North Korea Launches Three Missiles Into Eastern Sea

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Five days ago, when describing the launch of the joint-US, South Korean naval military exercise in the East Sea, we said that "for all his endless posturing, North Korea's Un has done absolutely nothing. And if his inability and unwillingness to translate threats into actions continue, that will pretty much be it for North Korea's hope to even get a few loose pennies as a nuisance factor" be it from the US, Japan, South Korea, or anyone else who is listening. It seems the North Korean leader has taken the hint, and overnight escalated from merely constant jawboning into at least some variant of activity, when he fired three short-range missiles into the sea off the eastern coast of the Korean peninsula on Saturday, "once again stirring tensions that had appeared to ease in the wake of a recent series of bellicose statements directed at South Korea and the U.S."

WSJ reports that in a short briefing, South Korea's defense ministry said Saturday that North Korea had fired two guided missiles into waters off the Korean peninsula in the morning, followed by a third missile in the afternoon.

"In our judgement, the missiles are short-range guided missiles, not mid-range missiles such as the Musudan," defense ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok said. "South Korea's military is on high alert to prepare for any hostile acts from the North following the guided-missile launch today."

This means the launched missile is most likely the appropriately named Nodong:

Is there a reason to be concerned? Hardly, especially for those who have been following the seemingly endlessly escalating rhetoric out of NK, whose only purpose is to extract a nuisance value premium from anyone, just so it shuts up.

Shin Jong-dae, professor at the University of North Korean Studies, said the launches were more likely a means of drawing attention from the international community than a test launch.


"North Korea is an expert at crisis diplomacy or crisis marketing," Mr. Shin said.


Kim Yong-hyun, professor at Dongkuk University's North Korean Studies department, said the North appears to hope that launching missiles will prompt an offer of dialogue from the U.S.

Which is why ignoring the country so far has worked, however like any irrational actor whose only mode of behavior is attempting the same failed action until there is a response (like the Federal Reserve, for example), at some point North Korea, for whom the opportunity cost of actual military escalation is declining with every day it gets no appeasement from the West, may just lash out. Especially if such overt provocations as a US nuclear carrier swimming in its back yard for "naval exercises" continue.

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thanks and good morning

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When it comes to attacking the ocean, NK missiles are deadly accurate.

I am Chumbawamba.

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I note a hint of sarcasm. Do you not realize that 3 fishies have been killed??? Oh the horror of the long dong!

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Comment redacted 'cuz ZH doesn't display Hangul.

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I wonder if the North Koreans ever watch their missile launches in FLIR? I'm guessing they'd see some hellish white beam heating up the launch vehicle in one place. Ever notice that there is always a US Navy Destroyer loitering round the launches for "Observational" purposes? Snicker.

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Hey Tyler, do you think I should go short because of this news? After all I've been following your bearishness since 2009, and I've made tons of money being short on your recommendation, thank god for good Samaritans such as yourself. 

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You Indians are incorrigible. Blame somebody else for the fuckups. First it was the Greeks, then Arabs/Persians, then Moguls, then the French, the Portuguese, the British. Now, China walks into your backyard and takes a dump, and your armed forces wet their pants. For once, think for yourself and stand up, you dumb fucking fucks.

dat's rayciss, by the way!


Dang, that was fast. The dudette got booted from ZH. Access denied, punanis!!

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Hey! The slurpy machine isn't working and the bathrooms are dirty!

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Because when ZH says pomo days are up days you shorted?  There is a difference between being bearish on the economy and being bearish on the stock market.  I think you need to work on reading comprehension.

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Because ZeroHedge clearly markets itself as an asset manager.

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Shut up, asshole.

Some of us still remember your ridiculously stupid calls from two years ago, dipshit.

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The US navy is very upset, a destroyer could not steam fast enough to get into the test area to get hit. Don't worry they have Walt Disney special effect people on board, time to break out the black matt paint and pull the stiffing out of some mattresses.

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I don't really know why ZH wastes time covering North Korea -- it's the same story line time and time again. They launch, world/media gets into a fuss, world/media later realizes NK is just a joke, then we go back to ignoring them again. Rinse, wipe, repeat.

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"... t's the same story line time and time again."

until it isn't.

- Ned

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Are you sure you're talking about NK?... Seems to me there's a little country on the Meditteranean that pulls the same typa shit...

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C'mon man...Cyprus has enough problems.

