"We Are Experiencing More Than Just A 'Soft Patch'"

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of Street Talk Live blog,

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'Bouyant' bitches!

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"It's all going to end well"

-Dead man

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I told you I was sick.
~written on a tombstone

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clint eastwood spaghetti western....................................

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I've seen that one down in Key West- pretty funny.

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Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal........(Warren Buffet). We are  not talking about pressure cookers here folks..........start worrying about counter party risk.........

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Guys/Gals look at the minute volume in the SPY today and at the amount of money that was made/lost depending when you bought sold, I run some basic numbers and saw errors of 600 million dollars in just one minute, also the volume at the close was way over what it normally is, like somebody desperately started to buy everything to prevent a further fall, like 3-4 million shares a minute near the close. Some people were unloading like crazy and others were buying like there will be no opportunity to buy at this bargain prices ever again.

These gyrations of the market, 4.5 points move on the SPY are typical of a chaotic system getting close to its stability boundary, sad to say. Today it took a lot of energy, probably 1,670,000,000 million dollar in 5-6 minutes to keep the market from falling like a skydiver to the ground with no parachute. As the chaotic divergences progress and the girations increase in size, similar but not equal to a resonant behavior, the amount of money that it will take to maintain its stability will grow factorially (exponentially is way too slow)...

Until next time,


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I have decided: Jim Rogers is an infalted turd with no original ideas.  His bow tie should be stripped from him.  

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Pop goes the flotation device

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"more than a soft patch"..... ah yeah, we are in a hard patch of tough sticky tar, baby

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Well then, they'll just add some heat and soften that shit right up!

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born and bred in the briar patch bitchez

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Continuous downhill slide since 1989...hmmm...what happened then?

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Obviously, we need another Hurricane Sandy.

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Except this time to "fix employment" it had better be at least a Category 4 at landfall

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Four?  Crank that bitch up to 11 a la Spinal Tap.

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One more time before I go; "beating expectations" all... the... way... down...

Odd that both treasuries and the market was being sold today.

Big "hookers and blow" planned for the long weekend boys?

Lots of folks certainly looking to get out of their positions today.

what do they know?  

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Prolly on the advanced notification list of whatever was happening

at the non scheduled G7 meeting last weekend.

Add that to Obozo's meeting with the PD's, and Issa's committee private economic

brief ,and there are fires raging unseen.

SHF maybe ?

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"Lots of folks certainly looking to get out of their positions today."

If you rode the market from 2011 when the SPY was 100 and you don't get out and stop to think and see what happens, (or if you are ambicious, at the least do an Option substitution strategy, where you bet the market will keep on going up with call options) with the economy for a while, you are either a super fool, an idiot or a PIG, and guess what "PIGS GET SLAUGHETERED"!!! That is the basic rule of invessting. People that have made 67% in two short years and don't get out are suicidal, no matter what you mutual fund manager tells you.

I hope people don't confuse paper gains with realized gains, if they do they are dead...

Until next time,


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Hey! The hot chinese girl with the giant jugs in the purple dress is back! WHO SAID IT'S ALL BAD NEWS AT ZEROHEDGE??

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with head obviously photoshopped onto another body, but it's great all the same, even the women are fantasy bubbles

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yeah....great....Mrs. Rainman snuck into my man cave yesterday and all she saw was scanty clad titties on screen left...thanks a lot. Busted the only time I was innocent... kinda sucks

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Looks like the real economy is bracing for the ObamaScare clusterfuk .

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Deflation is a greater enemy to ben then inflation. He will never turn off the printer

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Bullshit, this is about power and control of real assets, period.  Ben is well-studied, he knows that no currency has evet been killed by deflation.

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You mean these "real" assets? Sorry,  no price discovery for the muppets.


The Fed seems pretty firm on not allowing any competing currency. Competing with 37 trillion dollars in commodities (mainly precious metals) gone off the books will take forever to realize back into the system. Just my opinoin, but I still stack. 

Blythe Masters position CNBC.


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Nailed it... that's his worst fear. Wake me up at Dow 30k.

OT FYI. FDIC Bank of England agreement,  pdf bottom left.


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so his idea to combat deflation was to blow an even more epic bubble? bullshit, the bernank wants one thing and one thing only, to afford billionaire insiders the chance to steal even more before it all goes to shit permanently. one more pump and dump, for old time's sake.

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What is wrong with deflation.  Prices move before wages - and if one is a wage slave and not a 1%, then deflation is the way to go.


If you own productive assets and 'things' then you want inflation - also if you are in debt up to your eyeballs.


Every monetary and fiscal policy choice benefits one party to the detriment of another. If you are benefitting debtors and 1%'ers then you are doing so by stealing from savers and wage slaves.

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The government's fix... More taxes and higher healthcare costs. That should fix everything alright.

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Let it officially double dip already.

Many Americans never escaped the "Great Recession" in the last 5 years but that's besides the point. The propaganda is firing on all cylinders saying day after day how great this recovery is. People know different because they're not able to participate in this great recovery. Some have regained access to credit and get a chance at rebuilding. But this is not the same economy we knew prior to 2009 when people awash in credit were consuming and buying big ticket items whether they could afford them or not.

