Bill Gross On Obama On Bush

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Since everything now is metadata (stored, catalogued and archived by Big Brother), here is a sub-140 character snippet by Gross on Obama on Bush. The bond king appears not very happy that the NSA knows ahead of his daily tweets if he is buying or selling bonds. That said, we too dislike hypocrisy... even if sometimes said hypocrisy comes in the form of buying bonds while telling the world the great bond bull market is over.

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At least Gross called Obama out. Everybody should be calling these false prophets out.

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@ mister gross

Hey pal, it's those type of comments that keep you off the list of people that get advance copies of fed minutes. Keep it up buddy and you will need your accountant on speed dial. You must obey.

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The irony is we are paying these sociopaths to spy on ourselves.
It's time to defund these criminals.

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that is the only way to fight this

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And the ONLY way to achieve that is for you and your community to pressure your sovereign state to secede from the Globalist-controlled United States of America.

Yet even that would only be a start back towards a sensible recovery of the Western, errr, American, Dream.

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Surveillance policy of Bush 42 "puts forward a false choice btw the liberties we cherish & the security we provide." B. Obama 2007

Surveillance policy of Bush 43 "strikes a resonable balance between privacy and security." B. Obama 2013

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Easiest way to stop all this would be for everybody at the same time tell their employers to stop taking taxes out of your paycheck or you will quit.  But everybody's got to be in on it together.

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Employers are compelled by law to deduct payroll taxes, and even if they don't deduct payroll taxes they are DEEMED to have deducted payroll taxes, making them personally liable.

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that's really bat guana if you ask me.  businesses still have the keys to their stores, the control rooms of their businesses, they have gens should their power be cut, gold if their bank accounts get seized, off shore accounts for  future cash receipts, on and on and on...but nobody wants the hassle.

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What business have you worked for that had a stash of gold in the back office? Sometimes I think that posters here think all businesses are giant hedgefunds and trading firms.

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It could be worse. Much, much worse:

Surveillance policy of Obama "puts forward a false choice btw the liberties we cherish & the security we provide."

President H. Clinton, 2014

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Clinton/Michelle 2016  It Takes A Vagina

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Bonjour? Shouldn't it be Bush 41? I realize he's really 40, 42, and 43, but wasn't his official term the 41st? Just sayin'.


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And who is going to 'defund' ?  Your 'representatives' are owned . . . and not by the people.

Any so-called actions they take, are nothing but a smokescreen and another scam. 

IMO the answers will never come out of D.C.


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We need a national strike in which a large plurality of the muppets lock up their credit cards and stop consuming all but essentials for several months, followed by a massive work stoppage by refusing to show up for work in such numbers that it cripples the economy. The regime will cave, or fedgov collapses.

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That would work if the sheep would do it, but don't count on it. After about 5 days of this the media would start their propaganda about how people who don't spend are unamerican. Then once the work stoppage begins the corporate-owner protection racket known as the police would start pushing around the wage slaves who decided to not comply with their employers wishes.

If the Tea Party folks thought the IRS games were an indignity, just wait until them and the libertarian types had to actually put themselves in the the way of possible physical harm instead of just talking about revolution and rebellion on message boards while making fun of Occupy folks who have already been there. Not going to happen until they have more to lose by not doing it. Even then, the tea party types are pretty hierarchical and will usually accept their slave owners wishes with the hopes of one day having a few slaves of their own to push around one day instead of rebelling against the system. Oh sure, they'll bitch and moan about things, but only until they themselves get into a better spot higher up the food chain, then they'll protect the corrupt system with their lives as change itself will then be the enemy.

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"It's our fiat/script printing press. We don't 'need' OUR script back. We print it, not you! So, fuk off."

Signed, The Management.
( Bernank, CB's, et al, LLC in Bahamas & Monrovia, Liberia.)

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O found out in late 2008 he would be taking orders from the same masters that controlled GW........its getting late in the game for the Supercycle and if need be the paradigm will shift from neo liberalism back to neo conservativism.......then we will have "conservatives" supporting the same agenda and the libs crying against the intrusion of liberties.....We'll still have 800 military bases in 150 countries and the flag wavers will still be taking it up the ass at Wal Mart.......Meanwhile a new season of American Idol will be coming up and your mind numbed kids can get a military scholarship for their Bachelor's degree in Phys Ed

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And as you know kliguy, those of us that raised those concerns here and on other blogs (Mish's, TFMR, etc...) were called loons and crazies for stating O would be no different.

He certainly hasn't disappointed on that, and in fact, he's worse than almost any other President the country has ever had. Not one campaign promise delivered.


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Not one campaign promise delivered.

No quite true (but, I agree with the sentiment).

Dear Leader promised change, and just look at how bad things have become. He didn't promise change for the better, he just promised change.

Forward (over the cliff)!


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Yesterday we were at the brink of abyss. Today, we took a step forward,

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When Hope and Change surrounded himself with Goldmanites and other Wall Street ilk, Hope died and nothing Changed.

