Swedish Youth Riots Enter Third Day

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Sparked by the police shooting of a machete-wielding 69 year-old man, traditionally calm-and-collected Sweden is suffering amid its third night of riots. It seems underlying tensions from high youth unemployment and rising nationalism against the nation's large immigrant population have been catalyzed by this seemingly unrelated event. As the Daily Mail notes, immigrant ghettos have been created where unemployment is high and there are few opportunities for residents with left-leaning commenters adding that the riots represented a 'gigantic failure' of government policies, which had underpinned the rise of ghettos in the suburbs - "We have failed to give many of the people in the suburbs a hope for the future." An anti-immigrant party, the Sweden Democrats, has risen to third in polls ahead of a general election due next year, reflecting unease about immigrants among many voters. What is driving this tension? After decades of practicing the 'Swedish model' of generous welfare benefits, the country has been reducing the role of the state since the 1990s, spurring the fastest growth in inequality of any advanced OECD economy. Given Sweden's 24.7% youth unemployment, we wonder just what will happen to the 60% of unemployed youths in Greece and Spain when school lets out this summer?




Brief clip below provides more color...


This can't end well!


Via The Daily Mail:

The disorder has intensified despite a call for calm from Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.


Last night, rioters attacked the police station in the Jakosberg area in the northwest of the city and set fire to 30 cars.




Groups of youths also smashed shop windows and burned down a 19th Century cultural centre.


Gangs of up to 60 set fire to a school and a nursery and hurled rocks at police and firefighters.




While average living standards are still among the highest in Europe, governments have failed to substantially reduce long-term youth unemployment and poverty, which have affected immigrant communities worst.


Some 15 per cent of the population is foreign-born, the highest proportion in the Nordic region.




Among 44 industrialized countries, Sweden ranked fourth in the absolute number of asylum seekers, and second relative to its population, according to U.N. figures.



Via Al Jazeera:

Around 200 people hurled rocks at police and set cars ablaze in a Stockholm suburb...




Around 80 percent of the roughly 11,000 residents of the suburbs are first- or second-generation immigrants.




Many local residents see the shooting as an example of police brutality, and the violence has stirred debate in Sweden.




Horniak claimed he witnessed police firing warning shots in the air and calling a woman a "monkey."


"I got upset yesterday because I saw police attack innocent people, they beat a woman with a baton," he said.


Horniak's claims of racist remarks were backed up by the organisation Megafonen, which represents citizens in Stockholm's suburbs.



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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Shaping up to be a pretty interesting summer.

<I can't wait till it arrives in the USA. I so want to relive the 60's/70's of my youth.>

LawsofPhysics's picture

Head's up CD, the "controlled substances" will not be as inexpensive.

BurningFuld's picture

Are you calculating that on a THC per dollar basis?

MillionDollarBogus_'s picture

80% of the residents in the Husby district, where the rioting has occured, are first or second-generation immigrants.

You apparently forgot to mention that.........

Stackers's picture

It's a good thing Sweden has strong gun laws to curb violence or someone could get hurt !!!

ACP's picture

A police offcer called someone a "monkey"? Ohh, so racist.

How about the fact that the immigrant surge from Muslim countries has made Sweden the RAPE capital of Europe. Maybe a little more pertinent facts might be in order. I don't suppose Al Jizzera will report that?

Reading through various news articles over the past several years, one phrase stuck in my mind from an interviewed Muslim teenager,"We just fuck those blond Swedish girls to pieces, then we settle down and marry a nice Muslim girl."


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Immigration policies (or lack thereof) have the ability to destroy the cultural fabric of a nation.

Hmmm.. Now who would want that?  Its not like Sweden's get the best and brightest from MENA, thats the real problem.

On another note: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-22565124

Chile's masked violent protestors

One thing occurs to me, its a very easy group to infiltrate, just put a bandana over your face, and throw rocks at the police.  So what is to stop agents provocateur from busting EVERY SINGLE legitimate protest, by sending in a few masked guys, the masked guys throw rocks, the police bust up the whole protest.  The newspaper headlines only mention the violence by the 1% agents provocateur.


ACP's picture

Here's a nice youtube example of how brazen the Muslim extremists have become in Sweden. This is an artist being attacked while giving a presentation. Notice how the police are already there, on standby:


Lots of "Allah Akhbar" in the background.

I wonder if Al Jizzera ever reported that? My guess is no.

Dave Thomas's picture

What's even more fascinating is how the native sweedes who are not policemen sit there all placid like doe eyed automatons.

They need to channel their inner viking.

gmrpeabody's picture

Ahhh..., but the meatballs are to die for.

Manthong's picture

I’ve always had a thing for Swedes.. especially the ones with olive complexions, big noses and dark, coarse hair.

Pure Evil's picture

Yep nothing like a night of love making while they shout "Allah Akhbar" at the top of their lungs instead of crying out from having Ben-gasms.

