From 9/11 To PRISMgate - How The Carlyle Group LBO'd The World's Secrets

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The short but profitable tale of how 483,000 private individual have "top secret" access to the nation's most non-public information begins in 2001. "After 9/11, intelligence budgets were increased, new people needed to be hired, it was a lot easier to go to the private sector and get people off the shelf," and sure enough firms like Booz Allen Hamilton - still two-thirds owned by the deeply-tied-to-international-governments investment firm The Carlyle Group - took full advantage of Congress' desire to shrink federal agencies and their budgets by enabling outside consultants (already primed with their $4,000 cost 'security clearances') to fulfill the needs of an ever-more-encroaching-on-privacy administration.

Booz Allen (and other security consultant providing firms) trade publicly with a cloak of admitted opacity due to the secrecy of their government contracts ("you may not have important information concerning our business, which will limit your insight into a substantial portion of our business") but the actions of Diane Feinstein who promptly denounced "treasonous" Edward Snowden, "have muddied the waters," for the stunning 1.1 million (or 21% of the total) private consultants with access to "confidential and secret" government information.

Perhaps the situation of gross government over-spend and under-oversight is summed up best, "it's very difficult to know what contractors are doing and what they are billing for the work — or even whether they should be performing the work at all."

First, Diane Feinstein's take on it all...

“I don't look at this as being a whistleblower. I think it's an act of treason,” the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee told reporters. The California lawmaker went on to say that Snowden had violated his oath to defend the Constitution. “He violated the oath, he violated the law. It's treason.”

So how did all this get started?... (via AP)

The reliance on contractors for intelligence work ballooned after the 9/11 attacks. The government scrambled to improve and expand its ability to monitor the communication and movement of people who might threaten another attack.


"After 9/11, intelligence budgets were increased, new people needed to be hired," Augustyn said. "It was a lot easier to go to the private sector and get people off the shelf."


The reliance on the private sector has grown since then, in part because of Congress' efforts to limit the size of federal agencies and shrink the budget.

Which has led to what appears to be major problems.

But critics say reliance on contractors hasn't reduced the amount the government spends on defense, intelligence or other programs.


Rather, they say it's just shifted work to private employers and reduced transparency. It becomes harder to track the work of those employees and determine whether they should all have access to government secrets.


"It's very difficult to know what contractors are doing and what they are billing for the work — or even whether they should be performing the work at all,"

... And to the current PRISMgate whistleblowing situation:

Of the 4.9 million people with clearance to access "confidential and secret" government information, 1.1 million, or 21 percent, work for outside contractors, according to a report from Clapper's office.


Of the 1.4 million who have the higher "top secret" access, 483,000, or 34 percent, work for contractors.




Because clearances can take months or even years to acquire, government contractors often recruit workers who already have them.

Why not - it's lucrative!!

Snowden says he accessed and downloaded the last of the documents that detailed the NSA surveillance program while working in an NSA office in Hawaii for Booz Allen, where he says he was earning $200,000 a year.

Analysts caution that any of the 1.4 million people with access to the nation's top secrets could have leaked information about the program - whether they worked for a contractor or the government.

For individuals and firms alike.

Booz Allen has long navigated those waters well.


The firm was founded in 1914 and began serving the U.S. government in 1940, helping the Navy prepare for World War II. In 2008, it spun off the part of the firm that worked with private companies and abroad. That firm, called Booz & Co., is held privately.


Booz Allen was then acquired by the Carlyle Group, an investment firm with its own deep ties to the government. In November 2010, Booz Allen went public.  The Carlyle Group still owns two-thirds of the company's shares.

Or, a full-majority stake.

Curiously once public, The Booz Allens of the world still operate like a psuedo-private company, with extensive confidential cloaks preventing the full disclosure of financial data. But don't worry - we should just trust them. Via Bloomberg's Jonathan Weil.

Psst, here's a stock tip for you. There's a company near Washington with strong ties to the U.S. intelligence community that has been around for almost a century and has secret ways of making money -- so secret that the company can't tell you what they are. Investors who buy just need to have faith.


To skeptics, this might seem like a pitch for an investment scam. But as anyone who has been paying attention to the news might have guessed, the company is Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp.




"Because we are limited in our ability to provide information about these contracts and services," the company said in its latest annual report, "you may not have important information concerning our business, which will limit your insight into a substantial portion of our business, and therefore may be less able to fully evaluate the risks related to that portion of our business."


