HFTs Pay Reuters To Learn First That Consumers Suddenly Less Confident

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After reaching six year highs last month, UMich consumer sentiment dropped back, missing expectations by the most in six months (82.7 vs 84.5 expectation).


Of course, it is the hope for the future that maintains the overall level as the 'outlook' section rose from 75.8 to 76.7 - its highest in 7 months while the current conditions fell back notably (its biggest drop in a year!).

We have seen this pattern before...


Inflation expectations also rose for both 1- and 5-year horizons. The worse than expected print provided some modest pre-release jerk lower in futures which was immediately bid after as S&P pushes the highs in a seemingly bad-is-good reaction (though in a tiny 3 point range).

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In your face, we don't care if you know what we're doing Manipulation! Stupid fucking muppets!

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hft+inside information=profits

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Buy everything bitchez - but you better know where the exit's are when the SHTF.

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In the last 10 trading hours on the SPX - 9 of them were in the black - on two days of marginal macros.


Trading with my grade school ruler really helps these days.

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"Well done, Mr Beeks"

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"Where the hell is BEAKS?"

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Leave no muppets behind..

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Free and efficient markets.

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You can't even call the markets "Casinos" anymore, at least at a casino, whether your a billionare or someone walking in with $100 the odds are the same, and the rules are clear, no exceptions!!

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Stop all Federal monies flowing to the U of Mich until this is fixed. 

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hfts pay the NSA to learn first consumers suddenly less confident


there fixed the headline for you

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They could pay the NSA or any data broker...

Click to enlarge this newly released infographic on data brokers, the immmense market they serve and how much money is on the table. The IRS can buy this info to "see" if your census block is paying its fair share, etc.


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It's not weather you win or lose...it's..well weather you win!

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Regular gas(87 octane w 10% ethanol) is already $3.859 per gallon here.

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They have to keep gas prices high because consumption is DOWN BY HALF, and they don't get to sell as much of it. Big Oil needs to charge more to get the same income if they can't sell as much of it.

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Consumer a bit less confident in ability to afford artificial cheese? Meh....hey go 'front run' that HFT dorks see if I care.

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    I'm sure everyone has seen the new "dumbed down" format that Reuters is offering on it's web page.

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Someone tell Jim Cramer and those idiots at CNBS- they are clueless.

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I have this fantasy where I hack Reuters so that the HFT's get numbers that are 30% higher than they should be and the tier two get the correct data. I wonder what kind of havock that would cause.

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CNBC's reporting on this issue has been completely irresponsible.  Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, The Wall Street journal, the Financial Times, the CME, the NYSE, etc. all sell access to their data and content.  How many people pay exchange fees to have access to data to which general retail investors don't.  I'll tell you, all the people on CNBC complaining about the practice.  Jim Cramer is the biggest hypocrite on TV.

Rick Santelli is the only one being honest about this practice.     

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Well, not quite as irresponsible as anyone who chooses to view CNBC. o_O

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RBC patented a HFT router to block this shit.




From 2011.  Anyone have any updates?

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Thomson-Reuters pays UMich $1 million for the early access.

I could of told them that this confidence number would go down.......WITHOUT seeing the polling results......for $50.