The Whistleblower's Guide To Secretly Tipping Off The Press In A "Turnkey Totalitarian" State

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When over four years ago we put together our "How To [Read/Tip Off] Zero Hedge Without Attracting The Interest Of [Human Resources/The Treasury/Black Helicopters]" Guide", many thought we were being paranoid. We weren't, as last week's revelations by Edward Snowden demonstrated to the entire world. And yet, besides those from the intelligence community, few realized just how deep the reach of the Turnkey Totalitarian Tyranny ("TTT" or the Orwellian Banana Republic) truly goes.

So as the Snowden enthusiasm spreads and more and more insiders with intimate knowledge of the broken system step up to expose the unconstitutional actions and illegal deeds that occur each and every day in the dark corner of US society well on its route to inevitable dissolution (ref USSR and WB Yeats), the question arises: how to do it, especially if one is not ready to take the full plunge and go public, facing the threat of death by treason by the same TTT state referenced above. How to leak information to the press and other distribution agents without tipping off the very espionage agency at the nexus of it all?

Luckily while information may be intercepted at every electronic turn, it still is largely free (at least until the advent of the Internet kill switch). So for all you wannabe Snowdens out there, here from Wired's Nicholas Weaver, is the perfectly timed "The Whistleblower’s Guide to the Orwellian Galaxy: How to Leak to the Press", which is by no means an exhaustive list of what one should do to preserve anonymity on the internet, but it certainly is a step in the right direction, and not just for leakers but for anyone who wishes to preserve some control over what information is intercepted daily. Because remember: assume everything you put out in the ether by electromagnetic waves is intercepted, decoded, stored and eventually used against you in a secret court above the law.

From Wired:

The Whistleblower’s Guide to the Orwellian Galaxy: How to Leak to the Press

Daniel Ellsberg, Mark Felt, Jeffrey Wigand, Sherron Watkins, Bradley Manning, and now… Edward Snowden. (He’s just the latest informant caught in the web of government administrations that view George Orwell’s 1984 as an operations manual.)

But while the list of government (and corporate) whistleblowers continues to grow, their options for leaking continue to shrink. It is, as one commenter noted, “a dangerous time to be right when the government is wrong.” We now live in a world where public servants informing the public about government behavior or wrongdoing must practice the tradecraft of spies and drug dealers à la The Wire. Even the head of the CIA can’t email his mistress without being identified by the FBI. And privately collected data isn’t immune, either; highly sensitive metadata is particularly vulnerable thanks to the Third Party Doctrine.

So how can one safely leak information to the press, let alone coordinate a Deep Throat-style meetup? The obvious choices: email, phone, and mail … but you’ve got to be really careful. Here’s a guide.

The parking garage where Bob Woodward met Mark Felt (Deep Throat).

Leaing by Email

The CIA supposedly already provided a guide to secure email, which the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) translated back to English — convenient, given the situation we now find ourselves in.

Get a dedicated computer or tablet: the cheapest Windows laptop will do. And pay cash, as our normal laptops have a host of automatic synchronization and similar services. Our personal web browsers also contain all sorts of location-identifying cookies. Even if you’re logged in to but don’t actually visit Facebook’s home page, a subpoena to Facebook can still reveal where you connect and what pages you visit — every “Like” button reports to Facebook that you are visiting that particular page, at a particular time, from a particular IP address.

Leave your cellphone, your normal computer, and your metro card (like SmarTrip) at home: anything that speaks over a wireless link must stay behind. Then go to a coffee shop that has open Wi-Fi, and once there open a new Gmail account that you will only use to contact the press and only from the dedicated computer. When registering, use no personal information that can identify you or your new account: no phone numbers, no names.

Don’t forget: if you get anything at the cafe, or take public transit, pay cash. Be prepared to walk a bit, too; you can’t stay close to home for this.

Of course, the job still isn’t finished. When you are done you must clear the browser’s cookies and turn off the Wi-Fi before turning off the computer and removing the battery. The dedicated computer should never be used on the network except when checking your press-contact account and only from open Wi-Fi connections away from home and work.

Leaking Over the Phone

Again, start by leaving all electronic devices at home. Go to a small liquor store in a low-income neighborhood, and buy a pre-paid cellphone (TracPhone or similar) with cash. Make sure it has enough airtime to not expire for a few months — T-mobile prepaid is particularly good since the pay-as-you-go plan doesn’t expire for a full year if you buy $100 of airtime.