This seems like it would be a dream arrangement for some corporations: Not only is Booz Allen allowed to keep investors uninformed, it's required to. I suppose we should give the company credit for being transparent about how opaque it is.

And while the media and popular attention is currently focused on who, if anyone else, may be the next Snowden struck by a sudden pang of conscience, perhaps a better question is what PE behemoth Carlyle, with a gargantuan $170 billion in AUM, knows, and why it rushed to purchase Booz Allen in the months after the Bear Stearns collapse, just when everyone else was batting down the hatches ahead of the biggest financial crash in modern history.

From Bloomberg, May 2008:

Carlyle Group, the private-equity firm run by David Rubenstein, agreed to acquire Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.'s U.S. government-consulting business for $2.54 billion, its biggest buyout since the credit markets collapsed in July.


The purchase would be Carlyle's biggest since it agreed to buy nursing-home operator Manor Care Inc. last July for $6.3 billion. Deal-making may be rebounding from a 68 percent decline in the first quarter as investment banks begin writing new commitments for private-equity transactions. Buyouts ground to a halt last year because of a global credit freeze triggered by record U.S. subprime-mortgage defaults.


The Booz Allen government-consulting unit has more than 18,000 employees and annual sales of more than $2.7 billion. Its clients include branches of the U.S. military, the Department of Homeland Security and the World Bank.


Carlyle, based in Washington, manages $81.1 billion in assets [ZH: that was 5 years ago - the firm now boasts $170 billion in AUM]. Rubenstein founded the firm in 1987 with William Conway and Daniel D'Aniello. The trio initially focused on deals tied to government and defense.


Carlyle and closely held Booz Allen have attracted high-level officials from the government. Carlyle's senior advisers have included former President George H.W. Bush, former British Prime Minister John Major, and Arthur Levitt, the ex-chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


R. James Woolsey, who led the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency from 1993 to 1995, is a Booz Allen executive. Mike McConnell, the U.S. director of national intelligence, is a former senior vice president with the company.



Carlyle last year sold a minority interest in itself to Mubadala Development Co., an investment fund affiliated with the government of Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates.

And in addition to the UAE, who can possibly forget Carlyle's Saudi connection. From the WSJ circa 2001:

If the U.S. boosts defense spending in its quest to stop Osama bin Laden's alleged terrorist activities, there may be one unexpected beneficiary: Mr. bin Laden's family.


Among its far-flung business interests, the well-heeled Saudi Arabian clan -- which says it is estranged from Osama -- is an investor in a fund established by Carlyle Group, a well-connected Washington merchant bank specializing in buyouts of defense and aerospace companies.


Through this investment and its ties to Saudi royalty, the bin Laden family has become acquainted with some of the biggest names in the Republican Party. In recent years, former President Bush, ex-Secretary of State James Baker and ex-Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci have made the pilgrimage to the bin Laden family's headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Mr. Bush makes speeches on behalf of Carlyle Group and is senior adviser to its Asian Partners fund, while Mr. Baker is its senior counselor. Mr. Carlucci is the group's chairman.


Osama is one of more than 50 children of Mohammed bin Laden, who built the family's $5 billion business, Saudi Binladin Group, largely with construction contracts from the Saudi government. Osama worked briefly in the business and is believed to have inherited as much as $50 million from his father in cash and stock, although he doesn't have access to the shares, a family spokesman says. Because his Saudi citizenship was revoked in 1994, Mr. bin Laden is ineligible to own assets in the kingdom, the spokesman added.


People familiar with the family's finances say the bin Ladens do much of their banking with National Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia and with the London branch of Deutsche Bank AG. They also use Citigroup Inc. and ABN Amro, the people said.


"If there were ever any company closely connected to the U.S. and its presence in Saudi Arabia, it's the Saudi Binladin Group," says Charles Freeman, president of the Middle East Policy Council, a Washington nonprofit concern that receives tens of thousands of dollars a year from the bin Laden family. "They're the establishment that Osama's trying to overthrow."


A Carlyle executive said the bin Laden family committed $2 million through a London investment arm in 1995 in Carlyle Partners II Fund, which raised $1.3 billion overall. The fund has purchased several aerospace companies among 29 deals. So far, the family has received $1.3 million back in completed investments and should ultimately realize a 40% annualized rate of return, the Carlyle executive said. But a foreign financier with ties to the bin Laden family says the family's overall investment with Carlyle is considerably larger. He called the $2 million merely an initial contribution. "It's like plowing a field," this person said. "You seed it once. You plow it, and then you reseed it again."


