Anthony Weiner To Prop Up NYC Mayoral Campaign With Many More Naked Pictures Of Himself

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Anothny Weiner, NYC's muppet former congressman, and as we reported yesterday, the man who following his disgraceful fall from grace announced his mayoral campaign on YouTube, continues to be the gift that keeps on giving... if mostly naked pictures of his anatomy to various women. As the WaPo reports, "Former congressman and newly announced New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner (D) said in an interview Thursday morning with WNYC-FM that there could be women coming forward with more e-mails or photos from the inappropriate digital conversations that led to his resignation in 2011." In other words, where there was one naked photo, there will be many, many more.

“It is what it is,” Weiner said. “People may decide they want to come forward and say, here’s another email that I got or another photo. I’m certainly not going to do that. So people may hear things that are true, they may hear things that are not true, but I’m going to try to keep being focused on issues that are important to New York City.”


Weiner acknowledged that his campaign will include “a lot of apologizing,” but says he hopes people will first give him a chance to make his case and then think about voting for him.


“I’m not asking people to say just forget it and pretend it never happened,” he said. “I’m maybe not asking for a second chance, giving me a vote, but for now giving me a second chance to hear what I have to say.”


He has said he is not going to disclose much more about his foibles, saying he wants to protect the women involved, and he continued to say that Thursday.


“I’m going to try and give them as much information as I can about it,” he said. “There’s no doubt about it: I made very big mistakes. I compounded it immeasurably by being dishonest about it.”

And naturally, to a population that wants nothing more than to rubberneck at ever more gruesome circuses (in lieu of bread) - recall 38% of New Yorkers can't wait to see him run - this is the best possible news. After all what better way to feel good about oneself than to watch someone get humiliated and disgraced in public on a daily basis.

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toxic8's picture

Anthony WEINER ... perv

Jack LEW ... FED lacky

Wolf BLITZER ... propoganda extraordinaire

... anyone ever wonder, just who the hell is writing the script for this freak show of an existence?


What's in a name anyway? The part? The whole? Form follows meaning, but meaning manifests as form...

Stackers's picture

A true clinical psychopath if I ever saw one. Zero remorse or shame.


Lack of empathy or remorse

Seeks power over others

Habitual liar

pretty text book.

the Absurd's picture

You know, this guy has surely been made fun of his entire life because of his last name.

So, the psychology behind his quest for power and his personality probably is related to that too - he was bullied, so now he wants to do the bullying.  Not that that makes it okay, but might explain some of it.

I can't stand him or his supporters, so part of me thinks it would be kind of funny to have him in office as the city descends into the chaos of collapse.

HulkHogan's picture

Weiner says in the article, “There’s no doubt about it: I made very big mistakes.."


Don't fllater yourself - it's average.

Troll Magnet's picture

In NYC, with a name like Weiner, this guy is a shoo-in.

idea_hamster's picture

A.D. 0 -- "Bread & Circuses"

A.D. 2010 -- "Food Stamps & WienerVision"

It is never different this time.

Pinto Currency's picture


Maybe Weiner can speak about his wife Huma Abedin (former personal assistant to Hillary Clinton at the State Dept) and Huma Abedin's mother's association with the Muslim Brotherhood.

MiguelitoRaton's picture

Weiner is rising in the poles, but all of the exitement could end prematurely with release of new photos.

SilverIsKing's picture

People who had an inkling about this "have a sense of Huma."

knukles's picture

A Whole New Meaning to "Transparency"

jcaz's picture

Here's a thought, Tony- go get a REAL job, and stop sucking off the public teat for once.....

Oh wait- can't get a job because of your history?

Ah- political office makes perfect sense then.....

What- no morals clause in the Mayoral gig?

Chupacabra-322's picture

Typical Meglomanic, Zionist piece of SHIT!  He needs to be castrated and made to eat his own testacles.

rbg81's picture

Regardless of how he was born, Weiner is NO Zionist.  He probably no longer even considers himself Jewish. What Zionist would marry a member of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Jumbotron's picture

Even a picture of Weiner with his clothes on is still a sex picture seeing as how he is a walking dick.

So of course we will see more pictures of dick in the coming weeks.

That would include Bloomberg as well.

eatthebanksters's picture

He wants to change New York to Weiner this guy a fucking clueless narcisstic megalomaniac?  What does it say about his wife?  She obviously likes abusive relationships...

macholatte's picture




Liberalism is a mental disorder.



The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites.

-- Orwell 's 1984


eatthebanksters's picture

There are two kinds of people: 1. Those that live by rules of fair play, sek a balanced life and recognize trade offs between instant gratification and long term security.  These people care as much about their children and each other as they do about themselves.  They understand that no one is entitled or deserving of anything they don't earn, that life has risks and success is almost impossible without hard work. 2. Then there are those who want everything they can get right now and don't give a shit about anyone but themselves and the here and now.  They don't care if they are making 3 times what they are worth, because they deserve it.  They don't care if their union or political party extorts money out of others.  They believe they are deserving and are entitled because they have no sense of right and wrong.  That's the world we live in and the leader of our country divides it with promises to those who are not deserving but believe they are and takes from those who do not believe they are deserving but work hard to create a good life for themselves and their peers.

cpzimmon's picture

Which Anthoney's wener pole  are you talking about. The one in his pants maybe?

