Worried About Global Warming, Then End The Fed... And Other Thought Experiments

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Submitted by MickeyMan via The World Complex blog,

Denial of authoritarianism--no, end the Fed

Salon has an article on denial of science by mainstream society. The article asks why people deny the unpleasant truths that modern science has to offer--apparently preferring to chance of the impending hell of global warming and non-fluoridated drinking water.

The thing the authors don't understand is that the general public is not pushing back against the science per se. They like the science. Science gives them big, flat-screen TVs, Blu-Ray players, cars, airplanes, special effects, laptops with more computing power than ENIAC, the internet, and so forth. They love science.

They don't like authoritarians telling them what to do. So bugger off.

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Okay, I'm a little calmer now. There is another point in this entire discussion I would like to mention.

Past environmental issues have been dealt in a top-down, authoritarian fashion. Acid rain and ozone depletion were both attacked, with considerable success, by legislating against the sources. But this only worked because the main sources were few in number, easily tracked, and there were solutions available for the problem. CFCs were replaced by other coolants with less effect on the ozone layer, but this solution was only possible because the alternate coolants existed.

In earlier articles we have discussed the issue of multistability in the climate system. During periods of relative stability, negative feedbacks dominate, with the effect that the system appears to resist changes. The capacity for resistance to change is not infinite, and eventually a tipping point is reached, beyond which positive feedbacks dominate, leading to very rapid change. This idea would suggest that the climate system will resist changes to atmospheric composition for a time, which may be why there hasn't been the warming that was predicted by the IPCC models (pdf).

Governments would like people to stop emitting so much CO2 (through driving, power requirements, and industrial use). Well, alright then. 1) What replacement is there that won't significantly impact on lifestyle; and 2) has the government considered its role in the CO2 problem?

In an earlier article I discussed how the increasing number of disasters in the US is more a function of urban sprawl than any increase in frequency of natural events.

A big part of the reason that per capita CO2 emissions are higher in North America than in Europe is our urban structure--in particular the vast suburbs that surround most city centres. The big suburbs mean lots of people commuting, but the density of the sprawl is too low to favour high-capacity transit.

Big suburbs are only possible due to easy money. With no easy money, working families would not aspire to owning (alongside their bank) a huge home with a vast lawn and with neighbours within 5 m. Without easy money there wouldn't be two or three cars in the driveway.

Governments like this model of city development--it gives people hope, which helps keep the system going. Banks certainly like it--there's a lot of interest payments stretched out over 30 years, and until recently, people would practically starve rather than miss mortgage payments. People imagine they are happy, although I wonder what the future generations will think of people who willingly bought homes that took 30 years to pay for, instead of the more historically common few weeks to months. But I don't think the owners of these houses have done as well on the deal as the government or the banks.

So having created the template for massive CO2 emissions, the authoritarians wish to deny responsibility and shift the blame to their debt-serfs. Because the debt-serfs are refusing to absorb the costs, the authoritarians decry their denial of science.

If you really care about global warming, end the Fed.

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Ray1968's picture

Hmm.. He has a point with the economics of burbs.

But DAMN if I'm moving to downtown Chicago!! F- that! I like my burbs. Fewer liberals and fewer gangsters (one in the same).

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Ending the Fed would actually increase productivity and the amount of goods being produced. It's keeping the Fed that reallocates resources unproductively, ultimately causing humanity to produce and consume less and holding back population growth. The Fed is a progressive, socialist, huge government, global warming watchdog, animal lover, people hater's dream.

Ray1968's picture

The current big-city structure is impossible for middle-class Americans (especially with children). It is full of wealthy liberals and people sucking on the gov't teet. The middle class drives in to work... then drives home to a good neighborhood.

If the cities are to be livable, we need some huge reforms. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

otto skorzeny's picture

The "browning " of the cities-"white flight"-they(we) just keep moving further and further out.

MiguelitoRaton's picture

You REALLY want to end global warming (which aint warming anymore anyway) end the SUN because that is the primary cause.

erg's picture

True that. I was tired of this subject years ago. I enjoyed rubbing the Copenhagen results in scientists faces. Good times.

Maurice Strong's First Earth Summit in RIO '92 quotes...etc.

Global Warming, Global Cooling, Global Dimming. A cricket can't fart without it being blamed on climate change.

I hear earthworms are next to be blamed for planetary flatulence.


I'm not sure what their problem is with those little fuckers. They'll probably have to raid our gardens...not just the ones on the front lawn. In back too. And rip out community gardens a day before they're planned to be harvested by the locals.

You can offer all the logical claims a sane mind could muster and they don't care if they're wrong. They forge ahead despite the fact. Relentess.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

In Chernobyl proximity, earth worm is to grow excessive of 18cm. Glow in dark and when cut open, emit most potent aroma. This is certain to cause global warming!

