IRS Hearings II: The Steve Miller Band Plays On - Live Stream

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He's back to reprise his role as stoic 'I know nuffin' scapegoat. Former IRS boss Steve Miller faces a second round of truth-seeking, grand-standing, and extended questioning at today's Senate hearing on the IRS debacle. Scheduled to start at 10ET, Miller will be joined by Russell George (the IRS IG - full report here) and former IRS commissioner Doug Shulman. Grab the popcorn...



Mr. Steven T. Miller, Acting Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service, Washington, DC
The Honorable J. Russell George, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, United States Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC
The Honorable Douglas Shulman, Former IRS Commissioner, Washington, DC


Click image for live stream via CSPAN-3

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MFLTucson's picture

Why isnt this piece of shit in shackles?

smlbizman's picture

more like steve millerbergstein.......

AlaricBalth's picture

 "He makes his livin' off of the people's taxes"

 Steve Miller Band - Take the Money and Run

I am more equal than others's picture

Its the Sitcom approach in public relations.  Sergeant Schultz, the bumbling IRS guard, knows nothing...nothing.


General Decline's picture

Could you please hold the circus for one moment while I grab my loaf of bread?

Jumbotron's picture

AAaand....this just in as well.....CIA was involved in Benghazi.  Looks like there was an Iran-Contra style thing going on.....and people were honored for it........



Chupacabra-322's picture

We do not need any more Political Therater headings.

Arrests, trials, convictions & executions.

I am more equal than others's picture

Motion seconded.  The I's are unanimous.  Proceed with extreme prejudice.  

Colonel Klink's picture

It's because men at the top like me, tell them to know nothing.



overmedicatedundersexed's picture

having read the comments section seems nothing came of this historic meeting..nobody going to jail another corzine moment to keep us sheep knowing this country ain't for us, it's owned by them.

tarsubil's picture

Steve is a bird man. He's got to fly free. Fly, Steve, fly. Be free!

smlbizman's picture

im am sure the folks in oklahoma are very comforted knowing these fucks feel for them.....

Stoploss's picture

Surely someone has had the temerity to remove these peoples families into tight lockdown?

When you steal from 60-70 mil,  er, 30 million people, some body's bound to be pissed..

chumbawamba's picture

Miller is the third most common Jewish surname in America.

I am Chumbawamba.

tango's picture

And your point is?  Seriously, what in the hell are you jabbering about?  In the 21st century who cares what somebody's religion is?

General Decline's picture

Well, the MSM makes it a point to highlight the religion of so called Islamic extremists on a daily basis. But you're right... Nobody cares.

tip e. canoe's picture

how 'bout Russo?

(check out the pregnant pause at 3:25)

insanelysane's picture

These groups were applying for a legal status which would enable them to not have to disclose their donors so we asked them for their donor list up front.

Also, to make the licensing process a little more difficult, we decided to ask them to provide us a list of future meeting minutes, future donors, and future twitter and facebook posts.


Lebensphilosoph's picture

You wanna know what happened to my attempts to start a charity that serves tea to homeless people?

ebworthen's picture

They wanted to tax your tea, your cream & sugar, and the sliding scale perceived value of the services to the homeless?

Were the I.R.S. agents wearing King George era lobster uniforms or were they disguised in dark suits?

TeamDepends's picture

Go on take the money and run

Woo hoo hoo!!!

skm's picture

You know, Moe, my mom once said something that really stuck with me. She said, `Homer, you're a big disappointment,' and God bless her soul, she was really onto something. --Homer Simpson

insanelysane's picture

When we would do the opposite of what our mom told us, she would say, "Go to hell your own way."

Dr. Engali's picture

That's a funny one. Over the past five years we've seen trillions stolen right in front of our eyes, we've watched a bundler for Obama crash his firm and disappear 1.6 billion, we've seen more in your face corruption than I've seen in my 50 years of life. All of this and not one person in jail,and you think this guy would be put in shackles? The only way anybody will be held accountable is if the people finally say enough and drag their asses into the streets.

Agent P's picture

This is not a game, it is a scrimmage; merely the defense playing the offense.  After they play, they all go back to the same locker room.  Shackles are reserved for the other exceptions.

General Decline's picture

Wow. Nicely said. May I have permission to reprint that? A little long for a bumper sticker but I think it would fit on an XL t shirt.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Dr. Engali,

It's not corruption. You're using the wrong C word. Is Criminal.

q99x2's picture

Get him in a headlock until he says, "Obama."

Goldenballs's picture

As the Steve Miller Band record goes " My Dark Hour ",reopen Alcatraz with him as the first guest.

buzzsaw99's picture

the irs went easy on turbo timmy then played hard ball with the tea baggers. it is a merely a political tool now.


btw i think owebama is in town. Maybe he brought a bag of free money with him?

insanelysane's picture

Starting to feel badly for the prez.  Based on recent admissions by the big house staff, the handlers just lead him around and force him to read from the teleprompters whatever they have written for him.

Agent P's picture

Yeah, but then he gets a Scooby Snack, so don't feel too bad for him.

Bearwagon's picture

Okay, let the band play on: Steve Miller Band, Jet Airliner  (says it all)

edb5s's picture

Honorable my ass

Colonel Klink's picture

Exactly!  There's nothing honorable about these men.

Jim B's picture

Testimony summary.....  I don't recall, I don't remember, I wasn't involved. I don't know, I don't remember, I wasn't involved. I don't know.....


tango's picture

The actors of this administration seem to delight in advertising their ignorace of situations under their watch.  It is utterly astounding and something that would have had the WP and NYT putting out special editions under poor old Bush. 

orangegeek's picture

Orville Redenbacher time!!!!!


Miller is a fucking pathalogical liar - those tumors must be getting bigger.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

We're gonna reach out and grab ya.


Should be the IRS motto.

SheepDog-One's picture

Watch this, or over under the other bigtop we've got the chainsaw juggling clownshow spectacle of the 100+ Miracle DOW Troupe performing.

847328_3527's picture

"American people deserve to know the truth."


Since when?

SeanJKerrigan's picture

I'm not going to lie. I read this headline literally. Honestly, after Stephen Colbert was accosted for making a mockery of those dignified and honorable Congress people, nothing suprises me anymore. I have moved beyond all semblence of being able to detect fact from parody because nothing is unbelievable anymore. :(

CaptainSpaulding's picture

Try Netflix. No parodys, Just fine cinema

Bastiat's picture

Designated bagholder, less than plausible.  Let's have the one who ran the operation-under oath.  Special prosecutor time.

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MyBrothersKeeper's picture

The ultimate Miller song for this guy is "The Joker"

"......people talkin about me baby, say i'm doing you wrong............but don't worry, don't worry now baby..................