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Yesterday's multi-year record-breaking rally in JPY stunned a few carry-traders around the world and the overnight session in Japan suggested things were not going quite according to plan. But have no fear. A perfectly hum-drum jobs report - not Goldilocks by any means in terms of its suggesting good growth (which most should want) or bad growth (which markets want) - was enough to spark an incredible 270 pip (so far) sell-off in JPY. This is a major nation's FX rate - not a penny stock, not a banana republic, not a tech IPO!!



and it seems WTI Crude is bid are being ravaged lower...


Charts: Bloomberg

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where is the picture of the hot asian chick holding up a sign saying 98 at the boxing ring?

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One day....the japanese people will go to their supermarket and try to buy some rice and the cashier will go:

"Wait one second while I refresh the price. Arigato gozaimasu"

I agree, currencies shouldnt be moving like a yo one benefits from this, except the fuckin banks and their trading desks.

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so, a major sovereign nation's currency exchange rate fluctuates a few percentage points within hours....WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE ?!

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This is out of control, the mechanisms needs to be changed.   Exactly, this is not a penny stock.


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A little chart-cheating going on counting 270 bps from that lone spike down to 95 on the yen. 

But then, sensationalism sells.   Not that these moves aren't sensational; there's just no need to exacerbate the headline scare tactics.

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Interesting how the first couple of moves took out a bunch of stops in both directions before the real move was made.

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Crude and interest rates are going to rip this bitch apart.

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but doctor copper is still getting beat on

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That is from chinese hoarding for financing unwinding

ekm's picture

Currency swaps between even allies with China have become issue # 1.

That is equal to dollar dumping

Bearwagon's picture an end this bitch is, and not short enough it's reign was!  ;-)

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How do you know that?


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correction ~ are ripping this bitch apart  The sail hasn't totally torn yet, but it will.

negative correlation is almost perfect between UST's and ES...JGB's and Nikkei

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I fail to see an abnormality going on here.

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I would not complain about today if I were a gold/silver bug: PMs on sale for the weekend.  

Bay of Pigs's picture

Fuck that. I'll complain. I'm sick of hearing excuses why gold and silver get monkeyhammered on every jobs report, every friday, everytime Bernanke speaks, and every other bird brain excuse you can come up with.

Real gold and silver demand appears to mean nothing these days. Squat. Zilch. Nada. 

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Once they destroy the paper price to the maximum extent they can before the whole Crimex blows, then you'll get your long awaited force majure, and the final price discovery mechanism goes dark and PMs are no longer for sale. Meanwhile, the destroyers will settle in paper for basically pennies on the dollar.

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I just hope we're not still talking about an upcoming Comex crash several years from now.  They can drag this stuff out longer than I have patience for... and money.   How long have we been bemoaning JPM's silver position(s) and the inability of the CFTC to do diddly?  Nah, don't remind me.

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Rocky, I became aware of JPM's gold and silver positions and criminal activity in 1998 or 1999. I am running out of patience and time.


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I can see that BOP. Take it easy man. You are waiting for the death of the worlds reserve currency. Be prepared to pass on your stash to the next generation. This could oulast all of us, or it could end tomorrow.

That is why most people on here will go insane before it happens.

Divided States of America's picture

Yeah its gonna happen....paper assets skying while physicals getting clobbered (illusion of it)....that should only be happening in Kirby's fuckin Dreamland or Pee Wee's sick Playhouse. I dont think it really matters for the next generation because this scenerio and how it plays out is being written into stone as we speak....this is their battle, not ours. Only thing our generation (I am in my 30s also) can do is help the youngones understand faster WTF is really going on to improve their chances of survival in a future that doesnt look too good.

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I'm okay fonz, just blowing off some steam. 

And I went crazy long ago.... :)

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don't watch gold. Watch the 10yr and watch crude.

That Mr. real estate speculator, is the sound of inevitabilty.

