Chinese Dissident Ai Weiwei: "The U.S. Is Behaving Like China"

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Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Ai Weiwei is a Chinese artist and political dissident.  Although he collaborated on the construction of Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics, his criticism of the government later led to his arrest without charges and imprisonment for several months.  I believe there are two main takeaways from the following article he wrote for The Guardian. First, he knows what it is like to live in an authoritarian regime with very little freedom or civil liberties. Thus it would be wise to take his warning to heart. Second, he illustrates a key point I have been trying to make for years. All citizens of the world must refuse to allow their respective governments to drag us into a war started by various oligarchs located in distinct geographic locations.

99.9% of the population must come together and understand that oligarchs within the U.S. and oligarchs within China are united against us all.  We must never forget this.  These guys don’t fight wars.  Rather, they rape, steal and pillage and then send you to do their dirty work.  Don’t fall for it.  From The Guardian:

I lived in the United States for 12 years. This abuse of state power goes totally against my understanding of what it means to be a civilised society, and it will be shocking for me if American citizens allow this to continue. The US has a great tradition of individualism and privacy and has long been a centre for free thinking and creativity as a result.


In our experience in China, basically there is no privacy at all – that is why China is far behind the world in important respects: even though it has become so rich, it trails behind in terms of passion, imagination and creativity.


When human beings are scared and feel everything is exposed to the government, we will censor ourselves from free thinking. That’s dangerous for human development.


In the Soviet Union before, in China today, and even in the US, officials always think what they do is necessary, and firmly believe they do what is best for the state and the people. But the lesson that people should learn from history is the need to limit state power.


To limit power is to protect society. It is not only about protecting individuals’ rights but making power healthier.


Civilization is built on that trust and everyone must fight to defend it, and to protect our vulnerable aspects – our inner feelings, our families. We must not hand over our rights to other people. No state power should be given that kind of trust. Not China. Not the US.

There you go David Brooks.  A lesson into how to be a human being.

Full article here.

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williambanzai7's picture

That sums up the argument against the "nothing to hide" argument in a nutshell.

And David Brooks is a nutsack for Peter King.

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'99.9% of the population must come together and understand that oligarchs within the U.S. and oligarchs within China are united against us all.  We must never forget this.  These guys don’t fight wars.  Rather, they rape, steal and pillage and then send you to do their dirty work.  Don’t fall for it.'



Every nation has been infiltrated...from within. The beast is further up the will not get them out.

. what?

illyia's picture

The only way to win is not to play.

Harlequin001's picture

Stock markets are going up, who gives a shit?

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There you go David Brooks.  A lesson into how to be a human being.

David Brooks has always been an epic piece of shit licking at the boot of fascists, but he really up'd his game the other day.

^ If you want to get angry, read this. 

Think for yourself's picture

Wow. That guy could have given Orwell a few lessons on doublespeak.

King_of_simpletons's picture

This allegation is patently untrue. USA spreads democracy, freedom and liberty to all countries by waging wars, spying, hacking, droning, guantanamoing and water boarding. China does not.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Mr Brooks is an another arrogant idiot who believes in one set of rules for you, and another for him.  He talks about how important it is to enforce laws and contracts if society is to function.  Okay, where the fuck is John Corzine and why isn't he rotting in prison?  

On another note, I find it interesting that nobody is talking about the fact that it is still a federal crime for someone else to open your mail.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

WE must take away your freedom to protect it. is it safe? is it safe?(marathon man)..freedom in a lock box, WE will let you look at it at the same time you get to audit the gold in the Feds control..until then carry on.

Voluntary Exchange's picture

Too many takers and you will loose the makers, then see what the stock markets do. We will live by voluntary exchange or we will destroy ourselves.  The cost of statism is now too steep to afford. There is a fork in the road and we must choose, one gives us mass death and possibly annihilation or another stone age, the other gives us the stars.

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Have you noticed the thrust of Congress' reaction to this whole incident?  Basically they're all over who these government contractors are and why they don't have better CONTROL over who they grant security clearances to.

Fantastic, it's a lack of CONTROL to blame.  Not the fact the NSA is conducting an unconstitutional surveilance program that is straight out of Orwell's 1984.

Hey- how about you don't run obviously unconstitutional programs against your own citizens and maybe you won't have so much of a problem with leaks and whistle-blowers?  Nah.  That's crazy talk.

GubbermintWorker's picture

I just moved everything over to cash. I'll take my chances over yours for the moment.

Voluntary Exchange's picture

The Makers live better without the takers.

Bring the Gold's picture

Um, that's nice and all and we certainly need productive members of society, but it's not that clear cut. Some folks make machines for Spy co. or Drones how is THAT helping? The homeless guy on the street not ACTIVELY suppressing my freedom is far more beneficial to me, at least he collects cans and recycles!

