Guest Post: 5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Poor

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Submitted by John Cheese via The Burning Platform blog,

Being poor is like a game of poker where if you lose, the other players get to screw you. And if you win, the dealer screws you. A bunch of you reading this are among the 45 million “working poor” in America, and if you’re not, you know somebody who is. Like me.
Or 60 percent of all retired NBA players, according to this site.

I’m not blaming anybody but myself for getting into this situation (I was drunk for two straight decades) and I’m not asking for anybody’s sympathy. What I am saying is that people are quick to tell you to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and just stop being poor. What they don’t understand is the series of intricate financial traps that makes that incredibly difficult.

If you’re not poor, that’s awesome. I’m not mad at you, or jealous. Hopefully you’ll never find out that …


#5. You Get Charged for Using Your Own Money



This is the future, where many businesses no longer accept cash as payment. That means you are required to have a checking account to function in the economy. And if you’re poor, that means at some point you’re going to get bank-fucked.

Because having a checking account while poor doesn’t just mean you have to be responsible and good at math — you have to be perfect. Meticulous, flawless record keeping is the difference between surviving and having the bank seize your next paycheck.



Let’s say you’re running late for work and hurriedly stop to get gas, paying with a bank card. In your haste you forget to write the $55 down (gas being $4 a gallon, you know). So while you spent the last week until payday thinking you had $50 in your account to absorb minor purchases, you actually were $5 in the red.

So payday comes. You go to the bank to deposit your check, at which point the bank takes it, sticks it in their pocket and says, “Thank you very much! I’m buying myself a new pair of shoes with that shit!” They then inform you that your account was at -$200 at the moment you deposited your check.
Oh, it gets a lot worse, stock photo woman.


The bank can hit you with a $35 fine for every charge that comes in while you are in minus territory. The bank will not tell you they charged you this money. You will have no idea anything is wrong.

It’s a silent chain reaction in which every charge that comes through during those few days before payday draws the $35 fee. The $8 you spent at the gas station for cigarettes, the $24.99 that automatically comes out for your Internet access … for each, the bank silently zaps out the charge and $35 on top of it, until your next paycheck is gone. Five seconds of oversight gave the bank the right to take away a week’s worth of your labor.

Some of you are saying, “Fine, just tell the bank to go fuck itself. Walk out the door and just do everything by cash or money order.” Ah, but now when you get paid, you have to go somewhere to cash your paycheck — and businesses charge up to $8 to do it. If you’re working in the service industry, congratulations — an hour of your labor just vanished … just so you could use your own money. Some describe this as a “poverty tax.” Others refer to it as a “Because fuck you, that’s why” fee.


The one piece of advice I can offer here is that you’ll be surprised how many businesses will give you some leeway if you just call them and beg. Banks are run by human beings (as of the writing of this article) and if you get a person on the phone you can get them to waive overdraft fees, particularly if it’s a first offense. Even businesses waiting on a payment will give you an extra week or two if you call and explain it. In this economy, they’re so used to people just taking the money and disappearing that they’re happy to hear you’re operating in some kind of good faith.

Otherwise, you’re going to be in a bind. And this is when you’ll find out …

#4. There is an Industry That Profits by Keeping You Poor



Think you’re too smart to ever use one of those shady “payday loan” places? Well, you should know that nobody thinks they’re a good deal. People go there because they’re choosing between which fucking provides the most lube.
Yeah, when you’re done choosing, just stay in that position, buddy.


Say the gas bill is a month past due, and they’re threatening to turn it off (if so, it’s $150 to get it reconnected). Or you’re about to be late on a credit card payment (which would be a fee and a doubling of your interest rate). Or your favorite S&M whip broke, and Whipfest is coming up (entry fee is nonrefundable). That is when you find yourself swallowing your pride and heading to the payday loan place.



A standard 14-day “payday” loan charges $15.50 per $100 borrowed. So a $500 loan ends up being $577.50 (or 1.5 tanks of gas in interest). But if you don’t have it after 14 days, that’s fine — they offer to extend your loan to 180 days. It makes the payments miniscule. Oh, and you’ll be paying back $1,275 at 403.10 percent APR.

Yes, you got fucked, in the name of your financial asshole avoiding the credit card company’s bigger, barbed dick. And it’s a hell of a lot better than going over on your checking account again and starting up their infinite circular fuckatron.


