Japanese Birth Rate Plunges To Record Low As Death-Rate Hits Record High

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There are many headwinds to deflation-monster-fighting Abe's plans to bring Japan back from the ledge but perhaps the biggest one is the demographic disaster. As Japan News reports, the decline in Japan's population set another record in 2012 with the number of deaths exceeding births for the sixth year in a row. Records were broken everywhere. The number of babies born in the nation in 2012 fell by 13,705 from the previous year to hit a new low of 1,037,101 and while a total fertility rate of 2.0 children per woman will maintain the population at a stable level. Japan’s rate has continued to fall since dropping below 2.0 in 1975. Meanwhile, the number of deaths in 2012 hit a record high of 1,256,254, increasing by 3,188 from the previous year. The greying of Japan continues and worse still, the young, for many reasons, are not having children as the number of women in their 20s who had a child in 2012 decreased by 16,200. Will the fourth arrow of Abenomics be a state-sponsored unprotected sex-a-thon?





A total fertility rate of 2.0 children per woman will maintain the population at a stable level.


Japan’s rate has continued to fall since dropping below 2.0 in 1975. It slumped to an all-time low of 1.26 in 2005.


Despite the increase in the fertility rate, however, the survey showed that the graying of the nation and the fall in population continues.




The number of women in their 20s who had a child in 2012 decreased by 16,200 from the previous year, while the number of births among women aged from 35 to 39 and from 40 to 44 increased by a combined total of about 8,700.


Source: The Japan News

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Fukushima.  Read those first four letters again.

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It will take a few years, but, the fertility rate will likely drop by 30% on Honshu.


The effects will be seen first up in Tohuko,  then slowly spread out.


I wonder if the Japanese have a break out of these numbers by prefecture,  while it's 1% decrease in births, YOY,

i suspect it's far worse in Tohuko.

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state-sponsored unprotected sex-a-thon

You mean the American welfare state?

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People have been rallying about this forever and it has yet to become the disaster it's supposed to.


In any case declining population is not a bad thing imo, only bad if you think exponential growth is possible / sustainable / good. 

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The fact that this is seen as a bad thing and not higher standards of livig and less people benefiting from te current capital base leads one to the conclusion that the modern economy is a Ponzi scheme in that it fundamentally needs more people to continue.

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Just like the economy needs more debt to "grow".   What a farce.

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Radiation kills the elderly and sterilizes all.

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dodo, yeah... it would cheer the news.  golden toad and zanzibar leopard too, if they could.


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It does, if only to pay pensions for the retired.

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I laughed and laughed till I cried and cried.

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For the hard of thinking who abound on this site

Pre war Japan had a population of around 55 million. It had a high infant mortality rate and low life expectancy, traditionally in Japan people expected to live to be 50 at best. Because of the high rate of death among children people tended to have large families.

Post war the infant mortailty rate went down to one of the lowest in the world, life expectancy went up to one of the highest. The post war baby boom and subsequent generational boom caused two sharp increases in the population, compounded by the much higher survival rate into adulthood and the lag in adjusting to this new norm.

This caused a population explosion, which cannot be maintained, Japan can only produce about 40% of the food it needs to feed its current population.

From the 1960s Japan saw steady economic growth, and movement to the cities which caused for various reasons a decline in the birth rate, 60 years ago families of 7 were not unusual, now they are extremely rare.

What we have is an adjustement to a more realistic level for the country. In 50 years time this country will be a much better place to live.

The real retirement age for men in Japan is 69, and because they are generally very healthy, they have no trouble continuing to contribute to society past this age.

It has nothing to do with Fukushima, please stop insulting your own intelligence.

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"The commanding officers disciplined the soldiers as they saw fitting."

"disciplined" = spanking ?!

BTW, make sure to watch the video.


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Wrong thread?

Well, you've certainly got the right avatar for such a story (I've been told she can even sing).

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Israel Fertility Rate = 3.00 births per woman (2011)

Japan Fertility Rate = 1.39 births per woman (2011)

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Kosovo Albanian (Muslim) birth rates = 12 births per woman (1948-1998)

Kosovo Serb (Christian) birth rates = 2.5 births per woman (1948-1998)


It's referrred to as "The Revenge Of The Cradle". 

