China's Bird Flu Goes Airborne

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As if China was not suffering enough from a slumping economy, the South China Morning Post now reports that the H7N9 'bird flu' virus that has infected 131 people (and killed 36) so far can be transmitted not only by close contact but by airborne exposure. Domestic reports suggest the virus appears to be brought under control largely through restrictions at bird markets but the team at the University of Hong Kong has also found that pigs can be infected (cue 'when pigs can fly' pun). The findings suggest that there may be many more cases that have been detected or reported since "people may be transmitting the virus before they know they've even got it."


Click image for interactive map of 'bird flu' infections...

For more information on individual patients infected: blue, patients infected with the H7N9 virus under treatment; red, those infected with H7N9 who have died; yellow, those who have fully recovered; and pink, those infected other types of the Influenza A virus, including H1N1.



The H7N9 bird flu virus can be transmitted not only through close contact but by airborne exposure, a team at the University of Hong Kong found after extensive laboratory experiments.




"We also found that the virus can infect pigs, which was not previously known," said Dr Maria Zhu Huachen, a research assistant professor at HKU's School of Public Health.




It was found the virus could spread through the air, from one cage to another, albeit less efficiently.




This means there may be more cases than have been detected or reported.




"People may be transmitting the virus before they even know that they've got it," Zhu said.




She said the government had collaborated with HKU on intensive surveillance of both birds and pigs. Zhu added that people who regularly had close contact with live poultry or pigs should take precautions, have routine body checks and report their case immediately if they feel unwell.

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Zer0head's picture

so a few dead birds

what's the issue? - people hunt the feathered little effers all the time


on the other hand for humans  this is a good resource


and follow this dude he is a birdflu truther (serious) 


ZerOhead's picture

There you go thinking without a license again Junior...

Ever hear of the Spanish influenza? Killed more soldiers during WW1 than the actual war. Fatalities totalled 50 to 100 million around the globe...

It may be a little too early to put a short on KFC but then again...

Most human contractions of the avian flu are a result of either handling dead infected birds or from contact with infected fluids. While most wild birds mainly have only a mild form of the H5N1 strain, once domesticated birds such as chickens or turkeys are infected, it could become much more deadly because the birds are often within close contact of one another.

krispkritter's picture

  "The bird has flown with the goop! Er, flown the coop...!"

This shit's for the birds...

francis_sawyer's picture

A 'bird' flu goes airborne?



Cacete de Ouro's picture

House special: sweaty and sourly pork with 'flying' lice

Wanton1's picture

Most of the people who died of the Spanish Flu in 1918

were vaccinated.

Element's picture



Oh, pure doomertopia, the contagion you are having, when you are having a contagion!

Headbanger's picture

So don't get vaccinated?

Hulk's picture

The real Zer0head has stood up !!!

knukles's picture

Isn't that "people may be transmitting the virus before they know they've even got it." kind of an understatement?  I mean, people get all sorts of stuff, including polio, meningitis, gingivitis, syphilis, flu, colds and the like before they even know it.
Like uh duh-uh 
Otherwise if people knew they were gonna get it they probably wouldn't get it.

And in any case, what with all the blather by the CDC with flu and vaccines (Gonna be a killer, getchur shots) credibility has been a bit muddled, no?

Lore's picture

Re: "credibility has been a bit muddled, no?"

You bet.  The swine flu scare was more shameless than the global warming scare.  Local shopping malls leased out big spaces for setup of huge vaccination operations centers, with tables and chairs set up like a bingo hall without the bingo...  It was such a grand, ridiculous charade!  Most of the localsignored it.  It was amusing to walk by and see all the government drones in their special outfits standing around, looking bored -- your tax dollars at work...  The tamiflu vendor make a FORTUNE.  I was ordered to attend a meeting for government communications planners where the explicit priority was to keep people out of their homes and spending money.  PRIORITY WAS TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM SELF-QUARANTINING. 

knukles's picture

And get this one...
One of my buds in the county medical authority... they'd received oodles and oodles of flu vaccine from the Federal Gubamint, for free... your federal Tax Dollars at Work
Hardly any of the shit was used in spite of free shots being given everywhere from the drug stores and groceries to the doctors offices, hospitals, schools, whatever.
There was the grand idea to immunize a buncha people outside the continental US so there was demand from offshore entities for vaccines... which the county had a bazillion doses of just sitting in storage.

