Russian MP Accuses U.S. Of Fabricating Syrian Chemical Weapons Report

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Following yesterday's "news" that the US is rerunning the Iraq invasion script has been busy collecting made up solid evidence proving the Syrian government has used chemical weapons, which it would use as a basis for yet another foreign intervention including a no-fly zone and arming the Syrian rebels (just to accelerate the passage of a Qatari natgas pipeline into Europe, bypassing Gazprom, and installing another puppet Muslim Brotherhood government in the Mid-East), the entire world waited with bated breath to learn what Russia's response, and remember to Russia Syria is a key geopolitical outpost and critical national interest, to US allegations would be.

The wait was short-lived. As Novosti reports at least someone, somewhere has had the guts to call out this farce of an intervention from an official standpoint:  "A US government report concluding Syria has used chemical weapons against rebels, crossing what US President Barack Obama has previously described as a “red line,” is a fabrication, a senior Russian lawmaker said Friday. "Information about the usage of chemical weapons by Assad is fabricated in the same way as the lie about Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.” Alexei Pushkov, head of the Russian lower house of parliament’s international affairs committee, said on Twitter.

The truth-telling continues:

President Obama “is going the same way” as former President George W. Bush did then, Pushkov said.

Pushkov is known for also being quite a truth-teller in the past. From June of 2012:

I think that what we had been hearing from the US is very partial. Somehow the US thinks that the only source of civil war in Syria is the government, which is not the case. There are 33 thousand people who are fighting the Syrian government, and they’re fighting the Syrian government with heavy weapons, not just Kalashnikovs and pistols. It’s heavy machine guns, it’s anti-tank guns and all of this armament was on display when a ship coming from Libya full of US weapons was arrested in Lebanon. On the photos you can see what kind of armament was sent to the insurgents. It’s Syrian force which has been trained outside of Syria. Some of them are really professional fighters. There’s some information about people who have been fighting in Libya, now are fighting on the side of the insurgents. I think that the US had better look at what kind of people they try to support there and what these people will bring to Damascus. Until now Syria was a secular country where different ethnicities and different religious factions were living in peace and for many years, - that’s very valuable. You have Christians, Sunnis, Alawis, Druze, Kurds and quite a few other groups. And if all of this explodes, I don’t think that we’ll have 10 thousand victims, we’ll have maybe 100 thousand victims. Russia wants to prevent this explosion. What we hear from our Western partners is that Assad should go and they are willing to support the insurgency. But supporting the insurgency, they are basically throwing oil into the flame. That is why Russia suggested having international conference where we can try to find the solution that would be proposed to both sides in the Syrian conflict. The key Russian position is that we are ready to influence Assad’s government, but the West should influence the insurgents. Otherwise it will not work out.


Do you think that the Western media was unfairly portraying Russia?


I think one of the reasons the West has been so critical about Russia in the Syrian issue is that the West doesn’t have the policy at all towards Syria. I’m not pretending that Russia has the answers, but Russia fulfills a very important role for the Western media. By this could not criticize their own governments for not having any kind of solutions. Because the only political program the West has is that Assad should go. OK, what happens after Assad goes? How the regime falls? Who will come in its place?


Is Russia prepared for that situation?


Russia is ready to look for answers together with Western countries. And we don’t accept this kind of criticism. And we don’t accept this kind of mythology that insurgents are poor foreign people. Because we know very well that they have been financed and armed by monarchies of the Persian Gulf. They don’t even hide this fact and I hardly see a situation where democracy in Syria will be established with the help of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


And finally there have been some accusation that Russian foreign policy towards Syria is driven by its business interests. How do you respond to that?


I think that the most important thing is not business. Syria doesn’t play such a huge role in Russian foreign trade. The key factor in the Russian position is a very clear stand against the so-called regime change, against the so-called humanitarian intervention. We think that the Libyan example showed that these kinds of interventions lead to chaos and to the creation of a parallel international law: when you have a UN charter and at the same time you have some kind of parallel law which is being conducted by either friends of Syria or the Coalition of the Willing, something which goes around the UN rules or charters. We don’t want to accept a world where there would be another international law instead of internationally accepted one. Syria is just a very serious example of the Russian desire to fight for international law which is universally accepted.

Ah, the new normal: when Russia is telling the truth, and the USSA is openly lying.

Things will get more interesting when instead of using a proxy to tell the world how he feels, Putin actually takes the microphone in one of his signature brutally candid exposes. Also being former KGB, who knows just what revelations he may bring to the table regarding claims of prior "humanitarian" US interventions around the world, liberating so much crude oil from the heathen natives.

Things will get most interesting when the Russian armada currently stationed in Cyprus and swimming around in the Mediterranean, decides to park in the Russian naval base in Tartus. Because last we checked it was a no-fly zone, not a no-sail zone...