That was a false economy in itself and it crashed. The recovery will never reach those levels again and I wish the media would finally admit to that and stop the lies. The economy that we're entering into is an economy where people will live with much less. However, that economy is NOT reflected in the behaviour of either Wall Street or Washington where the spending and life styles are very much unchanged from prior to the great mass equity and credit wipeout.

Hence this dichotomy of our economy with an elite that is getting richer with every "QE" or other money from thin air program and the majority of the population which just worries on a daily basis how to pay the bills next month.

Wall Street and DC know their plans aren't working because their plans were never intended to reinstate the majority of Americans back to their previous income and wealth levels. Their plans have reflated the risk asset bubble which gives the illusion of wealth. At the same time Wall Street and DC are living off the high hog with money they've allowed to be created from thin air, with no backing. This money ensures them a very comfortable lifestyle in their version of an American Versailles.

They did not work for this money and they are not to be trusted with the issuance of currency and the control over the majority of American's natural given rights and talents. They need to be eliminated from the levers of power. Plain and simple. I don't know how to put it any more succint.

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You are being reasonable and you are assuming you are dealing with a resonable situation, but you are really dealing with Bernie Maddoff. Lets assume that Maddoff's investors were all the food and tool producing corporations of the world and that they all depended on the money that they were receiving as dividend payments from the Ponzi scheme. If the Ponzi stops, the dividend payments stop and no coroporation in the world could keep on producing food and tools. What would happen? Got that? OK, the situation is 10^100 times worse if they stop the printing presses over the world.

Here is where our wealth is really coming from: "I lend you, you lend me, both our balance sheets increase, I lend you, you lend me and we all live happily!" and you keep on reapeating it untiil it's game over.

US owes Japan, Japan owes the US, Japan owes the EU, the EU owes Japan, US owes EU, the EU owes the US, and so on and so forth in a never ending carrousel of Ponzi money.

While the free cash flows are enough to pay the interests in all that debt, the debt is irrelevant since it will never be paid, but as soon as they start coming short, the Ponzi unravels. Is it a Ponzi?, is it modern finance? A physolophical discussion only. Since it is still a reality that if the free cash flow is not enough to cover interests the music stops.

Until next time,


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You said it E.....but not sure the music will stop when they don't have enough to cover interest payments...that already happened in 2008...we are now dead men walking....think of the analogy of the guy who falls between the subway wagon and the platform....the train leaves and then stops when they realise the guy is stuck there....then the guy gets first aid from attendants who know that as soon as they move him he is dead (despite appearances of being ok he is totally fucked up inside having been whipped around by the train).....that guy is us.......and any movement (end of QE, rise in interest rates) will result in our complete and utter extinction........whatever rises from the ashes will be a whole new animal that we cannot imagine.

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moar cash for clunkers

moar real estate rebates

moar bailouts

moar bonuses

moar wars




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Is all of this being orchestrated? Or are they clueless? I can't decide.

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the top layer is orchestrating, the second layer is clueless, the third layer is corrupt, the fourth layer...

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...gets shat upon by the first three.

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Fuck You Bernanke and your proxy bitches too

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Setting up nicely for the Post Bernank Alpo Era!

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B is a side show, so is Japan.....this is all about the derivatives market that nobody (unless you believe in secret cabals which may be possible) controls. How many hundreds (thousands?) of Trillions of $$$s are there floating around right now in this market? What happens when that hen comes home to roost?

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B understands that there is only one possibility of getting out of this mess without a WWIII, and he is doing it. WWIII doesn't offer the elites any  guarantees that they will come out on top. B knows that he is impoverishing the 99.9% of the US. But we are all irrelevant in the big game.

Until next time,


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B, Abe and Super Mario are like the stokers in the Titanic having a pissing competition just seconds before the berg crashes through the hull.......it is all irrelevant.

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.....and not even a very entertaining sideshow.........

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Like a geezer getting his first Viagra prescription, his hopes for a little jumpstart soon turn to despair as he realizes without the help, he's just a limp dick.

Then the Viagra starts to not work anymore.

He blames his wife.

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The machines love crappy news.  The crappier, the better.  If we get a depression tomorrow and the end of QE3, the market will rise remarkably well on its way to 66,000(DOW).  You can't derail this puppy with real stats and charts.  For all intents and purposes, they do not exist anymore.  Today was just a flub by Benny who got confused as to what he meant to say.  No worries, mate.

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so very,very true T......forget the charts, stats and logic...this thing is on remote control and god knows who is sitting on the couch...........it sure aint B......

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The S&P500 has returned an annualized rate of return of 12% due to fed easing over the past 4.25 years. Investors have become conditioned to making money from fed easing policy inititives. Bad news will remain good news for stocks until inflation (as measured by whatever way the fed sees fit) picks up or until quantitative easing no longer has a stimulative effect on the economy. The anticipation of stimulative effect probably has a duration of 18 months. In other words S&P500 1,900 bitchez!

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And then what? S&P 190? Bitching!