Damage Control Time: National Intelligence Releases PRISM "Facts"

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Confirming that the administration is in very hot water over this week's revelations of widespread domestic and global surveillance, moments ago this Saturday afternoon the head of National Intelligence James Clapper released "Facts on the Collection of Intelligence Pursuant to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act" in which he says that PRISM is not an undisclosed collection or data mining program. It is an internal government computer system used to facilitate the government’s... collection of foreign intelligence information." In fact, the program is so legit, it doesn't even work to collect foreign data: "We cannot target even foreign persons overseas without a valid foreign intelligence purpose."

Finally, any rumors that Google Glass will be reverting to its original codename "NSA SpyCam" are greatly exaggerated: "Service providers supply information to the Government when they are lawfully required to do so."

In short - please believe him. He is from the government, he is telling the truth, and the government is here to help. As for all those Verizon (and other carrier) all too domestic phone intercepts: don't you worry about that.

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Do the sheeple realize that every gov agency and their bosses (that would be the global banksters) are now in possession of all their passwords, to everything?


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That's precious Precious.

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TS security clearances, issued by the government, allow the possessor to legally lie about matters of "national security."  Since this is the case, why would anyone believe anything they have to say merely because they are moving their lips?  You cannot have secrecy, the explicit practice of lying to cover that secrecy, and also enjoy public credibility. It is a twisted culture of information control that they practice.  I remember asking an FBI agent and friend of mine what he thought of the wikileaks files back when wiki broke, and he told me that all agents were explicitly told that they were not allowed to read the wiki files, even though they were out in the public domain.

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Section 702 states that the government is not authorized to "intentionally target" a person within the US.

Seems to me the government is using the power of exponentiation to get around the law. How many of you remember "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"? The theory is, that any two people on Earth are, on average, about six acquaintance links apart. Imagine "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" on steroids as the NSA's massive supercomputers link, by association, everyone globally.

In essence, the government may be targeting Mr. X, and then searching for any and all associations. Once those various associations are identified then the government discovers new associations. And so on and so on...

Eventually through exponentiation the government has "unintentionally" gathered information on practically everyone in the US, although no one was specifically targeted.

9 Mr. X's to the 9th power is over 387 million people.

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You just described Facebook

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Then always use "Kevin Bacon" in all posts, emails, etc.?  That should keep them busy :)  Brilliant!!

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In Japan they pronounce his name...

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I'm still trying to figure out why everybody is so surprised by the existence of something called PRISM. I've assumed something like this has been going on for a long time, just evolving with the technology. There have been plenty of hints in the main stream news about this type of capability for many years - reasonably careful domestic terrorists being caught surprisingly quickly, many reports about data mining by private companies, government agencies bragging about their network analysis, that NSA facility being built in Utah, etc.

On the other hand, on the heals of the IRS scandal, putting PRISM type capabilities at the fingertips of a sociopath like Dear Leader and his handlers is truly frightening.

Forward (over the cliff)!

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I think in the back of people's minds they knew this was going on however given Benghazi, IRS, and AP/FoxNews scandals, people are now realizing the possibilities.

Benghazi - absolute lying while saying they admin didn't want to rush to judgement but did rush to judgement with the video story/theme.  Lesson:  Lies.

IRS - Low level employees doing what ever the hell they want with your data, requiring you to give them more data.  You complain all the way to Congress and the Gov Agency lies to everyone about what their rogue employees are doing.  Lesson: Lies but also no recourse against Gov Agencies and their rogue employees.

AP - Justice department criminalizes news gathering while the same time legalizing gun running to Mexican gangs and also creating a concept where CEOs of too big to fail banks are also too big to jail.  Lesson:  Justice is not applied equally and legitimate activities can be criminalized if the government deems them to be regardless of actual law.

Couple these scandals with the fact that the government is collecting every bit of data.  If you run afoul of a political party, government agency, or an individual government employee, you have no recourse.

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Justice for us if we commit serious crimes: jail

Justice for the well-connected: no jail for "just us"

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So if I take this data collection to its logical conclusion then, the Boston Bombings were a fluke? or a deliberate action...


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A deliberate fluke?  I get ads for Fluke electronics equipment on ZH now.  Should I worry?

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LOL! Me too! Every damn page!

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Someone within six degrees of Kevin Bacon ??

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It's not a surprise but confirmed factual and no longer tinfoil. However, not being tinfoil means little because a lot of Americans don't care much I've come to realize.

What do we do with these people? 

How will these people aid in the nullification of the Bill of Rights and Constitution?

I feel as though I've been called out by these "intelligence people" because they're literally laughing in my face. They've proven me/other tinfoilers correct but at the same time displayed that it doesn't matter that we've been correct because there's nothing we can do about it.


I don't see people dumping Google, Apple, Microsoft, or any number of telecom companies selling out US citizens. They've positioned themself to make people dependent upon them and many people will give up the Constitution and Bill of Rights so their cell phone can play Angry Birds. It's sad :(

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We get the government we deserve.

There is no particular merit to our society.

If it dies or collapses - C'est la vie

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It's called the monopolization of vital services. The many are owned by the few, which are controlled by the fewer still.

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The dominant propaganda systems have appropriated the term "globalization" to refer to the specific version of international economic integration that they favor, which privileges the rights of investors and lenders, those of people being incidental. In accord with this usage, those who favor a different form of international integration, which privileges the rights of human beings, become "anti-globalist."

