200,000 Take To Brazil's Streets In Largest Protest In Two Decades

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It started off a simple protest in Sao Paulo as a demonstration by students against an increase in bus fares from R$3 to R$3.20, and then quickly morphed into general demonstration of discontent with the nation’s political classes on both sides of the spectrum involving over 200,000 across the country, with those marching on Monday holding placards decrying everything from the enormous sums spent on the World Cup to the treatment by police of protesters last week. It got to the point where protesters invaded and occupied, peacefully, the roof of the national Congress complex in Brasilia. Then things turned less peaceful when a breakaway group from the main rally in Rio de Janeiro attacked the state legislative assembly building and attempted to set it on fire.

From Reuters:

As many as 200,000 demonstrators marched through the streets of Brazil's biggest cities on Monday in a swelling wave of protest tapping into widespread anger at poor public services, police violence and government corruption.


The marches, organized mostly through snowballing social media campaigns, blocked streets and halted traffic in more than a half-dozen cities, including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia, where demonstrators climbed onto the roof of Brazil's Congress building and then stormed it.


Monday's demonstrations were the latest in a flurry of protests in the past two weeks that have added to growing unease over Brazil's sluggish economy, high inflation and a spurt in violent crime.


While most of the protests unfolded as a festive display of dissent, some demonstrators in Rio threw rocks at police, set fire to a parked car and vandalized the state assembly building. Vandals also destroyed property in the southern city of Porto Alegre.


Around the country, protesters waved Brazilian flags, dancing and chanting slogans such as "The people have awakened" and "Pardon the inconvenience, Brazil is changing."


The epicenter of Monday's march shifted from Sao Paulo, where some 65,000 people took to the streets late in the afternoon, to Rio. There, as protesters gathered throughout the evening, crowds ballooned to 100,000 people, local police said. At least 20,000 more gathered in Belo Horizonte.


The demonstrations are the first time that Brazilians, since a recent decade of steady economic growth, are collectively questioning the status quo.

Bloomberg added a geopolitical and economic twist to events:

Francisco Soares, a 32-year-old Brasilia electrician, felt good about life two years ago when he started commuting in his first car, blasting the music and passing packed buses. Since then, bills started piling up, the cost of living jumped and last week he had to sell his wheels.


After a decade that saw 40 million people rise from poverty, Brazil’s middle class finds itself squeezed by faster inflation, rising debt and a weaker currency. Consumers are spending less at supermarkets and hairdressers as the classic weekend event, a prime cut barbecue, becomes a stretch for some. Continuing a wave of protests sparked by an increase in bus fares, demonstrators surrounded Congress in Brasilia yesterday and set a car on fire in Rio de Janeiro as tens of thousands marched in major cities.


The emerging middle class was the engine of economic growth and made the developing nation one of the world’s top five markets for cars and mobile phones. It also helped the Workers’ Party win its third straight presidential election in 2010. Now, as the dream of a new car and a trip to Disney World fades for some, so does support for President Dilma Rousseff, who was jeered at a packed soccer stadium on June 15. Asked whether he would vote for her again, as he did in 2010, Soares said: “No way.”


“The golden days are over, the feel-good factor is lost,” said Renato Fragelli, economics professor at the Fundacao Getulio Vargas, a business think tank in Rio de Janeiro. “It’s not that the middle class is disappearing but there’s been a setback, people feel they’re getting less for their money.”

Is Brazil be returning to a time of political instability driven by a relapse in the wealth effect:

After Latin America’s biggest economy expanded less than economists forecast for the past five quarters and inflation accelerated, the approval rating of Rousseff’s government fell eight percentage points in June from March, the first drop since she took office in January 2011, according to a Datafolha opinion survey published June 9. The poll interviewed 3,758 people June 6-7 and had a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points.


Still, at 57 percent, Rousseff’s government support is 10 percentage points higher than in March 2011, according to Datafolha. The 65-year-old Rousseff remains the favorite to win the October 2014 presidential race, commanding 49 percent of voter intention, according to Datafolha. Marina Silva, a former environment minister who finished third in the 2010 presidential race, ranked second with 14 percent, while Aecio Neves, the candidate of the main opposition party, ranked third with 12 percent of voter intention.

And without the marginal pull from China, whose growth trajectory is now aggressively tapering, which in turn is wreaking havoc on emerging markets (one look at their stock market performance YTD should explain it), are photos such as the ones below from Brazil overnight set to become a daily staple, and to be added to the roster of civilian disobedience from such developed world countries as Greece and Turkey.

Photos: Reuters, AFP

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What the hell is everyone bitchin about over there.....they've got a pretty progressive government.


Most American's know the government is out to get us. You don't see us acting like that....at least not yet anyway.

