is position with the banks the way they need to be, it's just over in an instant. There will be no frontrunning and forecasting on the way down. Anyone caught on the wrong side wil just be decapitated.


Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:02 | 3570570 Everybodys All ...
Everybodys All American's picture

The market disruption would be massive and they would have to think they can manage that outcome. Not sure about their ability to manage the free fall but these guys are not market traders that decide these things.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:04 | 3570574 ekm
ekm's picture

The intent is to destroy the sacrificial lambs, not to manage.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:06 | 3570579 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

agreed completely. This is why you should not play unless you are prepared to lose it all. There is no managing. There was never any interest in managing what happens next.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:56 | 3570740 Everybodys All ...
Everybodys All American's picture

Let us say we have bear market ensue. Agree that a bear market is a 20% or more drop off the highs. But, lets say it drops 40%, which would be extraordinary, that would still leave the Dow near 9 to 10K. From which to likely begin climbing again. That's what I see coming near term and I would think that is what the Fed would consider ok. Banks recapitalized to withstand the crash and Treasuries once again highly sought after near term because of their implied safety. Rinse Repeat. Forget armeggedon because you can't plan for that anyway.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 17:03 | 3570775 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

I don't know about armegedon but I think 40% is the right number and I think it will happen over a matter of 2-3 days.

What happens after that is debatable. My guess is QE6. Massive. I just don't know that the market drinks the kool aid this time.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:17 | 3570329 B2u
B2u's picture

The number can be made 6.5 or 7.2 or 8.3 or 10.2...or whatever.  The real number is meaningless.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:18 | 3570331 francis_sawyer
francis_sawyer's picture

All these CHEESEPOPEBUCK "hucksters" remind me of the cowboy in the saloon 'SHOOTIN' at the foot of the some ignorant bastard & tellin' him to dance...



Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:45 | 3570492 Catullus
Catullus's picture

I'm afraid to google this at work.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:28 | 3570652 francis_sawyer
francis_sawyer's picture

If you're talking about "CHEESEPOPEBUX"... the search will come up null...


They don't exist... They're only a figment of the imagination of one francis_sawyer...[a person of fiction, whose IDEAS & OBSERVATIONS are stuff of fiction as well]...

Once upon a time, they were a mixed league SOFTBALL TEAM name [bent on igniting 'hilarity']... 25 years later... Oddly, they produce the same response...

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:18 | 3570333 Mad Mohel
Mad Mohel's picture

Gentlemen, what we have here is a criminal syndicate. These sons of bitches speak out of both sides of their assholes.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:25 | 3570336 Edward Fiatski
Edward Fiatski's picture

Interesting timing with respect to ES. Tomorrow's $5.75 bln POMO will soften the blow.

I think the Jacobins are winning in an interesting way. :)

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:19 | 3570341 northerngirl
northerngirl's picture


Wouldn't it be nice if these guys actually lived in the real world. 

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:21 | 3570356 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



Wouldn't it be nice if these guys expired.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:27 | 3570395 northerngirl
northerngirl's picture

I'm at the point of how much to we have to pay you to leave?

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:32 | 3570416 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



Sorry...didn't know I was offending you.

(oh, you mean...)

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:38 | 3570442 northerngirl
northerngirl's picture

LOL!  I did not mean you-Mayhem_korner.  I was referring to Williams.  My bad, should have make that clear.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:42 | 3570467 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



Just havin' some fun.  Friends tell me I have a fetish for girls who need bags over their heads.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:37 | 3570448 Clowns on Acid
Clowns on Acid's picture

mayhem might be easy...but he is not cheap....

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:57 | 3570553 1C3-N1N3
1C3-N1N3's picture

Rule 37.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:42 | 3570701 negative rates
negative rates's picture

One year of your salary, and you have to have enough to live on for at least one year will be fine by me. How soon can you pay? 

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:19 | 3570345 riphowardkatz
riphowardkatz's picture

it will change. there will be lots more. volume 5 right now volume 8 by November.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:20 | 3570351 Cursive
Cursive's picture

It's the Katy Perry Fed announcement:

"You're hot and you're cold..."

