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The only sane central banker in the world, the Bundesbank's Jens Weidmann, take the prize for today's quote of the day with the following:


So do we. They will need it.

And some other pearls from his speech:


And now cue the Princetonians.

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we (zh readers) do NOT wish Europe good luck in their experiments.

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If you've done the same f'ing crap for 20 years, and plan to do it for a 21st, that's no longer an experiment -- that just bat-shit crazy.

--Albert Einstien (or words of that nature)

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big Al also said . . .  QE = MC²

Or was that big Ben?

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No -- Big Ben said, "Bong!"

Or was that Obama?

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Jens' language suggests thoughts of Imperial Japan's notorious "Unit 731" in China.

I'd bet more than a couple Chinese thought the same thing with Jens' particular choice of language.

I highly doubt the Chinese will permit their people to suffer under another form of Japanese "experimentation".

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When the fact that Greece was having some financial difficulties first crept into the public consciousness, there was some discussion both in the MSM as well as here (to be sure, the discussion on ZH began, literally, years earlier) to the effect that their (the Greeks', that is to say) problems could and would become our problems (wherever *we* might happen to be).

So far, I've really not seen this kind of discussion with respect to Japan's current troubles. Is it in fact possible that Japan could sink into the Pacific (either literally or metaphorically), and the rest of the world would not notice?

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Well.    One freaking big sucking hole.   Lots of carry trade unwind.   End of massive imports by Japan from Australia.  And ur flux capacitor cross correlation gizmo gets all whacked out of alignment to boot.....

I think a freaking big pile of money could fix that right up!   Ben!   Hey Ben!

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The others (esp. the flux cap.) I agree, but why would this cause carry trade unwind? In fact, wouldn't it be the opposite?

Also, other than the specific case of someone exporting koala bears to Japan as pets, well, ... ?

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Imo, 'America' was the experiment for 'them'...on 'us'...

Invention of new religions (i.e.,Mormons, Witnesses, Scientology) new culture, consumers, etc...a new breed.



bada da dat daaaa...'Im loving it'...

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"we (zh readers) do NOT wish Europe good luck in their experiments."

we (part of the zh readers) DO know about your sentiment

what we do NOT know is WHY


imho it's a massive case of PROJECTION

Farage the EU Ron Paul, the ECB the other FED, etc. etc. Sorry, but I sincerily never read any reason besides "opposition by projected comparison"

at least a lot of angry Brits have a tangible reason: they have retired in the eurozone, their income streams are in Sterling and they'd like to have the EUR go way down in a BoE devaluation follow-up

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Luck? Luck! They don't need no luck. Richard CooKoo correctly advised them to simply state that they will not tolerate too much inflation.

They should release that statement sooner than later just to be on the safe side.

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lol.  Or maybe they could game the JGB market by having CooKoo release a statement in the moring about "tapering bond purchases", then have VooDoo in the afternoon say "no such thing".  Of course having a media shill release each statement in real time as they say it would be just too far fetched, so I would never accuse a central bank that degree of Big Brother-dom.


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and from China to Japan:  May you live in interesting times !

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Ah, the paradox of the rational investor (Kyle Bass).  Is there a rational investor left?

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China laughs on top of their gold hoard.

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you can thank Francis Adams later. talk about a Battle Royale at the Fed HQ now. "to exit or not to exit"? we'll need more data...but the speed with which it comes might be too much for the system to handle.

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I would laugh from on top of my hoard but its kinda tough to laugh wearing scuba gear.

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Weidmann publicly trolling Abe.  LOL.  Only thing he forgot to add was "Bitchez" at the end.

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must be possible??? possible??? as in state insolvencies arent already a here and now reality??????? hello!!! greece??? spain???  WTF man!!!............

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Does Cyprus still have a connection to the internet ?

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Formal insolvencies, not just de facto where the cards are shuffled around. Lets see how some real formal insolvencies look for commercial and central bank balance sheets. ........i know which side of this i would want to be on.

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As a Dutchman I want "the union" to implode. So by all means, please experiment.

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May the Japanese Economic alchemists find all that they've searched for...

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Give me nickles or give me POMO.

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My Quote of the Day:

Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.  

 Matt Groening


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But Bullard said that Qe by the ECB will make you strong, like the US and Japan? What gives?