POLL: Nearly half now believe IRS scandal leads to White House...


machineh's picture

'Progressive' -- HA HA HA!

That's what Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi call themselves.

GetZeeGold's picture



It's what McCain and Graham hopes no one ever figures out.

SamAdams's picture

Only the NSA knows what McCain and Miss Lindsey hope we never find out...

firstdivision's picture

I had Progressive Insurance, and the only thing that "progressed" were my premiums, much like Progressive Governments and taxes.

CheapBastard's picture

Try AAA...they're cheaper then Geico or Progressive I found....service so-so but much cheaper...

...and as you know,

I'm a Cheap Bastard.

nonclaim's picture

"they've got a pretty progressive government"

For a while the handouts were enough to appease the poor and buy enough votes for reelection. Problem is corruption in all three branches of government got to unbelievable levels, plain theft in broad daylight.

Public infrastructure is falling apart despite huge investments in... propaganda.

Anyway, funny thing it started as a hard left attempt to further the socialist agenda. It got out of their control as now the population is genuinely venting out.

madbraz's picture

Sure, you ride 2 hours to get to work on a crammed bus or train, standing, then ride it again for another 2 hours on the way back, every day of your working life.  You take your kid to the public hospital and stay in line for 6 to 12 hours until a doctor sees you, and then you might get a table bed on the corridor.  All this while corrupt politicians work 3 to 4 days a week and get rich from kickbacks to construction companies that build $USD 1 billion soccer stadiums that were supposed to cost half that, with taxpayer money and in cities were they don't even have soccer teams to use the stadium.  


In Brazil people have a pulse.  Here, we don't.  In Brazil people now it is corrupt and get upset.  Here, it is corrupt and most of us don't give a damm.


I am so f$%^& disappointed in this country and the turds that are running it to the ground.



madbraz's picture

Here the corruption is just not done in broad daylight.  It's done in futures markets, in derivatives, in every financial instrument available.  It's done in HFT, which (GASP!) has not been outlawed despite being the most obviously criminal frontrunning activity ever concocted, one that would make casinos and horseracing bookies look like nuns in comparison.  It's done by electing a puppet president, molded into form in a 5-10 year effort by Bob Rubin and the gang, and then allowing the worst gangsters possible to take control of all key positions that may aid in their objectives - the Justice Department, the BLS, the Census, the media outlets.  It's done by allowing stock bourses to purchase companies that publish "confidence indicators" while having agreements with HFT that complete a triunvirate of market manipulation:   Confidence data surprise - HFT frontrunning - stock exchange kickback programs to HFT.


As long as this idiotic illusion of wealth called the stock market is going up, all means available are valid for these people.  Until everyone starts selling...

Winston Smith 2009's picture

"In Brazil people have a pulse.  Here, we don't.  In Brazil people now it is corrupt and get upset.  Here, it is corrupt and most of us don't give a damm."

That's because we're one of the wealthiest banana republics where the skimming is less noticeable to the typically inattentive (to be polite) citizenry.  I've suspected that for decades and have become absolutelty certain about it since 2008.

e-recep's picture

thanks for the update. in turkey it's the same shit. news says people are against fascism but deep down it's the high living cost and the ultra-high youth unemployment that move the masses to the streets.

Gypsyducks's picture

If one prefers football to education, healthcare, or infrastructure things are great.

JOYFUL's picture

What the hell is everyone bitchin about over there.....they've got a pretty progressive government...

if you hadn't forgotten the sarc\ tag, you're comment woulda been odds on favorite for best of the day. But maybe we can still make something of it...

since everything is upside\down, turned around... a funhouse of distorted presentation of ir-reality... re-reality... hyper-reality... it only makes sense that a one time 'guerrilla girl' is leading the South American country of Brazil... and that 'progressive' leftist factions all over the world are now posing as 'responsible leaders' and pillars of something they call ...Democracy-lite... the preserve of en-lightened statist ghouls whose holier than thou interpretations of orthodoxy seen to always involve being in power to take money out of the pockets of the 'masses' and put it into those of the crony capitalists somehow always found at the sides of these plutocrats of the progressive mold...

mold...as in the fungus amongst us... a parasitical power-grabbin caste ... which just like Beauchamps' famous discovery of pleomorphism*... morphs thru different stages... but always turns into the same evil thang - no matter the purported religion, ideology, enthicity or other cover story... it's one big global porcine picnic now... watched over by their policing partners with unlimited powers of supervision, interdiction, and control. It no wonder that these 'demonstrations' are breaking out in the outliers of empire... where the Monsanto\McDonaldisation of the peeple is just that little bit less advanced so as to give them a tiny bit of backbone ... we got fake populists... fake Moslems... fake terror events... but REAL TERRORISTS running governments everywhere!

