Yet Another Debt Chart That Is Not Big Enough To Fit Japan

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By now every single chart laying out every possible permutation of a hopelessly insolvent and overlevered world has been compiled, created, colored and in some cases, animated and socially networked. The following chart showing global debt dynamics over time from the WSJ is no different: it is animated (check) it has lots of pretty colors (check), and it is quite informative because it remembers that in addition to public sector debt, there is a thing called the private sector (sadly it avoids shadow debt: perhaps someone good at making 3D animated charts should take a stab?) and succeeds in incorporating everything in one cool animation.

Yet why it may be most memorable, or not as the case may be, is that it is merely the latest chart in a seemingly infinite series which are just not big enough to fit Japan.  Perhaps it is time to make a chart of all the charts that need to be bigger to show the true Japanese state of affirs.

That, or in reverence to the sadist joke, pardon "experiment" (as Jens Weidmann would say) that is Abenomics, we can finally start making bigger charts.

Interactive global debt dynamics chart after the jump:

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World Wide March Against Monsanto

TOMORROW 2pm Everywhere

Get out and let your voices be heard, help to stop GMO and the takeover of our food supply!

Monsanto can be stopped, the first victores have all ready been won

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Monsanto? Is that japanese for DOOMED?

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US 2012, 86.4% public debt 260% private debt. Success! 

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If I read the chart right, it's a race to the top right corner. If I am correct we are sitting in good position to reach it first. Come onnnnn USA!!!!!

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I'm not usually into thread jacking -- but the above request is worth considering.


  Monsanto is a Lucifarian corporation.

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I think that'll be the last one for today, been dropping them all over the net. Natives on ZH are getting restless...never for self promotion only for selfless and worthy causes.

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enough with fairy tales. these guys are after profit, and lots and lots of it, period. and not after some made-up deity. get real people. religion is an opium, get rid of it.

funny that some guys despise the media and hollywood for hypnotizing the masses yet cannot see the fact that religion is doing the same thing.

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keep your O/T's to the back pages...

" but the above request is worth considering".



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"... stop GMO and the takeover of our food supply!"

What a fucking pathetic trivial bull shit!!!!!

What about "... stop fiat money, fractional reserve banking and continual wars ..."!!!!!!!!

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All fairly petty concerns when you can't fucking eat bro.

dtwn's picture

You're not going to be able to eat due to fiat destroying food prices, not from GMOs.

JohnnyBriefcase's picture

You can GROW and HUNT your own food you fucking retard.


I'm just going to assume you are a troll at this point.

Well done.

dtwn's picture

Umm, no shit.  Garden and fish myself.  Don't know why the troll accusation.  The average person living in the city or suburbs doesn't have the skills, knowledge, or access to land in order to derive calories from it.  For those reasons, the majority of our human population is going to be subjected to fluctuations in food prices.  Those food prices are very likely to be impacted by the death throes of fiat.  

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The GMO companies have been conducting a massive & extremely dangerous experiment in fucking with nature to predictable failure.

If this were academic research it would be chalked up to a failed hypothesis, but instead these companies use their profits to hire PR firms and top lawyers to win a PR campaign rather than demonstrate that the science works. 

Certainly there are scientists who sincerely believe they can defeat nature, but most folks with brains know the correct name for such people - idiots. 

MisterMousePotato's picture

Mel Barthalomew (and others) would disagree with you with respect to most people living in the suburbs, and many people living in the city.

They trynna catch me ridin dirty's picture

Or when the food you eat is making you sick, physically and mentally.

Bobportlandor's picture

I had corn last night and it's not as good as it was in the 60 70s.

I want real food back,

kaiserhoff's picture

Different kind of corn Bob, but then again, is anyone as good as he was in the 70s?

As good once as I ever was?

They trynna catch me ridin dirty's picture

Try organic non-GMO food, or as our grandparents called it, "food."

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With all due respect orez...

That is far from trivial...its just as important as the other 'fronts' as i like to call them where the elite is attacking us.


