Japan Has Officially Gone Insane

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On one hand:


and on the other


We give up: raging schizophrenia and a sado-maso fetish is now a core prerequisite for anyone who wishes to follow the daily lies these central planning sociopaths spew with impunity.

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Desperation phase...

Ben Bernanke threatening to pull the QE plug, Kyle Bass splainin' it to them again, out of control volatility in rates, bubble stock market...and Abe/Kuroda still don't know that THEY are causing it.

And in the meantime, all across the globe, there is nary an actual market to participate in.

We have arrived...


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I have officially changed the copywrite on the "Ben Bernank" to "Toner Ben" spread the word bitches, SGS is back

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Nemesis of printer cartridge conservation.


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Translation: "We had to destroy the Yen to save the Yen."



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listen closely to the lyrics.. so freaking appropriate

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the daily lies these central planning sociopaths spew with impunity


the New Normal

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The most horrific thing in the entire existence of the universe is that Grace Slick has gotten old.

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No kiddin'. She was so hot, and had an amazing voice.

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voice and visage ..  the past is reality and levers the present and future

the present is not necessarily pretty, no one knows the future, but the past and legacy is what it is

she made her mark in a big way.. more than most of us can claim..

except, of course for some diabolical clowns in finance.

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I don't understand why someone would down-vote this. Whatever, though. I'll just up-vote it an restore a little karmic balance.

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Translation:  "Systemic risk."

Translation:  "We needed to do this to protect the system."

Translation:  "It would have been much worse."

Translation:  "It would have been much better, for you."

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and in about 6 months.....

.... Nobody could have predicted this.

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My take on it all is "We have to destroy the Yen to make way for the Asian Monetary Union" - which will come after the war, China will not be welcome, and all that gold we've been selling to them will be erm, liberated.

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Shouldn't that be "we had to save the Japanese banksters by destroying the Japanese people."

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Nikkei just briefly went red. I thought they were up 300 points less than an hour ago. The wild swings continue.

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Thankfully someone besides me recognizes "looting spree" when they see it. 

Japan is being looted for banksters (and govt).  America is being looted for banksters (and govt). Europe is being looted for banksters (and govt).

The end result in all three cases, currency collapse (from unprecedented printing to buy unprecedented debt). But they'll collapse together, carefully managed so one currency doesn't fall faster than others. Race to the bottom, but carefully managed so all three hit bottom togehter.

If you're on fixed income you're heading for poverty as all three currencies lose value rapidly now. 

And yes a job is fixed income.  Good luck getting any raises in these collapsing economies.  Unless you're a CEO of course.


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I think they are trying to save the country via monetary policy...at least for awhile longer.

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I think he'll rather go by BernanQE, Bennie BernanQE - or Mr. Q(E), for short.

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You know if you just continually say the collapse is imminent..someday you might be right! Batting 1 for 1000?

nonclaim's picture

And what exactly is your view on this?

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Um, I just decided to let the milk run spit out.  Everywhere.

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Simple point - he's right.
Calling the down-side collapse is easy... Just keep yelling.
Doesn't make you smart or right.
Eventually everything does come to an end... That's called life

Jack-off, who thinks he's enlightened and informed

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*sigh* I do believe the collapse is imminent

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A mirror to our future is Japan.

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"At this time I have decided not to speak," says Abe.

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"And to clarify why I'm not going to speak, let me make a few points.  Now first..."

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Japan's future is a geta stomping on a human face forever.

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JAPAN has arrived. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Between_Scylla_and_Charybdis and of course this was the answer to "the answerable": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubicon but this latter option is not available to Japan. It sure is to the USA though...

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Yeah Cdad, I've followed Dan Norcini for a long time and he is not a pumper. He is trader trying to make a living in these markets. Today he said,

"Look at the volume surge when Bernanke opened his testimony and was QE bullish.  Then, look at the complete reversal lower and the surge in volume as all of those who just bought the market on his early comments were forced to rush back out having been handed an enormous loss. As a trader I have to deal with what is, not what I wish were, but even saying that, this sort of perverse volatility is further evidence in my own mind that the Fed has destroyed the integrity of the US financial markets.  They are now a mere playground with no useful or legitimate commercial purpose at this point." 

Japan is screwed, but the Bernank is the cause of much of this financial destruction whenever he opens his mouth. 



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There is no longer any price discovery in the market.  It is no longer even remotely associated with the economy.  Fundamental analysis of stocks, when done well, is bound to hurt you on any position you take...as much as help you.  Plug in thousands of computers firing off brave new HFT trading strategies, introduce the randomness of Fed commentary, and what you have is...a pachinko machine.

Ben Bernake's perversion of the US bond market is even worse.

Thank you, Ben, for this wasteland you have made for us. 

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It's all Obama's fault, waaaaahhhh!!!! Dang commies are everywhere.  

All the big market crashes happen under the elephants.

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"Now you listen to me, trooper boy! We got a swamp full of Black Russians drivin' boats to beat the band down here..."


~Sheriff JW Pepper

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What are you? Some kinda doomsday machine boy?

Well WE got a cage strong enough to hold an animal like you here!

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TPTB don't seem to mind so long as the stock markets move higher and higher.


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Please not to worry. All is well.

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Me:  I am not crazy.

Me:  Yes you are.

Me:  Go fuck yourself.

Me:  No, go fuck YOURself.


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Then the double fisting happens...

We are in the double fisting phase of this insanity.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Never go full double fisting.  Or as Mick Jagger may say, "I know, I'm only elbow deep but I like it, like it, yes I do."

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I have to tell you all... in all seriousness.
I am damned glad that I got clean and sober many years ago, because trying to deal with this shit right now would really have given me the perfect excuse to drink and drug to escape the crazies.
This is insane.
Not only the doing, which history demonstrates manifold that it's gonna end serious bad... serious bad...
But the dissembling, media manipulation, perceptions management and propaganda efforts!
It is Insane!

No wonder people talk about the End of Days, planet Nibrus, the Apocalypse and UFOs and the like, For Fucks Sakes!  They're being driven to that shit to in some way, to cope with the madness!
No wonder people want to just immerse them selves in Dancing with the Shit, overeating and the like.

They just want to escape!
Hell, we all come here to the Hedge to do the very same thing, in part, to keep our sanity!

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Remember "blackout dialing"?  Calling people on the phone while drunk?  They had to tell you the next day what you had to say.   I think there will be more "drunk commenting" here at The Hedge in days to come.  I've seen evidence of it in a few posts I think.   It's understandable.  These days, like you, I'm glad I can not only remember where my car is, I can comment and don't have to research my own posts to read what I said the day before!

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I call it PUI, posting under the influence...

Dead Canary's picture

My God! Are we ALL ex drunkalcoholics here!

Canary. 5yrs

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Nope. I'm aspiring to become one...



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"Hell, we all come here to the Hedge to do the very same thing, in part, to keep our sanity!"


Yeah ~ Now that the 'CheesePopes' have found a way to stifle free speech, [globally], by waving some papers around from a little shithole in Switzerland, I feel much more... Ummm. SANE!...

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Can you explain cheesepopes?  I'm a little slow sometimes.