US Amphibious Assault Ship "Kearsarge" And 26th Marine Unit "Visit" Israel

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Two weeks ago, when we reported on the news of yet another aerial assault by Israel on Syria, we said that "while speculation a US-led escalation is ripe, the lack of any US naval support (as shown by Stratfor's naval update map from May 2) off the coast of Syria likely makes any immediate war is hardly likely, or that Israel will be on its own for at least the foreseeable future." Today this is no longer the case, following news that the US amphibious assult ship, LHD 3 and its cargo of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, have arrived in Eilat, Israel for a "reguarly scheduled post visit." Amusingly, the US Navy was very quick to point out that "This visit is not associated with, nor a reaction to, any world events." Just purely accidental then.

From the Navy's website:

The multi-purpose amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3), along with embarked Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (26th MEU) arrived in Eilat, Israel for a regularly scheduled port visit, May 14.


While in port, the officers, Sailors and Marines will meet with local officials, participate in community engagement projects and experience the rich history and culture of the region.


This visit is not associated with, nor a reaction to, any world events.


Kearsarge is the flagship of the Kearsarge Amphibious Ready Group (ARG), which includes the dock landing ship USS Carter Hall (LSD 50) and the amphibious transport dock ship USS San Antonio (LPD 17). Along with the embarked Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (26th MEU), the Kearsarge ARG is deployed in support of maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the U.S. 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility (AOR).

So while the US Marines are now just right next to Syria, so US presence in the East China sea is also increasing as GlobocCop gets restless. From Stratfor:

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sight seeing the mediteranian military style - trap shooting off the bow?

francis_sawyer's picture



That's bogus... Everybody knows that stuff like that doesn't go on there...

All that ever goes on in that part of the world are a bunch of kind & honest folks trying to make the world a better place...

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Just checking in with the boss.

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Yep, Costanzas opposite guy works well.

If they don't need a bailout they will soon announce they do


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Prostitutes in Tel Aviv ... competing with housewives and college students.

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So whose lamp post will these DevilDogs piss on?


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Obomba really, really needs a distraction right now...


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Just a "visit", you know like those mexicans do in SoCal

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Dude, you do know Eilat is in the Gulf of Aqaba and not the Mediterranean, right?

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When insanity rules.... all but the insane must die.

HD's picture

It's out of guilt.

Israel - "You never write, you never call America. Not to complain, I'm sure you're busy - but would it kill you to come by, say hello?"

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In memory of the Liberty's victims, we're sending a new generation to defend apartheid.


Parisnights's picture

More liberal propaganda.  This "apartheid" could have ended the day after the '73 war if Egypt opened the Philidelpi corridor.  Instead it took the gazans BLOWING  a section of it up in order to get into Egypt. the response from the egyptians in the aftermath was to say "we will break their legs if anymore incursions take place".  Please spare us the apartheid card. Fact is, even the Arabs are using this conflict to keep the hostilities up.

machineh's picture

Forty-plus years of illegal occupation of the West Bank is no propaganda. It's fact.

Spare us the hasbara, pal.

Parisnights's picture

Yeah, another border that could have been opened long ago with Jordan.  Didn't hear this much whining when Russia "occupied" East germany for about the same amount of time.  Guess anti semitism runs deeper than anti communisim.

francis_sawyer's picture

There was plenty of 'anti-communism' sentiment until the Berlin wall came down... Just a wild guess here, but I'm pretty sure the MIC profited very handsomely for more than a half century over that one...


Now the MIC profits from 'terrorism' [since the bad old 'commies' have turned into raging Kapitalists with central banks printing money out of thin air]...

You're 'anti-semitism' comment may or may not fit in there somewhere...

Cortez the Killer's picture

The arabs consider the Pallies scum. They are useful idiots in Islams battle to control the world.

The fact that you fail to realize that makes you just another ZH idiot.

francis_sawyer's picture

I was referring to the MIC & profits... [& more largely, the odd happenings that follow "profit" operations]


any other implied thoughts are a matter for the "PRE-CRIME" unit to decide...

Edit: Meant to type "your" up there [for the grammar police]... & as far as Islam is concerned... Yeah ~ the "world" must be quaking in it's boots worrying about all those boxcutters & pressure cookers... Poor little 6th place trophy winning children can't sleep at night in their little rooms full of plastic Chinese shit...

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@parisnights....let me finish the sentence for you.

"another border that could have been opened long ago with we could chase the Palestinians out and steal the land more easily"

Parisnights's picture

Forty-plus years of illegal occupation

Machineh, Here's my point:  Occupation tends to occur after the last stage of diplomacy is used- war, physical conflict, etc.  How long has this nation been "occupying" native American lands? -Lands we stole, hoodwinked, forcibly evacuated, connived, whatever.  We're hypocrites and looking to distract, obfuscate, ignore or pin the blame on others so we don't have to feel bad for our own moral bankruptcy.  The jews here seem to be the scapegoats for our collective  guilt.  Hard to look into the mirror when it is glaring back.

  The arabs rejected out of hand the UN resolution granting TWO states independence in 1948. They lost Three times and can only cry about it to anyone who will listen.  AT THE SAME time keeping refugee camps within the borders of gaza, teaching children to hate and otherwise being discpicable as they can.. so called "collaberators" are killed and hung from street lamps for trying to be reasonable  I,m tired of the hogwash and the hate.  Make Egypt or Jordon the "stewards' for Palestine.  Lets see how far that gets to real peace.