In no particular order:

Front 1 - destruction of financials

Front 2 - destruction of food/water (monsanto)

Front 3 - destruction of gender (gay agenda, feminist agenda)

Front 4 - destruction of religion (rise in atheism)

Front 5 - destruction of family

etc...Divide & Conquer. Period.

All just as important as the other as it is designed to physically, mentally and spiritually turn us into unmoral, mindless zombies.


klockwerks's picture

Blotto, all correct and thanks

James_Cole's picture

Front 4 - destruction of religion (rise in atheism)

Wth?? How's atheism the destruction of religion? People go ahead and believe in whatever they want I don't care, just as long as I'm free to not believe in any of it. 

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Not to put Blotto's post down because it was spot on but 1,2 and 4 should be 'control' instead of destruction.

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one caveat?  just no meat cleavers.  definitely no meat cleavers.  otherwise believe in whatever you want

Jekyll_n_Hyde_Island's picture

+1 BLOTTO -- you have restored some of my faith in the ZH community.


  You see, my faith in ZH, it's been wavering lately with a bunch of new or waking up from hibernation full Monty retards and twits, (your down votes) espousing and voting about shit they have no idea about.  Perhaps I was disillusioned to think that this would be a magical haven from stupidity.

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When food inflation goes parabolic, you stupid fucks will be begging for GMO foods. Remember that little drought in the US last year? Combine crop losses from climate with rising energy prices and you'll be paying out the ass for a tortilla. GMOs are the left's equivalent of climate change for the right. Monsanto is not taking over our food supply. They offer a product that helps some farmers under some circumstances. Read the farming forums, see what the people who actually use those products for their living say about them. Not everyone uses them, many farmers still use naturally bred crop varieties as they yield better. Edumacate yourself rather than regurgitating 'everything's a conspiracy' bullshit.

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As an FYI Monsanto has hired some serious muscle both on the Internet and in the physical to manage their disinformation campaign. They have recently started working with Blackwater:

Here is some food for thought:

French gmo research finds monsanto corn causes cancer

Proof that gmos cause cancer severe liver and kidney damage and early death

Gmo corn and roundup caused cancer and killed rats

Monsanto sues farmers seed patents

Farmers fight monsanto


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Here is a little tip, all corn be it GMO or not is not our natural food. We have not evolved to eat grains of any type so it's best to stick to what the human race evolved on. If you cant spear it or pick it up of the ground and eat it raw then don't eat it.

akak's picture

Actually, that is not true at all.  Modern humans are NOT cavemen!

For 10,000 years humans have been practicing agriculture, and it is naive and uninformed to believe that we have not evolved at least to a fair extent to capitalize on this bounty.  Just look at northern and eastern Europeans, and some central Asian populations, who have demonstrably evolved to digest dairy products, which is not a 'natural' ability or the natural state of humankind.  Also notice the relative tolerance to alchohol among those populations (Middle Eastern and southern European) who have been producing alcoholic beverages the longest, as compared to those who have only recently been introduced to it, such as American Indians and Eskimos, among whom the tolerance for it is radically less if almost nonexistent.  Clearly, human evolution has continued in the last 10,000 years.

That said, I am suspicious of GMO food as a whole, and have nothing but contempt and outrage for virtually every aspect of the underhanded and supremely corrupt business practices of Monsanto --- they exemplify in my mind the sociopathic, manipulative, out-of-control tactics of modern corporatism at its very worst.

prains's picture




their entire motive is to capture the food chain

Kobe Beef's picture

Simple Rule: If it comes in a box or a wrapper--don't eat it.

dtwn's picture

I can't comment on the Blackwater link as I know nothing about it.  I don't know what the implications are but, meh, they are a security company, they'll have many clients.  Again, just speculating I don't know anything about this.

Your next three links reference that French study.  If you haven't been following the story after its release, that study was widely discredited, it was extremely sloppy science for a number of reasons.