Using this.


All right, let’s say you wised up. You save and cut back. You resist an offer to, say, buy a computer on Best Buy’s finance plan, because you’re too smart to take on more debt. And no monthly cell phone payments for you, oh no. You’re not going to put yourself in a hole again!

Congratulations. You just did. It turns out …

#3. No Credit Can be Just as Damaging as Bad Credit



On the spectrum of financial responsibility, from “that billionaire who drives an old Dodge Dakota” down to “MC Hammer,” you’d think that the next step up from being overdue on a bunch of bills would be to have no bills at all. Don’t buy it if you can’t afford it, right?

You’ll find out the problem the next time somebody does a credit check — having no credit will stop you from getting a loan or an apartment just as fast as having bad credit. And more importantly, if you have old bad credit due to a bunch of previous fuckups, simply vanishing off the credit map doesn’t do anything to fix it.
It sounds good in theory, though.


It took me six months to find a place to rent after applying for every property that appeared in the paper across five towns. I was denied each time. It was my lack of credit due to years of me and lenders deciding to just stay out of each other’s hair, like those old sitcoms where roommates would draw a line down the middle of the house. I even used a prepaid cell phone where I’d just be buying minutes off the shelf rather than get locked into a contract with all those termination fees and shit. When I needed something big, like a computer upgrade or furniture, I’d wait for a windfall, like a tax return, and pay cash. It’s called financial responsibility, motherfucker!
Now hand over the heroin, bitch!


Nope. It turns out that to a business, a customer with no credit is like a girl giving you the silent treatment — they assume something is wrong.

And everybody checks your credit — if I want to get Direct TV, I have to pay $310 worth of startup fees (the size of your up-front payments/deposits depends on your credit history). Utilities are even more — which means trying to move to a new place costs hundreds of dollars in deposits (remember the $150 to get my gas turned on). If I need a new car, well, let’s just say I need to show up at the dealership with a shoebox full of cash.
The last two kids I bought on the black market virtually wiped out my life savings.


So repairing credit means opening accounts (having a cell phone plan is a good one, having your utilities in your own name — as opposed to the landlord’s — is another) and, you know, making sure to pay your fucking bills on time. And don’t bother trying to shortcut the system by saving the shoebox full of cash, getting a loan, then paying it all off the next month. Length of credit is part of your credit score. They want to know your ability to make steady, long term payments without missing a month or being late

#2. Your Next Expensive Disaster is Always Around the Corner



Shit happens, always at the exact worst time. A tire blows on my car and, without a spare, it instantly becomes a paperweight. There’s $80 for a new tire, $50 for a tow. Now, it’s a good idea to have a separate bank account set up specifically for these situations because they are unavoidable. It’s also a good idea to have a sex slave or two just sitting around in case your balls need shaved. It’s not that fucking simple.
Just a little further, sir. We need to be able to stab your heart with our dicks.


You get the same domino effect with sudden financial disasters as you do with the bank fees. For instance, I worked a shitty service industry job, which meant I got paid by the hour, and didn’t get paid unless I showed up — no paid time off. But I couldn’t physically get to work because of the goddamned flat tire. It’s a rural area, no subway or buses. So it’s double penetration — not just lost work time, but lost time that is spent paying for a tow and a tire. And if I didn’t happen to have that money sitting around, it meant waiting until payday, and missing work until then.

Which meant my next paycheck would be short. By the time I get it fixed and add in the missed work time, that $80 tire just turned into a $250 enema. That’s life in a world with no financial margin for error. It’s like trying to climb out of a dick pit but the ladder is also made of dicks.



Years ago, we bought a house with the help of our in-laws. You know, because owning property is the responsible adult thing to do. The very first fucking night of moving in, we got a massive water leak. I couldn’t just call the landlord — I was the landlord. I couldn’t call a plumber because we didn’t have the $150 to pay the guy, not until payday. So the leak was allowed to run until we could put the money together to pay one. So two weeks later, we hand the guy $150. And then, a week later, the water bill arrives.


You find yourself thinking, “Man, we could get caught up if this bad shit wouldn’t keep happening!” Then it finally hits you that bad shit happens like clockwork. Not because God hates you, but because you’re poor and you’re using cheap shit that breaks. Maybe you don’t pay the $150 for a plumber, but have a handy friend fix it for you for $50. Awesome, you saved $100! Then six months later you have a leak again, because it turns out he fixed it with rubber bands and Fruit Roll-ups.