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Perhaps one should go back in time to when Georgie was the pres. while Jamie was busy playing bridge in Chicago and the 'banking world' was pretending to be dieing, and gave that pres. executive order a good look see.  There you will find that the banks DO NOT have to cover their short positions...unless they want to.

How quick we forget the rules that are on the books.

Meme Iamfurst's picture



Perhaps one should go back in time to when Georgie was the pres. while Jamie was busy playing bridge in Chicago and the 'banking world' was pretending to be dieing, and gave that pres. executive order a good look see.  There you will find that the banks DO NOT have to cover their short positions...unless they want to.

How quick we forget the rules that are on the books.

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Think 98 is the crucial level, if it closes below the medium term trend would be broken, manipulators fighting to keep it above.

The Master's picture

Stability, bitchez

Winston Churchill's picture

The whole system is like a giant childrens top with more ,and

mpre instability as it loses momentum.

Suddenly it will veer off and hit a wall.

slaughterer's picture

USD/JPY short-term: ==> 93

Divided States of America's picture

slaughterer, So that means the EUR goes where short term? 1.35?

malikai's picture

Not before a bit of profit taking, if it's even going there.

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I'm not so sure about the banana republic comment...

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Exactly. Do you have to be tropical to join the Banana Republic club?

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It's GSF...

Gold Smackdown Friday.   Buy today and sell next Tuesday when its SRT, S&P Rampup Tuesday.


Bay of Pigs's picture

My post from yesterday,

"No doubt we have a massive ramp tomorrow in stawks and gold and silver get bludgeoned again. Ice Cream Friday after all."

I should be on Fast Money...

Divided States of America's picture

Yup saw that....of course I only saw this AFTER i bot some puts that expire today....I will never learn not to go against unreality or insanity or nonsensibility. the mid day ramp off the lows yesterday was definitely a telling sign that I should have known better and that there would be a two hundred point ramp on nfp day which coincidentally isnt POMO required...i would probably buy puts here if i havent done so already.

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We should track the people on this site with the most accurate track records in their comments and make a fking killing... Zerohedge to the moon!!

max2205's picture

...NOT YET....

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These currency swings are incredible. There is know way companies can hedge appropriately.

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if i were in the risk department i would hedge by owning lululemon, tesla, and some macau gambling stocks. just to be on the safe side.

Downtoolong's picture

That's the whole idea. Keep them off guard, keep them guessing, keep them desperate, keep them trading.

How else is Wall Street going to convince everyone how necessary they are?

NotApplicable's picture

Sure they can. All they have to do is to sellout to "The Dark Side."

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S&P bubble looks like it's going to float sideways until 11:30.


Yen Cross's picture

  There's a large tranch of news out of China today/tomorrow. I wouldn't want to be picking levels in anything today. Risk currencies are not following the irrational exuberance in the equity markets.


19:00       CNY             Chinese Exports (YoY)                 14.70%      
19:00       CNY             Chinese Trade Balance                 18.16B      
Saturday, June 8
18:30       CNY             Chinese CPI (YoY)           2.5%     2.4%      
18:30       CNY             Chinese CPI (MoM)           -0.2%     0.2%      
18:30       CNY             Chinese PPI (YoY)           -2.5%     -2.6%      
22:30       CNY             Chinese Fixed Asset Investment (YoY)           20.5%     20.6%      
22:30       CNY             Chinese Industrial Production (YoY)           9.3%     9.3%      
22:30       CNY             Chinese Retail Sales (YoY)           12.9%     12.8%    

* Times are gmt-8

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It's guaranteed to be crazy, but then again it's also guaranteed to be crazy (I mean, the opposite from normal market response) so who the hell knows. 

They're cracking down on fake stats in China, so the numbers could be bad, but is bad bad? Or is bad good (as in, we need more stimulus, so bullish)? Or is bad expected (as in, we knew they were cheating, and they're probably still cheating)? 

It's all bullshit. I made my standard purchasing decision earlier this week.

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YC, see my questions in the post below. Is this how u r thinking?

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When they have unlimited virtual currency, anything can happen