By the way, I would personally look for a store with security cameras that look old — a continuous tape or similar setup — since once the FBI has the number, the next step is to contact the store that sold the phone. Alternatively, you can get someone else to walk into the store and buy it for you.

You now own your very own “burner” phone — remember The Wire? – and this phone must remain off with the battery removed at all times. Because every active cellphone is effectively a continuous GPS, monitoring your location and feeding the information to the phone company which retains this information for weeks, months, even years. Just a warrant-step away.

Now, to use the phone … Once again, go to a different location without carrying your normal devices, turn on the phone, check your voicemail, make your call, turn it off again, and pull out the battery. Your phone calls are now (hopefully) anonymous so that when the FBI leak-hunt starts, there is no trail for them to follow.

Of course, the burner laptop or phone could still identify you if it’s ever found, as they both contain network identifiers built into the hardware. So if you ever need to abandon your device, first wipe the device back to its factory fresh configuration using any “secure erase” options available, then take a hammer and break the device. Put it in some other piece of trash (like an empty McDonald’s sack), go for another stroll, and drop in a public trashcan.

But if the feds are already following you, you’re caught anyway, so it doesn’t matter if they catch you taking out the trash instead of finding something when they search your home.

Leaking by Mail

Investigative journalist Julia Angwin of the Wall Street Journal pointed out that physical mail, dropped in a random post-box with a bogus return address, is perhaps the best way for anonymous one-way communication. Perhaps the best use of mail is simply to send the reporter a burner phone pre-programmed to only call your burner.

Believing that the U.S. Postal Service recorded specific mail address information only when asked by law enforcement, I had previously argued that there’s no history with mail — and even if there were, it could only be traced to the processing post office.

However, The Smoking Gun spotted — buried in an affidavit! — that the U.S. Postal Service records the outside of mail. According to the full affidavit (also available on RECAP; see page 5) the machine used to automate mail operations, the Automated Facer Canceler System, contains a “Mail Isolation Control and Tracking” program that photographs every single piece of mail and maintains this information for future access by law enforcement.

Although there’s no mention of optical character recognition to allow indexing by recipient rather than by postmark, leakers must now assume that the U.S. government is indeed recording the outside of everything we mail. A leaker should therefore access a public postbox in the same way s/he uses a burner phone:  Leave all devices behind, walk to a remote postbox, and follow all the other guidelines above. But be sure to include a note to the reporter telling him or her to trash the envelope immediately.


All of this may seem like a script for a fictional T.V. show. But such extreme measures are a modern necessity if you want to leak information. Any future Deep Throat needs to follow these sorts of procedures if he or she wishes to talk to the press.

Though just imagine if Mark Felt had to do all of the above when leaking to Woodward and Bernstein. Snowden might have been willing to out himself … but not everyone is.

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ACP's picture

You do all that so the ignorant public can say, "Yeah I totally agree with Obama suppressing the Tea Party and anyone else who doesn't agree with our Dear Leader."

Yeah, we're done.

howenlink's picture

I prefer Leaking by Tree.  My neighbors are much less likely to turn me in.

Doña K's picture

Getting a gmail account now I believe that you must give them a phone number for verification by sending you a text or a call back. At least that was true when I got a gmail acount overseas last month. I have not tried in the US.

oddjob's picture

That's Reggie's baby.

ZerOhead's picture

This has now left me wondering what kind of 'terrorist attack' would have to be unleashed on the public for the Cheney/Obama administration to get the support needed to pass legislation requiring that ALL mail be sent in clear plastic ziplock baggies... one sheet only... folded and written side out...

Oh... and garbage too.

Jendrzejczyk's picture

+1000 for "Cheney/Obama administration"!

Supernova Born's picture

You only hear about the dumb criminals and hear from the very smart whistleblowers.

saveandsound's picture

Use Firefox and install Collusion:

Then you can easily see that ZH is tracking you by, and - just saying.

ZH is selling the book. 

putaipan's picture

just google "putaipan" if want some shits and giggles.

Triggernometry's picture

Leaving your devices behind still isn't enough, you may have to consider getting somebody to use your devices while you're not, mimicing the same activity from a routine location, if you really want an airtight seal.