Everything in a poor person’s life is a cash vampire. My truck has 170,000 miles on it and the MPG is so bad that every time I start it, the ghost of an Indian appears in the passenger seat and cries. About twice a year, something under the hood grinds to a halt or melts — always another $500 on a tow and repairs. And that was the money I was saving to get a more reliable car.

Hell, even my own body does it to me. I lost my last job because of chronic back pain, losing my health insurance in the process. Which means I can’t treat my chronic back pain. Can’t afford to get dentist check-ups, so more expensive problems are allowed to grow and fester. And so on.

#1. You’re Always in Survival Mode



There’s a phrase in the working world that drives me crazy. One guy says, “The money’s not great, but I love my job.” And somebody responds, “Hey, happiness is all that really matters.”

To be clear, that’s probably true for people at a certain level of income. If you aren’t struggling to pay the bills, then happiness is indeed a pretty damn awesome extra. But you know those movies like American Beauty, about the guy with the unfulfilling career who abandons it to live life to its fullest? Yeah, don’t forget that after quitting their jobs they still come home to houses that look like this:



But down here, at this level, you take what you can fucking get. Fantasies about holding out for that dream job will ruin you.

For instance, long before reading to this part, some helpful commenter has surely skipped down and chimed in with, “Why don’t you just get a job, you lazy fuck!” Wait, did you think I was unemployed? Hell no, it’s been years since I was out of work for any long period of time. I’ve always had jobs. Shitty, shitty jobs.

A huge chunk of this economy runs on shitty jobs now. Recently, McDonald’s held a job fair with 50,000 openings. They got more than 1,000,000 applications. Tens of millions of you will wind up in one of these jobs, it’s sheer math.



These service jobs pay hourly, they give you little or nothing in terms of benefits and there is nothing in the way of security even from week to week — your hours could get cut at any time, for any reason. Sure, you can take a second part-time job. Though, that’s assuming you can find one that works around your primary job’s schedule — just mentioning that you have another job in an interview is often enough to stop that interview mid-sentence. Why hire you when there are 30 guys in line behind you with completely free schedules?

So in answer to the inevitable, “You need to dream bigger, and strive forth to get a new career for yourself!” Hey, I totally agree. But now we’re back in the Catch-22 poverty fuck gauntlet. Once you’re in this tier of jobs, getting out isn’t just hard, it’s expensive.

Sure, you can take classes at night at a community college or something. Maybe you’ll even get financial aid or loans to pay for your books or tuition. What they will not pay for is the time you missed at work while you were in classes or for a babysitter or for transportation. And you sure as fuck better be certain that you have some kind of aptitude for whatever you’re studying (which, by the way, you won’t know until you’ve spent a year or two studying it) because that’s the only chance you’re going to get.



You can do it the old-fashioned way, by working your way up the corporate ladder from within whatever shitty job you have. But that is also expensive because promotions often require you to move. I got offered a promotion at my shitty service job (washing semi trucks with high-pressure hoses, the job that eventually destroyed my back) that would have required me to move several hours away. And moving costs money — remember what I said about the cost of getting utilities turned on? And how landlords check your credit?

And then there are the intangible costs. I would be abandoning my children, for instance — I share custody with my ex-wife, who obviously was not going to be moving with me. How many visits would I get in before my car broke down? And moving away from friends and family also comes with a cost — think of the favors you do for each other (i.e. the friend/brother/uncle willing to fix the truck for free, because you helped paint his porch, etc).
Rounding each other’s fros.


It’s not impossible, but it’s taking a huge risk. And if the new job doesn’t work out after you bet all of your chips, you’re triple fucked. And at that point the world will wag its finger at you and tell you how irresponsible it was to move when you were so poor. “Ha, you poor people are always doing stupid shit like that!”

And on and on. People do get out of this situation — I got paid to write this, for instance. All I’m saying is that the journey is something like trying to go from the Earth to the Moon. By letting them launch a Saturn V rocket directly into your butthole.

