This Is What Happens When You Ask Too Many (Or The Wrong) Questions

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With the lies, cheating, and conspiracies running wild in the US, we thought it worth dusting off the archive and remembering Michael Burry. Burry, infamous for his 'Big Short' into the subprime crash that made him and his clients extremely wealthy, reflected on his ability to see this coming in an Op-ed at the time asking a broad swath of politicians, economists, and professional 'seers' why they didn't see 'It' coming? As he explains, soon after asking that uncomfortable question, things escalated rapidly for him and his firm... simply unbelievable in the context of the ongoing investigations currently... As he explains, "I bet against America, and won," and it seems 'America' didn't like that...


Forward to 14:00... (and grab the popcorn)...

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The new stuff will be out in the fall...

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Windfall tax on precious metals. Govt only likes profits when they can get a cut of the action.

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McCain's gonna need a bigger fence.

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A re-run but still great. Burry is the best.

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He did not bet against America, he bet against the clowns running America.

The problem is that the clowns figured out that their circus act was not farcical enough, so going forward they decided to turn everything into a fatal theater of the macabre.

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"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." - Upton Sinclair

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I placed the same bet: leap puts on was a no brainer....if I could see it anyone could.


It was really a bet against the S&L's and Wall St....and then there were the poor foreign idiots who bought the crap from Goldman and others...

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what is donald southerlan duing there?

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And he was telling the truth, the govt. will by hook or by crook take away your financial sense of well being and lowered standard of living.

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OK - in the spirit of asking questions???

Public debt = '08 - $5.1 T .... '13 - 11.9 T --->$6.8T or approx 235% increase

Intragov debt = '08 - $4.08 T .... '13 - $4.86T --->$784B or approx 19% increase

Total outstanding debt = '08 - 9.21 T .... $16.765 T --->$7.5T or 182% increase

Anybody want to answer the question why the public has gone ballistic while the intra is relatively slow moving?  ($3T Fed, $3T Japan / China?)


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Komrade Burry is a dangerous subversive.

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IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office

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Ha!  They just don't give a fuck~!    Damn the torpedoes(press, public)! Full speed ahead!   Comrades!

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So, it won't be frrrreeeeeeeeeeee?!?!?


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time to set up an internet alter-ego; one that supports democrat policies and politicians.   Getting older.  Don't want to be put on a waiting list when I need that gall bladder. 


Oh, shit....     I've been posting on zero hedge for years...   


TYLER!!!!!! How do I scrub my posts?!?!    or have you handed everything over to the gov already?

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It is not necessary to do any 'handing-over'
Uncle Sam 'reaches in'....

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Damn, I was hoping for a reach around. . . . 

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Your posts route through Utah.  You can't scrub the mutliple copies.

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They let him speak? I am surprised a trap door didn't open up in the stage, and swallow him.

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Because Medicare up until recently had been self funding.  Its surplus was used to offest the general fund deficts, thus creating the intra-government obligation.

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"...we thought it worth dusting off the archive..."

Right -- it's their point.  This time isn't different.

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If we can't kid each other..., who can we kid?

(certainly not the gubbermint)

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America is controled by the Global Elite.  They have no country, and their only desire is to rule us all.  This is how they operate and quell dissent.

They went after this guy too

Andrew Maguire is an independent bullion trader and a whistleblower. He alleged to United States regulators that fraud had been committed, and that prices in the international gold and silver markets had been manipulated. Maguire and his wife were injured in a hit-and-run accident a day after he was identified as the source of the allegations.

And many others.

They harass you with the IRS, the court system, federal agencies, thugs or hitmen, whatever it takes to shut you up.

Everyone needs to know this, thanks Zero Hedge for help getting the word out.

If everyone knows, it's the only shot we have left at freedom, and living in the America we want.


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If you can't be bribed (and if you are blowing the whistle that means you have already decided to forgo that route, due to having principles) then you will be threatened.  If you don't succumb to threats you will be intimidated.  If you can't be intimidated , you will be harrassed, assaulted, battered... 

Don't fly any small airplanes during this period, also make clear to your family you have no intent to commit suicide, esp. not with two shots to the back of the head.  That should be regarded as suspicious.  :)

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& thanks to 'truthseekers' [like yourself ~ SMG]... That constantly & vigilantly wield the truth scalpel... & remind everyone...


That's its NOT 'this'... It's 'that'...

The 'THIS-ERS' are proud to call you one of their own...

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Hey Francis I caught that reply you sent me the other day. That was pretty awesome. Nice job having your own blog site. Really interesting stuff.

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Then he caught you, too, right? ~ ~ ~ ..... This is the identifier for Francis [~ ~] He can keep it straight that way.

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we thought it worth dusting off the archive and remembering Michael Burry.

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Did someone steal their clothes and they had to put on the curtains?

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They hate us for ...

prains's picture's the new chip


eat it !

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If i say that the sun rotates around the earth then you believe that.

Kind Regards,

Captain Obvious.

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The whole fucking universe rotates around the earth - you just have to look out the window at night...

Captain Oblivious.

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are you sure it's not NYC that thinks everything rotates around it

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We need the impartial opinion of some Wall street bubblehead on this - what about this one:

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very life like in a plastic kinda way

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Is that a "CheesePope" outfit on the right?


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A lot of people saw it coming....but in this business being early is the same as being wrong. 

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Who's the  doosh in the blue beanie with the fake accent?

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Burry for president!

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Well, after the bet (in hindsight) it might have been worth moving to South America.....

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Simon Black already bought all the alpaca's

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Well, short alpacas. I did see that coming.
I ALWAYS bet against alpacas and Simon Black.