The Carlyle executive added that he would think twice before accepting any future investments by the bin Ladens. "The situation's changed now," he said. "I don't want to spend my life talking to reporters."

We can clearly see why. We can also clearly see why nobody has mentioned Carlyle so far into the Booz Allen fiasco.

A U.S. inquiry into bin Laden family business dealings could brush against some big names associated with the U.S. government. Former President Bush said through his chief of staff, Jean Becker, that he recalled only one meeting with the bin Laden family, which took place in November1998. Ms. Becker confirmed that there was a second meeting in January 2000, after being read the ex-president's subsequent thank-you note. "President Bush does not have a relationship with the bin Laden family," says Ms. Becker. "He's met them twice."


Mr. Baker visited the bin Laden family in both 1998 and 1999, according to people close to the family. In the second trip, he traveled on a family plane. Mr. Baker declined comment, as did Mr. Carlucci, a past chairman of Nortel Networks Corp., which has partnered with Saudi Binladin Group on telecommunications ventures.

As one can imagine the rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper the more one digs. For now, we will let readers do their own diligence. We promise the results are fascinating.

Going back to the topic at hand, we will however ask just how much and what kind of confidential, classified, and or Top Secret information is shared "behind Chinese walls" between a Carlyle still majority-owned company and the private equity behemoth's employees and advisors, among which are some of the most prominent political and business luminaries currently alive.  The following is a list of both current and former employees and advisors. We have used Wiki but anyone wishing to comb through the firm's full blown roster of over 1,000 employees and advisors, is welcome to do so at the firm's website.


Political figures

North America
  • Anand Panyarachun, former Prime Minister of Thailand (twice), former member of the Carlyle Asia Advisory Board until the board was disbanded in 2004  
  • Fidel V. Ramos, former president of the Philippines, Carlyle Asia Advisor Board Member until the board was disbanded in 2004  
  • Peter Chung, former associate at Carlyle Group Korea, who resigned in 2001 after 2 weeks on the job after an inappropriate e-mail to friends was circulated around the world    
  • Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister of Thailand (twice), former member of the Carlyle Asia Advisory Board until 2001 when he resigned upon being elected Prime Minister.  


  • Norman Pearlstine - editor-in-chief of Time magazine from (1995–2005), senior advisor telecommunications and media group 2006-

and across the entire globe?

Here is Carlyle, straight from the horse's recently IPOed mouth, courtesy of its most recent public presentation:

Perhaps Bloomberg's Jonathan Weil sums it up best:

There's no easy solution here, aside from the obvious point that the government keeps way too many secrets.

So what happens when one corporation, owned and controlled by the same government's former (and in some cases current) top power brokers, potentially has access to all of the same government's secrets?

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samsara's picture

Thank you for spotlighting them.

ghandi's picture

A cogent and informative piece.


Good work ZH!

Careless Whisper's picture

So the Binladin family owns a piece of th Carlyle Group, which owns a piece of Booz Allen, which does the top secret total world survelience grid for the en es a. That hurts my brain.


James_Cole's picture

Great article. Makes me start to wonder whether Snowden chose to be hired by Booz for exactly this reason? Pretty brilliant. 

markmotive's picture

It is time to repeal the ironically-named PATRIOT Act. It is an infringement of constitutional rights and the freedom of men. The Patriot Act is unamerican.

pods's picture

I would say at this time Amerika is unamerican.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

David Icke released essentially this information, what, 10 years ago?  And was labelled crazy for his troubles, of course.

Dapper Dan's picture

So did mike ruppert.

read Crossing The Rubicon,  even prism is mentioned only called primos then.

Manthong's picture

On December 19, 1998, 100 jurors walked into the chamber to vote on two charges.. one of perjury.. one of obstruction of justice.

The charges were a statement of fact that is not possible to refute in the real world.

It had nothing to do with getting jollies in/near the Oval Office or a DNA stained blue dress. The charges were brought after a contentious fight in the US House of Representatives amidst a furious series of defenses by liberals across the country and a fawning media establishment.

The 100 jurors were under oath.

Most of them violated that oath and their obligation because they were politicians duly elected as a result of the 17th Amendment. It was an amendment which contravened the original Constitution of the United States of America and turned a vital organ of the government so ingeniously developed by the founders, from representatives of the state governments into a popularly elected “Parliament of Whores” (cred to P. J. O’Rourke for the term.).

Dianne Feinstein is the Poster Girl for the Parliament.

.. but she should be sharing the pull-out spread and  lesbo embraces with Nancy Pelosi.