Your next links about the lawsuit.  OK.  The Supreme Court ruled in the favor of Monsanto.  The issue at heart is an IP issue, and a big issue in the biological sciences in general regarding genes and patents.  It is going to be a long while before these issues are sorted out.  Are there any other companies that haven't sued to protect their product?  Monsanto is no better or worse.

James_Cole's picture

The Monsanto approach DOES NOT WORK, monocultures DO NOT WORK.

Biodiversity is the solution to a host of agriculture related problems and Monsanto is fighting nature tooth and nail chasing patents and profits. 

Monsanto IS the problem not a solution to ANYTHING. 

I've heard so many of these guys explain how the GMO approach will work and they'll be able to keep up with inevitable resistance etc.

Nature always wins. You either play by nature's rules or you lose. Already Monsanto can't keep up. 

The Thunder Child's picture

Monsanto, the main stream media, the pharmaceutical cartel and the banking cartel are all owned by the same group of people.

The make billions from GMO patents and Trillions more from a sick and cancerous population. Genetic engineering is their way to patenting and owning the food supply. Control of the food is control of the population.

It absolutely can not be allowed.

The World According to Monsanto GMO Documentary

Croesus's picture

@ dtwn:

If Monsanto's products were so safe, than they wouldn't be OPPOSED to GMO products being labelled as such.

I find it interesting that Monsanto only serves ORGANIC food in their cafeteria in St. Louis. Why aren't they indulging in any of those "better than God can do it" products they're creating?

This doesn't require an edumacated mind to understand, just an observant one.

I'm extremely suspicious of anyone who says "It's good for you to do, but I'm not going to do it".

To repeat my post from earlier: FUCK MONSANTO.




bunnyswanson's picture (EPA reverses view on fluoridated water).

I can bring in a pic of mice fed nothing but GMO grain so you can see the tumors on their bodies.  Or I can tell you that the patent on the seeds means if you are a farmer, and there are only Monsanto seeds on the shelf, you are fucked.  Or I can tell you that if Monsanta guerrillas show up at your farm and test plants to find a few seeds of theirs in your garden, you'll have to burn the whole field down.

Or I can tell you the fucking GMOs are causing the pollination process to be tainted with ROUNDUP INSECTICIDE / HERBICIDE and may just be killing off the bees.

Or I can say that seeds of Monsanto produce are suboptimal, fragile, crack and cause the seed to be rendered USELESS.


The food supply should not be tampered with by corporations who have only one thing in mind (PROFIT AND CORNERING THE MARKET).

BigInJapan's picture


Here's another tip. You said "They have recently started working with Blackwater". You may want to get yourself up to speed on that one while you and your Occupy buddies at HuffPo pass around the bong because Bro, Blackwater is like totes not Blackwater, yo, or some junk and stuff...

You'd know that if you had any like business like referencing them.


The source quoted by your source says "One of the most incendiary details in the documents is that Blackwater, through Total Intelligence, sought to become the "intel arm" of Monsanto, offering to provide operatives to infiltrate activist groups organizing against the multinational biotech firm." "Sought to become" and nothing else.

Yet another disingenuous barf of links, George Washington hit-and-run style.

Jesus, do you fucking hippies even read the shit your handlers tell you to spread around?

Thread highjacking in the highest order, this one was. Well done, whatever monosyllabic name you've cut the longer one your parents gave you down to.

Meanwhile, debt...

James_Cole's picture

Over the past several years, entities closely linked to the private security firm Blackwater have provided intelligence, training and security services to US and foreign governments as well as several multinational corporations, including Monsanto, Chevron, the Walt Disney Company, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and banking giants Deutsche Bank and Barclays, according to documents obtained by The NationBlackwater's work for corporations and government agencies was contracted using two companies owned by Blackwater's owner and founder, Erik Prince: Total Intelligence Solutions and the Terrorism Research Center (TRC) 

The Thunder Child's picture

Anything intelligent to add to that ad hominem?

What the articles does say, however, is that Monsanto and Blackwater are indeed working together to target anti-Monsanto activists and organizations.