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Hippocratic Oaf's picture

Fuck you Bernank for keeping the old investors poor with BS interest rates.

maskone909's picture

yep oh and btw we bailed the banks out and their elite got bonuses.  yay for the little guy :(((

with all the money thrown at the failing financial sector, we could of ALL had BOATS AND HOES

NotApplicable's picture

Never thought I'd see article on the ole ZH.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

There actually is a way out of poverty.  It is pretty obvious and does not involve killing oneself, it is volunteering for medical experiments.  It usually pays quite well and the only side effects might be living in wheelchair for the rest of one's life and a leaking colostomy.

thisandthat's picture

Yeah, problem with poor people is they're poor; if poor people could afford some money, they wouldn't be so poor any more...

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

I have been stuck in #5 before. It sucks, trust me. Survival mode turns into a simmering rage that never leaves. It still lingers with me till this day. Fuck the Man!!!

All Risk No Reward's picture search...

Mr. Money Moustache ($10.00 I Phone pay as you go + more options)

Extreme Early Retirement

Learn to live like you don't need money...  that's your exit from the matrix...  aka, freedom.


All Risk No Reward's picture

What is the #1 cause of poverty?

Can you guess?

Even some Zerohedgers might be surprised...

Our money is the number reason for poverty.

Specifically, debt based money where one person's money is someone's else's unpayable debt, BY DEFINITION.

20-30 million people starve to death a year due to the purveyors of debt based money.  Hitler would blush.  Even Mao might be a bit jealous.

Sun Tzu said to know your enemy.

Poverty is not a Choice

How to be a Crook

Renaissance 2.0 (watch in order for best viewing)

Debunking Money

Debt Money Tyranny (solution set included in the 2nd page)


thisandthat's picture

That and fighting rich people's wars - the worst that can happen to you is getting blown up (or living in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, with a leaking colostomy...).

lolmao500's picture

Yeah the father of one of friend owned a medical research center and said to us when we were teenagers... even if you're homeless... don't EVER fall for the medical experiment BS... this stuff will maim you for life.

James_Cole's picture

You can do it the old-fashioned way, by working your way up the corporate ladder from within whatever shitty job you have. But that is also expensive because promotions often require you to move.

I'm very skeptical about this one. Most everyone I know works at nice offices for successful companies earning good money. But if you were to pay a visit you'd notice something interesting.. average age of employees tends to hover somewhere around the 27 mark. 

I do wonder where we'll all be in ten years, I figure the average age is likely to get younger over time, not older. 

underman's picture

You can do it the old-fashioned way, by working your way up the corporate ladder from within whatever shitty job you have. But that is also expensive because promotions often require you to move.

Promotions often require you to move - your head up and down on a stiff pole.

otto skorzeny's picture

A great set of tits never hurt either.

piliage's picture

I worked in upper-management for a 'major international corporation' for a few years. The way to succeed? Get a bullshit degree from a decent university, take any job they offer you, just get your foot in the door. You WILL work your way up quickly due to the amount of downsizing. Show up 10 minutes early to work always (doesn't matter if you work late, just show up early). Always smile, dress well, always respond to emails, and always do exactly what you are told - fast. Being fast is key.

Don't think, don't try to fix things, don't talk or make jokes, simply be a mindless corporate drone.

After 5 years, and after learning 'the game', I was amazed at how absolutely shallow, vacuous, and stupid 90% of American corporate managers are. Most aren't evaluated on results, they are simply evaluated on execution - box checking. If you help them check their boxes, you will move up quickly. And that is why corporations suck, its all about the look of accomplishing something, and that is why Steve Jobs will never exist in America again - he demanded actual results.

I run my own consultancy now, an have never been happier.

Parisnights's picture

The next economy that's coming to a town or city near you, may require you to have the means of production rather than looking to someone else for employment

draug's picture

Or you can just go read "the millionaire fastlane" for some actual, non-sucky advice on how to get out of poverty.

Blankenstein's picture

John Cheese with 3,559 message board posts...

willwork4food's picture

Good for him. He's a great funny writer. I like his style.

Dr Benway's picture

No, John Cheese is a twatty stupid little fuck.

He wrote articles how marijuana prohibition isn't such a big deal. Well maybe his fellow working poor, of which millions have their lives destroyed by the war on MJ, would disagree.

willwork4food's picture

Twatty? Who uses that word anymore? Oh, just those that would kick a hot girl with the perfect ass out of bed because she voted for Obama or Bush or refused to vote at all.