Manthong's picture

  And if you do not believe the 17th Amendment is a violation of the founders genius, consider this..

·         The Parliament of Whores acquitted the perjurer.

·         The (now millionaire) perjurer/celeb pushed through the 2000 CFMA which  overturned the “Bucket Shop” prohibition and gave us the quadrillion dollar death hole that is todays derivatives market.

·         The 17th Amendment happened in 1913 .. as part of the same process that Woodrow Wilson, the Pimp from Princeton, gave us the 16th Amendment (Income Tax) and the Federal Reserve Bank Act..

Have fun “investing”.



francis_sawyer's picture


“I don't look at this as being a whistleblower. I think it's an act of treason,” the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee told reporters. The California lawmaker went on to say that Snowden had violated his oath to defend the Constitution. “He violated the oath, he violated the law. It's treason.”"


What the fuck do you expect someone like Feinstein to say?

fonzannoon's picture

I'm lookin at the 10yr Francis, and I am in shock.

Futures off pretty big and treasuries selling off?

francis_sawyer's picture



The Carlyle Group appears to be dick deep in banking, MSM, & political activism... Most likely have a bunch of judges on the payroll as well

Quel surprise!... I'm shocked! [soon to be waterboarded]...

fonzannoon's picture

"The real owners are the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians, they're an irrelevancy. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the statehouses, the city halls. They've got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies, so that they control just about all of the news and information you hear"

we were warned.

francis_sawyer's picture

"You see in this world, there's two kinds of people, my friend, those with loaded guns, and those who dig... You dig..."


erg's picture

I never want to see the jaundiced eyes of Feinstein's ever again.

Carious and cruel.

Edit: Mr. and Mrs. America...turn them all in.

Things that go bump's picture

 The California lawmaker went on to say that Snowden had violated his oath to defend the Constitution. “He violated the oath, he violated the law. It's treason.” 

I would like to know how revealing a government program that clearly violates the Constitution is a violation of his oath to defend the Constitution. I suppose he violated the law, but it is an illegal and unconstitutional law. 


Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Everything that comes from Cunt Feinstein's mouth is a lie.

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

“He violated the oath, he violated the law. It's treason.”

Probably looking into the mirror when she said this!

Ignatius's picture

“I don't look at this as being a whistleblower. I think it's an act of treason...”


Feinstein ups the ante.  Projection.  I've found that projecting onto others -- what one themselves is doing -- to be among the most reliable theories in psychology.

bunnyswanson's picture

You all know me if you come here regularly enough, I am angry and vocal and have been for years.  Today is garbage pickup day, and as I was walking to sidewalk, a 3 x 1 inch piece of white paper lying on my driveway caught my eye as it was clean and crisp.

here is what it said:

What is treason:  To aid or imbed (sp) someone who is working against your country.

Typed first and then description in hand writing.  Coincidence?  Probably.  School is out so it is not a student.  I am a middle aged struggling single woman who has a low profile.

I think there are a million people working for the goal of the bankers.  All spread out and "embedded" (their word) in our communities. 


Going Loco's picture

I met a white farmer who had escaped from Mugabe's Zimbabwe. I asked how Mugabe had succeeded in wiping out Rhodesia. He said it was by use of secret police, embedded in every community, hearing and seeing what was going on and secretly identifying those who the government needed to destroy. He said that it became impossible to trust anyone and therefore when the "veterans" started taking out the white farmers, one by one, nobody knew who they could trust, everyone was on their own. Embedding secret informers in communities has been the favoured tactic of all authoritarian regimes. I sincerely hope that this tactic has not yet been deployed in your country or mine. If it has then I do not know how liberty can survive.

Kobe Beef's picture

And to think Mugabe didn't have Facebook or PRISM.

The_Small_Lebowski's picture

i coined the phrase Unmerica, some time after i realised that the country now strictly operates on a "do as i say, not as i do" policy. IT IS ALL LIES!

Go Tribe's picture

Always amazes me how well the Saudis and Jews get along when there's money to be made. They play us like cheap fiddles.

prains's picture

Where do you think the Dems and Repubs got the playbook?

Go Tribe's picture

Very true. They kneel at the feet of their masters.