Still ongoing in many/most Muslim countries too, not just at 3.0 in Israel (comparable to US birth rate)

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Iran Fertility Rate = 1.64 births per woman (2011)

Germany Fertility Rate = 1.36 births per woman (2011) -- it is lower than Japan

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"Just when you thought it was finished that's when the REAL fucking begins"

~Conrad Van Orton



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Yep. Next compare the immigration rates.

They trynna catch me ridin dirty's picture

It's uncanny how the worse the breed of human, the more they reproduce.  Of course Albanians have tons of kids while the Japanese are going extinct.

francis_sawyer's picture

Star [of David] Ship Troopers...


Actually ~ I call bullshit on this... What military in their right mind would have barracks, bunks, that messy?... The pictures look like they come from a college dorm room after a panty raid keg party...

This is fucking propaganda to make 'Israel at War' looking sexy... Fuck that!

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Re: my avatar @ NotApplicable

Will it make you happy if I change my avatar to this politically correct one?


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That would be unreasonable.

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Japan needs to do like the US does.  Import some Muslims and Mexicans.

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If they didn't completely despise everyone on the planet then they might be able to pull that off. Fucked the Japs are...

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Japan should start offering more freebies. They'll  gets loads more immigrants, It works in the US, France and the UK. Allow anchor babies, like in the US. 

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 Import some Muslims and Mexicans.

Yeah, sure.  Who cares if they're actually a burden to the taxpayer?  Who cares if they're unproductive?  They buy stuff, so the corporations luv 'em.  The fact they buy stuff with Government $$ is irrelevant--in the end, it's just a big, fat corporate subsidy.  And if they torch a few cars while they're at it, all the better for GM and Ford.

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It's almost as if they know the cheap energy is going to run out soon...


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A nation commits Hari-Kari?

The Japanese are a very realistic people.

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Monsanto's pills will give you many children mrs. Watanabe. Just convert the rest of your pension into jgb's.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Japan?  Not Bangladesh, India, Africa, etc.?  Is this Agenda-21 bass ackwards?

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The Japanese are long term planners. Who cares if their current way of life collapses. A few centuries down the line they'll be booming again. For now, as a Japanese world championship masturbator explained, they prefer to masturbate to cartoon pornography.

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One can not blame the feminist in Japan for the decline in unprotected sex and maybe sex. Who killed the Samirai spirit of manly sex to spread your seeds and genetic dominance?

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Ongoing radiation poisoning causing both death and sterility is going to be a strong headwind in reversing the trend:)

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BitCoin Jesus will save them.

They trynna catch me ridin dirty's picture

Japan's population is currently double--DOUBLE--what it us immediately before WWII, when they were one of the top three military powers in the world and had a navy that dominated the entire Pacific for years, not to mention sent all their men throughout China and the Pacific Isles.  I think they'll survive some decrease in their population.

Of course, the above statement goes directly counter to common 'wisdom,' which asserts that Japan must open the immigration flood gates and let in hordes of Pakistanis, Nigerians, and Bangladeshis in order to 'maintain' Japan's high quality of life.  Because, of course, that strategy has worked so well for Europe.

DeliciousSteak's picture

Opening immigration floodgates seems to be a good strategy. US had a population of 132 million in 1940, it has since ballooned to over 300 million. As we know the US is the only superpower on the planet with the largest economy and it can fight wars against multiple nations at once while suffering only tiny casualties.

The problems in Europe, when it comes to immigration, are highly exaggerated. It has what, 30-50 million muslims total? Then we get a few hundred rioting muslims in Sweden and everybody shits their pants. The "great immigration" has only been going on for a few decades, there are always growing pains associated with quick changes, but in the end it will have a positive impact both socially and economically.

The Japanese have chosen their way though, there's no turning back now, it is good to have diversity even in these things.

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Time for your prayers Abdulla.

They trynna catch me ridin dirty's picture

Quality of citizenry in the United States since the 1965 Immigration Act has fallen through the floor.  How anyone could walk around any major city in the US and think that that sort of population "growth" is beneficial, is beyond me.  Not to mention, all those wars you speak of have been fought by White American Men.  Take a look at the makeup of the frontline combat units of the US military even to this day.  95%+ White.