American34's picture

Yes, the banks stole all those Tax $, that is just our corrupt government screwing us over. But the whole I can't keep track of my checking out stuff is bull. Its called math and responsibility. I was able to work only 28 hrs a week in college. And no one paid for my college btw, I DID. I NEVER once have ever gone negative or had one of those BS fees because in grade school I learned all the math I needed to to keep track of a savings and checking account. There is no excuse on that one people. I made it on $150 a week for 4 years. You can too. If its soooo hard to get by keeping track of your purchases is that much more important so you keep receipts and track everything because those dang fees are like 4 or 5 hours of your labor! Been there, made it out.

Balanced Integer's picture

I don't get why all the down votes on this comment. It's a spot-on observation.

American34's picture

All the down comments prove 1 important point. half of Americans just want a free ride without responsibility and only blame others for their being poor. Its at least partly our so called "Education System." 

silverserfer's picture

no its not. its just typical delusinal baby boomer glorified memory. Financial perrils are 20x worse than when u were in school.  

Spigot's picture

The writer assumes there is only one way to be "poor" but in the process reveals that the path of poverty he took was a path of many pitfalls. That in no way is the only way to be poor. In fact all I can say is he took the path of least resistance directly into the path of an oncoming train. By his own admission has substance abuse issues. Good to own, hard to deal with.

Fact is cash speaks volumns. You do not need banks or cards or anything. You do not need a car. You do not even need a place called "home". You do need to be wise about what you do with your time, energy and resources. No one else will do that for you. You do not need other people's approval. You would do well to keep a bit of distance between yourself and the herd of "poor", because they tend to keep doing things that keeps them in that realm.'s picture

Responsibility is fine but bank fees which far exceed any reasonable amount for the "service" provided can and will be bitched about.

American34's picture

I completely agree that the fees are BS and far too high. The point is to deter you from receiving them. Not to be on the side of the banks, however, when you are spending money you do not have in your account you are spending their money. NOT yours. That would piss you off too. And do not tell me they have plenty to go around. It may be true, but that doesn't make it yours. Remember, all comunism does is make everyone equally poor.'s picture

I am not a communist. I simply find the government backed banking cartel to be far more objectionable than folks who aren't perfect at math. I've had many clients who have paid late and I never charged them a dime extra. But then I value my clients both as customers and as friends and that's meaningless in our globalized, crony-capitalist world.

francis_sawyer's picture

@Crockett... "banking cartel to be far more objectionable than folks who aren't perfect at math."... [MATH ~ aka: 'IMPOSSIBLE STATISTICAL ANOMALITIES & INCONSISTENCIES']...


Hallelujah!... That's the 2nd time in a week I UPVOTED you!...

Cue the orchestra!



Imminent Crucible's picture

Dead right. You both get an up arrow because, while I think welfare that keeps poor people sitting at home pissing their lives away in front of a TV is a horrible thing, what really burns me is MEGA welfare for giant banking cartels who are ALREADY RICH AND STEALING AS FAST AS THEY CAN.

American34's picture

The banks are without doubt a cartel. They set prices and services as they wish with the full support from our so cold gov. for whatever it is they want. Although being bad at math is not an excuse for checking account errors making you go negative. There are these little devices called "Calculators." Its amazing, they actually do the math for you! You should obviously double check however if you know your account is close to zero. That is just plain old common sense. On welfare, there is a time and place for it, however, it is currently like 10X-50X times larger than it needs or ever should be. Same with Food Stamps. Paying someone, anyone, NOT to work is a foolish idea. We should not have to pay a single Janitor or Groundskeeper for a single Gov. building. You want Unemployment, or Welfare, show up to work as a Janitor or Groundskeeper. Jobs like those should be "Reserved" specifically for those issues. And they should always be means tested and limited in time frame.'s picture

Yes, keeping accurate track of one's finances is vital. The point is that the punishment doesn't fit the crime. And noting that the working poor get knocked down by the oligarchy harder than anyone else is not a plea for welfare. The folks on welfare are treated better than the working poor. That's part of the ass backwards world in which we live.

American34's picture

Now that I totally agree with. The working poor are treated far too harshly by our current gov. and economic system. It is total crap that those trying to make their own way get shoved down while those lazy buzzards who would rather live off the system are treated very well. Its ridiculous and the Founding Fathers would no doubt be pissed.

tickhound's picture

Let me get this straight....