Telemakhos's picture

Hotmail accounts don't require any external forms of verification.  No phone number, no second e-mail address.

Gmail tries to get existing users to give a phone number; I don't know about new users. Facebook started doing the same a few years ago, about when I stopped using it.  

A number of services started to ask for "two-step verification" via phone, all about the same time.  The knee-jerk interpretation is that PRISM is tying together accounts via common data like phone numbers.  This has a, perhaps unintended, corollary, though: an account tied to a US phone number should be legally problematic for NSA's collection, if they want to claim that they don't knowingly collect data in-country.  If a Gmail account is flagged with a US phone number, and PRISM collects data from that account, the PRISM operators have absolutely no cover from accusations that they don't know what country they're collecting from.

I'm not suggesting by any stretch of the imagination that anyone is suddenly immune from eavesdropping by attaching a US phone number to a Gmail account, but, if the partner companies like Google have been associating accounts with phone numbers for years, it would go some way towards rebutting NSA arguments that they can't determine the location of their data collection targets.  It would be nice if someone in Congress asked about that at the next round of softball hearings.

zhandax's picture

I have had my hotmail account since before MS bought it.  Consequentially, it attracts so much spam, it is the lowest tier of my junk accounts.  OT (maybe) has anyone else noticed the damage control Google is attempting now on their Firefox start page?

matrix2012's picture

Just dump the Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail accounts or use them for trivia only... try some resources beyond the reach of Great Orwellian Republic apparatchiks such as Tencent QQMail with English user interface - more info here:  --> easy to set up, request only a little info, and definitely NO phone number is required!

Telemakhos's picture

QQ?  The Chinese QQ?

Thanks, but I'll take my chances with the NSA.  At least they aren't as likely to censor what I say, just read it.

matrix2012's picture

What to censor??? have been using QQMail with no problem, they asked minimum questions; in fact yahoo did put some censor upon my outgoing emails many times, you may explore on your own if you happen to have email account at yahoo, just try to send out some emails with "agitative" subjects or "triggering" keywords, see how the yahoo reacts!

To choose between a giant Orwellian Republic and a said Police State, i prefer the latter knowing at least the latter won't drone you ;-) while the former has been repeatedly proven to favor violences and agressions into every part of the globe!! The giant Orwellian Republic simply knows no border in conducting their sickening violences and armed agressions!!


from my earlier post

"The fact that Snowden fled to Hong Kong, a Chinese territory, is not evidence that he is a spy, but rather of the collapse of basic legal and democratic norms in the United States and all of its allies in Europe, Asia and around the world. As the illegal NSA spying on US citizens demonstrates, the differences between American “democracy” and the Chinese police state are rapidly narrowing. The class logic is the same."

Joe Sixpack's picture

"I prefer Leaking by Tree.  My neighbors are much less likely to turn me in."


Please. Don't turn and face them while leaking.

StarTedStackin''s picture

We are done as long as good people do nothing.

WarriorClass's picture

When democracy turns to tyranny, the armed citizen still gets to vote.

Time the Americans started voting.

ZerOhead's picture

I can not even begin to tell you how bad of an idea that is...

Never forget that that particular outcome is EXACTLY what they need to get either the public support or create the apathy to gun rights necessary to remove all guns (and freedoms) from everyone ala the botched "Fast and furious" operation for good.

Remember it is the fear they may have of those with firearms (mostly just as a voting block right now) that stop them from taking everyones weapons away.

If shooting starts they have no choice but to act to preserve the status quo and remove your rights forever.

Besides there will be a whole lot of dangerous nuts out there if a state of anarchy ever arises... remember Iraq? ... just sayin'...

Now if you don't mind I've got to go and get back to my carrier pigeon breeding business... some guy with a heavy accent named 'Al' called and told me he'll take as many as he can get...

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

My take is: 'their' specialty is the use of force.  If you give them an excuse to use force, they will.  They will probably overdo it, even.  Think Ruby Ridge x1000.

Force is the last resort, and even then, the fighting will have to take the form of asymmetric warfare AKA guerilla warfae AKA 'terrorism'.  Guerilla warfare is what makes the continued use of force to oppress the population untenable. 

