On This Day In 2017

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With the meaningless focus on such distracting noise as daily POMOs, will/won't the Fed taper, how many shorts will the Fed's Markets desk squeeze today, and how massive will the second Fed housing bubble be, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture, namely just where is the debt juggernaut that is the US, heading? Conveniently, the US debt clock has a "time machine" function that extrapolates, at current rates of change, what the key metrics behind the US economic facade will look like.

So in a nutshell, on this day in 2017...

  • Total debt: $22.9 trillion (assuming "normalized" 5% interest means $1.1 trillion in annual interest expense)
  • GDP: $16.9 trillion
    • Debt to GDP ratio: 136%
  • Federal Tax Revenue: $3.3 trillion
  • Federal Spending: $4.1 trillion;  Federal Revenue: $3.3 trillion
    • Federal Budget Deficit
  • US Total Debt: $63.8 trillion (excluding unfunded liabilities)
  • Total National Assets: $167.2 trillion, $508,493 assets per citizen
  • Total Unfunded Liabilities: $152.4 trillion, $1,237,426 liability per taxpayer
  • Consolidated total debt and unfunded liabilities: $216.2 trilllion

And so on.

The constantly updated (and very sad) picture can be found after the jump:

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Dr. Engali's picture

On this day in 2017 the few hundred million remaing people on the world are trying to survive a hellish nuclear winter. The result of a dying empire taking the rest of the world with it.

Pladizow's picture

On what date is the debt clock set to go KABOOM?

Ham-bone's picture

Set to go boom on January, 1 2009. We are living in the brave new world now. Authoritarianism going parabolic in lock step with debt...they are one and the same.

THX 1178's picture

We're not living in Brave New World! Now excuse me while I go drink shooters and dry-hump stangers in public nightclubs.

johnQpublic's picture

i wonder what the new lie of the day from potus will be



for some reason if its hillary in office i think she will be recycling a little bit from old bill....

said hillary"i did not have sexual relations with that woman"

Patriot Eke's picture

People like to suggest it will be a "New World Order," but our future will prove it to be an "Old World Disorder" instead.  Nuclear war will do that after all.  We'll all be back to old world technology, and disorder will be the normal (WROL).

financial apocalyptic contagion's picture

Federal Spending: $4.1 trillion;  Federal Revenue: $3.3 trillion

bullshit thats just adeficit of 0.8 triple that shit

financial apocalyptic contagion's picture

Federal Spending: $4.1 trillion;  Federal Revenue: $3.3 trillion

bullshit thats just adeficit of 0.8 triple that shit

Bindar Dundat's picture

On this day in 2017 it will be five years since the last Presidential election ...... and counting.


NotApplicable's picture


"$1.1 trillion in annual interest expense"


Does that include a "tapering" effect? Or full blown ZIRP diarrhea?

adr's picture

Two years away from the future world of Back to the Future II dreamed up in 1985.

No flying cars, no fusion reactors, no hoverboard, hell not even self drying jackets or self tying shoes.

Dr. Engali's picture

Yeah but at least we have The Air Curler:


pods's picture

That has to be the most hillarious invention ever, next to the Thighmaster.

Might as well have both of them incorporated into the new workout routine "Fluffer Bootcamp."


BLOTTO's picture

and no morals...


Just - ever de-volving down the drain...

Diet Coke and Floozies's picture

Don't worry, you will still be able to thumb a hundred bucks to save the clock tower...

FlipFlop's picture

You are a pessimist. Accept the fact that the state has become a benevolent (?) big brother and be happy. Make no noise, just concentrate on what ever is told to you.

Soviet survival tactics become global.

TheGardener's picture

Tyler is right to readjust his The-End-is-Nigh formula
to his blog. Nietzsche lent me a convenient excuse called
decadence, which I conveniently live out for the next hundred years of roman style imperialistic overstretch.

Sorry , no good news and no re-set of things .

The world will change beyond recognition even for any seasoned disparate globalist individual with the "free trade" agreement upon opposing imperialistic blocks.

Never let a crisis go to waste, this too will pass.

Pass congress, legislation, and pass by the voter
for good measure.