Parisnights's picture


A down arrow for being reasonable.  Sigh  Guess Custer's offspring has a different view....

Random's picture

How about the apartheid before '73 you hasbara bitch you, was is still due to the Egyptians? With all due respect, GTFO you lying whore!

Parisnights's picture

WTF.  More anti semites in here than the UN general assembly.  Or, maybe they are the Un scum posting here instead of getting their keyboards sticky from int'l porn sites.  Guess everybody needs a change of pace from time to time....sigh 

Random's picture

Hehehehe the anti-semitism card...The weapon is old and dull due to excessive usage mate. It doesn't cut it anymore (no pun intended).

newworldorder's picture

RE: Ignatius

Thanks for remembering. No matter how much whitewash is applied the USS liberty Incident still remais an open sore in the memory of some Americans. The lies told by the US and the Israili governments concerning this incident are still to this day, gut wrenching for the families that lost loved ones by the deliberate killing actions of one of our "allies in the middle east."

prains's picture

USS Mission Accomplished

Lets_Eat_Ben's picture

Hey I was on the boot camp...which was just a building. They give them all names of warships. The end.

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Cool story, bro. Needs a cumshot.

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Before the world can go on, the US need's to be whacked first.

CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable
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The fact they said that, speaks volumes.

SDRII's picture

It is a party..

Russia’s Mediterranean task force to include nuclear submarines



OpTwoMistic's picture

More death for sand and rock that we are not going to keep.

machineh's picture

But they are keeping US ... as long as we can cough up the $3 billion a year of tribute, and the free legal defense in the UN.

Headbanger's picture

Must be a lot of happy hookers there now!

youngman's picture

Do they accept US Dollars..or just bitcoins????

nofluer's picture

Prostitutes take anything that's spendable or that can be traded for something else of value. A shipmate of mine paid a Brazilian ho with a Zippo lighter in 1970.

As to there being prostitutes in the Promised Land - read a Bible. They've been there for at least a few thousand years.


Seasmoke's picture

Watch out for Israeli torpedoes.

Henry Hub's picture

***Sailors and Marines will meet with local officials, participate in community engagement projects***

 Looks like every whore in Israel is going to be very busy for a while.  LOL!


nofluer's picture

Ummm.... the "community engagement projects" (aka "ComRels") are a standard part of US Navy port visits around the world. In Asia people from my ship painted an orphanage, and re-wired and re roofed another. (that work was coordinated by the ship's chaplains) When Mt Pinatubo in the RP went up, sailors and Marines were right there helping dig people out of the ash and when the tsunami hit Indonesia, the USS Abraham Lincoln used it's helos to take purified water and food from the ship to the stricken folks on the shore and at the unreachable areas inland.

And you all seem to be forgetting one thing - in the Syria/insurgents tussle, the US is on the other side. (Israel is bombing the Hezbollah munitions convoys, US trained "insurgents" are attacking the Assad government.

As to the "every whore in Israel being busy"... well... yeah. Probably. ;-D

Kinskian's picture

I wish that all the young dumbasses would quit volunteering for the US military and facilitating these illegal wars for Israel. The wars are bankrupting the US morally and financially. If you want the thrill of killing others, see a psychiatrist. If you want risk and excitement, take one of Marc Faber's sex tours of Asia. If you want to serve the country, get married and raise a decent family.    

Parisnights's picture

The second part of the post  couldn't agree more.  For the first part, try to cover your anti semitism better.  I'm sure Korea and Vietnam were ALL about Israel.  Eisenhower was correct this Country lives for war, when you can accept it- your perspective becomes more clear.

Kinskian's picture

There was a draft for Korea and Vietnam, also a few well meaning volunteers I'm sure. But Vietnam was supposed to be our lesson learned, and in GW-1, George Bush and Colin Powell promised us that we would never get into another conflict without clear mission objectives and an exit strategy. That didn't last for long.

If you think what I wrote in my previous post is anti-semitic, don't get me started on WWII.

Parisnights's picture

That didn't last for long.

Good point.  The lesson was never learned because  we must remain at war.  Again, The mil/ ind complex requires us to find enemies at every turn.   There is no one to blame other than us.  When the US gets tired of foreign wars, they are going to point the guns at us.


frostfan's picture

Aw geez, having cheese with that whine?

nofluer's picture

And as for the third part, "get married and raise a decent family" - that's no longer legal or allowed here.

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"while speculation a US-led escalation is ripe, the lack of any US naval support (as shown by Stratfor's naval update map from May 2) off the coast of Syria likely makes any immediate war is hardly likely, or that Israel will be on its own for at least the foreseeable future."


I don't know whether this is a reasonable assumption, in light of what the administration allowed to transpire in Benghazi.


While I'm no friend of FoxNews, the following does a pretty good job of calling it like it is.  These same people will only get more desparate as the heat is turned up under their feet.




esum's picture

i thought fleet movements were classified .. aside form that i thought we were going into libya (benghazi) to "get the terrorists" ....we know their names and addresses and cell phioe numbers .... and swiss bank accounts, so that will be a quickie... and then on to syria... where we can fight shoulder to shoulder with the heart-eating alqueda "obama muslim bros"... why dont we just let shia kill suuny and arm both sides and stand back and let the blood flow... add some pcp, meth and coke and let them party on. Eilat is a nice resort but i thought lackanookie nakes a more fierce angy fighter and the pussy call was after the battle.