Photo Gallery And Live Webcast From A Violent Turkey

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As violent protests persist across Turkey, and spread from Istanbul to the capital Ankara, and Izmir, here is a visual summary of what is going on courtesy of Reuters.


As for the underlying reason for the recent surge in violence and public anger, there is a some serious confusion. From the WSJ:

The public outcry follows a series of events that have fed antigovernment sentiment among many Turks, particularly in large cities. Recent episodes include street-fighting between unions and police on May Day, a restriction on alcohol sales that secularist Turks say is social engineering, Ankara's increasingly aggressive stance on the Syria conflict and urban planning in Istanbul such as a new airport and a new bridge over the Bosphorus that environmentalist say will uproot thousands of trees.

To some, protesting is merely a way to vent:

The profile of many of the protesters appeared dramatically different from Turkey's more familiar demonstrations, which pitted leftists or nationalists against the police. "I'm taking part in a rally for the first me in my life. I had to take some precautions, my medicine, and snacks. God willing nothing bad will happen," said Nazmiye Coruh, 50, a retired PR manager, who was equipped with a surgical mask.


"It feels great to throw out all the stress and anger," she said.


"We want to show that we are afraid of not being able to continue our lifestyles under this government," said Deniz, 29, a computer engineer demonstrating around Taksim, who preferred not to provide his last name.

So a little bit of everything. One wonders what and how substantial the US influence in these events may be.

Regardless of what the spark that set off the protests, now in their fourth day, the government is taking a more than proportionate response to the street protests even as the nebulous public anger is spreading:

Turkish antigovernment demonstrations widened on Saturday, as police and protesters resumed clashes in Istanbul and other cities across the country, while Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan struck a defiant stance, labeling his detractors "a minority."


Tens of thousands of people began gathering in areas around Istanbul's central Taksim Square from sunrise on Saturday, while smaller copycat protests emerged in several other Turkish cities, including the capital Ankara, and Izmir. The numbers of injured in Istanbul in Friday's clashes climbed sharply overnight to total around one thousand, according to volunteer doctors and nurses at a makeshift first-aid coordination center set up close to Taksim Square.


In his first public comments on the protests since Wednesday, Mr. Erdogan took a largely uncompromising stance, claiming that his party's support easily eclipsed the numbers attending antigovernment demonstrations.


"Don't compete with us.... If you gather 200,000 people, I can gather a million.... This event has been escalated beyond the park and become ideological," Mr. Erdogan said of the protests, which intensified dramatically on Friday. "The police were there yesterday, they are there today, and will be there tomorrow…because Taksim cannot be a square where extremists run wild."


Despite the gathering protests, the ruling AKP, with roots in Islamists politics, still retains strong public support. Mr. Erdogan won the latest of his three election victories in 2011 after delivering strong economic growth and political stability. Mr. Erdogan brooks little dissent and has made no secret of his ambition to run for Turkey's presidency in elections next year, when his term as prime minister ends, to the dismay of the political opposition.


As the protest numbers swelled, other senior government officials weighed in to damp tensions, with President Abdullah Gul stressing in a statement that police should exercise more restraint and calling on protesters to act "in a mature way" to avoid escalation.


Early on Saturday evening, battalions of riot police withdrew from the square, although security forces continued to use tear gas and high-pressure water against protesters in adjacent areas.

One thing is certain: an already destabilized region (Turkey is bordered by Syria on the south, Iran on the east) is about to get even more unstable. Those having flashbacks to comparable ad hoc "Arab Spring" riots and subsequent revolutions whose only outcome was installing pro-US puppet regimes in assorted MENA countries, are excused.

The livestream from Istanbul is below:

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Skateboarder's picture

Jesus fucking Christ dude. Stuff like this is when even the likes of Turks and Kurds unite.

One country at a time, the Middle East is going into utter chaos.

Edward Fiatski's picture

All going according to our Plan. :-)

Great to see People with Dignity in these photos!

Heavy's picture

It'd be nice if the police were taking some banker blood, from the look of it though they've decided to do the exact opposite.  Probably in exchange for a pitance of power and money, those dont look like misguided good Samaritans to me.

Bring the Gold's picture

It's amazing how often in police repression pictures you see them going right after young women who are always doing nothing and/or incapacitated already. WTF?

That woman in the red dress with her purse sure looked like a severe threat to the legion of cops who felt the need to pepper spray/mace her right in the fucking face!

It's the same in every country these thugs just love attacking harmless women it's sickening!

Skateboarder's picture

Men with no honor, no respect.

monkeyboy's picture

I wouldn't even call them men.

Dugald's picture

Re the woman in the red dress.....that photo was in the news if not here on ZH a week or more back, sorry, I forgot...never let truth get in the way of a good riot.......don't really put much faith in the media these days just too much bullshit, journalism hide thy face!

dtwn's picture

More pics:


It'll be interesting to see how this goes through the weekend.  Will it flame out, or will it escalate and blow up?

Scarlett's picture

great link.  thanks!

DollarMenu's picture

Interesting to see supportive demonstrators in other countries pictured here as well.


Abraxas's picture

Talking about Jesus, how come the bible refers to him as a baby and then as a grownup, conveniently skipping the rebellious teenage years. Joseph: "Jesus, go feed the donkey"; Jesus: "Fuck you, you're not my real father"

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Funny how Buddhists in SE Asia have a saint whom they call St. Issa.

Ever heard of Nikolaj Notovich?

Abraxas's picture

No, I haven't. Seems like a good read. I'll give it some time later in the evening.

