Monkeyhammered Nikkei Plummets 6% On Risk Exodus

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There's blood in the streets - Where's Warren? Levered carry traders are rapidly realizing large crowds and small doors don't mix, even though if they liked the Nikkei at 16,000 they should love it at 12,700. It appears only physical gold traders are those who actually dollar cost average lower, when assets are more affordable. Either way, in Japan:


S&P Futures are below 1,600




and JGBs...


China is getting slammed...


Or visually:

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Looks like a dead cat bounce in the nikkei

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Or BOJ/FED intervention... remember if Japan goes down, the whole world goes down. They can't allow that to happen.

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But its going to heppen. It must happen.

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When do we get to have that sort of action in the SPY, DIA, IWM, QQQ? Come on, let's get this show on the road already! 

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It's just a flesh wound...

SGS's picture

Its like my flesh wand you mean after viagra

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no; actually not.  it's going down, not up.  no need to see a doctor.  maybe a portfolio manager.


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Looks like Doug Kass got his call right:

Profits may be turning and growth potentially turning. This uncertainty means the summer could be rough for the markets.


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Time to listen to DAS OMEN! HINDENBURG OMEN!

E Nomine - Das Omen im Kreis des Bösen


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When do you guys sleep?

flacon's picture

After the market closes and before the futures opens. :P

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Stay the course Goldman muppets! It's not a loss if you don't sell.

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It’s all just paper..

But tell many smegmas is  600 basis points in the Fuku exchange?

Non Passaran's picture

And in which time zone?

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4am est.

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Gold was prelude!! Remember mid-April!! Time for equities now to undergo pain. Buying more gold. Fuck currencies

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Nikkei in 1989 = 40,000

Consider the fact that that level was in NOMINAL terms (so, it's conservative to state the Nikkei has fallen by 95%+ in real terms, unless someone can show me how the "deflation" Japan has purportedly suffered as claimed by the Krugmans of this world has resulted in model year 2013 Toyotas selling for 9000 USD).

This is what their FUBAR monetary AND fiscal policy of let's dig deeper debt holes faster (as prescribed by esteemed doctors of economics such as one Paul "Let's Colonize Uranus" Krugman, Ph.D.) has wrought, over a solid 20+ year preceding period, has wrought.

Krugman's LITERAL real time thought on this matter is that they're not digging nearly deep nor fast enough.

You can't make this shit up.

jeff montanye's picture

you don't need to, as others have before you.  john maynard probably shouldn't have elaborated his insights with reference to people digging up jars of cash planted by the central authorities.  he meant well and was a hell of an investor.  his name has been taken in vain, infinitely.

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the japanese sure used to handle these 'tight' situations well...the action of the crowded nikkei trades is like having 18 guys all simultaneously ready to release but only one girl around to take the lucky load in her mouth.....only one guy gets the enjoyment and the rest gets shafted

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as seen in bukaki theatre (PBS Japan) all eighteen guys are smiling.

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Yeah, but.... but..... they don't have the world's reserve currency, so tough-titties to them.  WE are the Almighty USA.  We're DIFFERENT.  We're MAGICAL.  We can do ANYTHING.

It'll never happen here.  Promise.


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That's the beauty of Keynesian economics... You can always say" it would have worked if they only spent moar".

Good to see you posting by the way.

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Japan and Cyprus. How do you say screw the public bank account holders in Japanese?

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Can I add my IYT puts, FAS puts, TNA puts to your request.  I've been getting slaughtered for months.  I need a break.

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But they may not  have a choice, because Japan has gone as far as it could and can't go any further.

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And they know it. Got gold? I know they don't.

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The Nikkei is down 700+ points and gold and silver are positive.  This just may be the beginning of the great disconnet.  Funny, the cost of silver is much higher than most realize.

SILVER COSTS: Much Higher Than Most Realize

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When pissant greece a third world country blew up we went down what 10%....japan is the 3rd largest ecomomy...where is the estamate on the spy...

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Yes, the one positive that I had seen over the course of this PM drubbing is that in order to make it happen, they reversed the positive corralation between stocks and the metals.  Remember, gold and silver were trading just like stocks for a while.  It's possible, though they will fight it, that this could really backfire on them now.  Hopefully, we can get back to the good ole days of negative corralation PM going up when stocks go down. 

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"It's dozens of terrorist events that (spying) ha(s) helped prevent,"


lakecity55's picture

"If the trusty NSA was not on the job, the crash would be worse"

----"The Dick"

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"If Woody had gone right to the police, this would never have happened."


This is actually a modern day investing video for the American public. Without the happy ending.


Gotta love the pop goes the weezel music box at the end. Thats the song I hear play every time people talk about "Justice". Heh.



Go Tribe's picture

I can't wait to see their heads drop into the basket. And the crowd roars MOAR!!!

prains's picture

not to nit pick TD but this is more of a DonkeyPunch than a MonkeyHammer, she definitely looked back

knukles's picture

MonkeyHammer is such an elegant term of art.

Hulk's picture

Its one of my all time favorite visuals !!!

knukles's picture

Oh yeah, like that monkey on the credits at the end of adult swim, manic look on his face, beating on everything in sight, happy as a clam in mud...
The visuals are most wondrous!

prains's picture

the Atomic Buttercup can get messy

candyman's picture

But, but, our academic no real world fed chairman studied this and knows the answer.