Iwanttoknow's picture

That muslim brotherhood which was founded initially by MI5 and supported by CIA,to fight the evil commies?

Jeremy Roenick's picture

Maybe Weiner can get elected if one of his campaign promises is that they photograph and tweet Huma's weiner this time.....   

auntiesocial's picture

I don't know, it could get sticky...

CaptainObvious's picture

I've already got a campaign slogan for him:

Vote Anthony Weiner:  A male whiner who e-mailed his wiener

I'm not sure if his surname is pronounced "whiner" or "wiener" so I thought I'd tag both bases. ;)

johnQpublic's picture


for the mother fucking wiener

Blankenstein's picture

No.  It has been shown that these types of manipuative people (narcissists, psychopaths, etc.) come from varying back grounds and that their motivations are not defensive, but agressive and offensive.  Stop perpetuating the myth that these toxic people use to weasel out of responsibility.  

Stoploss's picture

What's his middle name??


Oh right,

Ishoma, Anthony Ishoma Weiner?  Is that it?

flacon's picture

Them fuckin' Irish. I tell ya.... ;)

LeisureSmith's picture

I Am Fishead

A good documentary describing people of Wiener's ilk. 

Never seen it? Watch it. Seen it? Watch it once more. Very educational. Know your Psychopath.

pods's picture

Absolutely.  Things that would make most of us hang our heads in shame and slink away these people merely have to readjust their message.

There just is no shame.

Scary how these people always end up in power positions.  They play by different rules.

To them, the end justifies any means necessary.


Ghordius's picture

call me an ignorant outsider but this reinforces some of my prejudices about American politics and the vector on which they are traveling: 1. Democrats are becoming more and more a women's party (and Republicans more and more a men's party) - 2. His behaviour is perfect to woo the Female Vote - including his call for forgiveness for past misdeeds and the way he uses his body. "Come on, baby, give me another chance..."

(this from a continent where politicians are famous for their average ugliness, btw)

Fuh Querada's picture

Bare-asso, Gollum, Murkle, Screwbli, LaRetarde, to name but a few

They trynna catch me ridin dirty's picture

"American" politics are no more "American" at this point than the Weimar Republic's politics were "German."

kchrisc's picture

Beyond the foolishness and criminality of voting in the first place, that this scumbag has support from the sheeple leaves one with a large sense of despair for the human race and Americans in particular.

rbg81's picture

In what way, shape or form is this guy qualified to be mayor of New York?  Through his behavior, he has shown he is not qualified to be a Dog Catcher.


The only (ONLY) reason he's in the race is because of his connection with the Cintons.  Period.  Dot.  And when you get to the heart of it, that's the problem with politics.  It's all about connections -- actual merit be damned.

DaveyJones's picture

"To them, the end justifies any means necessary"

say what? we would never kill for oil, especially our own

Never One Roach's picture

Weener promises The Naked Truth, so he might stand a chance....who knows?

JeffB's picture

Sounds like a decent resume for a political puppet application.

Someone is apparently willing to finance his campaign. I doubt he could/would finance it out of his own pocket and it's even less likely he'd make such an announcement if he didn't have at least some promising support and encouragement.


Freddie's picture

His wife is Huma aka Hillary's girlfriend aka daughter of Muslim Brotherhood leader.   These people are such scum.  Weiner is such a joke and low life.

thewhigs's picture

All the qualities needed to make a good politician.

Jumbotron's picture

"A true clinical psychopath if I ever saw one. Zero remorse or shame.


Lack of empathy or remorse

Seeks power over others

Habitual liar

pretty text book."


Which is why his wife Huma and Hillary Clinton are shag-gagging on the down low. 


Bill Clinton confirms it: Hillary is a lesbian:

“She’s probably eaten more pussy than I have.”

[Gennifer Flowers, Passion and Betrayal, p.42]

0b1knob's picture

Are there any women in the State dept., DHS or anywhere else in the US government who AREN'T lesbians?

GubbermintWorker's picture

So, he's comparable to Mayor Bloomberg?

Liquid Courage's picture

Sure ... "pretty text book" ... but will he make the new DSM-5 looney-list, or is that just for diagnosing Muppets?


Chuck Walla's picture

All I know is Wiener's poll is rising.


Overfed's picture


As far as I'm concerned, assassination has really become an under-utilized political tool.

Dingleberry's picture

the elected hillary. they'll re-elect him. this is new york we are talking about people.

emersonreturn's picture

tylers i love that you bring friday humour every day of the week.