Bank Employee Falls Asleep On Keyboard, Transfers €222,222,222.22 By Mistake

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Think only coked up and hyper hedgefund traders pose a systemic risk? As this AFP story reveals, somnolent, undercaffeinated tellers can be just as threatening to the global flow of funds.

A "German bank employee fell asleep on his keyboard and accidentally transformed a minor transfer into a 222 million euro ($293 million) order, a court heard Monday. The Hessen labour court heard that the man was supposed to transfer just 62.40 euros from a bank account belonging to a retiree, but instead "fell asleep for an instant, while pushing onto the number 2 key on the keyboard" -- making it a huge 222,222,222.22 euro order." Nearly a third of a billion mistake blamed on a "sleepy finger?" That's a new one...

Was the recipient of this "accident" supposed to be some Italian or Spanish bank we wonder?

Luckily, not one Russian oligrach depositor was impaired as a result of this epic mistake, since the transaction was promptly unwound and the bank corrected the error. Where things get even funnier, and why this was ultimately taken to court, is because the sleepy man's 48-year old colleague let the mistake slip through when verifying the order. This promptly resulted in his termination.

In return, the German court promptly ruled that the plaintiff should be reinstated.

So next time you wire money from one account to another at a bank office, may we suggest finding the one clerk with an Ambien addiction. Because one never knows.

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Just drone him, bro.

Divided States of America's picture

Simple solution. To keep awake, do what the SEC does, watch porn

ACP's picture

I would definitely agree with the ambien thing if the trader's name was Dieter von Kennedy.

"If I go to rehab, can I get my old job back?"

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"a huge 222,222,222.22 euro order"

which just happens to be the statutory price of an ounce of gold


I think not.

Pinto Currency's picture


Central bank employees fall asleep and lease 22,222 tonnes of gold.

Wakeup imminent.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

If it was $222,222 into an account, sure, it was a mistake.

But they took $222,222 from an account...  To see if the owner would notice?

CheapBastard's picture

Turbo Timmy blamed it on the software...he's not creative enough to think this one up...

0z's picture

What's a Russian Oligrach?

prains's picture

he's the really fat guy poolside with the smallest bathing suit

tallen's picture

Still a better banker than Ben Bernanke

knukles's picture

It's a cultural thing

The Anglo-American banker is either coked up, wired with crack or engaged in theft on a grand scale, transferring bazillions with their "Fat Fingers"
The Continental Banker (Shades of Chris Walken doing his Continental on SNL) falls asleep during the day.

Oh, the promise of the New World Order.

And now when they try to reclaim it, they'll find it was wired through the City and has already been rehypothecated about 17 times.

Element's picture

Flash Snore!


This shit just get funnier every day ...

Rainman's picture

Far too outrageous to be untrue ..... NOT Guilty ! 

SilverIsKing's picture

Perhaps the Bernanke has been asleep all this time.

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The bank Teller's name has been released. It is Deri Va Tive . This happened with a Korean banker recenlty named Cee Di Oh. Also, there is the case of the guy identified only as Siv.

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It is ok, Mario will return the money in the morning.  

malikai's picture

Now if he did that with BTC things could get pretty interesting.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

When typing 62.40, how do you push 2 before pushing 6?  Shouldn't this number be €622,222,222.22?

I know germans say "two and sixty" instead of "sixtytwo" but still they hit the 6 first.


Seorse Gorog from that Quantum Entanglement Fund. alright_.-'s picture

he was too tired to make it to the 6


CaptainSpaulding's picture

Is that logic i hear Kirk? Beam me up scotty

JimBowie1958's picture

Maybe his head fell all the way over onto the keyboard and his nose landed on the number two?

I mean anything could be the explanation when you have shit this stupid.

imaginalis's picture

If the Stasi are reading this please fuck offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Lmo Mutton's picture

allow me to drop this here,








Have I made the list yet??


Just looking for a free HK vacation and an iphone

tenpanhandle's picture

instead you'll get a cavity search and one free phonecall.

knukles's picture

Since all "them folks" now gots free Obie phones, how's that War on Drugs going, Smedley?

        Whadda fucking crock o' shite

Oppps !  Sorry... I didn't mean to insult crock o' diles

ziggy59's picture

Dont banksters have to press confirm for a transaction?

knukles's picture

confirm what... never said that...,  I'm open to a full discourse..... I'm not taking any fucking questions....

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Something wrong here... A communication 222...

Cacete de Ouro's picture

The Italian Financial Police....a rare breed...always in the wrong place at the wrong time

denverdolomte's picture

So that's how Quantitative Easing works. Got it.