Preferably, IMO, we win the Information War.  But even that is easier said than done, when you are telling people not to trust the Gov't, the same gov't that has promised them SS, Pension, Medicare, old age benefits, etc etc etc.  The key is telling them those promises were made to be broken.  Still a tough sell at the end of the day, though.

ZerOhead's picture

You are correct. The "Information War" is where freedom will be either won or lost. Either that or merely become self sufficient and withdraw from their economy as much as practicality permits and the beast will eventually starve. Heck... the bankers have practically done all of the heavy lifting for us already...

Do NOT give them an excuse to act with force or all (and I mean ALL) will be lost.

Spanky's picture



Do NOT give them an excuse to act with force... -- ZerOhead

Amen. Have I mentioned how particularly charming you appear in this light? Perhaps we could chew the fat?

The "Information War" is where freedom will be either won or lost. -- ZerOhead

theabyss11's picture

I agree...A shooting war is what they want in the end. All these people who think that they can outshoot the military are delusional. Thats what they're counting on. They want anarchy so that they can bring in the military to "restore order". And the people will welcome it with open arms too. And it'll never go away after that...

If you want to really bring down the government I suggest going after their money. The financial system is the cornerstone of all the corruption this country but in reality its just a house of cards right now. The best way to take them down is to start a bank run. Have a coordinated effort to default on all debt and pull money out of the financial system. It wouldn't even take a majority of the country to pull it off. When they fall, refuse to bail them out and throw all those jackals in prison. Start again...hold new elections where all campaign donations are made by individual citizens and capped at a certain level..Make corporate and business donations illegal. They aren't people after all...they don't deserve to have a say.

Of course this would cause the whole system to crash...but I say better to take it down on our own terms. Its fucking coming down eventually anyway. But unfortunately this plan requires people to actually sacrifice and feel a little pain temporarily..which is always a tough sell...even when its better for them in the end..It requires people to get off their ass and take a risk. But its relatively bloodless and peaceful compared to the alternative.


Spanky's picture

How delightfully twisted! I like the way you think. Care to share ideas?

theabyss11's picture

I mean...Imagine say..100K people all signing an agreement that they agree to default on their debt and empty their bank accounts as soon as that number of signers is reached. That would do some damage...Multiply whatever leverage the banks are using on that money at the would hurt them. If you publicize it well, then the panic would be contagious. As people started to see the number of signers rise they might get worried about their own money and pull it out before the number is even reached. Every new 20k or so after that would trigger the next wave of protesters...Some people might not agree with the idea of defaulting on their debts. But by doing it together you get more protection. I'm telling you...its the only right way to do it.

Spanky's picture

Perhaps BOA would be a convenient, nation-wide target. Everybody can play -- it's for a worthy cause.

It's late and I'm tired, though I really would like to do a little brainstorming sometime. I like what you're describing. There is safety, and effectiveness, in numbers. We need numbers.

zhandax's picture

An outstanding idea for your own financial preservation, but don't ever think an organized (or otherwise) 'bank run' on a TBTF can outrun <ctrl> <prnt>.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Anyone remember the fable about putting a bell on the cat?  How about The Little Red Hen?


Ranger4564's picture

I don't know if anyone else suggested this on any of the other Snowden posts, but it's my opinion that the NSA surveillance program is about monitoring for uprisings by the citizenry... they are not looking for foreign terrorists, they're looking for regional dissenters. And they're monitoring foreign nations not because they're snooping, they're aiding and abetting the authorities in those nations. This is all in support of the Oligarch intention to install the NWO, so they need all controlled regions to be monitored to prevent any uprisings that will become an obstacle to their NWO.

Now that that's out in the open, maybe we can stop wasting so much time chest thumping about how we're all going to do something, next time, if things get any worse than they are this time. No one will do anything. It's already too late. But, now you know why the global machine built the global surveillance mechanism... to stop the citizens.

matrix2012's picture


The NSA revelations and Obama’s “pivot to Asia”

By John Chan, 17 June 2013

Edward Snowden’s revelations about the vast and illegal American electronic surveillance and spying operations inside the US and internationally have punctured the propaganda propagated by the Obama administration to justify its aggressive “pivot to Asia” aimed against China.

The US cynically presents itself as a force for regional stability, peace and “human rights” and the leader of Asian democracies—Japan, India and Australia—against the bullying of autocratic China. Under this guise, Washington has waged a determined offensive throughout the region to strengthen strategic alliances, build up military forces and consolidate trade ties in a bid to undermine Beijing’s influence.