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:35 | 3570439 knukles
knukles's picture

Did Katy Perry really say that?

I'm impressed.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:21 | 3570353 akak
akak's picture

My turds taper near the end, too.

But then comes the really messy part of the job.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:21 | 3570354 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

Leon Cooperman is now bullish on gold and silver....via the GLD and SLV.



Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:52 | 3570529 Bay of Pigs
Bay of Pigs's picture

It was 2008 and $692 the last time I saw anything like the overall bearishness we are seeing now in gold and silver. 

That was before stocks crashed and QE even started. And the situation is much, much worse now.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:57 | 3570551 seek
seek's picture

I suspect the two are connected, though this time for different reasons.

Last time is was banks selling AU to stave off an implosion. This time it's bankers loading up on discounted AU for after the implosion.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:52 | 3570736 Bay of Pigs
Bay of Pigs's picture

This William S. Kaye interview is one of the best I've ever heard. He absolutely destroys the gold bear case being put forward right now.


Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:23 | 3570367 denverdolomte
denverdolomte's picture

I quit smoking cigarettes 1.5 years ago.

Now I only smoke when I drink.

I only smoke natural cigarettes. 

so it's okay!


Great it's good to see an ambigious company using the same mindset as someone "addicted" to something. 

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:45 | 3570496 Sofa King Confused
Sofa King Confused's picture

The problem is that you drink constently

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:47 | 3570508 denverdolomte
denverdolomte's picture

It helps me understand political, economical, and any other facet of our glorious world. 

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:25 | 3570380 Jason T
Jason T's picture

of course QE will end.. the election is over, Ben is done next year and the ships about to hit the sand for someone else to deal with.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:26 | 3570385 RSloane
RSloane's picture

They are not intentionally obfuscating, they just have no fucking clue what they are doing nor its impact in the real world.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:34 | 3570426 Cursive
Cursive's picture


The technical term for this in my neck of the woods is, "Talking out of your ass."

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:38 | 3570451 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

It's no accident that the wealthy made out like bandits before these guys acted like clueless idiots and brought he whole thing down.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:28 | 3570399 firstdivision
firstdivision's picture

They have to end QE4 so that they can unleash QE5 - Buying Equities Directly through FRBNY E*Trade account

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:28 | 3570401 knukles
knukles's picture

Want an example of now and then?

The dotcom bubble

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:33 | 3570425 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



L.A. Gear, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Pop Rocks, mullets, and leg warmers.

(beat that hand)

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:47 | 3570507 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture

   <<< Partridge Family Bus is the bomb

   <<< Scooby's Mystery Machine is the ultimate driving machine

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:57 | 3570547 moonman
moonman's picture


I have New Coke, Milli Vanilli, parachute pants, members only jackets and New Kids on the Block

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:04 | 3570573 fuu
fuu's picture

Pepsi Clear, Vanilla Ice, stone washed jeans, boat shoes, and aviator shades.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:11 | 3570590 moonman
moonman's picture


Vanilla Ice


Thu, 05/16/2013 - 17:03 | 3570769 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



I guess that pot goes to the clairvoyant chimp.

(the Rip Van Winkle thing was pure, dood...)

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 21:20 | 3571361 fuu
fuu's picture

I thought it would compress more.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:35 | 3570436 Clowns on Acid
Clowns on Acid's picture

Tapering down the taper talk. Those feckin tapirs are really hard to pin down in the South American rain forests, ya can barely see 'em.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:35 | 3570440 the not so migh...
the not so mighty maximiza's picture

bah humbug, throw some pixi dust in there too Mr williams.


Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:37 | 3570445 CrashisOptimistic
CrashisOptimistic's picture

GDP projected for Q2 is 1%.

The Fed's mandate is not unemployment.  It is employment.  They are doing a very poor job with the LPR.

With 1% growth, how can they stop QE?

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:38 | 3570453 the not so migh...
the not so mighty maximiza's picture

they can't , instead of taper it will be TURBO!!!!

