Just Plain Silly

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Presented with no comment...


US Macro data is its worst in 8 months...

(note - the US Macro index is Bloomberg economic surprise index which not only tracks absolute performance but relative to consensus - so we missing expectations and macro data is dropping...)


and the markets are just as stunned by equity exuberance...


Charts: Bloomberg

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tO da moOoOooooooOOOoooOooOOooOooOn!

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All of this data is...
















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CheesePopebux produce silly outcomes... Why isn't 'EVERYONE' laughing?...

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This is also just plain silly:


4 Reasons To Buy Google Right Now  



LOL!!!! Buy it before it breaks up above $1,000! LOL!

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One of these days Benny, POW! ZOOM! STRAIGHT TO DA MOON!

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That's like a full-fledged market crash with the S&P dropping from 1655 to 1620.  OMG!!!!  I hope we can handle the stress.

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Can't those presses run any faster?

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“Riiight stop that, silly!”

Maybe somebody is not aware of contemporary US military policy initiatives.. it’s not so silly anymore.

..only pathetic.

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Everything is disconnected. (from reality)  Sooooooooo reminiscent of the Dot Com era.

Encore from Don Ho: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egIy4nq6gYQ

+100 to The Thunder Child comment below: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-05-16/just-plain-silly#comment-3570118

Confederacy of Dunces: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Confederacy_of_Dunces

I guess this is why ignorance is blissful.



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That strange feeling is that in the past, only 1% knew of this game and how the FED did it. Now we have the internet and people who do get it.

As one of the Rothschild's said, we should have banned the internet. But the problem still is, over half of America still does not get it.

Many of those smartest people are in the south who still do not know what a computer is or how how it works. Hell, they still have party lines.

So how do you explain why the FED is devaluating their dollars with the purchasing of 85B in bonds every month. They will never get it. 

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hmmmmmmm, just think what $45 billion / month poured into stocks could do .......

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those 4 charts look like crocs setting up for dinner on the Mara River when the zebras come thru town

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That's too funny.  I was just about to make the same observation.  Maybe we can write a whole book of chart patterns based on wild animals

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You guys can start with "Ostrich with his head in the ground" as your first animal chart pattern

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Hurry....before it "Appleizes"

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According to many analysts on Wall Street the short and long term indicators on the S&P 500 chart both indicate a continued rise. Analysts also point out that although the short term fundamentals for the US economy such as jobs and income growth have been strong, the market is actually pricing in future growth, which means a deterrioration in the short term fundamentals would have little effect on the direction of the S&P 500.

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The market has priced in 50 years of future growth and handed it all to the bankers and top 0.1%

Serf on debt peon!

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If we can try to bring future demand to today's economy, why not future capital gains as well?


We can worry about the future if it ever gets here, right Ben?  Until then, keep kickin' the can....

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"deterrioration in the short term fundamentals"...

Got it.  A little less fun, good one.

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MDB: "the market is actually pricing in future growth"

You're not naturally dense, MDB. What you've got takes practice. The market is pricing in a phony buyer for over $1 trillion per year, out into 2015 or maybe 2050.

Every FRN that Ben spends in the Treasury markets and MBS markets is a dollar that goes directly into the hands of primary dealers, who then squander it on whores, stocks and more HYG bonds for the Fed to buy next month. And the occasional Ferrari.

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Also, anytime someone starts their comments with "According to many analysts on Wall Street", we all know that there is a very simple translation to instructions given after that statement - Do. The. Opposite.

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According to 9 out of 10 Hollywood stars, Lux is the best soap for your skin.

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Is that face soap or ass soap?

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They make ass soap???  And here I am, working like a sucker.

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Ass soap is overrated, man.  Save your money.

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I read the article on CNBC, too.  Even if I agreed with it, that's not the thrust of what it said.

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Economics 101:

Interest rates for a risk free asset keep on falling, becoming more negative in real terms. That only means deflationary expectations on the part of the market. Deflationary expectations are an ABSOLUTE contradiction with growth: MICROECONOMICS 101!

Therefore, there is a break in economics models that economists and analysts are strugging to grapple.

In conclussion: None of the predictions are worth ANYTHING. The data only proves that economic predictions are not possible today with the distortion in price discovery in all markets introduced by the daily POMOS. Futhermore, non-linear dynamic system theory of chaos predicts increasing instability in the market price of all assets. That instability will manifest itself in the following ways:

1) if POMO is continued to infinity an beyond to avoid price discovery, lacking price discovery the market for all asset classes, excepting food will start bifurcating up and down with larger and larger swings in both directions until the system finds a new stable attractor (or in commong terms, a new world financial order is established).

2) if POMO is discontinued, the market will crash down hard and there will be price discovery for all major asset classes with stocks starting around the NPV (net present value) of the depression era value of the DJI.

The longer POMO goes the harder it will be to estabilize the system to true, NON-POMO driven market discovered prices.

