US Senate Shows It Has Its Priorities Straight...

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

Well, you have to admit one thing - the United States Senate certainly has its priorities straight.

Early last week they passed S.743, the Marketplace Fairness Act. This bill requires US-based online merchants to charge, collect, report, and pay sales tax to the roughly 9,646 jurisdictions within the Land of the Free which levy such a tax.

And while grounded in well-intended socialist dogma as a means to ‘level the playing field’, all the bill will really do is stick consumers with a higher price tag on the products they currently purchase online.

Curiously, though, the Senate then introduced S.958 this week. This bill actually aims to DECREASE certain taxes that are currently charged… on beer.

Not to be outdone by such wisdom, though, the government of Spain announced a plan this week to seize homes that have been foreclosed on by banks and developers.

Politicians will then let Spanish families stay rent-free in those homes for up to three years.

It’s a bit of a reverse-Cyprus situation; instead of confiscating assets from bank customers, the government wants to confiscate assets from banks.

Again, well-intended. But this will likely destroy the mortgage market in Spain; who in their right mind would want to make home loans in that country anymore knowing that the foreclosure mechanism is unenforceable?

The plan should also do a great job scaring off foreign investors; remember, the Spanish government is desperate to reduce the excess housing inventory, and they recently announced a program offering residency to any foreigner who spends about $200,000 on Spanish property.

But instead of rolling out the red carpet for foreign investors, they’re now broadcasting a very loud message: “We do not respect private property rights.”

Again, just like the IRS targeting opposition political groups and illegally seizing the medical records of millions of Americans, or the Justice Department seizing phone records from the AP, this sort of Marxist land grab is something that you’d expect in Belarus or Venezuela.

So basically what governments in Europe and the Land of the Free are telling us is – Beer and Populism: good. Private property rights, freedom, privacy, business, price stability: bad.

These people clearly have their priorities straight.

Before signing off for the week, I wanted to give you a few more thoughts on Bangladesh.

Bottom line, there are definitely opportunities in this country. With such a huge population, cheap work force, and abundant resources, the potential is evident.

At the moment, though, most of the great investments in Bangladesh are private deals. This is the same case as Myanmar.

Public market investing in Bangladesh is fairly uninteresting. The stock market in Dhaka trades at about 17-times earnings with no dividend yield. Right now it’s down about 50% from it’s all-time high, but it still doesn’t strike me as cheap.

One lucrative opportunity is in private lending. So many locals have been shut out of the banking system because of bad policy and tight liquidity, but the need for capital is very strong.

For similar reasons, my colleagues in Mongolia set up a private lending business there, and they’re currently making 3% to 4% per MONTH lending to local businesses who cannot obtain loans through the Mongolian banking system.

Given the need for capital and the appetite for development that I’ve seen on the ground in Bangladesh, I suspect that figure can be exceeded here.

Agriculture is also interesting. Land leases are quite cheap. And the soil is incredibly fertile since the majority of the country is in an alluvial floodplain.

But the prevalence of natural disasters and government policy that inhibits large-scale farming operations really increases the risk level. On a risk-adjusted basis, it’s very hard to beat South America for agriculture returns.

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knukles's picture

Beer and circuses foreveah!

ACP's picture

And free money for strip clubs!

knukles's picture

Ya know, that micro lending and crowd sourcing he refers to is nothing but fucking Vig money.  3% to 4% per month translates to 42.5% to 60% on an annualized basis.

Fucking Vig money

Yo' you Mongoloid fuck, break youse and yo camel's legs n' burn yer Yurt you pay me tomorrow....
Jesus Christ, Simon...

Dr Benway's picture

Simon Black, international loan shark, strikes again.


Maybe he can start business with Sharky in Thailand.

Pool Shark's picture



Bangladesh?  Seriously, Simon?...



ACP's picture

And some is definitely vag money...

Room 101's picture

So this asshole thinks usury is a great thing.  So why is he any better than a bankster?  

malikai's picture

Is there something wrong with market interest rates?

Balanced Integer's picture

Yes. Obviously, anyone who invests in a foreign market must not charge any interest for the risk and expect only to receive his/her principal in return. Indeed, one should be willing to take a haircut on the principal as well. See: General Motors, Greece, Cyprus.


wee-weed up's picture

The US Senate...

What do you expect from an organization led by such a despicable wussy cretin as Harry Reid?

the Absurd's picture

Diane Sawyer reported as her second "story" that the Powerball jackpot has exceeded $600 million.

It only takes one to win.

Then I can buy Jamie Dimon, at least according to his worth.

I have no understanding of statistics, so I spent $100 on tickets.

When I win, I'll donate most to charity.

Jayda1850's picture

So sad to see beer caught up in politics. Of course the European comission has basically annexed belgium for their own personal uses, though they still do  have the best beer in the world.

Jekyll_n_Hyde_Island's picture

Belgium does most definitely have the best beer in the world.

  Nothing beats the Trappist Monastary, (excluding Koeningshoeven) Saisons, Farmhouse and Artisinal ales that Americans try to recreate in vain. 

  The only other beers that hold a candle are Unibroue in Canada and Traquair House from the oldest inhabited house in Scotland.

  Good job Jayda.

wee-weed up's picture

Nectar of the gods! I indulge in at least one every day!

The Torpedo is damn good too! Has a very nice "hops-bite" to it.