The people at the top make a lot of things, most of them to suppress or kill us. The problem is control freaks who are anti-freedom and anti-liberty. It's not a Maker vs Taker anymore than it's Dem vs. Rep. It's about those who want to live honestly and either work, or would work given a living wage vs those who want to dominate and control through lies and force.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Wrong. The only way to win is not to avoid playing, but to play a different game.

sunaJ's picture

Fantastic insight and a damning indictment of the corruption.  If you didn't read it, the full article is worth it, IMO.

Taku's picture

These brave souls, these few voices among the many, are attacked for standing up against the system's corrpution.

They are being silenced. Attacked. Hunted.

Amplify their voices. Be a citizen and do your part.

prains's picture

When human beings are scared and feel everything is exposed to the government, we will censor ourselves from free thinking. That's dangerous for human development._ Wei



smlbizman's picture

the asian lon praul......

0z's picture

"Limit State power"

Sigh ... Here we go again!

People are obsessed with dictators and are convinced they cannot live without one. 

"The US has a great tradition of individualism"

Must be a typo! 

bitgroin's picture

That's the Japanese who have trouble with R's and L's. And they convert R's to L's, not vice-versa. Actually don't know how the Chinese pronounce it ...

thisandthat's picture

The japanese pronounce L as R; the chinese is the other way around.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

BIG government protects its bigness from all quarters. It will crush dissent, privacy, liberty, the rule of law, fairness, property rights and independence. We will all wake up in the land of our fathers as debt serfs to the banks and plantation workers for the gentry. Ahhhhhh crap. We already are. I and others woke up to it (BIG government and its concomitant effects) a while back. When will everyone else? It seems hopless even when presented with the facts, even when they steal our pensions (ala Argentina, Chile, Greece), even when burdened with bail-outs and bail-ins and incredibly nobody reacts strongly enough in order to bring an end to it. Incredibly, there are still true believers in the government offered free shit model. When will they react seriously? Oh yeah, only when they take away their TV away, that's when they get pissed. I want my MTV.

Think for yourself's picture

You won't hear much about those who truly woke up to it, because they completely opted out and are living off the land in Costa Rica, which means they're plenty busy planting sweet potatoes, harvesting mangoes, learning to brew pineapple beer and finding ways to nigger-rig rocket stoves to heat up their adobe jacuzzis.

Sorry. Gotta go. This batch of ginger kombucha is begging to be bottled up.

Mr. Hudson's picture

From wiki: "Brooks, who is Jewish,[4][5]"

Why do the Jews think Snowden is a traitor, but Jonathan Pollard is a hero?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I don't see the need to answer a rhetorical question.

inevitablecollapse's picture

pronounced 'a wee wee' phonetically (sophmorish, i know) - 'to limit power is to protect society'...well said

williambanzai7's picture

Actually it is pronounced "eye way way". There are a bunch of Mainland workmen outside my door, shall I try it on them?

Whatta's picture

awwww, the other way is more fun for us dum Umerkans.

williambanzai7's picture

We are referred to as Ugly Americans...;-)

tony bonn's picture

"..99.9% of the population must come together and understand that oligarchs within the U.S. and oligarchs within China are united against us all. We must never forget this. These guys don’t fight wars. Rather, they rape, steal and pillage and then send you to do their dirty work. Don’t fall for it. From The Guardian:...."

the most important wisdom uttered since general smedley butler after an illustrious 30+ year career in the marine corp....thank you michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!

g'kar's picture

Individualism started circling the drain with the first welfare check

otto skorzeny's picture

If anyone thinks the thugs in US LE are going to give up their 6 figure jobs and fat pensions at 50y.o. because of something trivial like violating our US civil liberties they are delusional.

gdpetti's picture

Same story every generation, which is why it is said that 'history repeats', as history, the little that remains after the 'whitewashing' and book burnings etc, still tells us that each generation needs to learn 'reality' for itself, that is the test of time. Every republic eventually turns to empire or succumbs to one depending upon their strength at the time of confrontation with others within and without their borders.

I liked David A. Hawkins mention of this being one dimension of 'Purgatory', not punishment, just the nature of the creation as a school in self-conscious awareness and these cycles of civilizations rise and fall are like the birth and death of humans in those societies. They are go through the same set of lessons, thus the repeating nature, as for the oligarchical nature of the 'man behind the curtain', that isn't new either, as the prosecution of Prescott Bush for aiding the Nazis before and during WW2 well exemplifies, and is never mentioned, nor how he then helped put Ike in office, like others later put Reagen in office et al.

reader2010's picture

"As for freedom, it will soon cease to exist in any shape or form. Living will depend upon absolute obedience to a strict set of arrangements, which it will no longer be possible to transgress. The air traveler is not free. In the future, life's passengers will be even less so: they will travel through their lives fastened to their (corporate) seats."