Widowmaker's picture

You might make Tyler cry to his mommy.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Saudi Arabia was a partner of Zionist Israel from the very beginning, when the Sauds were installed in power by British intelligence, pushing aside the Hashemite families that had ruled the Muslim holy land regions for centuries

Some Muslims have written books saying the Saud family, and the founders of their extremist Wahhabi versions of Islam, were both Jewish

Saudi Arabia and Israel are murdering partners today in operations against Iran and Syria

Historically -

The Saudi rulers, propped up by Britain, to rule Arabia and spread an extremist version of Islam, as part of their 'duties' even helped set up the Zionist regime in Israel, back when Zionists were still a minority scorned by most Jews:

« In 1919, at the Paris Conference ending World War I ... The Arab delegation ... was led by Faisal Saeed al-Ismaily ... a Bedouin Sunni steeped in the orthodox version of the religion ... the third son of the Grand Sharif of Mecca.

On Jan. 3, 1919, Faisal and Chaim Weizmann, president of the World Zionist Organization, signed the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement for Arab-Jewish cooperation, in which Faisal conditionally accepted the Balfour Declaration, based on the fulfillment of British wartime promises of development of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, on which subject he made the following statement:

"We Arabs ... look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement. Our deputation here in Paris is fully acquainted with the proposals submitted yesterday by the Zionist Organization to the Peace Conference, and we regard them as moderate and proper. We will do our best, in so far as we are concerned, to help them through; we will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home.

Even today, the House of Saud's allegiance to the Zionists who have massively displaced the Palestinian population, remains intact. ... »

The House of Saud:
British-Programmed Killer of Muslims
by Ramtanu Maitra

Go Tribe's picture

The Faisal-Weizmann Agreement sounds less like a peace treaty and more like a joint declaration of war against those who would question wahabism or zionism. Of course the US government is slowly cleansing America of people who criticize these two groups.

francis_sawyer's picture

So is ZH...


Edit: Oh look!... A good "down voter" citizen... Here "down voter" do~good doo~bee... Here's your chance to report me:

Remember [as always]... If you see something... SAY something...

DaveyJones's picture

it hurts more than your brain

once you peer deep enough into the people "who make the rules" you come to realize there are none

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Project 'Snowden - Snow Job' - the CIA, Booz Allen, and why Snowden may be a fake

CIA-NSA company Booz Allen employed not only Edward Snowden, but Ian Brzezinski, brother of Mika Brzezinski, the millionaire journalist interviewing and pumping Snowden

And Mika is the daughter of master warmonger Zbigniew 'Great Game - Grand Chessboard' Brzezinski, Obama friend and advisor, central US Shadow Government figure with Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger, etc

So NSA 'whistleblower' Edward Snowden is connected directly to the Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergs and all the oligarch families who own the American regime ... and being promoted by America's top shadow gov't families

UK Guardian is CIA-tied corrupt like the New York Times, same modus ... fake lefty-'progressive' on surface, but the Guardian and NYT both take bribes to publish fake 'news' for the CIA.

Other holes in Snowden's story - improbable CV, quick rise from security guard to IT expert for CIA-NSA in Switzerland, shows a diplomatic passport tho usually confiscated after diplomat job ends ... Even if Snowden personally is half-sincere, media hype with Brezinzskis means this whole hype is CIA Operation Mockingbird (media control), done for a reason

As David Harrison of Trade With Dave says: « What are the odds that the lady doing the interviewing about the guy who spilled his guts on the NSA are brother, sister and employee, not to mention children (a super-majority at least) of the one man who may have the President of the United State’s ear more than any other single person?  Purely a coincidence… nothing to see here folks… move along.  You can forget the Trilateral Commission ... »

Question now is, why are they running Project Snowden ?

Is the US regime trying to get us to be more trusting of some of these corrupt mainstream media stooges again ?

Are they running a test to see how much REAL outrage there is, versus submission ?
Are they just trying to get people more used to fascism, and the seeming fact there is little that can be done about it ?

Are they just trying to 'deepen their list' of which Americans should be added to the 1 million or so who already have spaces built and waiting for them in the FEMA concentration camps ?

Another fake coup, to fool US people with 'faith in the system', like with the military CIA 'Watergate' coup to take down Nixon, that was run by the CIA with the military joint chiefs - reporter Bob Woodward was a Naval Intelligence agent working for the top Admiral running the US military who took Nixon down (book 'Silent Coup' investigators Colodny and Gettlin) ?

i-dog's picture

Well done, highlighting those connections, Bank Guy! That explains a lot.

However, I think Snowden is less a 'test' or a 'list building' exercise than just another step in this latest phase of the controlled demolition ... chopping out the remaining foundations of public confidence in the current American system of government, in preparation for the final collapse (which the vast majority of the public will applaud when TPTB present their 'solution' to 'the problem', whatever it may be).

