In Diplomatic Escalation, Russia Publicly Exposes The CIA Station Chief In Moscow

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Earlier this week, the CIA's Russian outpost was deeply humiliated when (in a calculated move following accusations that the US had not gotten appropriate Russian information on the two Boston bombers, and following the visit of John Kerry whose primary objective was to, unsuccessfully, get Russia to relent on Syria) Russia's FSB exposed and broadcast on live TV the arrest of its agents caught while attempting to recruit a Russian spy.  Back then we suggested to "expect a prompt retaliation by the US" however it turns out Russia was not nearly done with embarrassing the US in what is becoming an obvious campaign to humiliate the US intelligence service, this time by going where very few clandestine operations go, at least during peacetime detente: by publicly exposing the head counterparty US spy. As Telegraph reports, "Russia's Federal Security Service has publicly revealed the identity of a man it calls the CIA station chief in Moscow, in what experts say is a serious breach of intelligence protocol."

Speaking to Russian media about the recent capture of an alleged CIA spy in a wig in Moscow, an FSB spokesman named the CIA "rezident", or station chief, in the capital.


A diplomat of the same name is listed as a Counsellor in the US Moscow embassy in the autumn-winter 2012-13 edition of a directory of foreign diplomatic, media and business offices in the city.

With tensions between the US and Russia already at high levels, and with both countries having sent naval support in the vicinity of Syria which is increasingly looking like the next powder keg, the US will not be happy with this dramatic and unexpected escalation in diplomatic warfare:

The naming of the top CIA figure working in Russia is likely to provoke an angry response in Washington, and damage important bilateral links in the struggle against global terrorism.


It is common practise for US and Russian intelligence agencies to identify to each other their top officials in their respective embassies, but they are not identified publicly.


The exposure appears to be a calculated snub to Washington, a month after the two countries agreed to share intelligence over the Boston Marathon bombing, which was allegedly carried out by two men with roots in Russia's North Caucasus region.

RT has more on the official statement:

As early as by autumn 2011, the FSB was aware that the CIA was pursuing a goal to get an informer within the Russian special services, the agent told RT.


“Those were not one-off events, which caused our concern,” the operative pointed out. “Therefore, we decided to warn our American colleagues and ask them to stop these activities.”


At a time, the FSB did not make public any information they knew about the CIA operations in Moscow, but held a meeting with the head of their station’s chief in Moscow, Stephen Holmes.


“We hoped our American colleagues would hear us, given that we also presented to them precise information about CIA officers making recruitment attempts in Moscow and who exactly was doing that,” the source added.


In particular, back then, the FSB named such American agents as Benjamin Dillon, third secretary of the American Embassy in Moscow. Last year, “Dillon got into the same story as Fogle” and was expelled from Russia in January, the source said. 


Hoping that the CIA would make necessary conclusions from the incident, we did not make that case public,” he said. Apparently, the Americans did not appreciate the FSB’s “correct attitude towards professional ethics.”


The FSB was aware that Ryan Fogle worked for the CIA since his arrival in Moscow in April 2011. Russian intelligence, “keeps an eye on” representatives of all foreign special services and the American intelligence agency is no exception to the rule, the source noted.


“The point of such an approach is to terminate all possible actions by foreign intelligence that could pose a threat to Russia’s security,” the operative said. “This, certainly, does not refer to diplomats who do their duties on behalf of the US State Department.”

Curiously, and hinting that this action was in response to recent escalations in Syria, the language used by Russia was a carbon copy replica of that used by Obama recently to decry Syrian use of chemical weapons, which is the populist lynchpin of the US narrative in obtaining public support for eventual military escalation:

An FSB spokesman told the Interfax news agency on Friday that the US had "crossed a red line" with Mr Fogle's actions, because the CIA had already been warned to stop trying to recruit Russian citizens.


"In October 2011, the FSB officially warned the station chief of the CIA in Moscow, ...... that in the case of continuing provocative recruitment actions with regard to employees of the Russian special services, the FSB would take symmetrical actions with regard to CIA officers," the spokesman said.


A spokesman for the US embassy in Moscow was not immediately available for comment on Friday afternoon.

Just like Israel continues to bombard Syria without any consequences, so Russia continues to use the US State Department as a punching bag without fear of retaliation.