Death and Gravity's picture


Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Some is grow to 30cm and even to 40cm, but is problematic. Is sometime found inconvenient placement.

msmith9962's picture

And if they are like that for 4 or more hours you have to call an ambulance or the police.

johnQpublic's picture

.039% of the atmosphere is CO2

we are responsible for 5% of that

or, .00195% of tha atmosphere

and has no bearing what so ever on weather or temperature

water vapor however is a major climate driver due to the circulation of water cycle

a major driver of the water cycle is the sun

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Even better than ending the Fed would be to end property taxes.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Even better than ending the Fed would be to end property taxes. That way we could all stay on our property and be self sufficient, without having to leave just to chase the almighty green paper. Then it wouldn't matter who printed paper, or who they gave it to. All that would matter would be growing your own food, and getting along with your neighbors. Just like humans have lived since the beginning of time. 

Abraxas's picture

Tovarish Alatovkrap, you are one funny mf. It`s comments like yours that justify my time spent here.

dynomutt's picture



Continue to be patriotic, tovarisch.  The central planners are our saviors!

Room 101's picture

Tying global warming to the Fed is a bit of a reach.  But let's not forget, this is the Fed we're talking about.  Oxygen should be made illegal if they breathe it. 

francis_sawyer's picture

Tying global warming to anything is a bit of a reach...


This is a stupid topic & therefore I expect a lot of stupid comments... I know ~ Let's just blame the Syrians & Iranians...

kujo's picture

We are all the frog in boiling water, the Fed is irrelevant at this point.

RockyRacoon's picture

Face it:  The article is a hit-piece to stir up climate warming wars on a thin holiday evening.

Gotta get those page views...

James_Cole's picture

Face it:  The article is a hit-piece to stir up climate warming wars on a thin holiday evening.

Gotta get those page views...

Watch out for this one, the Racoon is on to Tyler!

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Beware of Racoon with pliers!

Redhotfill's picture

You should ask if Racoon knows squirrel and moose?

RockyRacoon's picture

More familiar with Gideon's Bible.

Flakmeister's picture

Was it the only thing you found in the room?

PT's picture

Rocky Raccon sez:  "Face it:  The article is a hit-piece to stir up climate warming wars on a thin holiday evening."

+1 000 000 if I could.

I'll start thinking about global warming after the whole world adopts a one child policy.  But as long as our govt pays people to have babies, I'll believe that the global warming propaganda is more about making people feel guilty for being alive than anything else.  Are we wrecking our planet?  Probably.  But the fact remains that all the so-called solutions presented are terrifically one-sided:  inconvenience and tax the fuck out of Joe 6Pack while telling him it is all his fault for being alive.

Again, our govt pays people to have babies.  But then those babies grow up and are supposed to feel guilty about wanting clean water and electricity and refrigerators and washing machines and TVs and a decent sized home / block of land etc etc, well to all those greenies and guvfucks I say, "FUCK OFF AND EAT SHIT AND DIE YOU HEAP OF SHIT DICKHEADS!!!!!!  YOU WANNA SAVE THE PLANET???  YOU FIRST!!!"

Stop flying overseas all the time.  Why do we need yet another tallest building in the world?  At what height do the energy inputs become ridiculous?  Why can't people afford to live closer to where they work?  Why don't we have shops within walking distance?  Can we now ban built in obsolescence?  No, if it makes some rich fuck richer then it'll never be on the environmental agenda.  For example, here in Australia the guvshits banned the old fashioned incandescent light globe, because it was "bad for the environment", and made us replace them with compact fluoros.  What they totally ignored was the fact the old incandescents aren't trendy any more - modern places have dozens of down lights.  I once counted 18 downlights in an area that could have been serviced by three incandescents or three fluoros.  Lemme think about this: 18 x 50 W = 900 Watts, versus 120 - 150 Watts using old style lighting.  I wonder what's better for the environment?  But not a peep from guvfucks because someone has to make money selling downlights and compact fluoros.  No incandescents for you, granny!

On the other hand, if you make J6P really poor, then he can't afford to buy anything and he won't damage the environment.  If J6P doesn't have a car or a job to drive it to, then he won't damage the environment.  If J6P is homeless and lives under a bridge, he is minimizing his carbon footprint.  THAT is how the govt and the greenies plan to save the world.

When our ancestors lacked water, they built dams and pipelines.  When they lacked electricity, they built hydro-electricity machines.  These operations took brains, and balls, and created real jobs and gave real infrastructure to society.  But the current mob of shits just make everyone feel guilty for being alive and puts everyone on rations.  If we're already on rations, how would we survive if disaster struck?  We won't.  Because the current shits in power don't have brains, don't have balls, and can't create anything.  I partly blame the modern university system, where instead of only the smartest going to uni, the richest go to uni, regardless of brains.  They get a job in the water board and instead of trying to source new water supplies, they just put everyone on rations.  Some idiot gets a job developing power infrastructure and instead of trying to discover better power sources, he just tells everyone to use different light globes.  Then the stupid shitfuck gets promoted because he saved the government / some big corporation bucket loads of cash because they didn't have to build new infrastructure and they spent SFA on Research and Development.  Did you get a discount on your power / water / any other bill because dickheads in charge no longer spend money on infrastructure or R&D?  Didn't think so.  Oh yeah, and in case any water authority or govt scumfuckers are reading this, lemme give you a hint:  "Water saving toilets" DON'T SAVE WATER IF YOU HAVE TO FLUSH THEM THREE TIMES!!!!"