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Translation: "Bwaa haa haa! Ha Haa haahaa ha ha ha ha -- mphh -- HA HA HA HA!! -- snerk --- hee hee"

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Ruck? Japan no need stinking ruck. Japan has Gordzirra.

Edit : I think I may have violated something.

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Concentrated wealth and power are intrinsically sociopathological by their very nature

"Defense Against the Psychopath (video, 37 minutes; the many photos of political, religious and secular leaders will likely offend many/most; if you look past these outrages, there is useful information here)

The Sociopath Next Door (video, 37 minutes)

As C.D. observes, once sociopaths rule an organization or nation, they create a zombie army of secondary sociopaths beneath them as those who resist are undermined, banished, fired or exterminated. If there is any lesson to be drawn from Iraq, it is how a single sociopath can completely undermine and destroy civil society by empowering secondary sociopaths and eliminating or marginalizing anyone who dares to cling to their humanity, conscience and independence.

“Going along to get along” breeds passive acceptance of sociopathology as “the new normal” and mimicry of the values and techniques of sociopathology as the ambitious and fearful (i.e. almost everyone) scramble to emulate the “successful” leadership.

Organizations can be perverted into institutionalizing sociopathology via sociopathological goals and rules of conduct. Make the metric of success in war a body count of dead “enemy combatants” and you’ll soon have dead civilians stacked like cordwood as proof of every units’ outstanding success.

Make lowering unemployment the acme of policy success and soon every agency will be gaming and manipulating data to reach that metric of success. Make higher grades the metric of academic success and soon every kid is getting a gold star and an A or B.
culture is based on myth, politics based on culture, thinking has
nothing to do with it.

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Corporations are also sociopathic by nature: see The Corporation DVD.

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Which Eastern language is it where the word for "crisis" and "opportunity" are the same word.

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None.  You're probably thinking of the Chinese character for 'crisis' which is composed of the character for 'danger' and the one for 'opportunity'.

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Speaking of experiments:  "Epic Rap Battles of History - Doc Brown vs Doctor Who"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDj7gvc_dsA (link opens in new window/tab)

I'm not into rap but my Daughter showed it to me, pretty funny stuff.

They need to do "Bernanke vs Kuroda".

p.s. - Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates (cameo by Hal 9000)


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It's looking more and more to me that Japan is about the be the center of a third disaster in 80 years, 2 in the past 2 years alone. 


Somewhat OT but it's funny that GE figures prominently in two of them, and all three if you include them in the coming financial event.  Seems to me that they're a favorite of the MIC and way too embedded in our government, as many large multinationals seem to be.  I'm like everyone else here, wondering when the merry go round stops.  All I hear is circus music.

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You know come to think of it, maybe Godzilla will come from this event.  I wonder what interesting mutations we'll get from THAT little gift.  Brought to you by greed and incompetence of the upper echelons.  I feel for those workers to sacrificed themselves to save their fellow humanity.  The truth is rarely told and justice rarely happens.

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The internationalists hate Japan's guts because it is the one remaining nation able to present a significant obstacle to their plans for world domination, who still refuses to destroy itself with third world immigration and free trade agreements.

Anyone who has read the coverage of Japan in the global media over the past decade or so with a keen eye will have noticed that most stories come back to those same two themes: "Xenophobic," "protectionist," "aging" Japan needs to get with the program and sell out its own people like everyone else has.

Japan is basically the last domino to fall before we enter the real end game. After that, it is going to be Russia (Gog and Magog) versus Israel at some point down the road, Russia will lose, and then we enter the satanic Pax Judaica, followed by the return of the Word to bring it all to an end.

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Well I think they were sold out 20 years ago.  I see it another way, Japan is just one of many dominoes which have been falling, some are still in mid motion, and other are still standing.  Almost like a 3D version of dominoes.  I'd be surprised if you see any direct Russia/Israel contact, it will be via a proxy.  I think the "westernized" asian countries will have problems, as will Europe, and then the USSA.  My thoughts run to war before the finalized collapse financially of this iteration of the banking ponzi game.  Then reset.  I could be wrong but I've heard this song before.  It doesn't end well for many.

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Do not forget, that Jens Weidmann has been "kaltgestellt" by Angela, election year, he is just the scapegoat, or beter the french way, le guignol! Or the german way, the "Hofnarr"!

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To put it bluntly, controlled opposition and still part of the club.

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Well, Weidmann is 18 years into his own experimentation.