Will the US continue taking it, or will it, as the Telegraph suggests, "provoke an angry response in Washington, and damage important bilateral links..." And how long until Israel conducts another overnight raid in Syria, only this time a Syria which as the NYT reported has now received advanced Russian Yahkonts missiles whose main difference from all prior Syrian armaments is that they are outfitted with "offensive radar" and can be used for more than just self-defense.

Unlike Scud and other longer-range surface-to-surface missiles that the Assad government has used against opposition forces, the Yakhont antiship missile system provides the Syrian military a formidable weapon to counter any effort by international forces to reinforce Syrian opposition fighters by imposing a naval embargo, establishing a no-fly zone or carrying out limited airstrikes.

So with Israel suddenly facing the prospect of actual casualties should it engage in more air raids over Syrian airspace, just what avenues are left for telegraphing superiority and supremacy in the latest middle eastern hotbed of future escalation? Or does this mean the days of foreplay are over.

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"Everybody at home is most anxious to know how it's going in there."

The Juggernaut's picture

Cue the stand down false flag.

francis_sawyer's picture

So basically, 'BULLWINKLE' has been outed?

FL_Conservative's picture

Just when you think the Obama Admin couldn't possibly look any more incompetent than they already do.............BAM!!!!  A new mill-stone!

wee-weed up's picture

Not to worry...

Obozo's lapdog MSM will see to it his sheeple don't hear a word of it.

tango's picture

It's already started with such "disinterested" sites as MSNBC, SALON and NPR running pieces explaining why (1) the IRS fiasco was caused by the Supreme Court or the Bush apointee (2) Why AP needed to be overheard (a progressive War on Terror?) and how Benghazi happened LONG ago and besides, it's the fault of those mean GOP for trying to cut spending.  

I swear, if Obama dropped a nuke on Manhattan NPR would find a silver lining in the mushroom cloud. 

marathonman's picture

I don't know.  The MSM seem lately to have flipped on Obozo.  Read an article on stating that the Trilateral Commission may have pulled the trap door to unleash the Kracken on Obama because he either wasn't behaving as expected or they were setting up an alternate chain of events.  Made sense to me.

XitSam's picture

Presidents, including Obama, have had the MSM flip sides before. They always revert to SOP in short order.

Ahmeexnal's picture

Members of Faction 2 must move fast in their objectives.

Freddie's picture

Thanks for the tip on Lew Rockwell's site.  I read the John Rappaport column on this subject and the TriLaterals and Carter/Nixon and what may be going on.  John discusses what you suggested.

My take is it is either one of three things:

1. The Tri will get rid of Holder then Obama is next.

2. They newsmedia is trying to look even handed with some muted criticism of Obama but will later let him off the hook.

3. They are putting a little scare into him to do what they want and will then back off.

Rappaport is a good writer.  He brings up Nazi companies and we roll our eyes when we hear nazis but as you read about IG Farben - you see the seeds of the modern corporations controlling countries.  This mega corporatism started before most of us thought it did.  The idea that science is above everything - see leftist attacking consevatives because they do not embrace cloning, global warming, partial birth abortion, drones, etc.  Conservatives or Bible thumpers are "anti science."

rlouis's picture

KGB vs Acorn Community Organizer

knukles's picture

I was just thinkin' along the same line.
Know how pitifully embarrassing this is?

SecState kept waiting for hours for scheduled meet with Putin
Junior grade kindergarten spy caught and humiliated live on Russian  television
Protocol violated in outing CoS
Pacific fleet transits Suez for Cyprus

Like sticking it in and twisting for Fun

These are the ultimate FU statements.

wee-weed up's picture

rlouis  "KGB vs Acorn Community Organizer"

Yep, you hit the nail on the head!

Just imagine how fucked we would be with this incompetent boob at the helm if Putin really decided to unleash hell on us. This wuss still hasn't grown a pair of balls about his so-called red-line if Assad used chemical weapons. He keeps thinking up all kinds of excuses why he can't do anything. If Putin rattled his saber at him, he'd probably run and cower under his oval office desk in a fetal position and cry!

Freddie's picture

LOL!  Funny to see plenty of pieces of sh*t who will still junk you because they love Obama.  

Putin thinks Obama and John Kerry are clowns like the dumb fvkk in the dime store wig.  What a joke Amerika has become thanks to the Indonesian muslim.

Jena's picture

It seems like the administration gets their Russian policy ideas from Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons where the opposition is portrayed by Boris and Natasha. 

(Please, please, say "moose and squirrel".  Just once!)

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Please, please, say "moose and squirrel".  Just once!