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They trynna catch me ridin dirty's picture

The US didn't fabricate it.

Assad used the chemical weapons that he seized from the rebels right back at them. Ya know, the ones the US gave them to begin with.

i-dog's picture

Looks like the Russian intelligence services are far more accurate than those of the US.

lakecity55's picture

Because the Russians use their spies on their enemies, unlike the Americans?


NSA= Nothing but Surveillance of Americans

Manthong's picture

Oh, fudge..

Hmm.. that sentiment sums up the situation (many levels if you understand)..

This, too.. GTF out of there.

Stackers's picture

I'm surprised there wasnt a torpedo boat attack using WMD's that sunk a US navy ship at anchor in a harbor.....

BobPaulson's picture

Or a big fire in the Syrian government building set by a communist Russian jew.

lakecity55's picture

When will the staged fire happen at the Capitol Building?


You know Amerika is Doomed when the #1 enemy of America is Americans.

Carry on, NSA, thanks for betraying your countrymen.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Good article and very timely. There is something really wrong here. Al-CIA-duh has been totally exposed as nothing more than a useful terrorist operation for the US, Wesernt and Middle East partners including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel (major Zio operation), along with NATO partners France and UK. Recently, the rest of the EU made the decision to pull their troops out because of the madness and pointlessness of this major massacre and senseless aggression against. The Russians have been isupplying materials to give the Syrian Army a chance to fight back and they have made very significant strides in the last month. Iran has also been supplying Syria. It has made a difference and the Syrian Army is turning the corner and securing the country. The most important is the very recent delivery of the S-300 very powerful and complex, mobile surface-to-air missiles.

There have been massive protests in Turkey that are due in significant part to the anger of tens of thousands of people all over Turkey at the aggression the Turkish government has used toward Syria. There has also been massive mistreatment of the Syrian refugees by the Turks. There are millions of Syrian refugees stretched over thousands of miles in real trouble.

In the midst of all of this, thousands and thousands dead. Cities destroyed. A massive refugee crisis in the millions, Obama decides to push the game on Syria.

He is going to come head to head with the Russians who have their strategic interests to protect in the port or Tartus and elsewhere in Syria. OBAMA IS A SINISTER AND EVIL DOG. The suffering of the Syrian people and the ethnic minorities has been going on for two plus years. It has happened as a result of the invasion of Syria by paid mercenaries such as Jabhat Al-Nusra. HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE MASSIVE SUFFERING AND DEATH OF THE SYRIAN PEOPLE AND THE MAJOR HUMANITARIAN CRISIS. I am certain that Russia is outraged. Putin is likely taking countermeasures right now. Foreign Minister Lavrov is doing his best to try to negotiate. Turkey is in the throes of a domestic uproar. Iran will do its part to support Syria.

OBAMA IS CREATING AN INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT THAT COULD LEAD TO A WORLD WAR possibly to get the idiot dinosaur media off the implosion of his failed Administration. Think of Syria as the lie about getting Bin Laden to turn peoples' minds off from the escalating issue of his fake Birth Certificates. He is exposing himself and is a war psychopath. Congress should never approve of the fake lies he has put forth for intervention in war torn Syria. Billions have been expended by foreign interests to seize Syria and so far failed. These people are sick and being lead by a sick-minded President named Obama.

WonderDawg's picture

I've read your posts over the years Chupa and you seem to be very well informed, which is why I'm surprised that you seem to think Obama is making any of these decisions. He's a fucking community organizer for cryin out loud, he doesn't make big decisions, he's just the public face. The people with wealth and power make the decisions (the banking cabal). Obama is a puppet. To pretend that he actually makes these kinds of decisions perpetuates the false illusion that he is in charge.

kliguy38's picture

He is taking orders just as all Presidents over the past several decades have. He is much more than a "community organizer" so you may want to do some research into Obma/CIA backround. Chup is correct but doesn't recognize the true power

WonderDawg's picture

My point was simply that the people with the true power aren't going to trust a simple-minded politician to make any big decisions that might affect their standing. As you said, he takes orders, he doesn't give them, just as the other presidents over the last many decades have done. If you aren't willing to "play ball", you just don't get installed in the oval office.

Ignatius's picture

You get uninstalled like JFK.

Cyrano de Bivouac's picture

JFK was the last non puppet president. Eisenhower was ok, at least he didn't let USA get involved during the Suez crisis and warned against the military industrial complex.

i-dog's picture

JFK was installed as a puppet, then turned on 'them' ... which, according to 'their' rules, always results in "elimination".

Eisenhower was just as treasonous as FDR in his support of the luciferian agenda. Then he set Kennedy up with a Luciferian handler, who even wrote the famous "Ask not what your country can do for you...." speech which Kennedy read at his inauguration (those were not Kennedy's words...they were a "Welcome to the NWO" script that Kennedy probably only realised after the event, and thought he had enough popular adoration to be able to turn on 'them' with impunity. Bzzzzt...wrong).