(Note: you see, the rich cultural history of clitoral circumcision makes it impossible for them to have regular orgasms.)

ACP's picture

But wait, ther's more!

Muslims attack Swedish firemen for being, well, firemen:


No-go zones imposed by Muslims in Sweden (like as has been exposed in the UK lately):


I've been following these issues for several years and its pretty much out of control. Pretty much the result of political correctness gone wild. When you're seen as weak, the worst of the worst tend to congregate in your country. The majority of immigrant laborers in Europe are from the Mideast and North Africa, and so the government has no problem letting in criminals. Here in the US, the majority of immigrant laborers are from Mexico, and so the government has no problem letting in criminals from there. Notice the pattern?

Harbanger's picture

If these riots were happening in the US, many europeans would say that it's because we are a racist country.  So the problem in Sweden is obvious.  They need a black president.

PT's picture

Yeah, everyone's hell-bent on importing the cheapest labour.  And immigrants hell-bent on revenge for what happened in their own countries will tend to be willing to "work" cheaper.  Hang on a minute, what did Sweden do?  Now I am confused...

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

I know several Swedes who moved to Iceland.  Practically no detrimental immigration + a community of people that told the international bankers to fuck off; hard to blame them for moving there.

General Decline's picture

How often in history does one tell the international bankers to fuck off and live to tell a out it? Are the any grassy knolls in Iceland?

New World Chaos's picture

Iceland is one example of why the puppetmasters try to destroy European countries with immigration, welfare, and political correctness.  Divide and conquer.  Icelanders weren't distracted by rapists and looters at their back.  They had less reason to fear a systemic collapse.  Less reason to support a knee-jerk police state.  They came together to root out the real cause of their problems.

I think another reason the puppetmasters secretly encouraged the Muslims to take over Europe is so that they can instigate a fascistic back-reaction which will lead to a Muslim Holocaust and a world war between Europe and the Muslim world.  They will surely try to false-flag America into the war.   Google Albert Pike.  Here is a good synopsis, with many links on Illuminati satanism and manufactured war:  http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/03/dont-be-duped-into-albert-pikes-third-world-war-2589996.html

"We shall unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will be from that moment without compass (direction), anxious for an ideal, but with out knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time".

Anusocracy's picture

What is amazing is the number of people here that don't understand, or choose to ignore,  that this is a consequence of numerous government actions.

So many marionettes, so few humans.

albanian's picture

absolutli RIGHT!!!!    


Spastica Rex's picture

You're confusing Sweden with Norway.

SamAdams's picture

There is only one thing that angers me more than racism, and that is Mexicans on the beach....

SamAdams's picture

A single vehicle is burnt and suddenly this is framed as mass riots of an unemployed youth?  We see this after a hockey game in the US, or a soccer game in Spain.  If the Swedes devolve into Russian skinheads, then it will be time to worry...

albanian's picture

acp i liv in sweden and your facts are not right!!!!

gmrpeabody's picture

People can live under the same roof and not agree to the facts...

a man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest...


ACP's picture

Oh, you mean these 'incorrect' FACTS?


Muslim Rape Epidemic Puts Sweden at Top of Euro Rape Statistics


Sweden's rape rate under the spotlight



Edit: Quote from the second story:

"Is it true? Yes. The Swedish police recorded the highest number of offences - about 63 per 100,000 inhabitants - of any force in Europe, in 2010. The second-highest in the world."


Hmm...I think having the highest rape rate in Europe kinda sorta makes it the rape capital of Europe.

sadmamapatriot's picture

FUCK THE MUSLIMS! You hear that , Tyler? You gonna ban me? FUCK THE MUSLIMS!!!!


This is who they are and what they do. And the Scandinavians have long since abandoned their Viking souls and invited this shit upon themselves. 


I read RT feeds on Facebook for the financial news and they never say one word against the Muslims or even identify them when they are up to their barbarous shananigans.  


ETA; since I am one of those "blonde bitches" I was getting death threats from the muslim readers all the time. And trust me, I was not so frank there as I am in Fight Club.

tony wilson's picture



poor thing was you raped by a muslim

did he sodomise the little scared girly

maybe you should take some prozac and learn to stop living in terror


terror and fear.

little rabbit

sadmamapatriot's picture

No, you vile piece of shit. But I can rape your ass with my AK47 just like your beloved Muslims like to do. Or do you prefer the little boys? You wanna piece of me. You're gonna have to come and get it, Mr. Internet Badass.

thisandthat's picture

You mean all the snippers in Sarajevo were muslims, not scandinavians, germans, british, etc., too?

"We just fuck those blond bitches to pieces, then we settle down and marry a nice brunette girl." - there, converted back to "Judeo-Christian civilization".

ajax's picture



...and teenage boys never lie about their sexual conquests...

kchrisc's picture

They need to institute "rock-control."

See what happens when rocks get in the hands of the wrong people, the untrained and mentally unstable.