And they couldn't sell it or give it away because that was part of the deal from the Feds ...
So the county had to pay for proper disposal (by incineration) after nobody wanted it.
And no, there was not a pandemic in my area.
Now I get out quite a bit, lotsa golf, and bazillion meetings (12 step, big swath of cross conmmunity exposure) with lots  and lots of different people.  And hardly anybody got anything more than their regular winter chest colds.

Waste of fucking money, Propaganda Deluxe.
Why the wanna vaccinate us can only be surmised, but there is some seriously scary shit with Bill Gates (Microsoft) on YouTube at an odl TED conference expousing population control drugs being surreptitiously included in vaccines....  And this is not a joke... he's on tape saying that crap.
The Leviathan Subsumes....

WillyGroper's picture

>>>>>some seriously scary shit with Bill Gates (Microsoft) on YouTube at an odl TED conference expousing population control drugs being surreptitiously included in vaccines.... 

If the alleged vaccinces work as good as his POS operating system, we won't even get Mozart & movies of tulips blowing in the breeze. Just his BSoD. What a monied arrogant fuck. 

knukles's picture

Sweet reference, dude.  :)

Element's picture

lol ... you forgot, "Like Humans Do"

"I'm breathing in, I'm breathing out ... wooeeoowooee" </cough up lung>

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Next Ted speech:  Long Pork. 

p.s. It's what's on the menu.

The Heart's picture

"(12 step, big swath of cross conmmunity exposure)"

Good evening Knuckles.

You are a friend of Mr Bill?

Been one also for 22 years and life has never been so good without the al-kill-hol monster.

Much support and congrats on your clarity.



Jena's picture

You're right, if someone's been exposed to an infectious disease and they are now infected themselves, they spreading it without realizing.  The period between when one is actively contagious and when one is sick enough to feel really crappy varies mostly due to what bug it is (and those particulars) and the person's immune status. 

Most people attribute the first aches and pains to their last workout or just being tired and won't realize they need to stay away from others until they really start to show symptoms. By then, they've probably infected someone else -- generally someone they wouldn't mean to.

duhhhhhh's picture

the problem with flu emminating from china and particularly the ones that are air bourne is that the chinese farming culture and government are idiots and as a result poultry and hogs are raised in close proximity to one another. Why does this matter and how does this make them idiots you might ask? Most pandemic flus emanate from china as a result of their backward farming practices. Humans cannot contract normal bird virus but can from pigs but pigs and poultry can exchange virus. this is particularly troublesome for humans when a flu has mutated from bird to pig to human because the bird flu which is radically different from normal human strains has acquired human like antigens through the pigs but so different that our white blood cells dont have a key to unlock the proper defense in response to the flu attack that we are usually dead before our immunity can respond accordingly. the cdc in any given month is flying multiple samples from china in an effort to prepare the flu vaccine for the following fall flu season. their window for preparation is very narrow as the summer approaches when they decide which variants or strains will be incubated in chicken eggs for the next few months and ultimately produce the vaccine. Should they miss the signs of the global killer prior to vaccine production then millions will likely die. The great pandemics usually grab their foothold through exploitation of the weaker humans such as children and elderly and then ultimately the more health general populace. Unfortunately, once again, we have china to thank for another potential human tragedy. Its kind of a big deal.





jon dough's picture

+1, Zer0head, Henry is top notch.

HulkHogan's picture

27% mortality rate.That's pretty big. Ebola in Sudan was a 60% mortality rate, and 90% in Zaire. Montreal smallpox was around 35%. Black plague was like 50%.