The immigration problems in Europe are not highly exaggerated.  The third worlders have turned once-gorgeous European cities into replicas of the filthy mudholes they came from, all the while crashing Europe's social welfare system.  Importing third world immigrants has not and will never produce any "positive impact" on any European country, or Japan.

The Japanese have chosen their way immigration-wise, and it was a wise choice.  Japanese cities are clean, crime free, and full of honest and productive people adding value to the economy. 


All in all I'm afraid I have to vote your comment "one of the worst ever posted on ZH."

DeliciousSteak's picture

Typical racist scum. I'm sure all those poor white meth heads are glorious representatives of the "white race". There are poor people in all ethnicities, recent immigrants are more likely to be poor. If being a poor immigrant or born to poor immigrant parents somehow makes a person scum in your mind, you have serious issues.

I'm actually very interested in the racial development of the US armed forces, if you have statistics I'd love to take a look.

Yes, they are exaggerated. Your post is a perfect example of the hyperbole that gets thrown around on the internet by people who have probably never even visited one of these cities they so fondly talk about. If you have to blame someone for "destroying" the welfare systems of Europe, you have to blame the voters. No one forced them to vote the way they did. Yes, the superior "whites" were apparently dumb enough to create systems which end up bankrupting them. Maybe they will get some sense into them when people from harsh environments move in and break their bubble of "free shit for all".

When it comes to the Japanese, I'm sure it's the right choice for them, regardless of the end result. Asians on average seem to be very interested in racial purity.

adr's picture

Lots of poor Italians, Irish, Polish, Germans, etc came to America, lived in slums, worked hard, and ended up living better lives and set the stage for their children and grandchildren to live fantastic lives.

Almost all of them did it on their own without government help, welfare, or turning to drugs and crime.

I watched a great suburb of Columbus Ohio turn into a warzone after thousands of Somalians came to the area and brought their war with them. All of them are on welfare and all of them aren't worth the ground they stand on.

Since the late 60s the quality of immigrants has gone downhill, with most coming to America looking for handouts, welfare, and the other freebies. Most don't work and start having as many babies as soon as possible to get greater payouts from social programs.

You can blame nearly every social problem in America on the Great Society programs that caused the lowest levels of the population to breed like they needed to repopulate the Earth in 30 years. You think they'd have six children in six years if they didn't get paid more more in benefits?

tip e. canoe's picture

without government help, welfare, : that's cuz there was none offered in those days.   think it'd be a much different history if it was?   maybe it's that it's offered is the issue?

or turning to drugs and crime. : ever read Low Life, the book in which Gangs of New York is based?   if not, you should.    great book, but might diminish your willingness to make that statement in the future.

They trynna catch me ridin dirty's picture

At the end of the day all that people like me want is to be left alone to live with our own kind.  What the others want is to live among MY kind (or the Japanese).  But I'm the one who's full of shit, right.  Hilarious.

They trynna catch me ridin dirty's picture

You do realize that only a tiny fraction of the military consists of frontline combat units, don't you?  And you also realize that the demographic makeup of those combat units is very different from the rear echelon support units?

malek's picture

You're as dumb as a bag of bricks.

Try to go some other place, let's take more secular Turkey, and for example try to build Christian church (or a Hindu temple or whatever) in some city in large glory complete which ringing church bells on Sundays and all.
Then tell those natives that they are all "rayciss scum" if they don't approve. Good luck!

We'll continue the discussion when you make it back alive.

rbg81's picture

Absolutely agree. Pick up any high school or college year book from say...the early 1960s.  Then compare it to one today.   One would have to conclude that the younger generation are a bunch of mutants.  Many of them simply look like distorted, disgusting buffoons be they obese, gangbangers, Goths or whatever.  As late as the early 1980s, most Americans appeared good looking and wholesome.  Unfortunately, through some genetic or cosmic accident, we've degenerated to the point that many of our kids are just butt ugly.   And let's not even get started on the tatoos, piercings, and (retch) gold teeth.  It's enough to scare the fucking shit out of anyone.  

I think history will show the Japanese as being very wise for not drinking the Politicially Correct, Immigration Kool-aid.  Short term economic growth doesn't mean shit if you lose your country.