Webster Tarpley thinks it will be martial law under Petraeus ... I'm not so sure about that (it seems way out of left field to me, but I've found no other hints on the controlled opposition websites), but I have no clue as to which rabbit they'll pull out of the hat to pacify the sheep while imposing total control. And take over total control, they will. There will certainly be no 'Mad Max' scenario.

This phase began on April 14th with the Defense Department issuing instructions on military support of civillian law enforcement ... followed the next day by the Boston Bombing 'display of incompetence and overreach' and then, just 2 days after that, Jeffrey Sachs openly called both major parties totally corrupt (ie. neither impeachment nor elections would fix the problems).

There have also been a number of other lesser indications since then, including all the -gates, that we are very close indeed to the 'end game'.

IMO, the only solution to the rampant corruption, overspending and overreach by DC is for the states to retake their sovereignty - in accordance with their DUTY under the Constitution - by seceding ... right f'ing NOW!!! That is also the only way to avoid being dragged into a major war by Israel.


[edit] And a big shout out to Dave Harrison. I keep forgetting to check his blog...which is a gross oversight as he often cuts through the layers of crap to get to the nuggets!

tip e. canoe's picture

indeed dawg, dave always serves some delicious delicacies that cut through the crap.

although i really would like to like dear Mr. Ed, still can't wrap me mind around the obvious Catch-22 reference.    

either the "code" has gone meta or the cosmic irony has gotten thick as a pea soup.

perhaps the hedge has been pre-cogged to craft the perfect anti-hero.

i-dog's picture

The Catch-22 reference is indeed WAY too convenient!

Right off the cuff, I'd be prepared to wager that the kid was an adopted prodigy (it's a common Khazarian MO) and later given the name as part of a crafted bio (they're good at that, too...reference Obomber).

The 'under-performing student' part likely arises from him being dyslexic. He appeared *very* competent to me in his interview and also appeared to be working from a learned script. Dyslexics are often high achievers (I have a dyslexic grandson who's way smarter than the average bear, yet he can barely read or do basic math at age 11. Richard Branson, Ted Turner, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein are other examples of dyslexics). ;-)

Go Tribe's picture

The Snowden problem could be a sign of internecine warfare among these assclowns. I'd be interested in knowing about the various factions within this group, there must be some as it's human nature.

Urban Redneck's picture

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon is NOT Intelligence Analysis.

You're getting lost in the weeds, which is certainly part of the game.  Separating and establishing the relative value of data points is critical when one seeks good intelligence in order to make a better decision.  Whereas when one merely seeks justification of pre-conceived notions through "intelligence" (such as the existence of WMD in Iraq) volume is more critical than quality.

If you're living and working Brussels-- any .gov troll with access to PRISM could paint a similar picture tying you to David de Rothschild, which is exactly why the system is so valuable to the establishment -- seeking to perpetuate the status quo. 

tip e. canoe's picture

any .gov troll with access to PRISM could paint a similar picture tying you to David de Rothschild  excellent point, redneck.   always good to remember that.   correlation does not imply causation.   it's an easy trap to fall into, but it is indeed a trap.

Urban Redneck's picture

every troll from every goverment has a boss who has an explicit interest in how this perception plays out to the masses-either their own masses or those of allied or adversarial powers- so the volume of "hay" in the pile will increase exponentially.

Let them all fail's picture

They don't own part of the Carlyle Group, they are/were an investor in their funds...big difference

samsara's picture

THIS is the story angle that needs to be amplified.

It's NOT the government that wants to "Know All" It's the guys that had the Grandfathers that tried the 1st Coup back in 1933. Precott ring a bell?
Google "1933 coup bankers prescott smedley"

They did alot more planning and took it long range this time. Getting the background all taken care of first. That's why it was ironic that Jr. the shrub was at the helm this time.

It's the people ABOVE the Government.

Thanks Tyler for making the link for the people.

Go Tribe's picture

This goes back to the banksters, to the rots child's. Prescott was a simple tool, just like his grandson.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

It does, but Prescott was basically The Godfather, of American operations. So he deserves an Honorable Mention in that regard.

Ident 7777 economy's picture




" It's the guys that had the Grandfathers that tried the 1st Coup back in 1933. Precott ring a bell? Google "1933 coup bankers prescott smedley" ... "


Sounds and looks strangely like conspiracy-theory stuff ... no?


Did Edward Snowden release ANYTHING about this group?


Please don't answer "no".