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"its getting late in the game for the Supercycle"

Take heart! It is still early in the Grand Supercyle downwave of about 50 years duration which is now upon us!

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". . . we are paying these sociopaths . . ."

I don't know about you, but I'm not paying them anymore than I'm "paying" the armed robber that says, "your money or your life" when I hand him my wallet.

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Don't think defunding will work, as they are printing the currency... The choices are:

A. Popular uprising...
B. World war...
C. Economic implosion...
D. Worldwide pandemic...

Pick one of the above...

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The currency they are printing only has value so long as we continue to use it. Without our participation, the currency is just worthless strips of paper.

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There is great power in simply stepping away from the system, but it takes some energy to overcome individual inertia.

Who is still banking with TBTF, still on cable, still viewing TV, still buying @ Walmart,Target, Costco, who is still

eating @ any of the chain restaurants/coffee, who is still looking for the answers to come from outside themselves?

That inertia can be a real showstopper.

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Vote the bums out!


Great sarcasm.

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I think you meant a lawyer on speed dial. For reference see Quest CEO; inside trading and 5 years if you are not on the team.

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obama on bush?  i thought omama was gay?

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Gross should expose all the false flags they are using to advance the security canard like the Boston Marathon false flag. Watch this video in full screen with the sound up from about 37 seconds and to 57 seconds and you will see:

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Can we impeach this jerk yet?

Not that it will matter other than some small sense of satisfaction.

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"Everybody talks about the weather,
but nobody does anything about it." ...Mark Twain

The Master's picture

Voted for him. Biggest mistake of my life. Sorry guys.

didyoujustpullthatoutofyourass's picture

It's not like McCain or Romney would have been better, though they probably would have left our guns alone.

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Once again... The misguided, misdirectional sound byte that envokes the "knee JERK' [emphasis on 'JERK'] response of wrangling people into anger towards the person [Bush/Obama], the party [either represents], the ideology [that either party supposedly represents], or the "office" & architecture which flows from the office ~ is really what the problem is...


But then again, what's the use?

Any discussions which attempt to address the ROOT of the problem get subjected to the firing squad of this:

or this:

LetThemEatRand's picture

Sunlight is a great disinfectant.  

francis_sawyer's picture

Some people think they're brilliant because they can finish a crossword puzzle...

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ZH exists within the "matrix" and therefore is subject to the rules and politcal and legal pressures of those who control the system. Tyler Durdens thought they exited the system and provided a forum for independent thought but they were wrong. As is to be expected all media will succumb to the wishes of those who are in control and ZH is no different. Its just the way it is.


Oh, and I am reporting you Francis for pointing the painfully obvious

francis_sawyer's picture

Oh perfect... "It's just the way it is"


So IOW... People here can spend all day long junking francis_sawyer comments because I tell them that, in spite of the 18 comment long "point counter point" thread hijacks that we often get on ZH between Dan Ackroyd & Jane Curtain, they happen to be, in the process of their diatribe, totally ignoring the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM... But to identify & speak about that ELEPHANT has been deemed offensive by way of propaganda campaign...

Notwithstanding that all of that is TRUE... In the end, when people who told me I was wrong, & now can see that "Conspiracy Theory did indeed become Conspiracy Fact" [Unless you're gonna tell me that it was the 'Bangladeshi Anti Defamation' lawyers, or the 'Luciferian Anti Defamation' lawyers in Switzerland who mobilized pressure on the Tylers]... Well ~ now, that's JUST THE WAY IT IS...

As always... Nonstop comedy on the Hedge... I come here to be entertained by the hypocrisy...


RSloane's picture

Why would you care if you get junked? If you believe most people are hypocritical here then you should cherise your down arrows. Will Banzai stated that a down arrow is the only arrow that he knows for sure hit his mark. There are a few people whose comments I read continuously - Fonz, Will Banzai, Doc, LawsofPhyics, yours, and a few others. Laws gets down-arrowed just for posting. Who cares? For those of us that actually read your comments and either agree or disagree, fuck the down arrows. Carry on.

francis_sawyer's picture

You are actually 100% correct in saying that [which is something that I was going to say ~ but is something left better to point out AFTER someone else has taken the consideration to analyze the distinction]


I don't, in reality, 'lament' the down arrows... To me they're just like mercury in a thermometer... They're a way of understanding three things:

- The mathematical balance of the bias

- WHO is is willing to come out of hiding

- What the relative differential is between how many people are willing to take the podium & offer an argument, versus how many hide behind a 'junk arrow' [which is also known as the "ADL paid shill differential quotient"]...

In any case, the previous commenter was completely 100% correct...

THAT'S THE WAY IT IS... [& the "way" it "is", is exactly as francis_sawyer has observed it to be all along ~ through a forest of denials]...