but don't worry, Mr Talmudist Man Behind the Curtain... they'll be couch-potato marshmellows soon nuff too! CAUSE NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE TO CONNECT THE DOTS ... and see... either we rise collectively as individuals in solidarity with these other individuals against our collective STATES[and State...of indifference to our FATES]...

or go down one by one... into the maw of a global CIRCLE k HOLIDAY CAMP AND ABATTOIR. What's it gonna take peeple?

btw... "RESISTANCE" has a new sountrack! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhxo5coDOGA ...Sik Bakalim*... this is the [football club]song Istanbul moved to in the streets night after night... given over to the peeple by the football clubbers who came out in droves to marshall the crowds against the police... something they are experts in from many previous battles with the teargas ghouls. Can you imagine 'footballfans' at the heart of a popular and spontanteous uprising against the State anywhere in the fallen lands of the West?  Joke.

Sik Bakalim...roughly -Bring it on! Drop your helmets... drop your clubs\n shields... then let's see who wants to flee!

*pleomorphism was discarded by the scam 'scientific-ism' community in favor of Pasteurs' plagiaristic parody of empirically proven science.

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Why did HEART's posting frequency suddenly drop ?


HEART, your posting frequency has dropped substantially since being asked to explain your egregious Boston Marathon disinfo posts.
Is this a coincidence ?

We are still waiting for an explanation but you refuse to respond. Why ?

ZH readers are curious as to why HEART intentionally posts disinfo such as Boston bombing fake injuries / fake blood / crisis actors garbage which is 100% DISINFORMATION.

Boston bomb disinfo reposted again by heart #3616167

I have screen caps of your Boston bombing fake injuries / fake blood / crisis actors disinfo posts.


ZH is being targeted by FedGov spambots & human operatives saturating the comment sections with garbage and disinformation in addition to down voting certain posters.

They are not harmless trolls, they are professional operatives attempting to undermine and discredit ZH via multi nics & sock puppets.

Attacking this post by constant down voting speaks for itself: the shills exposed themselves.

Case closed.

Midasking's picture

It is going to be exciting when in happens in the US of A.  LA riots will look like a Sunday picnic http://tinyurl.com/mem7o7x

Martin Silenus's picture

"Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves."

~ Henry David Thoreau 

jekyll island's picture

Love it.  The population is showing some backbone standing up to the gubmint.  What is going on in the US?  WHy, Occupy Wall Street of course.  Remember them?  I think they wanted the gubmint to take care of them cradle to grave.  

greatbeard's picture

>> WHy, Occupy Wall Street of course.  Remember them?  I think they wanted the gubmint to take care of them cradle to grave. 

At least occupy did something.  What did you do?  The police state came down hard on them and I'm sure you were cheering the whole way.  Nice job of gobbling up the government propaganda.

GetZeeGold's picture



Did the IRS do all they could to stifle Occupy Wall Street too?


Get the government and hippies out of the American people's face.....don't have much hope in either one of them.

I would point out much of our government is old hippies from the 60s......not working out that good.

greatbeard's picture

>> Did the IRS do all they could to stifle Occupy Wall Street too?

And that has what, exactly, to do with the whole situation?  Jerk your head out of your southern orifice and think for yourself for a change.  There is a common enemy and it's not your fellow low end citizens.  And while you're at it, jerk your nose out of corporate america's ass.

Harbanger's picture

The whole thing was orchestrated by the left.  Progressive Nanny Bloomberg even welcomed them there at first.  Problem was there were too many cameras and interviews which started making them look bad so it became counter productive.  That's when they where thrown out by the same people that invited them.

swiss chick's picture

Not everyone from the 60s were hippies, believe me...

SpiceMustFlow's picture

What did occupy accomplish besides shitting all over the ground and raping each other? Pointed out how useless we are as a fucking country? 

"Well you see maaan, it's like the corporations, they, you know, they're bad maaaaaaan. Capitalism root of all evil blablabla," fuck those assholes, should've been on capital hill, at pentagon and Eccles bldg. What happens when we have stupidity compounded over so many generations

greatbeard's picture

> > What did occupy accomplish besides shitting all over the ground and raping each other?

Propaganda sheeple whore.

SpiceMustFlow's picture

Idk, I've never raped anyone, and only shit on the ground when backpacking, but then I politely cover it up so as to not be consumed by the evil bear. Fucking bitch made motherfucker.

friendly reminder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGL-Ex1CD1c

Mr. Schiff goes to OWS

Colonel Jessup's picture

The answer is nothing - there were somen educated folks out there who were protesting in goiod faith, backed by some basic knowledge of how the system works and why it is destroying the futures - but most were absolutely clueless and were there for the free pot and sex with hippie chicks.

