Presenting CryptoKids: NSA's Future Codemakers And Codebreakers

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Because - "It's never too early to start thinking about what you want to be when you grow

Click image for interactive crypto/spying fun...


From Crypto Cat to Decipher Dog...


Why you should work for the NSA...


and as a gentle reminder... Why you shouldn't... (fwd to 0:46 for the quick answer)

h/t @noalpha_allbeta

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half the kids are against it!

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deleted by me.  fuck bernanke

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Kyle Bass wants some of that action.

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We are the Stasi in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neighborhoooooooood!

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The State is no longer benign!


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The Constitution has fallen...and it can't get up

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For a long time, libertarians have influenced dissociated youths with their rebellious rhetoric and nihilistic flare, but the tide has turned. Working for the government is finally cool, and this is making libertarians very worried.

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you need to take that bonus of yours and go on vacation with motherfucking simon black

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Yeah, working for "the Man" and against your own people must be the pinnacle of "cool" !

And then you wonder why others are calling you a retard and m0r0n...

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No real, breathing human being can actually think that working for the government is cool.

You are obviously a troll...or an an extraterrestrial.

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Tim Cook says he plans on melting them so he can....oh wait....

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Of course, the snitches need someone to rat out?

Snitches get stitches, Bitchez!


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The Feinstein witches

bitch at the snitches

deflecting the fact

it is they it enriches

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Not nearly as cool as the "Resistance Kids".  Just sayin'

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A bill has just been introduced into congress to ban carrier pigeons ...

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Where's 'Secret Squirrel' & 'Morocco Mole'?... Rocky?... Bullwinkle?... Boris & Natasha?... Madam "X"?

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Why not just give them a copy of Poe's Gold-Bug and tell if they can break it without a computer- they have a .gov job for life and can have more cool iCrap from Uncle Sam than their classmates in the interim?

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Boris & Natasha run the government now...

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Once again it is important to understand that the false flag attacks of 9/11 paved the way for these ever increasing infringements. This is why the BIG LIE of 9/11 must be exposed, regardless how many years or decades have passed.

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False Flag? They friggen found the guy's passport right there in the rubble (of one of the twin towers... not building 7 that came down at free fall pace without having been hit). Anyway, not sure how much more evidence you need than a passport in the middle of the rubble.

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For consideration from Jon's site...good points and questions...

Could Snowden be a patsy as part of the bigger agenda and the Great Plan?


First, I’m not doubting the documents Ed Snowden has brought forward. I’m not doubting the illegal reach of the NSA in spying on Americans and the world.

But as to how this recent revelation happened, and whether Ed Snowden’s history holds up…I have questions.

Could Snowden have been given extraordinary access to classified info as part of a larger scheme? Could he be a) an honest man and yet b) a guy who was set up to do what he’s doing now?

If b) is true, then Snowden fits the bill perfectly. He wants to do what he’s doing. He isn’t lying about that. He means what he says.

Okay. Let’s look at his history as reported by The Guardian.


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The big question is when he got his security clearance. He would have at least got it at the building security guard job. Security clearance + IT skills ~8 years ago in DC would have had you showered with job offers from intelligence community regardless of having a diploma or GED. Once you're in the system, you're set. There are many building security guard jobs in the DC area which anyone with a pulse can get if they know about it and they will get you a security clearance.

Actually, leaving the military because the option was open when he broke his legs makes sense. Through his friends from the military he gets a tip on the building security job. He gets that gets a clearance then somewhere along the way he has IT skills and gets in. The story line actually is very plausible to me and I've worked building security for the main State building in DC.

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The only thing that makes any sense right now is that 1) he was profiled as an honest guy, 2) he was given information an honest man would be likely to divulge, 3) "they" wanted this to happen, 4) if he had not divulged they would have simply tried again with someone else having a similar profile and Snowden would have just gone on with his job.

Notice, it is very much possible that Snowden was not even the first to be handed this opportunity. Any number of others might have until now simply ignored the information as business-as-usual-in-America and gone on with their assignments.

"They" wanted a test of the heat of the American people on this subject. They have been doing this for a while now, in countless small ways, turning up the heat until people get used to it and learn to turn a cynical blind eye on it.

This is 100% working for them. They are dancing in the halls right now.

The next "release" will be in about 18 months -- once again some honest joe will get his hands on something unbelievable -- and the American media and citizens will have their worst suspicions confirmed yet again that government are evil fucktards and go back to watching sports where real heros can still be found.

Boiling the frog.

Whatever we have coming now, we richly deserve.

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The best way to control the opposition is to create the (controlled) opposition.

Just take a look at some of the revelations over the last 10-15 years about how various different "radical" groups (including several unions) from the 60's and 70's were led or controlled by the CIA and various other intelligence operations. The old tricks are still the best tricks to use.....even when they have been exposed as tricks.

The only way you can successfully lie to a group of people is if they individually and as a group already lie to themselves.

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I viewed the lockdown of Boston the same way. Will people even question us declaring martial law over a single criminal on the loose? Regardless of any other misgivings I have over the narrative of the Boston bombings... martial law was clearly a test.

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If it was not a deliberate test, then it absolutely became a test defacto.

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Who did you say found this miraculous asbestos passport? You have a chain of custody?