Jena's picture

So far the mortality of MERS nCoV, the coronavirus related to SARS originating in the Middle East is running around 50% with 43 cases and 22 deaths. 

A notable aspect is that two of the cases were healthcare workers, either demonstrating a break in technique (probably) or severity of pathogenicity.

SWCroaker's picture

Transmitted before you even know you're sick.   Air transmissible.

This... is starting to feel like some creepy Richard Preston novel.   Man made?  Or just nature dealing with an over abundant supply of hosts?

Cdad's picture

Pigs can be infected

Errr...something about 6,000 dead pigs floating in the river?  Anyone?  No...wait...was that 12,000 dead pigs in the river?

Flagit's picture

what was that movie.....

knukles's picture

Contagion... one of the most NWO big gubamint supportive propaganda films of all time.  A story of how the gubamint took care of the dealy nefarions disease gonna wipe us all out via a subculture of minority, divorced, adulterous, LGBT rebels within the structured otherwise inefficient FEMA organization, rose to the occasion (after military leadership and structure failed) to save mankind, leaving the viewer with a subliminal unmistakeable strong message to support and highly fund the government for your own good.

Propaganda deluxe
Just like the new Sart Trek continuing the war on terror for your own safety and enjoyment.

Eddie Bernays would be proud.
The Leviathan Subsumes

CaptainObvious's picture

Yup.  I'm not freaking out until I hear bats can get it, too.  Then I'm stocking up on forsythia.

Cdad's picture was 16,000 mysteriously dead pigs in the Shanghai water supply.  I'm sure that was nothing, though, as the Chinese government assured folks and everything. 


nmewn's picture

Yes...I was combining bird flu with floating pigs.

I do weird shit like that, its a flashback, I thnk ;-)

knukles's picture

Don't bogart that pig, my man, pass it over to me...

juangrande's picture

My parents should have never let me listen to that album! BTW, I saw them in Houston for this concert in '77ish.

jon dough's picture

Saw them at Soldier's Field in Chi town in 77. Fucking awesome sound system, microdot enhanced.

Sigh...those were the days. The Dead at the Uptown, Devo at the Aragon, Zappa at the Uptown, Rush at the Chicago Stadium...

Jesus, what happened to that guy?

juangrande's picture

You mean that pig floating overhead wasn't real???

Darksky's picture

Damn it. If i hear one note of this song i have to listen to the entire album. Its a flashback thing. Be back in 41 minutes 41 seconds.

LeisureSmith's picture

As your lawyer, i advise you to draw a bath, get in and have someone throw a stereo playing that song into the water (cordless wont work). If that doesn't cure your ails, have someone throw an Orange at your face. 

Disenchanted's picture

OMG! nmewn linking to progressive rock...

the planet must be on tilt. ;p

yabyum's picture

I will get my shots ( i'am a nurse and see lots of sick people) I will not give up bacon!! Chest pain be damned!

Tenshin Headache's picture

Those pigs were tested and found not to have been infected. Probably some kind of industrial cause. Plus H7N9 does not transmit between pigs (yet) so you would not see a large number die like that.

The Heart's picture

"Errr...something about 6,000 dead pigs floating in the river?  Anyone?  No...wait...was that 12,000 dead pigs in the river?"

Testing...testing...testing 1...2...3.

Harbanger's picture

The swine influenza virus morphs rather quickly.  Just to give you a heads up, it's one of the most deadly pandemics in human history.

Nehweh Gahnin's picture

Scanning down to see if anyone beat me to it...  BINGO!

buzzsaw99's picture

now that is some good doom

NidStyles's picture

"This is good for demand, because people will need vaccines and disinfectants to protect themselves."


/Krugman analysis.


Am I doing it right? :-P



Cdad's picture

You are exhibiting perfect Maria Bartiromoness

CaptainObvious's picture

You could take that even further, if you really want to go full Krugman.  When they run out of the vaccines and disinfectants, people will start breaking the windows of the pharmacies and grocery stores and hospitals looking for more.  You gotta get the broken windows in there somehow, see?