You wanna make someone feel guilty for owning a piece of land?  Well fuck you, you heap of shit, you owe them your life!

This is the abridged version of my, "Even if we are destroying the Environment, TPTB are just using it as a reason to fuck us all over and have no interest in solving the problem, especially if it impacts THEIR quality of life" rant.  One day I may make a complete version.

GMadScientist's picture

Not in the least; explain any other way that America would be able to manage reserve currency status without being the world's biggest credit-money behemoth.


Death and Gravity's picture

"It's keeping the Fed that reallocates resources unproductively, ultimately causing humanity to produce and consume less and holding back population growth."

Population growth correlates extremely poorly with money supply or money supply rate og change, and far better with a measure of social development, say, the Human Development Index.

Much as I dislike the Fed and its cohorts or enablers, this is taking the bashing too far.

GoldForCash's picture

All this and still no real proof of global warming. Except Al Gore stands to make millions once we do believe.....

XitSam's picture

Global warming? Global cooling is here. You can't deny science!

Walt D.'s picture

 "Global cooling is here."

I can believe it - in San Francisco for Memorial Day and it is raining.

If you want to bet on Climate Change, bet on a new ice age. 

BTW. The scientific Global Warming Theory predicts a change of about 2 degrees per century. This is too small to even be noticed on a decade to decade basis. All the hyperbole about hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma tornado is pure BS. 

Drachma's picture

There are three levels of 'science' IMO. On the bottom, there is of course the popularized, denatured, pseudo-science fed to the rabble, used to facilitate sociopolitical agendas and to keep the status quo in check. There is the military/black-ops level science, always many steps ahead of the current consumer applications, and dutifully keeping the rabble believing in aliens and chubacabras. Finally there is the always hidden-hand of ascendant knowledge of the priesthoods, which has been used throughout the ages to make the profane believe in magic. How does that saying go, "Knowledge is power." Our hierarchical civilization is the result of hierarchical knowledge; the pyramid of 'truth' so to speak. The way I see it, the worlds inequalities exist ultimately as a result of unequal dissemination of knowledge, both in quantity and quality.

prains's picture

Ken  Lay was CEO of a criminal enterprise called ENRON and their crimes were aided and abetted by Anderson Accounting

prains's picture

wow ZH thought police didn't remove this comment yet removed similar comment on the weekend, shift change from the minions perhaps

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Frito Lay is CEO of culinary enterprise and is make very crunchy snack.

Is hard for finding in Minsk, but now is become popular item in large Russian city like Moscow. Boris anxious for to stock up, maybe is good investment.

GMadScientist's picture

And I want Paprika Pringles only sold in Zooropa.

Prisoner exchange?

Abraxas's picture

If you like humanity - end the FED

If you want prosperity - end the FED

If you don't want to see your children enslaved - end the FED

If you believe in God - end the FED

If you don't believe in God - end the FED

The only question is: HOW?

francis_sawyer's picture

Print yourself up a bunch of counterfeit money... give it to your pals & go to town... Oh wait!

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

LOL! Boris is se what you are do there! You are approximate behavior of Central Banker, print own money and go to town. You are very sneaky. Boris is report you to Secret Service!

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Boris, question on you off the topic but is wondering. Do you are still finding the ample supply copper ores? Is found solution satisfactory removing the plastic contaminates? Much wishing you is the continued successful minings.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is supply mother of wife with pick axe, so now much is for safer extraction from ground. For extraction of ore from polymer contaminate, Boris try organize "stripper party" and invite both adult and child to participate. Is not go so well with Apartment management and now Boris family is to search new rental accommodation. For now, Boris invest in cardboard.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


For now, Boris invest in cardboard.

Is temporary setback. Perhaps can having local constable with interest in copper ore lean on apartment management. After all, is impinging on his share the profits when copper ore is delayed processing.

Wishing you havings is all the good luck.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

You are very much to be kind! Unfortunate for copper extraction, local enforcer of civil code is replace. During copper excavation, how do you say, sink hole, is swallow police car... with policeman. Boris is now move operation, but is find more use is cardboard.

PiltdownMan's picture

But what about Brazil, india and China? No expansive subdivisions, but plenty of CO2.

Abraxas's picture

When they see that we stopped the pollution, they'll be so ashamed that they'll stop too.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

No, they will not be ashamed nor will they stop emitting CO2.

malikai's picture

Who'se gonna buy all their crap and pay to ship it many thousands of miles if not for the FED?

GMadScientist's picture

It's assumed that once the Gn (for some n >= 7 and <= 20) have crippled themselves and their industry, that the developing world will follow them quickly down the drain.

I'm not sure trading credit-money manipulation of sustainable resources for our current manipulation of dwindling resources is a win per se, but there are plenty of ways to solve the science without involving the goobers or corporate kleptos to play slopjockey man.