Dax Future Triggers Stops, Goes Parablic, Launching Late Day Megaramp

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Presented with little comment because frankly everything is now full retard. That is the Dax; This is the Dax on low-volume, mega levitation drugs, at 9pm on a Friday in Germany, when out of nowhere someone goes on a mega buying spree in the Dax futures, and sends global risk assets, and FX pairs, surging. Is Bernanke LBOing Germany? Or is Spain due for junk downgrade and this is the ultimate bad is good trade which sends global risk assets, and FX pairs soaring to fresh record highs across the board.



DAX takes and blasts through all-time highs..


DAX is now up over 14% in the last 17 trading days... (an annualized 466% rate)

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For the Fatherland.

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How do you say a German Boner?

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Think all the equity markets will experience how it feels to be 'bitcoined' in the ass real soon.

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Everyone knows that today is Opt Exp day, right?

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Whaa Daa Faak?!

Look at the NASDAQ weekly for the past three years. This week it has achieved the Keynesian "escape velocity" above the upper Bollinger band":





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They are manipulating the technical traders to bring them all on the same side of the trade because they know that a lot of trader sheeps out there follow these signals. Once they will feel confortable enough they will just pull the plug and let them foot the bill for their next planned market collapse. Why? Because there is much more money to be made by luring the sheeples into the next pen and fleecing them altogether than running after one sheep.

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Nice chart. An exact precursor of the hyperinflation that will soon engulf the teutonic empire and its serf states that conform the EU.

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have you ever had your lawn mower run out of gas, and that last breath it takes is the highest its ever reved and than it dies?

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Zeit fur scotch, N'es pas?

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These straightline ramps of the index happen every day in Australia. EVERY DAY. Don't believe me? Check out the ASX200, 10:00-11:00 any given day.

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Its not as surprising as 10:00 is the ASX open... After a green trading day in Bernankeland its no other way but catching up

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I'm not saying it opens higher. I'm saying in the next hour after 10:00, with zero news, the market is ramped straight up multiple times, ridiculing the concept of random walk.

The entities responsible for the ramps have an interest in higher prices, and can move prices.

Trying to encourage net inflows in stocks from pension investors, and benefiting from inflated prices to sell to these suckers.

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Divided check out the Yen right now. I truly believe that Ust's are being sold off hard as the JGB gets taken to the woodshed. That is sending scared fixed income money scrambling right now straight into stocks. This is real interesting. If those Japanese bonds keep getting slammed UST's will as well. Now tell me how in the hell Bernak can do anything other than print moar in that environment?


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Yup see this BS....though the EUR isnt tanking with it now...infuckinsane markets....i dont think there is as much liquidity out there as people think there is.

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I am telling you Randolph and Mortimer's one dollar JGB bet behind the curtain is causing a few screws to come flying off this well oiled machine.

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Comming off this high is gonna really suck.   How much longer we stay high is an open question though.   How long can they possibly keep the QE drugs flowing into the primary (dealer) veins?

Instability is knocking at the door methinks.

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If we go where this seems to be going you ain't seen nothin yet with QE.

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good read.  we have... for now stayed clear of crisis......no inflation, equities melting up, and stronger dollar. 

gotta focus in on those premodifiers.  now just wait until soros buys back triple the GLD holdings he cut... at sheeply discounts.  At that time, he will claim it a bargain too good to pass up.  Soros is boosting his gold mining stocks for a reason. 

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I agree.   We're going parabolic.  And the rotation / slosh volatility will be epic.

Should be fun to watch as it speeds up later in the year.  

Of course, they'll need to press the reset button before the ultimate peak........   

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Alles hat ein ende, nur die wurst hat zwei.

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No.  Steamboat Willie.  Toot toot!

Fancy schmancy, what a cinch, go fly a kite, cat got your tongue, hill of beans, betty boop...

I say can you see?  I say can you see.  I say?



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The bernank is having a bunga party today -- $5+ Billion in QE


All that money is juicing EVERY "market" on the globe.

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what day does the POMO money goes into stocks??? The operation date or the settlement date???

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today -- can you say rehypothecation?

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Deutsche Bank, mein herr.


Because they're the only ones buying Dax with Fed money.


Remember, they have a primary dealer arm.

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If you buy a security to sell it to a greater fool, if there are no greater fools left, then you are the greater fool.




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sieg heil !

I say it tongue in cheeeeeek.

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Fat finger, oops.  Will correct the mistake soon.  Tut mir Leid.

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Nein, es tut dir gar nich' leid!

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How do you say BTFD in German

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kauf die fickenden Rückschläge