Winston Churchill's picture

Some American beer is much better than it was,however

There are more hops in a dead frog than in a Budweiser.

1C3-N1N3's picture

I like to drop a single hops pellet into the glass/bottle and wait 2 minutes before drinking. Gives it some extra kick.

Sierra Nevada uses Cascade hops in their Pale Ale, while Torpedo uses Citra hops -- though I'll go with Simcoe hops when I can get them, Centennial is decent too.

Best not to drink/eat the pellet, though... *shudder*

Jekyll_n_Hyde_Island's picture

  Hop pellets are a hypocraful creation. The only reason why a brewer would use a hop pellet is to push more than is necessary into the opening of the brewing kettle, or cheapness/laziness.  Fresh hops should always be used -- even if you're dry hopping.

  What American hop-heads don't understand is that hops are not supposed to be the central component of your beer, the malted barley and yeast are much more important.

  We think it is "American" to over hop our beer in the IPA and Pale Ale styles, when really it's just ignorant.


Winston Churchill's picture

Some American beer is much better than it was,however

There are more hops in a dead frog than in a Budweiser.

taniquetil's picture

As a fan of the Belgian Abbey Ales, I have to agree.


Trappist Rochefort 10 if my favorite beer in the world.

malikai's picture

I don't normally drink at all, but that right there is one damn fine beer.

virgule's picture

As someone who actually does business in Bangladesh on regualr basis, I would NOT advise you to go and invest there, unless you are the cow-boy type, prepared to shoot to survive and/or to loose it all when you are out of luck on a bad day. In theory, yes, there is potential, but you'd better have a damm good plan and a ton of patience...

stinkhammer's picture

tune in, turn on and drop out!

B2u's picture

Free trips to Vegas baby !!!

world_debt_slave's picture

The US Senate is no different from the corrupt Roman Empire Senate of bygone eras.


logicalman's picture

Caligula made a horse (Incitatus) a senator.

The US senate is filled with horses arses - so, I guess you are nearly correct!

logicalman's picture

waste of a comment.

2 hour broadcast - I gave it 20 minutes - most of it was rambling bullshit.

I don't have that mch time to waste - too much to learn, and that wasn't teaching me anything.


monad's picture

I know what you believe. I wasn't trying to confuse you with facts, or exacerbate your flimsy narcistic dementia. I am leaving evidence for the others.
61:52 you black duck.

logicalman's picture

Arrogant fuck.

You have no idea what I believe or how much I know.

As for narcisistic or demented, you couldn't be further from the truth.

Have a nice day!

monad's picture

I call. I'm a soldier. I laid my life down for you to have the right to be free, which includes the right to tell me I'm wrong. In my duty, to my values, I have caused the death of a lot of people, some of which I regret, but I have protected you. Today. Right now. Now you try to get your head around that, pinhead. I am a cryptanalyst, for the good cause. You are free to do the same; I gave you that.

Balanced Integer's picture


I sense...a bit of history between you two. Gonna have to initiate a search algorithm. I'll bet there are some epic threads in the backlogs of ZH history.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

There is no need to provide loans for houses in Spain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is a fucking glut ................the stuff has been constructed already remember ?


Its a cash market or at least should be........


The mortgages remaining mean nothing - give people the keys and deeds , turn the deposits into national equity money.

Room 101's picture

B-b-but that would be communism!

malikai's picture

Almost agree with everything, but wtf is National Equity Money supposed to acheive?

Seems the same net result.

Yen Cross's picture

     I had to post this little 'Rabbit Turd' From RanSquawk. (nothing against RanSquawk)

  US Treasury Secretary Lew says sees US economic growth exceeding 3%...    Are you kidding me? "Timmah Junior", has the podium...

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Imagine trying to charge rent on something with no scarcity !!!!!!!


The sheer gal of this man.


On top of this he calls himself Sovereign


He has no shame.

knukles's picture

I wuz just thnkin' of reporting those fucks testifying in front of congress to Tyler for "offensive comments" but figure ....

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

And also 

Beer = wages.............wages = beer


It was always so.

Going back to the days of Babylon.


There is nothing populist about beer.

It is a life and death matter.

starts 4.30

MrBoompi's picture

Lets get this straight. When a bank makes a loan, it is not using its own money. The digits are just created with keystrokes. Please admit there is absolutely no risk to a bank when they issue a mortgage loan, even if the government wants to take the house back itself!

The Thunder Child's picture

Fired up the PC just to log on and bump this comment which is absolutely 100% correct. The money is created upon issuance of the loan, same goes for credit cards, mortgages, car loans you name it.

Banks create the money from nothing then scoop in and take your hard assets (car/house) when you default.



logicalman's picture

Worse than that, only the principal comes into existence.

Q - Where does the interest come from?

A - Those who default and lose the collateral.

Then the magic of fractional reserve enables the banks to loan out 10 times as much and charge interest on the whole lot.

Can you type 'THEFT & FRAUD'?



Dr. Engali's picture

Just a reminder , the miltary claims that it needs no presidential order to quell civil disobedience.

Dr.Vannostrand's picture

For quelling the FSA once BO is removed from office? Just kicking around ideas, in no way a supporter of the shredding of the constitution and the modern police state.

Dr. Engali's picture

Let's hope they are beholden to their constitutional duties.