In the lead-up to the recent summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Obama administration mounted a concerted campaign aimed at branding China as the number one “cyber threat” to the US and the world. A Pentagon report last month directly accused the Chinese government and military of large-scale cyber intrusions into American government, military and corporate computer networks. During the summit, Obama provocatively declared that alleged Chinese cyber espionage was the “direct theft of US property.”

In reality, as Snowden’s exposure of NSA operations confirms, the US military and intelligence apparatus has built up the world’s largest and most advanced cyber warfare machine, which it aggressively uses against the American people and any country regarded as a current or potential threat to the interests of American imperialism.

As Beijing has repeatedly alleged, China is a prime target. Snowden presented specific evidence to the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong last week that the NSA had hacked into hundreds of civilian computers in Hong Kong and China since 2009, including Hong Kong’s Internet Exchange, which handles all of the city’s web traffic. Having gained access to network backbones, the agency could gather information from hundreds of thousands of computers.

“The primary issue of public importance to Hong Kong and mainland China should be that the NSA is illegally seizing the communications of tens of millions of individuals without any individualised suspicion of wrongdoing. They simply steal everything so they can search for any topics of interest,” Snowden warned.

American intelligence expert Matthew Aid provided further confirmation of the NSA’s massive cyber operations against China in an article last week in Foreign Policy. He revealed that the US has been engaged in large-scale hacking of Chinese computer and telecommunications networks for the past 15 years.

Aid also exposed the existence of a highly secretive unit within the NSA’s Signal Intelligence Directorate known as the Office of Tailored Access Operations (TAO). The TAO, he said, employs 1,000 military and civilian hackers, analysts and engineers. Not only has it produced “some of the best and most reliable intelligence” about China, he stated, but it has been tasked with assembling the information needed for the US “to destroy or damage foreign computers and telecommunications systems with a cyber-attack.”

These revelations expose the Obama administration’s lies that the NSA spying is to protect the US from terrorist attack. The criminality of the American cyber operations against China is rooted in the imperialist character of the entire policy of the “pivot to Asia.” The US is determined to use its military might to prevent any challenge from China’s economic rise to its dominance in Asia since the end of World War II.

The NSA’s massive cyber operations are intimately bound up with US preparations for war against China. High-level US intelligence sharing with close allies in Asia goes hand in hand with establishing new military basing arrangements with Australia, Singapore and the Philippines, restructuring and reinforcing existing US bases in Japan, South Korea and Guam, and building up anti-ballistic missile systems in the region as part of Washington’s nuclear war plans.

The US has encouraged allies such as Japan and the Philippines to take a more assertive stance against China, heightening tensions in maritime disputes in the East China Sea, South China Sea and other regional flashpoints. By elevating the alleged cyber threat posed by China, Washington is preparing the pretext for a provocative cyber attack that risks escalating into a wider conflict. The Obama administration has already claimed the right to launch pre-emptive cyber attacks—as it has already done against Iran’s nuclear program.

In the wake of the NSA revelations, the American media and political establishment have launched an all-out campaign to vilify Snowden for exposing the NSA’s criminal operations at home and abroad. The latest lie that he might be a double-agent working for the Chinese government is particularly sinister, given the Obama administration’s history of targeted assassinations of US citizens.

The fact that Snowden fled to Hong Kong, a Chinese territory, is not evidence that he is a spy, but rather of the collapse of basic legal and democratic norms in the United States and all of its allies in Europe, Asia and around the world. As the illegal NSA spying on US citizens demonstrates, the differences between American “democracy” and the Chinese police state are rapidly narrowing. The class logic is the same. Just as the Chinese government is preoccupied with suppressing social unrest, so the US financial oligarchy regards the American people as a threat to its vast wealth and privileges.

The defence of Edward Snowden is an urgent issue not only for workers in America, but in Asia and internationally. He is being targeted for exposing the extent of the intelligence apparatus that has been established by the US to prosecute war against its international rivals and suppress domestic opposition to its austerity agenda at home.