They were also infiltrated by Soros people who were paying professional protesters to organize the rabble. It might have started as an organic movement, but it certainly did not end that way.

Totentänzerlied's picture

"It might have started as an organic movement, but it certainly did not end that way."

You've just described 99% of all political movements, ever.

GetZeeGold's picture



Pretty much every paycheck I've ever received has come from a corporation.

mess nonster's picture

You have my most profound sympathies.

GetZeeGold's picture



OK...but I'm still not going to lend you my car. Get a job and buy one yourself.

kridkrid's picture

my post below works as a response here as well. But I'll add, the picture that you have painted here is grossly inaccurate. And the imagery isn't your own... it's the very cliche programmed response used to marginalize and dehumanize anyone who opposes the financial system. They get people like you to carry their water. And it works.

Urban Redneck's picture

The left wing faggots of OWS stood just as silently as the right wing ones when while the State was picking on their perceived enemy, and unlike the right wing they didn't have the excuse of revenge.


jekyll island's picture



SInce you have only been a member of ZH for 9 days and 14 hours, I will let you in on few secrets.  First, this IS the lunatic fringe.  Second, Million Dollar Bonus is a fake troll, he's actually pretty funny, especially when yahoo's like you take the bait.  Third, the only thing we dislike more than government is people who expect the government to wipe their butts for them.  As for OWS, that was zeal without knowlege, how can you support people who don't even know why they are protesting?  What a fucking waste.  At least the Brazilians united around a central issue and showed their disapproval, even if some hooligans took advantage of the situation.  In time hopefully you will adapt to the culture. 

kridkrid's picture

oh, I don't think that's what OWS wanted, exactly. I think the movement started out as a general protest movement. Our minds are pushed into believing that there has to be some clearly defined agenda or list of demands. Since there wasn't any organized or consolidated message, our corporate media had an opportunity to "fill in the gaps". They did a great job of painting the protest as they wanted it painted; Ineffective, unorganized, and most importantly, set in opposition to the "tea party" crowd. Divide and conquer. It's critical that the real power in this country stay insulated. The false choice and false conflict created in the political system is the best and easiest way. But as that breaks down, they need to steer organic dissent into controllable "camps".

buzzsaw99's picture

the peasants are revolting

asscannon101's picture

"You're telling me? They stink on ice..."

Sauk Leader's picture

Brazilians revolting against hosting the World Cup. Holy Shit.

fonzannoon's picture

"“It’s not that the middle class is disappearing but there’s been a setback"

Lucky bastards

jekyll island's picture

Perhaps Brazil's loose monetary policy has resulted in the protests from their population.  They cannot export inflation like the US.  If Brazil had any vision for the future, they would convert to a consumption economy, let their currentcy strengthen and become the lead economy in the Western hemisphere.  Think it will happen?  Me neither.  

Tsunami Wave's picture

Brazil has been on the losing end of this global currency war so far, according to Jim Rickards and his book 'Currency Wars'. I suppose the only thing they can do is just cut their key interest rate or devalue their currency. I'm not sure why they haven't done either frankly.

fonzannoon's picture

At some point Brazil, China and Russia will reject te dollar. Once they do, more will follow. Blowback is a bitch.

kito's picture

WHEN FONZ???!!!! WHEN?????!!!!!! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fonzannoon's picture

If I had to take a guess I'd say jan 1st 2014 right after you tell me how great the sandwich was. The damn sandwich will probably cost me $30 by then.


Tsunami Wave's picture

The only way the inflation, wages and morale will improve is by Brazil becoming a regional trading powerhouse and keep expanding in global manufacturing.... Let the Argentines and Urguyans just consume and recycle all those Reals back into Brazil in the form of bond-buying and being forced to trade in only that.

smacker's picture


Actually Brazil has raised its main interest rate (Selac?) recently to put pressure on inflation, which has been rising. And like the US/UK/EU, true inflation is far higher than governments claim. Their currency has been quite strong for several years due to USD & GBP central bank actions. The Real has weakened recently due to an obvious slowdown in their economy.

steelrules's picture

To qoute Gerald Celente,

"When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it." 

JustObserving's picture

Spain, Portugal, Italy will be joining Brazil, Greece and Turkey soon enough. Luckily, Europe has fewer cars to burn now as car sales hit 20 year lows.

knukles's picture

And don't forget the summer celebrations of love, harmony and inclusiveness in the fully integrated French banlieues is just around the corner.


International solidarity celebration days of madness

Tsunami Wave's picture

Welcome to the Summer of '13...... A Burning hot summer of passions, tensions, and broken glass. A summer where anything is possible.