Sudden Debt's picture



Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Germany you say?

A German man committed to a high-security psychiatric hospital after being accused of fabricating a story of money-laundering activities at a major bank is to have his case reviewed after evidence has emerged proving the validity of his claims.

In a plot worthy of a crime blockbuster, Gustl Mollath, 56, was submitted to the secure unit of a psychiatric hospital seven years ago after court experts diagnosed him with paranoid personality disorder following his claims that staff at the Hypo Vereinsbank (HVB) – including his wife, then an assets consultant at HVB – had been illegally smuggling large sums of money into Switzerland. [Guardian - Original German - old coverage by English newspapers; new documentary by German sources. They're taking it seriously at least. No idea if the government was changed *cough*]


Luckily, no-one has accused me of being a paranoid schizophrenic recently. Wait a fucking second.

<three hours later>


Sorry. Had to go for a walk. I am shocked that such things could occur in German Banks by accident, I've heard their system is perfect and highly reputable. Frankly, I don't believe any of this nonsense, typical yellow journalism. I must go to my pod, I meant bed, now and do that sleep time.

knukles's picture

Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha
Political prisoners and psychiatric hospitals...
Ver ve gives zee criminally inzane very pleasurable varm vatter und thorazine enemas ....

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

...with a ball gag in.

And if you want to take this into the realms of dark humor, I'd suggest looking into the SF "factory" building that was saved by a high $ name for movies, then went into extreme BSDM pornos and then ended up essentially filming rape scenes where they prevented the females from saying safe words. Only in America could it be quasi-legal - in Eastern Europe, it's all illegal, just much cheaper. And usually paid for by the U.N. troops or American Contractors. Bosnia and Afgan, DynaCorp is getting laid on the tax paying dollars. With 12 year olds, in Bosnia Girls, in Afgan, Boys.

And let's not talk about the children, or Organized Religion with their secret century long documents - let me remember, let me remember. Could I possibly know the code-name for such documents? For sure. Time to do a bit of Google-FU or DuckDuckZO. But I have a ball-gag in my mouth, and my safe word is "you're gonna get disappeared".

I love the modern world. It's fucking EPIC on a scale of being to able to know about the sordid boring mundane shitty dog shit. And we LOVE what you did with child abuse, just fucking EPIC. Let me remember... age 4, and you got a NO that stalled it all. The voice is always important. Are you catching us earlier now, due to that little refusal (and domination of adults, how embarressing that must be, 3 hrs of attempted bribery to stop the commands that convulsed you). Oh, waits, 2,500 Pentagon members? Must be looking at FBI cases, that's my guess.


Nothing to be irked by, nothing at all.


It's not like the NSA knows any of this, and lets it continue, is it? They simply DON'T KNOW. That'd be fucking CRAZY talk. That'd be BIZARRO LAND where a free Republic knew about such things, but did nothing because it paid well. That'd be INSANE, right? They'd almost have to have some kind of DATA SYSTEM WHERE THEY COULD TRACK STUFF FOR EVERYONE, and we know that doesn't exist, because this is America, right? How CRAZY are you? Totally UNTHINKABLE, right?


Eat your fucking peas, boy. How dark you want it, I can go harder, longer and uncut.

Officefarmer's picture

Name me a movie that was produced there.

Purely for research purposes.

trader1's picture

the real irony is that my german bank has ensured that i would ever make such a mistake.  

how could a "modern" bank in germany not implement internal controls including two-factor authentication (verification) for wire transfers??? 


blindman's picture

I love the new ones !

EclecticParrot's picture

I suppose Tyler's suggestion might bear fruit, but wouldn't it be easier to ask a buddy from the NSA to provide data from Goldman's metals trading desk 45 milliseconds before the next employment report ?

knukles's picture



See they have all the information, so how is it that any of this criminal shit world wide is not impaired?
because the gubamint is complicit, a full participant in every single crime....

EclecticParrot's picture

Yeah -- they'll say it's because they're waiting to nab the guy at the top, but never do.  Still, I'd rather they continue to drain my trading account than raise my taxes, as approaching an impossible task daily fits my Sisyphean personality, and higher taxes would just piss me off.  (Come to think of it, now might be a good time to form a trading corporation with "Patriot" in the title, might help with next year's taxes -- assuming of course I actually log profits by December . . . )

Joebloinvestor's picture

I have to also push the enter key on my keyboard.

haskelslocal's picture

So you're telling me we're not as technologically advanced as I thought huh?

Oh well. Glad Microsoft Word at least offers a pop up asking if I'm sure I want to execute.

keninla's picture

I think execution is a brilliant idea.