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Last time we backed down and gave them what they wanted, and now they're back with nukes.  If we give them what they want this time, in 5 years they'll be threatening Japan and us again, only with missile-mounted nukes so they actually would pose a threat.

I say we take KJU up on his abrogation of the ceasefire.  No chance of this happening, of course, with President HoldMyUmbrella kicking every can down the road.

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It takes spunk to mock the Dictaster. But then he likes spunk.

toady's picture

Thank you. I don't know why everyone always forgets that the US pays them off every time they pull this crap.

It's getting to be a yearly event. Every winter they want heating oil and wheat, and every year there going to nuke someone. Every year the US gives them heating oil and wheat, and every year they promise not to nuke anyone.

Until next winter.

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Sounds a lot less expensive than fighting China.

Sabibaby's picture

Distraction from Syria and the Oblumbers of Benghazi

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It is good to keep up on current events.  At least you will know why you are getting drafted and deployed before it happens.

ar01's picture

If I get drafted for an Obama war, forget his birth certificate, I'm asking to see a copy of his Nobel Peace Prize.

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The missile that looks the most frightening is the tiny one shaped like a man at the far left...



Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Yeah if I saw him flying towards me I would naturally assume he was Superman, these orientals are cunning you know. They bring a new meaning to subterfuge.

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That missile is called " Man with SmallDong"

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The CIA has a pic of him on file...

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Sorry Kim the rest of the world is too busy falling apart to care about you anymore. Go call Rodman on your bat phone and have him FedEx you a bucket of KFC.

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Until "Chubby Boy" gets a new haircut, we have nothing to worry about.

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With their economy tanking, the last thing the Chinese want is chaos in their backyard.  They own the little NK a-hole lock stock and barrel, and control the puppet strings.

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perfect proxi war candidate

China has a few million people to get rid of. Unless they start a massive war to churn people into lawn feed, they can't continue to keep their population levels indefinitely.

Balls to the wall. China that is.

Tulpa's picture

The PRC is absolutely not in a position to fight the US directly now.  And KJU's saber rattling is giving the US an excuse to flood the East China Sea with our navy, which I'm sure they don't enjoy happening.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

more North Koreyawwwn bullshit.

Put up or shut up, Un. Hit a city or fuck off.

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Sounds like it was the NoWong(a) missile they launched.

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Kim Jong Unstable is throwing a hissy fit because everyone's ignoring him again.

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Maybe the Bernank should launch a missile full of fiat over there to shut him up. Hell he is giving it to every other country in the world, it's only fair that he gives porky some.

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Yes it's true... The North Koreans have Nodongs! ;-)

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When Kim is squeezed from the people below should they become too hungry, upset, etc. to the point of fear of being overthrown thereby changing the status quo (or if a coup for other reasons is imminent), that will be when he lashes out toward the squeezing coming from outside, as he'll have nothing to lose at that point.

Until then, just expect more of these paper tiger hissy fits.

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There will always be enough food in NK to maintain the level of stablity that China wants.


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Let’s see, NK allegedly shoots off a bottle rocket—Right? Yet no mention of China testing missiles to knock out satellites.

Rocket Capable of Destroying Orbiting Satellites Test-Fired by China


Submitted by Raoul Girard on Sat, 05/18/2013 - 05:05

As per reports, China has recently test fired a rocket that could easily destroy satellites in the orbit. The news was confirmed by the US intelligence assessments. It is a long range rocket that is capable of reaching as high as 10,000 km.

It emerged that the rocket can pose a serious threat to the US's military communications in the Asia-Pacific region. Reports affirmed that a rocket was sent into space from a launch centre in Sichuan province in Monday. The country has said that the launch was the part of a scientific data-collecting mission. However, an anonymous US defence source has said that it was ground based missile and was a first test of China to design an interceptor to go after an orbiting satellite. China has denied the claims saying that the rocket was an aggressive military development. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said that China has always made efforts for peaceful use of the outer space. "The rocket was launched at 9pm on Monday from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China to investigate energy particles and magnetic fields in the ionized stratum and near-Earth space", said the officials from the National Space Science Center. Chinese news agency Xinhua has affirmed that the experiment has given expected results


Oops/ laughter.


Who's missile launch is the media really reporting???

Element's picture

Spot on. The hypocracy in the MSM is mind blowing.

Pairadimes's picture

Three missiles? What's that, about 5 percent of NK GDP? I'd say they are getting desperate.

Urban Redneck's picture

Desperate would be overshooting a US carrier strike force or using a more expensive longer range missile.