American history is nothing like what you learned in school....

Cyrano de Bivouac's picture

Has there ever been a perfect leader anywhere? I was just saying Ike and JFK were better than the ones that followed.


i-dog's picture

+1 to both of you. Chupa makes some great points, then loses it by falling for the puppet show.

boogerbently's picture

Over 50,000 Kurds were gassed prompting the first Iraq war, but the sheep still believe no "WMD" were ever found.

RallyRoundTheFamily's picture

Wow where did you hear this BULLSHIT?'s picture

So all the weapons inspectors needed to find WMD in Iraq in 2003 was a time machine? Brilliant!


Also note that the article to which you link states: "The provision of chemical precursors from United States companies to Iraq was enabled by a Ronald Reagan Administration policy that removed Iraq from the State Department's list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. Leaked portions of Iraq's "Full, Final and Complete" disclosure of the sources for its weapons programs shows that thiodiglycol, a substance needed to manufacture mustard gas, was among the chemical precursors provided to Iraq from US companies such as Alcolac International and Phillips."

phyuckyiu's picture

I love how someone uses an event from 1988 to justify an invasion in 2004 with a straight face. Fucking Pathetic. Are you our new Hasbara Troll of the month?

boogerbently's picture

Gas: 1988

1st Iraq war: 1990

I guess some people (possibly you) assumed Iraq couldn't/wouldn't do it again ?

Or is your contempt of govt so strong it allows the intentional omission of facts. Data mining. Selective memory.

Like Michael Moore.

Or, even more likely, you weren't alive, yet, in 1990.'s picture

Why don't you have contempt for a government which supported Saddam and gave him weapons and is currently arming Al Queda? Is your love for terrorism and dictatorship so strong that you don't care about the fallout that effects your fellow Americans? That's if you even are an American. Sprechen Sie Taliban?

phyuckyiu's picture

Oh funny, his point was about the first Iraq invasion, which was even more pathetic. So lets see, fake incubator story, we actually supported Iraq and Iran at the same time, so not sure how he gets to claim moral high ground in the first Iraq war. But yes Saddam gassed some Kurds. Last I checked North Korea was pretty mean too and killed a whole shit ton of people. Why aren't we invading them and everyone else with a shitty moral compass, since that is his criteria. Weaksauce. But yeah I was too busy going to college to see how truly hypocritical we were during that war, it took a few more years. I look forward to his justifications for the Syrian war coming up, and all the WMD we are going to find.

Matt's picture

During the Iran-Iraq War, not Desert Fox or whatever the hell it was called. Definitely not when Hans Blix was looking for them.

Paveway IV's picture

Two sad things that caught my attention in the article:

- 33,000 Syrian 'freedom fighters' or whatever. Anyone would have to be blind, deaf and dumb by now to ignore the fact that a good percentage of them have little intrest in Syrian's freedom. They just want to be there when the walls fall to grab power for their own ends. So how many authentic, Syrian 'freedomfighters' are there? 20,000? 10,000? Sorry, but that does not sound like some kind of mandate from the majority of Syrian people that taking down Assad is worth their homes, lives and whatever sense of security they have now. Do most Syrians like Assad? Probably not, but that does not imply the majority think he's SO bad right this minute that they're willing to die to remove him -or- we're willing to have our familes live in the dirt like rats on the edge of Turkey, killing each other for food. So the U.S. is willing to start a nuclear war to bully every last Syrian to 'obey' the will of the 10- or 15-thousand rebels? That's not democracy. In fact, it sounds more and more like the way they're running the U.S.

- No plan for what happens after Assad. At least no rational plan that will result in a legitimate govenment for the benefit of the Syrians left alive. Judging by the U.S. track record, it will be a butt-kissing U.S.-friendly, corporate-friendly government that simultaneously milks billions from U.S. taxpayers while making life as miserable as possible for it's own citizens. Like Afghanistan, peons will end up with balloons, music and an intense contempt and hatred for the new puppet government rammed down their throats. The U.S. will - wittingly or not - enable the eventual Wahabi-like takeover of Syria. Separation of church and state - so important to the U.S. - will be permanently denied to the Syrian people. After the imposition of Sharia law, they're even going to lose the balloons and music. And they'll want to wipe Israel off the map, meaning another good decade or two of arms sales for eveyone. Perma-enemies are job creators!

Another sad example of the president and congress giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Don't they have some kind of name for that?


kchrisc's picture

Good info, thanks.

Two things:

1) Obama IS CIA. Go and check into it.

2) Regardless, he is just taking orders.

 He's still a scumbag piece of shit, though.

thestarl's picture

Also hezbollah are in there, real hardcore motherfuckers.

g'kar's picture

"Carry on, NSA, thanks for betraying your countrymen."


but..but....I was just following orders.