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Either it's a Sarc..  or it's really really a pathetic statement.

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Don't you find it just a little odd that the bodies of the people on that flight were completely incinerated at impact, and they only found bits and pieces of people who were in the building, that that passport was not rendered into its component molecules? 

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Yes Cog!


The truth to 9/11 is way bigger than the event itself...for exposing the truth of that event blows the doors right wide open to EVERYTHING 'conspiracy like.'

World Wars, Titanic, Moon Landing, terrorist attacks, Sandy Hook, documents, scriptures, whatever... Everything would be questioned.


The truth about 9/11 questions what the fuck are we exactly doing on this questions the meaning of life if you really think about it.

Its massive.


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Precisely. Recognizing the fundamental lie of 9/11 will force many to question every other fundamental "truth" they accept as correct. This is why 9/11 remains THE litmus test for anyone who claims to be speaking the truth on any other subject. To maintain the lie of 9/11 by not exposing it for what it is means that directly and indirectly you are maintaining all the other lies that form the basis for the BIG LIE.

One cannot proclaim 9/11 to be as it is claimed to be by the authorities even if it is done by omission, by simply not speaking (the truth) about it, and remain credible as a truth speaker. Those who claim they must not expose the 9/11 lie in order to be credible among the general population, thus more able to bring down the system from within or as a "credible" public dissident, are either controlled opposition or useful idiots. <I am speaking directly to you Ron Paul as well as many others.>

Either you speak the truth or you do not. To maintain some lies in order to expose other lies supports the system in its entirety simply because the system maintains its 'credibility' be assuring those caught up in the system that it is self correcting. And that self correcting mechanism is the partial truth speaker. Thus the real rot and decay is never exposed because the population is led to believe all that is exposed is all the rot there is when in fact it is not.  

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This is a literal question: who knows what actually happened on 9/11 and is actually talking?

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I know, but I'm not saying.

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One is not required to present an (alternative) explanation of what happened on 9/11 in order to seriously and thoroughly question what happened on 9/11. I fully agree that the general population, including the so called "truth" community, does not know (exactly) what happened on 9/11.

What I do know is that the "official" version cannot withstand a casual review let alone an honest and open minded investigation. What the "official" version does do is give those who wish to believe the official narrative a reason to believe.

<Daddy, tell me another lie so that I may believe it is the truth.>

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(just my stupid opinion)

There goes that funny word again to "know." Biblically sexual, legally, God knows what. (Then again, Dr. Strangelove is full of sexual overtones) Actually, legally, it's simply a trier of fact making a decision often on what we call "circumstantial" evidence. The criminal trial lawyer in me says there is an absurd and overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence that it was an inside job. Much more evidence than a typical case that proves a murder from an angry spouse who can hide most of their actions. THis comes with the nature of the beast doesn't it? YOu can NOT pull this off without affecting physics, cameras, NORAD, Airline shorts, and a million other government and non government systems with the whole world watching. Holmes would tell us to remove all the other possibilities.

HOw many people other than Dick? Who cares at this point. The most important thing I have come to conclude about "my government" is based upon the government's reaction SINCE 911 not the day itself.

All of their behavior SINCE 911 tells me they are pretty much all co-conspirators. If the world can figure this out with very controlled and limited access to information, then they BY GOD know themselves. And if they refuse to do anything or refuse to demand an investigation, then they are accessories after the fact - plain and simple - even under the law.

What does this mean? It means, the government, and it's "laws" are pretty much gone doesn't it? The most heinous mass murder in American history and they immediately ship out the physical evidence and destroy it and errect instead constitutional "punishment" for the rest of us? Actually, they dish out literal murder and unlawful imprisonment for quite a few folks didn't they? Give me a break. What more do we need to know. And their daily behavior since only confirms and reconfirms and reconfirms...

Like the latest news, it is no longer really about three towers falling, its about three branches doing the same. 

THUS, I think it is a waste of energy to call for an investigation on such deaf and criminal ears. The remedy, like the problem will need to be much more profound.  Only then can we reopen the issue and finally bring some human justice    



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Well said, and my thoughts also.

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The TRUTH is a 3-edged sword, ask any Vorlon...

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I actually agree. I do not believe the official story; I would like to know the truth. That is why I asked the question.

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I do too. However if I remain too focused on understanding the last lie I will miss how the next one is real time this time.

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I never thought I'd buy into the 9/11 'truth' business, but seeing events unfold in Syria etc has really opened my eyes.  The documentary that changed my mind regarding 9/11 was 'War by Deception' by Ry Dawson.  I think he did pretty good work for a young amateur and think he presents the arguments very well and in a logical manner.

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The problem any "truth" documentary has is not so much in explaining the lie, but in challenging the viewer's ideology. Belief and ideology do not require truth and fact in order to survive and flourish. Way too often truth and facts stand in direct contrast to belief and ideology. 

You can lead the ideologue to truth but you can't make them drink.

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You can lead the ideologue to truth but you can't make them drink

You Can Lead a Man to Knowledge,  But You Can't Make Him Think...

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That clip from Goodwill Hunting is just so prescient it is...just...just... MINDBLOWING

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I remember when kids spent their time playing baseball and shit.

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I used to play with a stick.  Any old stick would do.

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I used to play with myself, when the wife isn't around I still do.