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It's the combination of things that is really bringing the situation to a boil.

I mean, when all this kind of thing was first shoved through post-9/11 it sucked but to some extent maybe there would be some limits.  Like, Iran-Contra sucked but it only went so far and a lot of the principal actors were dolts.  And there were hearings, prosecutions, indictments, resignations, and jail time.

Wow, those were the days huh?  Corollary: It IS Different Now!!!  This is a very important point to consider!!!

Now, the level of corruption is so high that even electing a seemingly radical young community activist does exactly NOTHING to slow it down, it even speeds up.  Goldman thugs lord over us laughing and tinkling their bubbly glasses like Gatsbys (without the class).  The international scene is a toxic stew of US bases, amorality, shifting technology and complete absence of any pretense toward democracy or middle class support in, say, the Middle East or China or anywhere else. 

So the truly deluded, psychopathic polices of the bipartisan elites have embrittled the US both at home and abroad.

Now, the combination of corruption, amorality and intrusive police state powers can only increase terrorism, both domestic and foreign, through the progressive and now nearly fatal delegitimization of the government. 

By not understanding systems analysis or the evolution of technology, or basic values that have guided our Republic for centuries (warts and all), these goons are putting all of our children at greater risk. 

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Which brings up the question... are any of the pedos at the NSA keeping any of the tweenies sexting pics?

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The real purpose of the NSA's mass data collection is blackmail against political enemies. 

It has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. 

After all it did nothing to help stop the Boston bombing despite lots of evidence the elder brother posed a substantive risk. 


The NSA mass surveillance spying scandal.

The story so far. 


Lots of info and links to articles.

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ssshhhh the belmont starts soon.

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Laugh My Fat Ass Off!

Limited hangout FiSHeS.

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Not surprised it's about as short as Bernanke's (or was it Paulson's - having trouble remembering all the ridiculousness) request to Congress for a trillion dollars.

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1) The IRS scandal and labeling a reporter as a criminal conspirator, has removed any facade of "trust us we are your government".

2 Those same "low information" voters who re-eected Obama may now be his downfall.  They will believe the government listens in on every call they make.  Their Obamaphones are bugged!

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Harry Reid had Mitt's tax returns and used them against him.

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Third world countries too poor to invade citizen's rights looking better all the time.


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I wonder if Kevin Bacon has ever visited Bolivia.

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I see Unicorns and hear Tim Leary. is that you Timothy Leary?

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Timothy Leary is dead, per the Moody Blues...

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This is the fault of the Congress of the United States. As usual and as with other legislation, -  they passed it without knowing what was in it or how it would be implemented. Worst yet, every year since its passage, they voted to fund its operation. The Congress does not have any deniaibility it this matter.

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The first three letters of the Constitution read: WE THE PEOPLE (emphasis not mine)

None of this is Obama's fault, or that of the Congress, or that of the Senate. It is the fault of the citizens for being willfully ignorant and enabling of such behavior. The constitution provided clear and unabashed protections of liberty of which it is was the sole responsibility of the citizens to protect - which they have not done; not by voting or any other means.

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Keep kissing the elites ass and see how far it gets you. On the other hand, maybe your cute and STD free so maybe it will.


Long knee pads.

One And Only's picture

Long grammar?

When insulting one, one should know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'

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When diverting blame and diluting responsibility, one should know better than to blame everyone.

Next you'll be telling us that PRISM is the fault of US 'american' citizenism.

End the cheap propaganda.

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Because voting for the other team changes everything...

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Please don't disturb the propaganda it creates unrest in the other inmates....

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<<Worst yet, every year since its passage, they voted to fund its operation.>>




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UK news is admitting UK intelligence doing US dirty work and vica versa.

Got to get round the legal side somehow!

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DING DING DING We Have A Winner!


I was wondering when this would be mentioned.

There are many other countries involved besides the US and UK and the activities have been going for many years.

Here are some of the facilities. There are many others:

Geraldton, Western Australia
Pine Gap, Northern Territory, Australia
GCSB Waihopai, NZ
GCSB Tangimoana, NZ
Menwith Hill, Yorkshire, U.K.
GCHQ Bude,Cornwall, U.K.
Misawa Air Base, Japan
Sugar Grove, WV
Yakima Training Center, WA
CFS Leitrim, Ontario, Canada

So when they say WE have not been spying on our own citizens, it is for the most part true. Foreign partners do it for them.

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All the collaborators had a choice, Verizon, ATT, Facebook they could all have brought this to the public.  They did not.  Why would anyone be stupid enough to trust them now ?

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Owebami voted for retroactive telecom immunity as one of his last acts as a Senator in '08.

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Don't blame these corporations.  You can either play or your requests to the FCC or other licensing agencies will have issues.  See Tea Party groups trying to apply for a legal non profit designation.

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If you wont play nice with Big Brother, he'll go Mega-upload on your arse.

Ident 7777 economy's picture



Yeah ... just ask Kim Dot Com huh ...


First they came for offshore bank accounts


Then they came for offshore webhosting and file hosting 


Then I found I was SOL when it came to hosting an anonymous website to voice my complaints against -er- -um- I just had a "knock at the door" ... I see Suburbans with dark window tinting in the driveway and the street ...  



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If they want the privileges and immunities of personhood then corporations should be expected to demonstrate the values and morals expected of persons who are members of civil society, and be ostracized when they fail to.