European Stocks Drop Fourth Week-In-A-Row; Worst In 12 Months

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For the first time since April 2012, the broad European equity markets have dropped for 4 weeks in a row. The drop of almost 6% is the largest since June 2012 and brings European stocks to almost unchanged on the year. But while stocks have been battered this week (even with yesterday's bounce), sovereign bonds are relatively calm still.

Worst 4-week run in 9 months...


but bonds have been relativley well behaved...

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Coming soon to a stock market near you!

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You have to give credit to the faithful believers in the ECB and Mario Draghi.  The absurdity of holding onto worthless sovereign debt is obvious, but faith conquers all.

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I'm sadly amused that taken from a long perspective, the real economy and living standards have only deteriorated during the past 5 years. Yet the power structure with their kept media have actually convinced Americans that prosperity is always right around the next corner.
More Cowbell!

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as they said on cnbc a few minutes ago



aaahahahaaaa q.q

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If Europe would start arming rebels, maybe they could get a bit of a stock market boost.

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The hilarity of it all. Greece may have a moment of Solidarnosc (Poland, Jarujelski era), with the State Television. The Government spokesman from the Ministry of Truth, has announced, that it is to close till further notice.

People in their Thousands gather to protect the Building from closure, by the government with the aid of the Riot Police. They have done so in other places.

He (The Minister of Truth, KEDIKOGLU) has served in that State Institute (Radio & TV)  himself as a Party Commisar, in the not too distant past, earning a huge salary, at the expense of the unfortunate natives, with Not a productive moment for the Country, only his  Party.

Complaining that the local population has to contribute Haratch (Turkish word from the past, insinuating HEAD TAX, IF YOU DID NOT PAY YOU lost your HEAD).

Meaning, they reserve the right TO FUCK THE POPULATION THEMSELVES (thats the Politicos), therefore they do not need COMPETITION (From the state TV Institute).

It feels, that it is a moment, that could be a catalyst for the Continuity of Greece, being able to pay the "Debts". And it may Default.

The BBC has urgently dispatched its Correespondent From Taxim Square to observe any ufolding EVENTS.

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If I was just waking from a four year nap, I would expect the headline to read european stocks dropped for fourth YEAR in a row.