Silveramada's picture

also, friday and today both very slow days for PMs dealers as the crowds await the clown Ben to tell us no, he wont pull the oxygen dose of 85B/month...


Colonel Jessup's picture

I hope you're wrong Dr. Engali, I hope these lunatics are not allowed to carry out such a diabolical act that is probably within their want to do.

pods's picture

Might as well double that as SS, Medicare, and Obamacare ponzis will have imploded by then.

Oh, and toss in another couple wars, currency collapse and the zombie apocalypse too.

I will take the over on that one please.


knukles's picture

They forgot Lindsay Lohan getting out of the recovery center, again.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Kim Kardashian's ass explodes!!!

IridiumRebel's picture

It already has......I think this thread is complete.

Scro's picture

LL will be offering the bung hole for $50 a pop in Las Vegas by 2017.

kralizec's picture

So Barry won't be the only one?!

Byte Me's picture

Haven't US Debt Clock.org been denigrated and ridiculed by the MSM yet?

King Nothing's picture

Why would they, these numbers represent financial recovery, Ben told them so.


Don't you know anything this is elementary my dear byte me, elementary.



jenniewadeguy's picture

Have Benny and the Jets seen this?

JJ McApe's picture

no problemo, they can digitally print that in under one minute :D

JustObserving's picture
  • Consolidated total debt and unfunded liabilities: $216.2 trilllion

That works out to be $665,000 per citizen.  There is no chance that it can be paid down.

BTW, Kotlikoff has total debt and unfunded liabilties at over $240 trillion now.

Gold should be at least $3200 and silver $80 by 2017 if only the Fed would stop manipulating them down.


adr's picture

I think the game is to create a society where there are so few capable of resistance, and who ever care to resist that they can be put down almost immediately with very little effort.

I'm moving for a new job and I drove around the city where it is located. The decline of America was so apparent, you'd have to be Ben Bernanke himself not to see it.

America is moving to a 90/10 society. Either you can afford to be part of the 10% and live where they live, or you'll be living with the 90% sending your kids to schools where only 3% can pass a basic 3rd grade reading test.

But open borders with the promise of amnesty for votes will do that.

As long as the Power Party can stay in Washington and NY eating $250 per plate meals. Who cares if the rest of the country looks like Uganda ravaged by plague.

WAMO556's picture

Remember that MOTOR/VOTER laws allows one "to aver" that they are a citizen. You int have to show proof of citizenship at all. So, we just allowed anybody and everybody in the world to vote in our elections. You don't have to be a citizen anymore, just a resident.

We are truly fucked.

The uncle of my wife said that the constitution doesn't mean "shit".


We are truly fucked....

resurger's picture

Let them eat Twix, Snickers and Lays.

ejmoosa's picture

It's too optimistic...

Rainman's picture

5% ' normalized ' interest rates is called fallout......3% triggers the Big Bang

the grateful unemployed's picture

the debt has been moved off balance sheet by 2017. the government is still paying off that debt at low fixed rates. since the deficit is under control there aren't any real concerns. bernankes replacement announced 2% deflation targets, in order to shrink the money supply to a workable level. the low fixed rates present a savings relative to new higher rates, yes higher interest rates, with deflation equals no economic growth, who cares? no more extend no more pretend, we're just trying crash land this economy with minimal damage.

kralizec's picture

Minimal damage...the belief that chaos can be mastered and controlled...

Not going to happen.

docmac324's picture

If Japan is 230% of GDP, are we're what, 107?  We have a long way to go before fiat implosion.  Hell, maybe after I die.

We'll need a hell of a good war here sooner or later.

youngman's picture

Obamacare will be good for 1 triilion in defecit spending every year by then...airlines will do well as people have to fly to other countries for an operation...Health tourism....

johnQpublic's picture

my neighbor is off doing that right now

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

It comes down to when the rest of the world gets terminally fed up (is unable) to absorb/import the US debt via the Ponzi that has become the USD.

Toward that end -- to postpone the inevitable -- TPTB will keep messing with the ability and resolve of the rest of the world and its pivotal players.  All is fair in fiat-love and war.  And the world will see plenty of both.