Think for yourself's picture

Sorry, but WMD is not the word you're looking for. That's military ordnance, and the name stays so even when it's dropped on terrorist kids planning their attack in a sandbox or when veteran terrorist elders get targeted as they lie low in hospitals.

A WMD is when somebody allegedly puts match heads in a pressure cooker, or when a kid bites off the outline of a gun on his school lunch's toats.

SilverRhino's picture

Agreed. Now I would love for Russia to elaborate on the May 4th nuclear strike in Syria by the Israelis.


This is NOT a conventional explosion.  Two videos, different angles.  May 4th attack.


And to the downcheck bitch : Fuck you you cum guzzling rat fuck zionist cocksucker.  

Acet's picture

It's a Fuel Air bomb.

The explosion spreads like fuel/gas being ignited, not superheated from a central point.

Also from that distance the camera would've been blasted away if it was a nuke.

SilverRhino's picture

Gotta disagree with you.   Camera's at 3.8 km from the scene and the flash goes across the entire field of view in literally one camera frame.   Look at 0:21 closely.

A fuel air bomb would take some time (less than a second but more than a frame) to ignite / flash across that much cloud / distance since a thermobaric weapon is a deflagration (subsonic burn) versus a supersonic detonation. 

And they make small nukes (like 1 kt)  : That was ~15 kilotons.  

A W54 (10-250t yield) / W72 (600t yield) type warhead  (suitcase nuke sized) would do that damage.

Matt's picture

I count less than 3 seconds from flash to thunder. There is no super-sonic shockwave in the smoke rising off the burning hillside. The camera is 3800 feet away from the flash, not 3.8 Km. First video, first explosion. The big fireball later takes longer for some reason. Do no trust the time counter on Youtube, it is known to be inaccurate. 

SilverRhino's picture

Looks like you were right after further review / analysis.   

chubbar's picture

I doubt that. Assad is winning the war against the rebels and I don't think he needed to jeopardize that by using sarin and giving up the moral high ground (what little there is). The rebels were found to have used the sarin only a few short weeks ago, what happened to that intelligence? This is so clearly another fucking attempt by the US and Israel to manufacture reasons to start a war and take out Assad that I'm a bit surprised they are even attempting it.

Sean7k's picture

Ther Zionists from Russia are complaining to the zionists of America and Israel about a civil war they have promoted and funded? And we are supposed to care? 

The only reasonable position is to convince your sons and daughters in the armed services to JUST SAY NO to the further destruction brought on by zionist manipulation. 

People really need to educate themselves...

Manthong's picture

.. but only after your sons and daughters have sex with each other.

..liberal military.. it's a fun thing.

shovelhead's picture

Where do the eskimo zionists stand about Syria?

Sudden Debt's picture

They're mixed up in their own all out war between the North and South Pole.

The South wants to be the magnetic north and the North wants to move magnetic north more south...

better watch out for those eskimo's...

13thWarrior's picture

Russia is ex-Zionist. Now an Orthodox Christian.

Better term would be Gog vs. Magog.


Sean7k's picture

People really need to educate themselves. You use biblical examples in the face of name recognition within leadership? 

As a public service announcement to all you christians out there: Read Deuteronomy and Numbers from the perspective that the Judahites have taught for thousands of years: all people are to be their slaves in the new world given them by an all consuming god that DESTROYS ALL of their enemies (that means you!). The Arabs know this and have known it for this whole time. That is the reason for their inflexibility on the issue.

Simple test: does a country have a central bank? Then the zionists run it.

john39's picture

it is simply too much for most so called Christians to come to realize that the "old testament" describes more than one diety...  one with taste for blood, death, genocide and racism...  wonder which one most othe world, especially the zionist run world, is following?

pods's picture

Those test results, if they are real, could literally be blowback.

On the bright side, at least if using banned weapons is the trigger to get us to go to war, we will be bombing Israel soon.

White phosphorus anyone?


Rip van Wrinkle's picture

The question to ask is; Who's going to stop them?

lakecity55's picture

Better yet, who will the lone man be who stands in front of the line of dhs tanks when they roll onto the Mall?

Paveway IV's picture

The guy that wants to be first in line for the new iPhone?

"...they can take away our lives, but they can never take away our iPhones..."

whirling tword freedom's picture

I think the timing is curious at best.....

Supposedly, we already knew this but, we chose NOW to do something about it?!?!?  The U.N. has said that they were NOT using chemical weapons against the rebels.

I personally think the administration is trying to divert attention from the scandals to save political hide.

And, afterall, I'm sure they'll love us so much more after we get in there and kill a few more hundred thousand of them.

dcohen's picture

Go do your Hasbara propaganda somewhere else, people are way too smart for your kind here.