Hokay, hokay, "eet's moose and skvirrel, Natasha."

Ees good enov? No? Dat's because eet's Badenov!

Hoo boy...

Jena's picture

Thanks TFS!  Works for me...

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Just convinced my Russian wife to say it for the first tine in like 3 years (I just mowed the lawn).  It always cracks me up.

Jena's picture

It seems like having a spouse from a different part of the world would be a fascinating window into a vastly different world.  I wouldn't trade my husband for anything but I can definitely see how that would be an adventure.

And +1 for the other thing.

Freddie's picture

LOL!  Moose and Squirel   The funniest part of the cartoon was when they said that.

wee-weed up's picture

Freddie  You're right... we do have some Obozo-lovers here on ZH.

And you notice... they never have anything intelligent to say...

They just drop their little down-vote turds in the punchbowl and flee. They know they would lose any arguments based on rationality & reality.

JOYFUL's picture

that phenomena is not restricted to the O \luvers\ chum... I've watched your boy log on and proceed to run down an entire thread downtickin each comment of those who he studiously avoids confronting verbally... highly amusing and annoying at the same time

... but exactly in line with the complaint you wrongly assign to just the camp of your enemy....

otoh... you could be right... it's been my suspicion for some time that your boy is actually a 'closet' BamBam luver... the way he obsesses over the guy.

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I know, and those missiles are ship killers.  If Obama isn't careful he could literally have us in a fight with Russia.  Russia is backing Assad and it's not looking pretty.

Freddie's picture

Just put that RINO ass McCain on one of those carriers and Manchurian beer magnate will sink it like he almost did the USS Forrestal.

Dealyer Turdin's picture

Be like Mr T, Cept for it's millstones insteada gold chains.  Might leave him wit some muscle.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


So basically, 'BULLWINKLE' has been outed?

Yes, Bullwinkle J. Moose, code name "Mr. Know-it-all", has been exposed.

Also revealed was the involvement of a member of US Naval Intelligence (A Global Force for Good®), Captain Peter "Wrongway" Peachfuzz.

Matt's picture

Blanks fired at Cannes, it seems.

Hobbleknee's picture

Isn't that the same cop actor they used in that recent assassination attempt?

knukles's picture

"breach or protocol" is all it is FFS
When I lived in the UK everybody at school knew whose father was CoS, London.
It was open knowledge.

More like being called on for adjusting your package or farting in public

This should help John Kohn in his Middle Eastern endeavors while he waits 7 hours for meetings

FeralSerf's picture

I learned something today: "jelqing". Thanks to you!

It sounds like a much more advanced form of massage from what we used to do as teenagers.

Fuku Ben's picture

Chevy is exponentially funnier when he's not on script

Freddie's picture

Putin thinks Obama and Kerry are retards.  He is right.  He is making them look like clueless AH's along with the CIA. 

insanelysane's picture

John Kerry never did anything as a Massachusetts senator and I would expect the same now.  He likes the title and believes he is royalty.  Probably bitter that he never made it to King.

Seize Mars's picture

I'm not sure why he doesn't go by his real name. Isn't he proud of his name?

knukles's picture

Newman, Alf Newman


Hey, don't be so critical as in "he never did anything"  He showed up!

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

"The story makes one wonder how many Americans today have Jewish roots of which they are unaware."

LOL, yes, rebranding the family as Kerry instead of Kohn... Purposefully to misrepresent their ethnicity, but it has the 'entertaining' side effect of neither the public nor the family itself knowing its origins.  Quite coincidental.

Freddie's picture

Kerry puposely tried to pretend he was an Irish Catholic to pretend to be another Kennedy. The dumb Democrat mics and union types in MassHole are stupid as dirt.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

I'd be proud of "John Cheesepope Kerry", for one.

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Storm in a tea cosy.....We have bigger fish to fry..... M i XI

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"He likes the title and believes he is royalty.  Probably bitter that he never made it to King."

Teresa will fix that for Mr. Teresa.

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Nothing that a little Ketchup can't fix.

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Well, he did know were to park his yacht as to avoid high taxes. It should count for something.

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and he had a fire hydrant moved in Boston so he could have a parking spot near the door of his brownstone.

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Hey!  There's an opening at the IRS!

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And Deval Patrick is slated to replace Holder. Mark my words.

knukles's picture

Thems the leaks ....


insanelysane's picture

O will learn about all of this in a few hours when he watches the nightly news.