Santelli Schools Cramer & Co. On The High Freaks

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It started as your everyday hexagonal discussion on CNBC with the anchors up-in-arms over the fact that (shocker) some firms can pay for early access to critical economic data items. The disdain for the 'rich' was palpable as Bernstein, Sullivan, and then Cramer all exclaimed both their amazement and surprise that this was even possible. That was when Santelli stepped into the ring and explained - in what was a relatively well-behaved exclamation - that not only was the fact that early data releases were well-known to every real trader (as opposed to those who pretend for TV) but that the issue was absolutely not about 'early access' but about HFT. When we first brought the perils of HFT to the attention of the broader trading community in 2009, it was the stuff of conspiracy theory - but now (as with many other things) it is conspiracy fact and in a few short minutes, Rick Santelli showed off his co-hosts ignorance of the real market and opened many new eyes to the damage that HFT can do in a market that is, well, anything but Reg-FD fair and balanced to all.


Sprinkle in some 'blame-the-rich' arguments, a few totally embarrassing proofs of Cramer/Bernstein's ignorance of trading reality, and Sullivan's desperately brave attempt to keep the entire thing from collapsing into a street fight and these few minutes are well worth the price of admission...

2:00 - "I have never heard of such a thing" - blah blah

5:20 - Santelli exclaims... "For years, subscribers could pay extra money for early access.." and so it begins

The extra 2 seconds that it gives the traders was not an issue until HFT - but now it enables thousands of transactions to take place before any human can hit the big green Booyah Buy button...


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Who is the purple dot at the bottom of the screen at 09:54:58? I want to put my money with them.

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One more time:  There are no Conspiracy Theories.  They all become Fact.
Breathe deep, my little minions, for the many things you've imagined as conjured in dreamland, silly speculation, science fiction, myth and lore and demeaned as foolish are as real as peanut butter sandwiches and vanilla soda...

The good news is that you're not paranoid. 
The bad news is that your worst nightmares are real....
Why haven't you been chosen to have seen or experienced?
You're not important enough. 
You will understand, as you relearn everything on the path of dis-indoctrination.....

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Is this a spastic fit of the "journalists" actually doing their job and not merely mouthing off the propaganda they are handed some kind of fallout from the Obama scandals? What if they got used to it? OMG What a concept!

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They are too stupid to realize if they did something else besides puke up the same stale old shit from the same idiots like cramer their ratings would shoot up.

economics9698's picture

Graduate students have been selling this shit for beer money for decades.

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I thought only Congressmen could trade on inside information legally?

philipat's picture

Cramer: "If the Government says it's right, it's right"

I rest my case.

ATM's picture

No kidding. He's an oozing pustule of government omnipotence. 

He needs a good lancing.

Meme Iamfurst's picture



Good mean people are still watching that bunch of hacks??????

CNBC....Com'on Nothing But Crap


I thought they got replaced by Queen For A Day repeats with Bert Parks.

Godisanhftbot's picture

Queen For A Day, you must mean the Wealth Editor

Godisanhftbot's picture

 Fug that, gimme  "I Married Joan" replays

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there's another report that goes out early to insiders - wish I could remember which (senior moment) - I believe it goes out at 9:45 and the insiders get it around 9:40 eastern

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Are you telling me that the H.A.R.P. Project is real? Auch...

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i dont get all the Santelli fluff the last few days, he works for "them." I dont trust him, but then again I'm a paranoid asshole who thinks the Paul's are controlled opposition too.

knukles's picture

What matters is that he has a conscience

SilverDosed's picture

If he had a conscience he wouldn't be working for cnbs and therefor giving his approval to the propaganda they pump out and call news. He is an actor, he is paid for what he says. You cant draw many conclusions about an actual person based on the roles they play as an actor, you can however draw conclusions about a person based on who pays their salary.

thismarketisrigged's picture

o please, actor my ass.


if he was an actor, the guy should quit and go to hollywood, because he would make many many millions, because then he is one of the better actors i have seen.


go watch youtube videos of him from years and years ago, the guy means what he says. look at his facial expressions, listen to the anger in his voice, that is not acting, that is a man who feels the way he does.


watch this video for example, and there are many more. please tell me u think he is acting, because if u do, i dont know what to tell u. the only act he maybe doing is not letting his anger spill over more than he really wants to due to being on cable tv.

SilverDosed's picture

Good job shilling for him like you did on the last Santelli post. Surprised you didnt just copy/paste your previous posts.