Jean Baudrillard, 2002

cherry picker's picture

This time it is not different is it?  It happened before, many times in history.  For those of us who could see and understand what was happening, we knew it would not end well and it won't.

The recent gyrations in the stock market reminds me of a few years ago and the great recession started.  Now, without fully recovering and having no more to throw in, what is left?

This is not about optimisim or pessimism.  Somewhere along the way we as a society forgot what it takes.  There are many unknowns facing us, from technology to agriculture to government actions to what will the people do?

Every generation has its challenge, we are approaching ours.  Will we overcome and rise above it.  I think so, but the cost will be great.


Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

So is MSNBC check out this little subtle history revision they pass off as news trying to hoodwink a new generation that the Republicans were anti-civil rights in the 60s. They actually ran a piece saying George Wallace was a Republican and not a Democrat. Here is a screenshot from the segment. June 11 1963 for the younger ones was the famous Alabama Schoolhouse Door speech were Wallace tried to block 2 black school children from entering the school as a protest against desegregation of all white schools in Alabama.

Poor Grogman's picture

Take heart from the latest revelations, as it means society is much closer to the silent majority withdrawing their support for the moral authority of the state.

The state is blind to this, it thinks in terms of spin and what battles it must win. When in fact it is obvious to more and more people that the state itself is what's wrong with things.

The more the state hits out at the innocent, and flails away at shadows the more destructive and dangerous and the less benevolent it appears to the average citizen.

syntaxterror's picture

My favorite line of bullshit is that the DC Dickheads aren't listening to and recording every call.

kurt's picture

The only way this message gets thru is if two suspects call each other and read it over the phone!

22winmag's picture

I can assure you that many millions of heavily armed, highly motivated, deeply patriotic American insurgents-in-waiting are observing current events like this, many of them in silence... watching... waiting.

Mr. Hudson's picture

I can assure you that they are being watched by Homeland Security.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

No doubt, and that SHOULD be the 'working assumption'.

Nonetheless, one can take solace & pride in the fact that the Founders and our European ancestors or cousins had the same challenge, which they overcame.

put_peter's picture

Think positive... the retard powers that be in EU are so lost that they havent figured out this surveilance thing. However in the meantime they are screwing up everyting... just ask Istanbul.

spanish inquisition's picture

This abuse of state power goes totally against my understanding of what it means to be a civilised society, and it will be shocking for me if American citizens allow this to continue

Sen. Al Franken, MN-D - "If you ask anyone "If they could go back and kill Hitler would they do it?" You would get a resounding "Yes". That's how it was explained to me, except we are collecting information to identify and kill "potential" Hitlers that may threaten the American ideals of Liberty, Freedom and Democracy in the future. This includes Americans and the President has shown great restraint in killing, er rendering.. sanctioning only 4 American citizens with a minimum of disturbance of Middle Eastern weddings, funerals and elementary class time. A future for Americans deemed a  lesser threat, such as a "potential" Goebbels or Himmler, will be transferred to new FEMA Freedom and Democracy reeducation camps being set up around the nation. To fully protect American security it is up to a few individuals with a secret agenda and massive power to keep America safe from the masses.. um, for the masses." (/sarc tagged for the NSA)

insanelysane's picture

Then why did the Justice Department sue Arizona for a law that asks people acting suspiciously for identification.  I believe the lib comments were (with a German accent), "Let me see your papers."  Where was the "well if you got nothing to hide, just show your id" comments then???

Whatta's picture

lol....sounds like truth-be-spoken to me.

thestarl's picture

As William Binney was quoted as saying in nothing to hide nothing to fear they define that not you.

Judge Crater's picture

Obama must be thinking, how could a simple operation like the Boston Marathon bombing cause so much trouble.  Throwing the IRS to the wolves and leaking the AP wiretapping story should have gotten the Boston story off the news cycle.  Worth it, after all, or someone would have to explain how Tamerlan Tsarnaev wound up beaten to death after the Boston police took him in alive, as shown on the videotape someone made using a video camera with night vision.  The question for Obama now is did PRISM leaker Snowden act alone or was he acting on orders from someone in the CIA?  The timing of Snowden's exposing the NSA's wiretapping everyone in the USA is suspect.  One more blow to Obama's regime, at the worst possible time.  What action next, declare a nationwide "shelter in place" in the name of national security?  The NSA has enough dirt on most members of Congress to get them to vote Obama's way on anything.  Stay tuned.