Bernanke is equivalent to the super duper smart nobel price winning physicians that develop a new drug, only to test it in a large clilnical trial and find out that it kills rather than save lives, something that is all too common in medicine. And that it why the FDA forces hard proof before a drug can reach the market. Well, with economic theories, the drug (QE) hits the market with NO proof that it will work whatsoever. I challenge Ben Bernanke on a purely intellectual level to offer proof that the benefits of QE are worth its risks and to discuss this proof in an open forum with the top physicists of the world (economists don't understand SQUAT about non-linear dynamic system behavior).

What he is doing is equivalent to starting a chain reaction in a reactor with only very limited ability to maintain cooling once the reaction starts and NO idea of how fast the reaction will propagate. INMORAL BEHAVIOR for an intellectual. NOBODY has the right to play GOD with our and our childrens future!

Until next time,


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Chaos Theory, I like that.

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Well, there you go.
Learned something and got the shit scared out of me at the same time.

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More like the 2 Nobel Prize winning economists at Long Term Capital Management who figured out how to leverage their bond arbitrage 100X. But forgot to figure out what would happen if the bond market dropped.

Answer: They lost 50% of their clients' money in 1 day.

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Makes nothing but sense. Good post.

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Bernanke is flooding the world with dollar assets and the banks with excess liquidity, in preparation for the next crash.  Based on the scale of his preparations, its going to be a doozy.

New S&P500 nominal highs are just an unintended consequence.

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Amazing post except this bit of utter bullshit:


 And that it why the FDA forces hard proof before a drug can reach the market.


The FDA is to Food and Drug safety what the SEC is to Wall Street law enforcement. Wall Street is far from the only arena in which MASSIVE regulatory capture has occurred. 

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Bernanke knows what he's doing. 

He is following instructions to burn down the USD as the reserve currency so that a Global fiat SDR can take its place as the mothership to consolidated debt enslavement priced in its predecessor the FRN.

You can't have a Phoenix without a fire and ashes


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spine101 -- well done, I agree with most of what you wrote.

One note however - something to investigate for yourself further -  " And that it why the FDA forces hard proof before a drug can reach the market. "  

I take it youre an engineer, not someone in the medical or pharma fields. Very little of drug development is based on rational sound scientific testing today. The process is dominated by Big Pharma money and bought off politicians and bureaucrats.  Like in many fields in our nation today, vast fraud is taking place. This cost at least 200,000 lives in the US each year.  Check out the research of Jon Rappoport. He has done extensive work and writing on this subject.

As for Bernanke - - -job #1 for him is to protect his employers - - -the private bank stock holders of the Federal Reserve. Fixing the economy isnt part of that job. In fact, booms and busts are the means for them to steal wealth and gain political power.  Does Ben know this, or has his lifetime of econo-gobbledeegook indoctriination warped his mental capacity ?  Who knows.

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.....there will be price discovery....

What is this "price discovery" that you speak of?

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I'm still trying to figure out WTF "non-linear dynamic system theory of chaos" is.  Sounds good, never heard of it.

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point is: it's such a goddamn complicated dynamic system, that even if it is deterministic, we have no chance to predict its future state.

which doesn't mean that we cannot say anything about the characterestics of its behavior, though.


Chaos: When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future.

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There IS definitive 'proof' of precisely where QE goes:


There is also definitive proof that it does not work to stimulate by inducing banks to create fractional money:

http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/BUSLOANS/ (notice how this was higher BEFORE "QE")

Which results in this:


SOOoo, the next stop is a deflationary Depression UNLESS there is a new currency regime after a crash. I opt for the latter being likely with a wholesale, Worldwide recalibration. Because, although he IS a PhD on a mission, it isn't the one most think. He is facilitating this:


Which WILL be implemented soon enough


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the short term outlook is what caused the housing bubble MDB, the amount of people employed in this country continues to be stagnant and no new jobs are being created bec companies get a nice tax break for off shoring.  You continue to deny that the FED is behind the explosion in the stock market ?

Big banks take free FED dollars and pump up stock market.  Its easy to see.

Its Financial LYCANTHROPY.

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Which is the opposite of the gold/silver/platinum/palladium charts (and associated miners), despite the ravings by certain sectors to buy gold/silver/etc. and associated mining stocks.

PoliticalRefugeefromCalif.'s picture

Bravo to MDB.

I greened you because once again I find myself in awe of your innate ability to find a silver lining and potential safe harbor in every storm, it's truly a gift to be able to gaze through what some might call the fog of reality in a way not many people might not appreciate.

With the apparent need for a replacement of Chief Spokesman, I suggest you toss your name into the hat as an assured upgrade.

He certainly can't think on his feet like you can and it's obvious his mind is simply not utterly committed to the cause.

After all mere corruption and nepotism might have gotten him the job but it's the brilliant tangential insight you demonstrate regularly that seperates a tedious and somewhat defensive journeyman we see at the WH podium from the truly professional class.

Actually what we have been seeing lately has become quite an embarassment and in sore need of an upgrade.

..you on the other hand seem to have no concept of entertaining heretical opposition no matter it's obvious nature.

give them a call.



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MDB, if you were a doctor you would praise an ebola patient as a blood donor.

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Did you have lunch with Bob Pisani?