So we're not supposed to show our distrust of a cnbs talking head on this site anymore? GFYS shill.


thismarketisrigged's picture

u can show ur distrust all u like. but its clear he is not acting.


u can believe what u want though.


just think about how fucking stupid ur theory is.


u actually believe that he is given a skit daily and acts it out. u do realize that he reacts to things in the moment, something that he obviously is not acting out.


if u saw/ hear the man speak, maybe ull learn something. he knows what he is talking about.


maybe he is  zerohedge reader, but he clearly is not like all the other fools on cnbc

SilverDosed's picture

My theory about not trusting cnbs talking heads is fucking stupid? Lolololol

Thanks for telling me what I "actually believe."


thismarketisrigged's picture

ur theory about how santelli is just an actor on cnbc is fucking stupid, yes.


if u watch santelli speak and believe he is doing it as an act, then at least admit he is 1 great actor.


anyone with any common sense knows that santelli is not fucking acting. just look how angry he gets at these fools, u cant act that out. if u could, as i said time and time again, he would easily be working in hollywood as an actor making tens of millions, because he would be a great one.



SilverDosed's picture

Cramer's real good at yelling and acting angry too, should he be making the millions in hollywood too? Please, he is a paid television personality, whether or not you define a paid television personality as an actor is up to you I guess. I bet you think strippers like you too.

thismarketisrigged's picture

o please. cramer is not even close to santelli.


cramer is always flip flopping.


1 day the economy is great, china has avoided a hard landing, europe is bottoming, etc, only to be followed by the next day cramer saying the exact opposite.


cramer also rarely melts down on tv. he has that 1 classic moment talking about the fed, but other than that, he is who he is.


just go on youtube whenever u have a chance and watch videos of santelli. if that is his acting face, he is the greatest actor i have ever seen. he has expressions and outbursts that one can not act unless they truly feel that way.


and yes of course i think strippers like me, lol

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No, you go fuck yourself ass clown!  prior to 04 about the only thing you heard out of Santelli was the bond report.  It wasn't until Greenspan and Bernanke started going batshit crazy did you hear from him.  And I'm fucking glad were hearing from him, because at least somebody in the media has the guts to call out any of these fuckers!  Fact is, Santelli says what everyone else is thinking and what needs to be said, and he's the only fucking guy who doesn't give a shit which way it reads in the fuycking papers, which by definition asshole, is not a shill.  Smarten the fuck up.  I'll take Santelli's rant over your kid like acusations on a topic you seem to know little about - free market capitalism fucker.  fuck i hate people like you.

TheReplacement's picture

I give him lots of credit.  He's working in the enemy's camp and slipping out as much information as possible without losing his job.  

San Diego Gold Bug's picture


Do us all a favor and cross the street without looking tomorrow !  The game continues to be rigged !!!

Lets Buy The Dip's picture

Its simple.

Santelli know what is hapening, he knows the TRUTH!

Cramer is paid to lick the testicles of his ex-collegues and pump em' up to make em' look good, and to make em more money with his effing Shitty tips!, and when i say SHITTY they are very very shitty. 

he said to go long the S&P a few days ago, and THE DOW JONES TRANSPORTS CHART HERE  looks god damn horrible. 

Every good trader knows if you see the transports dip like this, it means we are about to sell off hard on the market. 

Everyone else knows that if you FADE cramer on the market, you do very very very VERY well. The man needs to go to rehab, and stop abusing alcohol. haha. 


otto skorzeny's picture

He bears the mark of the SQUID.

knukles's picture

Hear tell they changed the address from 220 West to 666 West Street

Buck Johnson's picture

Peole are finding out that the game is rigged as long as you are willing to pay for the information.  Don't worry, we won't have a market for to long it will implode in the very near future.

Buck Johnson's picture

Peole are finding out that the game is rigged as long as you are willing to pay for the information.  Don't worry, we won't have a market for to long it will implode in the very near future.

jcaz's picture

Cramer clueless?  Shocker..... Dunno why his hedge fund shuttered overnight.....  Tool......

viator's picture

Geeze, we live in a corrupt oligarchy. Who would have thunk it?

88888's picture

I think she is hot, especially for a financial reporter

Temporalist's picture

Just because Bernstein has no balls doesn't mean he's a chick.

otto skorzeny's picture

Other than sue herrara has there ever been any pigs on the financial channels?

TimmyM's picture

I remember her first day on FNN. Suzy McMahon was pretty cute back then. Maybe you just don't have much tolerance for motherhood.

thismarketisrigged's picture

is it weird that i have a man crush on santelli? 

Westcoastliberal's picture

Sounds like you might be Gay on the down-low.

thismarketisrigged's picture

maybe its because compared to everyone else on that station,  he is so fucking logical and a refreshing sound of reason on that station, hence the man crush on him, in terms of the market.

knukles's picture

Yeah, but it still sound sorta gay and different than saying he's of character, qualified or appreciated.
Not that I give a rats ass, but it is funny... 

Next thing is he'll be saying he has a man crush on Maria Blowaroma and that will be seriously disturbing.  Accurate, but disturbing.....

SilverDosed's picture

Still shilling I see. Rick is that you?

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I wish these cnbs vids were compatable with Apple's non-java products