In response to the criticisms of a system that moves away from cash (cash requires INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY) and towards a system that requires OTHERS and machines and deals and details and attention and a shitload of FINE PRINT....

You STILL find a way to turn it into a "noble" rant against lazy COMMUNISTS eating catfood cuz they can't add.


That takes passion.


Harbanger's picture

Any rant against statists/communists is a good rant.  Stop defending the problem.

tickhound's picture

The problem isn't the end users of a system designed to squeeze you, you ignorant twerp.  The system is the problem.  And implied in his misguided efforts and your inherent stupidity is that the system ISN'T STATIST, it's the DUMBASS COMMUNISTS (always) who can't FUNCTION within it.

You criticize the systemic fraud ONLY when it suits your arguments.  The system doesn't give a fuck about your out-dated religious affiliations you relic.

Tell you what, you round up all the communists you think need calculators, and I'll keep busy exposing the KLEPTOS trying to fuck us both.  Okie dokie? 


Harbanger's picture

I criticise socialists, libs, statists and commies whenever I can, because it's fun. Tell you what, if there was a magic wand to round up all the commies and statists to cleanse the present system and restore a constitutional republic, someone might do just that.  And they may even thank you for building the structure which allows it.

American34's picture

Well I cannot say you lack passion, but at least I can say I made a point. And who is ranting? Did you even proof read your little rant before you put it up? And I like my religious affiliations. They never go out of date and no matter your beliefs I still have a right to mine. I do agree with you on one point. We live in a very corrupt and fraudulant system that is completely inept and ineffective. And what is with the name calling, are we all 8 years old or what?

I am pretty sure your not mad at anyone on this blog. My guess is you aren't exactly happy with the way your life turned out and this is just your little outlet. I hope you at least learn to redirect your anger at the actual problems your having in life even if you do not like our arguments tickhound.

American34's picture

That is it? Are you for real? Very unimpressive. I was looking forward to an actual rebuff of my argument.

tickhound's picture

Fine, but not sure of what "argument" you were think you made.  But I'll rebuff.

This 8-year old just proof read your use of "I am pretty sure your not mad at anyone...."  I replaced it with a you're.  But that was so kindergarten I generally don't participate.

And this isn't about "how my life turned out" or anyone else's in particular.  This is about how the WORLD is TURNING out.... FOR ALL OF US.

Please, boomer, you had your time.... just retire... forever.  Let the rest of us get busy cleaning up the mess.

Major Malfunction's picture

See now, you had to go 'Boomer' bashing.  I was completely agreeing with your post up until that point. (What can I say. I -am- a card-carrying grammer Nazi.) And, no. I am not a Baby Boomer.  I'm a Gen-X'er.  But I mean, come on.  Did you have to go and wish 72 million Baby Boomers ... dead?

tickhound's picture


I thought I was speaking with "AMERICAN 34"

Do you guys hang out or somethin'?  In the same crime lab?  If I exposed something... I'm sure you'll have an excuse. 

And is it grammER or grammAR... A self-proclaimed grammar nazi should know.  I don't really care.  But since you do, I'm here to help. 

And I don't wish 72 millions baby boomers dead... You said that.  I wish they'd fade away.

But they won't.  Cuz sickcare will find a way to keep them walking zombies while they separate you from your inheritance.

nmewn's picture

"And noting that the working poor get knocked down by the oligarchy harder than anyone else is not a plea for welfare. The folks on welfare are treated better than the working poor."

I've spent the better part of my life trying to explain the slave plantation model of the elite & oligarchs, how they remain so popular working their good deeds with anothers labor.

Instead of, giving a man a fish and him eating for a day vs teaching a man to fish and he'll feed himself for the rest of his life...I think I'll refine & transpose it.

Give a man heroin and you have an addict for life.'s picture

Have you seen this? It's hilarious.


Doug Stanhope - If you teach a man to fish

Harbanger's picture

He's cool.  I like his sense of humor.

"You were born free, got fucked out of half of it... you wave a flag celebrating it."

I would say you got fucked out of "all of it."  That's because most people have no idea who TF they are or WTF they're cheering about.

silverserfer's picture

well the school system and banking system dont operate by the same set of rules anymore grandpa. quit patting yourself on the back.