They should also limit the size of rocks to not more than 9oz, 'cause who needs anything bigger to hunt with.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

Yep. Like those damned Poles who keep rioting and raping all over London. And the Koreans are the worst.

Ghordius's picture

I vaguely remember two polish teenagers getting into troubles for writing about riots in London. do you mean it or is it a joke?

Ghordius's picture

... it's all the EUR's fault! it's all the EUR's fault! it's all the EUR's fault!

Flee, Sweden! Escape the deadly embrace of the EUR and go back to your own currency!

oh, sorry, I forgot: they have their own currency. Well, at least they could exit the EU!

oh, sorry, I forgot: they don't want to, that's the Brits in the process of exiting

Well, then at least we could name the beast by it's name: immigration out of the Middle East in highly concentrated areas mainly in Stockholm and Malmö, making them ghettos which can't be absorbed/integrated in the mainstream Swedish culture in a couple of generations only

meanwhile the mainstream Swedish culture - if you listen to how their socialists talk - is becoming a kind of Political Correctness Hell Ruled By Man-Hating Dykes - asking for example for a Man Tax (yes, you woman, you ok - you man? you cause riots, wars, rape and such, you pay extra tax for being male, nyah, nyah, nyah). If you laughed at this please remember that they are very influential, globally

Sweden is also the one country that started a new legal fashion: prostitutes are fine, johns are criminals to be persecuted by the law

meanwhile a few burning cars still make our American Cousins hyperventilate - those bimbos burning them would reply: relax, Uncle, never heard of insurance?

and yet the whole idiocy of the Swedish immigration policies was that simple: too many, too fast, and in particular too concentrated

if you allow ghettos, you breed problems. did you hear me, zip-code-oriented America? this works the other way, too

Handful of Dust's picture

Ghordius, you are correct there. I was in Stockholm a few years ago and thought I could save money by staying in a Yute Hostel in the Burbs....makes Harlem look like child's play. I survived the night and checked out the very next day and splurged and moved to a less "diverse" area. Downtown Stockholm at night looks like Bagdad.

Pure Evil's picture

Sorry, Ghordius, I'm not hyperventilating at all concerning Sweden's muslim problem.

Actually, I'm laughing my ass off.

Here you have a country ruled by, your observation, not mine, "man-hating dykes", and here they are importing males from cultures that view women as no more than cattle. And given half a chance those same males would anal rape all the white Swedish women before throwing them in Burqa's.

Welcome to the 3rd world Sweden.

Talk about irony.

Ghordius's picture

meanwhile I'm told that "Dyke" is very offensive (my fault), and that a big part of the comments are the usual racist soup

yet it's my core belief: some things have to ba free, some others have to be managed, and some further have to be... sorry, Tyler... planned properly

as Urban Redneck says, some states do bad sausages

New World Chaos's picture

Makes sense if you consider leftist doublethink.  They Who Must Not Be Named put the leftists in power to divide and conquer with PC bullshit.  Those Muslims aren't white so their attitudes towards women should be condoned for the sake of tolerance and diversity.  Plus, the rapes lead to greater acceptance of laws which will be selectively enforced against evil white men, who were the real targets from the beginning.  Like Julian Assange, who was seen in public with his "victims" after the "rapes", with no apparent animosity until they found out he was two-timing them.  But vindictive bitches get to revoke consent after the fact.  They got the Feminazis to press rape charges over acts which, though scummy (if true), would land most male HS and college students in jail if fully prosecuted.  He is now surrounded by a wall of pigs just itching to send him to Gitmo.  Of course, Assange's real crimes were opposing the NWO's neo-feudalist utopia, exposing Black Jesus as a fraud, and being a white male with principles.

New World Chaos's picture

So, they want a man tax, but no woman tax for having to deal with the social problems they tend to cause (mainly expensive control-freak bullshit)?  Oh, wait a minute- it's all for our own good.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"Head's up CD, the "controlled substances" will not be as inexpensive."

Honest officer. I have no idea why that's growing on my land. Honest.

<What did you say that was? Mary Jane who?>

FreeNewEnergy's picture

A friend once had a cogent moment and an interesting idea. He said, to wit: Imagine what would happen if word went out across the USA to all the stoners to just start scattering their seeds everywhere - parks, front lawns, vacant lots, roadsides, etc. In four to six months there would be MJ plants all over the country. So long, war on drugs.

What if somebody on facebook gets the thought and starts spreading the word? Not that I condone such brazen activity mind you, but I don't believe there's much of a crime in scattering seeds about in most states.

gmrpeabody's picture

Oh contraire..., wasn't some farmer just arrested last week for scattering some seeds that he actually paid for...

Relentless's picture

Way back in the 80s, when i was still a kifd in school MJ was found growing in the planters outside the local police station. It was several weeks old and not one officer had noticed it in all that time. Obviously someone was spreading peace and love :)


Agent P's picture

Did Monsanto have anything to do with it?  I know they go after the farmers who do the same thing with second gen corn.