Parabolic Europe Closing Ramp

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Presented with little comment just to note the entirely news and fundamentals driven ramp in US equities has an odd correlation with the smash in AUDJPY... (and it's Tuesday and a POMO)

3 legs:

1. US open - yay, stocks are open to buy...

2. Quick - Buy Bonds and Buy Stocks - we need that regime back...

3. We need Green!! - ramp AUDJPY...

Or maybe it was none of the above, and it was just select Reuters clients reacting to the very early leak of the University of Phoenix Consumer Spying index, which will have just hit a record high when it is released to the broader public in due course...

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Just a head fake. Dow will close down triple digits. Just messin with our heads again.

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Computer rigged casino "market", ponzi Federal Reserve, fascist government.  The normal reaction to J6P is, of course, to buy stawks.  Makes complete sense.



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Because it's Tuesday.

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Newswire 11:45 AM…  

Corrected headline: “Paul Krugman evacuates to coffee shop after Princeton bomb threat”

SHOULD read: “Paul Krugman evacuates coffee after Princeton bomb threat”

fonzannoon's picture

Maybe that is why we rallied? TIS finally went after him?

Dr. No's picture

"In related news, Krugman disappointed it was only a hoax since all the broken windows would have boosted GDP"

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Uhh, that's Terrific Tuesday.


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not after Wall Street fucks around with all the retail sheeps on both sides of the trade. Just another great day to work at the prop desk at GS, JPM, Citi

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University of Phoenix Consumers Spying Survey = U-PhoeCS ("U-Fucks")

The U-PhoeCS Index is issued weekly based on in-depth interviews of 7 Americans randomly selected from NSA databases.  Interview results are then scaled to yield the U-PhoeCS Score with a range of 0-100

A score from 0-49 indicates relatively LOW NSA activity, with interceptions of data below 3 trillion per day, or 0%-49% of all telephonic, email, text, and commerce messages.  A score of 50 indicates that Dancing With the Stars and The Voice have topped American Idle and Jeopardy in ratings.  A score from 51-100 indicates HIGH NSA activity with NSA intercepts reaching as high as 100% of all nationwide transactions, and lights dimming in major cities due to NSA electricity consumption.

U-PhoeCS rating for this week = 50.


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FREE MONEEZ yayyyyyy!!

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Good one. Unfortunately I then clicked on this bizarre Barbara Eden version that was on the right side list:


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Nothing can defeat the Kraken!!!

Racer's picture

May the farce be with you

thismarketisrigged's picture

the ftse, dax, cac, ibex,ftsemib, stoxx600, all down 1 plus percent, nikkei, hang seng, all down 1 plus percent.


the dow and s&p? fucking flat. ya this is a real normal market

SmallerGovNow2's picture

Normal? no, this-market-is-rigged...

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Nobody sane really wants to buy the ES until it crosses its 20 DMA at 1647.  What is taking place right now is just FX correlation positioning on USD/JPY // AUD/JPY vol.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Sane? What does that have to do with anything?

fonzannoon's picture

These are just bullshit dips that will be bought again and again as we chop lower. Anyone on here trying to play it either way will just get chewed up and spit out.

slaughterer's picture

<<== Magical mystery dip.  (close green)

<<== Evil bull head-fake.  (close very red)

SheepDog-One's picture

'Sane' is a very relative term when everyone you're talking about are insane degenerate gamblers inside a rigged casino.

alphamentalist's picture

just the asset "managers" stock up on tasty euro stocks below vwap. nothing to see.

transaccountin's picture

oh theres a AUDJPY connect now? how about when it was freefalling, no connect then huh? i cant fuking stand the constant connects between fx... theres always some fx going up, and its a reason to go up on es? guivem e a fuiking break

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$6 Billion in POMO bits this week.  And yes...I am comfortably numb.

slaughterer's picture

A good hedge is to roll WTI shorts when WTI crosses above 96.00 (the big wall) and cash in below on vol. days.   Been doing this for a few months now, and it has worked well.   

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I love the smell of roasting shorts in the morning!

AON's picture

I don't care how hard they try now.  THEY ARE LOSING CONTROL!

SheepDog-One's picture

S&P now normal daily swing around 20 points or so....I guess this is the Fed main mandate 'price stability'? 


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Yet they manage to keep a cap on gold. Freaking amazing.

fonzannoon's picture

I think gold is going lower Doc, perhaps substantially lower. But make no mistake, it is the dip you were waiting for.

Dr. Engali's picture

Maybe, but I doubt it will be available when the smash down comes. It's obvious things are starting to fall apart. Japan really screwed things up. Whether it is intentional or not, who knows.

fonzannoon's picture

I've been wondering about that too. What, all of the sudden, set off Japan?

Divided States of America's picture

Well fonzy...skynet became self aware...nobody really knew how...but it did...when the financial system has so many variables, no one knows what combination of things can start the spark in a room full of kerosene and flush with freshly 'printed' fiat money.

john39's picture

the puppetmasters have always used chaos to their advantage... and all signs are that something major (WWIII) is just ahead...  but something is different this time...  perhaps this time, their old friend chaos doesn't quite work out as planned.  time will tell.

insanelysane's picture

I think their little skirmishes with China set them off.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Spot below $1400 was, and continues to be, the buy signal.  Physical is running out.

Divided States of America's picture

Yeah I think so too...I think it may go between 1250 to 1350...but yes I will be loading up more...but in order to do so, you need to sell something else to raise the funds....and also, you want to make sure that there are willing sellers at those prices...

OK. Europe close is near...may drift lower now.

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They must have sniffed out some trailing short stops

I Am Not a Copper Top's picture

Who honestly believed the "market" would stay down today?

slaughterer's picture

Amazing they manage to save the 10-year from the pre-market carnage and even pump up the ES during cash session.  Has Kev's signature all over it.  Boy has skills.  

gjp's picture

Anoyone still harbouring the misguided notion that there is rotation in play and that stocks, bonds, and all else are not tied together in one giant bubble should take a good look at today's action as both stocks and bonds fall dramatically pre-market and then 'miraculously' recover during Mr. Henry's working hours.

alphamentalist's picture

skills. right. he also can buy without limit using uncle ben's fresh off the press cash. skills.

orangegeek's picture

LMFAO - the Dow is green after falling 150 at the open.


Nothing beats MO POMO applied at 10 minutes after the open.


Too bad for Europe - down 1.5%.

slaughterer's picture

<<== silver reaches $23 again

<<== silver never reaches $23 again

fonzannoon's picture

I actually voted that it won't BOP. I don't think we will see true price discovery in any asset again until the machines are turned off.

Right now we just keep getting fooled by false starts.

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I did the same thing for the same reason. As long as they can print as much fiat as they want they can manipulate the price to reflect whatever they want.

fonzannoon's picture

I hope that damn stock pumping bull market loving Kito does not come on here and start pitching the dow again. I wish he would go over to yahoo finance where he belongs!

PiratePawpaw's picture

I agree. I expect flat to lower as they try to hold on. It will only rise when they finally lose control.

Then you had better have already bought, 'cause there wont be any.