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:42 | 3570473 electricgorilla
electricgorilla's picture

We have the largest POMO day for the whole month of May tmrw spending betweent 4.75-5.75 billion. To me this was an announcement to shake out some weak hands because the exuberance of POMO tmrw would of been too ridiculous. It probably will still be ridiculous. I bet this thing bounces back into the close.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:42 | 3570476 buzzsaw99
buzzsaw99's picture

blah blah blah yak yak yak yadda yadda yadda

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:44 | 3570487 knukles
knukles's picture

Now look at markets!
Nothing like a little stoopid monkey commentary to jack up uncertainty, trash stocks and give bonditos a bid.
My kinda confusion.

Where these ding-a-lings been getting lessons?
Diesel-bloom and Co.?

He can always get a job with Joe and Becky

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:47 | 3570490 MFLTucson
MFLTucson's picture

They are becoming more and more desperate.  Implosion coming, get ready!

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:45 | 3570494 Brahms Third Racket
Brahms Third Racket's picture

I think there is one difference between the current asset bubble and the previous ones of recent vintage.  I think Benny knows that the "nobody could've seen it coming" defense won't fly this time. Too much "bubble talk" has made it into even the mainstream media this time around while the bubble is still unfolding.  Will that make a difference?  I don't know.  Probably too late anyway.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:46 | 3570715 negative rates
negative rates's picture

It's monetary deflation at home, but high prices from hyper-inflaton abroad (too many dollars over seas), the worst of all possible outcomes if you don't have money to burn. 

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:47 | 3570500 debtor of last ...
debtor of last resort's picture

When things become serious, you have to taper.

Yup. Sounds familiar.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:49 | 3570514 Downtoolong
Downtoolong's picture


Bottom line, after numerous closed door sessions the Fed has decided to change the name of QE to something else.



Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:58 | 3570555 Dollar Bill Hiccup
Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

Ah, so mid 2015 is when Hell freezes over. Was wondering about that one.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:03 | 3570572 Tombstone
Tombstone's picture

These guys would have a hard time beating out a box of donuts for highest IQ.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:28 | 3570654 Shevva
Shevva's picture

Their just cock teases.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 16:53 | 3570738 boeing747
boeing747's picture

The last tool coming out of fed's tool box is verbal threat. Yes, stop all QEs, stop ZIRP, stop PPT see how real recovery looks like.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 17:54 | 3570879 Die Weiße Rose
Die Weiße Rose's picture

Nothing will Change until Change happens,

usually when all the stimulus addicts least expect it. (vexed VIX)

The Fed can't keep on pumping 85 billion each month into Twist without a japanese consequence !

It is simply not possible, to do that without serious damage to the World economy.

The latest Country hitting skid-row is Australia.

All the figures were fudged by the Gov and now the Bullshit is coming home to roost.

As a German, I am a big believer in Austerity.

That's how I saved my own Business throughout the GFC after Sep 2008 Lehman -

by having NO Debt and cutting spending to the bone !

People just got too used to the endless QE and trying to solve the Debt Problem

by taking on more Debt.

This is just Bullshit.

Remember Margin Calls ?

Remember irrational exuberance and the sudden shock you get

when you are caught by the Fed and his "tools" with your Pants down ?

Of course not !

People have a shorter attention span than a Goldfish,

that's flipped out of the "unlimited" QE fish-bowl..

Change will come suddenly and surprise all those suffering from Amnesia...

Memory will come back with a sudden jolt -

Panik and Fear among thousands of Deers, caught in the headlights.

never to mention all the sitting Ducks getting squashed

in the mad rush for the emergency - exits...

flash-crash anyone ?

ei ei ei ei ei....


Thu, 05/16/2013 - 18:25 | 3570972 Son of Loki
Son of Loki's picture
Dell's profit dives as billionaire battle rages on



If a real tapering occurs, it will ge tmuch mouch worse.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 20:58 | 3571299 mendigo
mendigo's picture

Seems they are getting a little nervous about the market divergence from reality. Bens monster is getting a bit out of control. Its all virtual paper momo bullshit.

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 21:42 | 3571417 q99x2
q99x2's picture

Abolish the FED. Jail Loyd BankFeind.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!