Known as far back as 2010, Blackwater’s client list included Monsanto, Chevron, Walt Disney and many more.

According to documents obtained by Scahill, it was also revealed that Monsanto was willing to pay upwards of $500,000 in order for Blackwater to join anti-Monsanto activist groups and infiltrate the ranks. Furthermore, a number of Internet-based tactics could be utilized as incognito PR for Monsanto, who undoubtedly knew opposition would mount against their GMO crops as more individuals became aware of the dangers.

BigInJapan's picture

Trying to go back in and edit my comment because I've come off like a fool. System won't let me.

Oh well. Sorry about that, TTC. I was way out of line. Not too proud to say so.

In my defence, it isn't even 7AM here and I ought ot have woken up before ranting.

The Thunder Child's picture

I'm actually a business professional and quite humble, far from what you may think. I kind of wish they hadn't stuck the Occupy name on this march, the media did a good job conditioning people to associate that word with jobless hippie potheads.

Apology accepted.

James_Cole's picture

Based on how rough this week was makes sense folks are a bit edgy! Was so stressed this morning my whole body was aching. 

bjfish's picture

Hey sounds like Monsanto runs a tight ship, maybe I should pick up a few shares.  What is their ticker?

They trynna catch me ridin dirty's picture

The same snakes who created the fiat scam also created the food scam. Between the time food leaves the farm and winds up in the supermarket, it is wrung dry of virtually all profit by every middleman shyster from here to Tel Aviv. Futures contracts, the commodities exchange, fiat games, the parasites have a huge bag of tricks with which to cheat producers out of their just recompense.

The farmer farms and produces, the parasites run their three card monty/shell game on him, and the farmer now finds himself cheated out of his harvest and even owing money to them. They've been playing the same games for centuries; that's why the Czar of Russia, answering the complaints of the Russian farmers, quarantined them all in a backwater where they couldn't do any more damage. Now that all the guardians have been overthrown to make way for 'democracy,' we are lambs for the slaughter.

dtwn's picture

Wow, lots o downvotes for promoting education.  ZHedgies appreciate being shown the data when it comes to the dissintigration of our currency and 'markets'.  But asking you people to go look at the GMO data for yourselves results in downvotes?  OK.  Also, FYI, it appears according to some farming forums that among farmers Monsanto isn't the worst ag company out there.  Pioneer (or "Big P") garners a lot of wrath from them.  

The Thunder Child's picture

Downvotes were for an expletive and propaganda filled rant. Most here know the evil deeds of this company, have done their homework and can sniff out shills.

bahaar's picture

One cannot grow naturally bred crop next to a farm growing GMO crop.  Crops cross pollinate.  Don't know if crop crossed with GMO crop results in virile or sterile seed.  

The Thunder Child's picture

The important point is that the naturally bred crop contaminated by the GMO patented pollen is then owned by Monsanto under patent laws.

Jekyll_n_Hyde_Island's picture

dtwn -- you should take your own advice.


  I've talked to hundreds of farmers and researched objective, reliable non-conspiracy reports on Monsanto.  Every piece of non-biased evidence points to responsibility for major crimes against humanity.  I'm not into conspiracy theory.  Elvis isn't alive, we landed on the moon, JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald and reality is for the most part what we see.  That's why this forum exists, because we all see the market and price fixes.


  Monsanto moves into poorly developed indigenous markets and fleeces them of their currency and value and then leaves them destitute with seed unable to reproduce because of their intellectual property.


  They are fucking evil man, and they are responsible for horrible diseases and untracked side effects from their product. 


  You, sir, are the stupid fuck, whose anger is a direct byproduct of your ignorance.  Go hop into a Bill Mahr forum, you'll be right at home there FRIEND.

psychobilly's picture

"JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald."

" You, sir, are the stupid fuck"

lol.  The irony.

If we need "your opinion" on any further matters, we'll just turn on the boob tube.  Your presence is no longer required here.