Silver Halted 4 Times Overnight Amid Flash Crash

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While we have become used to the almost daily trading-halts in Japanese government bonds, when the CME reports that Silver trading was halted four times overnight, it is increasingly clear that this market is anything but 'normal':


Yet somehow, amid all this 'extreme' volatility in 'safe' collateral assets, we still do not hear of funds blowing up (yet). While central bankers would seem to disagree, there really is no stability without volatility and the more that vol is suppressed, the more extreme the inevitable 'event'.

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"Hi-yo Silver, await-a-minute!"

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If commodities traders are looking for a bull market, WTI really seems coiled like a spring right now.  WTI is ready to break out to bite the POMO beast in the ass, if the Fed does not suppress it first.

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4 times? Why not just lump the missing metal into one delivery instead of 4 smaller deliveries? ;)

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It is all about Fed speakers this week, with POMO perfectly allocated according to Fed speaker dove/hawk bias:

Today, small POMO because we have perma-dove Evans--nothing to worry about.

Tomorrow, large POMO because we have new-hawk Bullard--wild card.

Everything climaxing with BB before the Senate, where every algo will be video-locked to every twitch and tremor in his voice.  

BeetleBailey's picture

...and beard fondle, beads of sweat, queefed flatulence, and what the shit-eating prick is wearing......


When he really needs a a stick of TNT up his money-conuring ass and a short fuse....

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Those who understand counterparty risk and purchasing power count their PM holdings in gram or ounces, not fiat.  Print away motherfuckers, I am standing by with dry powder and plenty of equities to sell, go ahead, drive that asset price lower, awesome.

espirit's picture

I concur.  Backing up the truck in ..3..2..1.

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We wouldn't wait if we were you.  Silver has pushed back over $22.  Perhaps we have seen the bottom over the last few hours?  If not well, at least you have it.  Who knows what delivery conditions will look like in a few weeks.

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Got a mouse in your pocket?


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> Perhaps we have seen the bottom over the last few hours?


Bottom? Bottom of what? There's a lever that makes the price of AU/AG go up or down, depending on the whims of folks who wish to remain anonymous and secretive - and who are allowed to remain so by the supposed watchdog regulators (L0L). There is no 'bottom'. Today's price has nothing to do with tomorrow's or yesterday's - or any events or news - or anything to do with reality, for that matter. Only the whim of silent, mask-wearing criminals. Unless you have an inside source - or are clairvoyant (keep eating GMO - it may happen) - the price direction in fiat is anyone's guess. 

Used to be the PPT was all the conspiratorial rage. Remembering that has a bit of sentimentality for when things were normal. Better. Like looking thru a 'LOOK' magazine from the 50's or 60's. Before the Beatles brought the revolution. They told us it would be good. They didn't say for whom.


Surely only buying was halted....feel free to sell an infinite number of paper contracts in milliseconds. 

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people trying to get out before the whole thing goes down like HKMEX!

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Time to tune back into the Jim Sinclairs, Ranting Andy's, and the Harvey Organs of the world.  They were right.  CNBC was wrong.  Get the Phys before the reset.  The problem is not with gold and silver.  The problem is with the financial system melting down, fraud, and counterparty trust. 

LawsofPhysics's picture

Indeed, treasuries are not getting a bid, hey America and CONgressional puppets, what is the interest on that debt again?  CBs painted into a corner and not even buying their own crap.  tick tock motherfuckers...

jimmytorpedo's picture

If I tune back into Ranting Andy I predict it will be the same rant as a year ago when I just started hitting delete without opening.

I hit doom saturation about a year ago right after hay season finished.

Doom porn is as exciting as terrorism these days.

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Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange fails amid dearth of gold futures trading

EscapeKey's picture

Oh, I see. I look forward to government bonds being halted for 20 seconds next time we're limit down.

Oh I forgot, that just won't happen, due to the *bargains* available in equities and bonds.

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Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen we are in for a bit of turbulence....

Ima anal sphincter's picture

Just keep cranking this crap out. Paper good - metal BAD!!!!

I can't afford to go hog wild, but I added last week. If they keep smacking this, I'll be in for some more this week.

NotApplicable's picture

Good luck finding it at these prices.

Ima anal sphincter's picture

$69 over spot gold. $3.50 over spot silver. Nasty???? I don't care at this point.

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[Paper] silver can move down 10% on ZERO news.  Just wait till the news about fiat being worth nothing hits the wires....

eigenvalue's picture

Silver to ZERO! And die, silverbugs!

Vooter's picture

LOL...the only thing that's going to be at zero is the physical availability when you finally and desperately try to buy some...

pmbug's picture

The sales will continue until physical inventories improve.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

the only "0" you gonna see homeboy is the 1 next to that green arrow and your avatar...

like that dude in the Dos Equis commercial says - "stay dumb my friend...stay dumb..."

augustusgloop's picture

I don't have my chart with me, but I don't think Silver or Gold have ever gone to 0 (throwing granny's silver out the window-- i can't wipe my ass with this sterling fork!). I do think paper has, though. To paraphrase Marke Faber...

imbrbing's picture

Free silver for everyone! LOL!

Circut board manufacturors and solar panel companies are gonna LUV that! Tard....

jmcadg's picture

You make MDB look clever and original. Some feat buddy.

Common_Cents22's picture

please give me all your worthless PMs

PiratePawpaw's picture

Physical Silver and Gold have never and will never go to ZERO.

FRN's and Paper gold or silver however started at ZERO, and will eventually go back to ZERO.

But feel free to hold whatever you like....Tulips?

swissaustrian's picture

Halted ... so that nobody could buy the dip

TeamDepends's picture

Yup, you are not in the club.

Max Hunter's picture

Yup... and longs stopped out..

mayhem_korner's picture



Plummeting price paired with insatiable physical demand.  Yeah, that's functional.

What if, uh, C-A-T really spelled "dog"...? (Ogre, Revenge of the Nerds II)

insanelysane's picture

"Plummeting price paired with insatiable physical demand."

Unfortunately the sheeple don't see a problem with this.

Mine Is Bigger's picture

It's so nice they have "STOP-LOGIC EVENTS" when we have to endure a stop logic (make-believe) market every day!!!

becky quick and her beautiful mouth's picture

just get this over with already.

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need to change your ID - "becky fat and ..."

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...since being a Mom, she changed. I can not explain, but she lost her physical eye catching cuteness hook. At least Buffet still digs her!

dryam's picture

Cuteness isn't that important when it comes to handjobs.

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Of course she lost her cuteness. Becoming a mother is lethal for that. I'm young enough to only want women who are not a mother.

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Vault storage is the only way forward. Do you think it matters now if physical owners start taking their gold and silver out of the LBMA assurance and into private vaults?

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I presonally decided to sell all my silver at 7pm last night for no reason in particular. I thought everyone else did as well?

Jim B's picture

And I sold in volume to make sure that I got the lowest price possible! 

Kaiser Sousa's picture

yeah, yeah, that's right....sell my metal cause THE PRICE IS CRASHING!!!

now what monkey ass mother fucker out there is dumb enough to be falling for this "bananna in the tailpipe" banker bullshit!!!!!!!!

I KNOW I AINT....cant wait til my dealer open...

this shit is funny.......