The drive towards war and dictatorial forms of rule is rooted in the breakdown of the profit system, which has produced sharpening geo-political tensions between rival capitalist powers and growing opposition and resistance in every country to the relentless assault on the social position of the working class. The defence of democratic rights can be realised only through a unified socialist movement of the international working class to abolish capitalism. This means the building of sections of the International Committee of Fourth International, the world Trotskyist movement, throughout Asia and around the world.



Related link:

NSA leak fallout: LIVE UPDATES

Ranger4564's picture

Thanks for the informative post and the link. Much apreciated.


By the way, I believe that all governments all over the world are working at the behest of the Oligarchs, at least all of the nations that engage in central banking / international banking. I include China and Russia in there, along with India, and all the western nations obviously. I often see these events / stories as equivalent to entertainment TV, good cop bad cop. Sure, there may be naive / gullible politicians and affiliates all across the globe, but there are many bankers who are complicit, and there are many political / military personnel who are willing to cooperate for a bribe / favor, in support of the Oligarchs demands. So I don't think of China or Russia as a potential enemy, I see them as playing the black uniforms against the white uniforms of the western powers, in a war that is mostly a show to strengthen the control infrastructure of the oligarchs. A lot of innocent people will die but the result will be the same no matter who wins, if there is a winner...


We as  a civilization are struggling through the transition from a Scarcity model to a Surplus model, and with the surplus comes a reduction in demand for labor... that is resulting in the global unemployment, that is resulting in the increasing debt, that is actually facilitated by the bankers in the first place. So we're living through 2 events... 1 is a natural evolution of civilization albeit the citizenry are completely unprepared / unaware, and 2 is the intentional destruction of the Surplus model by the Bankers / Politicians / Military / Police / Oligarchs, so they can retain control within the Scarcity model.  If only people could see the magnitude of the circumstance... we can either enter into a future of prosperity / plenty, or we return back into a depraved financial system of deprivation / dark ages. I'm trying my damndest to get these people to listen, but so many are hell bent on preserving the scarcity model so they can add value to their tiny penises. Go figure.

Best of luck to you.

Iocosus's picture

You gonna shoot an Apache with thermal vision from five miles away? How about a drone?

ZerOhead's picture

Which is why we are doomed...

Nial Ferguson said it best when he said "Empires in decline are always bloodier than those in ascension/revolution..." or something to that effect...

wisehiney's picture

The dangerous now are those who support tyranny. When good men have nothing left to lose, maybe then.

nmewn's picture

If they can't figure out all the Tea Bag senders and mark them for FEMA camp re-education, I'm thinkin mail it ALL in

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Yea good luck with the "rainbow coalition" going door to door for the guns. Of course in multiple languages and starting with "please", then reading some decree right out of a Monty Python script.

seek's picture

This looks pretty good, but I'd suggest using Tails ( on a live USB drive on the throwaway computer. Tails will provide access via TOR, by default records nothing to the drive, and when removed from the PC, the PC behaves normally and will have no trace of the Tails activities on it, nor will the Tails USB drive have any information, either.

If you want to get fancy, use a USB wireless card as well, perhaps removing the laptop's own wireless card. Then you only have to dispose of a tiny USB dongle and the USB drive to get to deniability status.


Urban Redneck's picture

Tails includes macchanger out of the box, but it isn't configured to run automatically so you would need to run macchanger -a <devicename> from the command prompt w/ the desired interface temporailly disabled (or modify netcfg, or build your own customized live cd) - you can also install Tails on an SD (or micro SD) memory card instead of a USB drive which is easier to lose if necessary, and can be innocuously stored in a cell phone or digital camera when not needed. 

IridiumRebel's picture

Whatever you do, CNN should not be your "go to" press agency and definitely don't "check in" on Facebook. "Totes m'goats @ laundromat, cleaning whites and tipping Wolf Blitzer to rad USA spying. Later calamari."

Notarocketscientist's picture

Follow the rules above..... and post your leak on ZH.

One And Only's picture

Use the Orphan Annie Decoder ring.

Simple, discreet, easy.

WmMcK's picture

Will my PF Flyer one work?

Pool Shark's picture








Hulk's picture

ItS hArDeR tO DeCiPhEr WheN WrItTeN lIkE ThIs...

putaipan's picture

cap'n crunch dialin' in ....

1C3-N1N3's picture

Reads like the Hitman's Handbook.

Iocosus's picture

Not entirely convinced this guy is working for the people (us) just yet. His past does not pan out.