Matt's picture

Well, considering the "Teenager" was invented in Post World War 2 America, it's not that funny. In most of the world, through mosty of history, when you turned 13 you became a man and got married.

Harbanger's picture

That's very true, it's an American invention.  Most people have no idea where half the shit they accept as factual came from.  This is the one area where anonymous is right about Americanism.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Maybe you haven't read the New Testament lately.

When Jesus was 12 or so, he disappeared on a family trip. On the trip back home, Mary and Joseph assumed he was playing with his cousins in the caravan, when in reality he stayed behind on his own. When his parents discovered he was missing, they turned back in an absolute panic. After days of searching they finally found him in the temple, instructing the rabbis who were flabbergasted at his wisdom. When his parents began to scold him, he sassed them back.

Even God incarnate couldn't resist acting a little like a teenager!

PontifexMaximus's picture

Forget it, in 48 hours over, business as usual, move along, MSM won't report about it anymore.

Rip van Wrinkle's picture

Give it time and Europe will be exactly the same.

samcontrol's picture

right , the Turks use dollars.

max2205's picture

Where do they get all those rocks to throw?


Hoard your rocks now...your going to need them....they wont do much good though

DaddyO's picture

Forget the rocks...

If it comes to this kinda unrest here, it may take more than rocks.


Monedas's picture

Let's see ya blame this .... on my Joos !   LOL     Muslims don't need no reason to party !

Dareconomics's picture

Istanbul is to Turkey as New York City is to Bible Belt.  The entire country is a Koran Belt with a few cosmopolitan pockets.  It's a shame that the secular democracy built by Ataturk is being torn asunder by Erdogan.

Freddie's picture

I am glad someone here gets what is going on.  Turkey was pretty secular and modern.  Egypt was doing better too before Obama/Muslim Brotherhood aka Saudis got involved.  The MB is pals with Obama, Clintons, RINO open-borders neo cons like MCCain, Rubio, Graham, Flake. 

The Turks do not want to be another Islamic state.  Erdogan is pals with the gay islamist in Wash DC.

azzhatter's picture

Erdogan and Obama play hide the sausage whenever they visit each other. When will the american people join the protest?

Arius's picture

"The Turks do not want to be another Islamic state."

@freddie - it seems you are biased towards Islamic states; but, how can you speak or anyone for that matter on what turks want.  "Turks" is amalgam group of people with different opinions and desires.  Erdogan was elected by the Turks wasnt he?

Abraxas's picture

Your comment is not valid to bigots, Arius. Bigots don't care about common sense, bigots are in the hate business and that's that.

otto skorzeny's picture

More like too stupid to figure out a computer.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture



"Erdogan was elected by the Turks wasnt he?"

I dunno?  What make and model of voting machines do they have in Turkey?

Freddie's picture


With a few extra modifications by the NWO and Muslim Brotherhoos/Saudis.   If anyone read the article, you have people protesting who never protested against Obam's pal Erdogan. 

jmcadg's picture

Can't let Turkey be a trade hub for physical gold now can we Barrack!

ThirdWorldDude's picture

This is long overdue!

Turkish people are angry and frustrated by their own Gubbamint's deeds. Starting with their endless waiting in line to get into EU (it's their 50th anniversary this year), through Turkey's uncomplaining servitude to ZATO in the wars on Iraq & Libya (Incirlik and Izmir air bases are huge operational/logistic centers) and in recent years Turkish officials stance on Iran and Syria made people realize that no matter which party they vote for, it's always a Puppet of Zion that gets enthroned... Even hardcore anti-conspiracists got a fish slap last year when Bibi and Erdogan made up. 

Seems like it's about to play out exactly as predicted. End times, bitchez!

lolmao500's picture

Even hardcore anti-conspiracists got a fish slap last year when Bibi and Erdogan made up.

Well they needed to make up for the upcoming shitstorm in Syria... Turkey attacking from the North, Israel from the South.

otto skorzeny's picture

The Turks won't do shit with Ivan now in the 'hood.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

<= Turks remain NATO

<= Turks join SCO

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

now you are getting the picture....turkey is facilitiating 'gold' trade with Iran. we can't stand for this. turkey must fall, just like Libya and just like Syria, which is presently under attack.


if the true value of Gold was to ever be known...then its game over for the USofSA.

0b1knob's picture

Tear gas?   Hell when the people of Chavez ravine barricaded themselve in their homes to stop the building of Dodger stadium the LAPD just straight up murdered them.

Gringo Viejo's picture

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You!

Go Tribe's picture

I was hoping some enterprising media outlet will view these increasing riots as entertainment for those not yet affected. They need multiple camera angles and various time zone locations. Maybe sell a package - WWR, Worldwide Riots Package - for only $125 a year unless you can get it online from a rogue server in Russia. Knowing that they are being filmed for consumption around the world, the rioters during prime time will get more creative and violent. I know we'll be fighting over the remote in our home.

Inthemix96's picture

Shits getting real.

In real time.

FlipFlop's picture


Hope to see this all over Europe, notably in socialist bastions in the North.

I really would like to see a proper revolution to wash out the corrupt scum off the scene.

Long live individual liberty, down with socialist tyranny of police state.

Harbanger's picture

Individual Liberty?  This is Islam in action.

Freddie's picture

Not in Turkey.  These young people are secularists who do not want more islam.  Erdogan is a Obama islamist pal.  The Swedes and Brits are another story.  Hopefully they are closer to blowing up and fixing the situation before it is too late.