RSloane's picture

There is a linearity here that is undeniable and not so subtle. Per your previous post, no I do not think that any group resembling something like the Rwanda Reactionaries for Rhetorical Reverence have anything to do with the kind of hard pressure that I believe the Tylers were subject to. With powerful international bankers come powerful lawyers. So in one breadth we can say Obama is a Muslim and this lends to his terrible presidency because what do you expect from Muslims but cannot say a group of international bankers who outright own one country that apparently matters desperately to the US can lead us to war in an instant, and no one will question it because both falsely dichotomous political party's leaders and their acolytes in the US have said "we got your back"? I offer that only as a question because I wish to be enlightened on the matter by someone who has junked you.

No one will come out of hiding, but they will write emails. Maybe it is "that's the way it is" but that does not mean we have to like it, nor does it mean that I cannot ask simple questions with the hopes of being educated by those who might find you objectionable. The Rwanda Reactionaries for Rhetorical Reverance are looking mighty good about now, aren't they.

francis_sawyer's picture

"I wish to be enlightened on the matter by someone who has junked you..."


Don't hold your breath expecting that to be forthcoming...

Furthermore ~ I'll add something here that I was going to add as a postscript to a comment that I made later in this thread to MrPalladium... [one needs to read that comment, which includes an historical timeline, to appreciate this ~ though NOBODY WILL, because 'anti-semite' accusations & down arrows are the convenient & expedient substitutes du jour]...

I find it odd that people here on ZH can aptly see that the so called 'policies' of a Bernanke or Obama are not logically connected to any particular ORDER that the world economy is SAID to exist within...

Yet nobody, even HERE, is willing to do a little historical research & realize that the same weird behavior has been going on for centuries (& orchestrated, both using the same style & method, & by the same perps ~ what an unbelievable coincidence [aka: 'Conspiracy Theory YET TO BE UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED AS Conspiracy Fact']

If you include the Rothschilds into the paradigm [& how can you NOT]... You've solved the riddle of:

- The ending of the Bourbon's in France at the time of the French Revolution [which, by proxy, was the end of the 500 year monarchial Hapsburg HRE dynasty]

- Napoleon, Waterloo, & the Rothschild takeover of the BOE [resulting in the Windsors]...

- The War of 1812

- Assasination attempt on Andrew Jackson & subsequent ramifications

- The Civil War

- Reuters News Service

- Jeckyll Island

- WWI [& more importantly how it started & how it was funded]

- The Bolshevik Revolution

- Stalin

- Hitler, the Nazis, & WW2

- The Balfour Agreement > Treaty of Versailles > United Nations

- The 'State' of Israel

- Vietnam

- The Kennedy Assasination

- 'Civil Rights' & 'Johnson's Great Society'

- The race to the moon

- 'Women's Lib'

- 9/11

But then again... I guess francis_sawyer is just fucking John Nash... Handy with maps, thumbtacks, yarn, scissors, & magazines... What I need is a straightjacket instead [which are amply provided by the censors at large]...

People who don't understand history are doomed to repeat it... Or, perhaps better... "You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality"...

disabledvet's picture

"it's different this time." the ability to spy on people in 2008 was a hell of lot less capable than in 2013. and in two more years...2015...the ability to "razzle dazzle" with the data will truly be staggering. and that's what we're not being told by the media which...obviously...get's a"piece of the action" in the form of information sharing. forget "buying reporters." this is about actually writing the news before it even happens....and then reading about it in all the major newspapers. needless to say "the only story you don't want to read is the one about your Agency or yourself" so it is understandable that there is much gnashing of the teeth here. suffice to say "this story is only as good as run with it" major media outlets." obviously ZH is stuffed with hackers so there is a good cop/bad cop problem here. the point being this transcends political beliefs. i really would like to know how those die hard libertarians are doing on the left here. when did all of them become vengeful, spiteful, islam hating, dictatorial loving, god hating, baby scrambling, statists? i mean if you can't hate these people...ALL of these people...left, right, front and can't hate anything.

francis_sawyer's picture



My comment above [which has received ZERO acknowledgement from either way ~ Largely, probably due to what I suspect to be the "HUH~WHA?" aptitude of most folks], could "easily" be intercepted by the gung-ho n'ere-do-well "Anti-Conspiracy, Conspiracy activists"... That's all logical & expected...

But to IGNORE it would be akin to also ignoring 9/11 'Truthers', or, even something so banal as 'The Clinton Body Count'... As always... justfuckinggoogleit...

Bay of Pigs's picture


I always try to put things into a historical perspective and I appreciate the post francis.

This Pure Evil guy who has hounded me all day calling me a racist and Nazi doesn't appear to understand or comprehend the importance of history.

(shaking my head in disgust)


Bay of Pigs's picture


Looks like Francis has his Team Red and Blue supporters out his morning. Or is it Team PC? Too funny. Anyone touching the cause of the US political problems (Global Zionist Banksters) gets a red arrow or is marginalized as a racist?

Some people need to wake the fuck up around here.