When Correlation Is Causation

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It is all too easy to dismiss endless charts showing long-run correlations that have become useless in the current liquidity-fueled boom in stocks and real estate in the US with the "well, correlation is not causation" meme, but in Spain, we suspect, few will argue that the relationship between the surging unemployment rate of the OMT-bound nation and its delinquent loan growth is hard to argue with. With both at record highs (and the latter picking up once again after a temporary haitus of seeming banking delays offered some hope), it appears the southern European nation is going from worse to worst.



but there is one 'thing' that is not correlated...


It's not just Spain though - the entirely fake-looking, relatively linear rise in official Italian bad debts is rising at the fastest rate since Dec 2011...


Charts: Bloomberg

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What's your point.

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Scro: You are kidding of course. Or are you that brain dead?

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Well, then the gov't should just start employing more people.

Then the bad loans will stop? I don't think so. 


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So far, the only thing registering the RISK-OFFness is PMs, lumber and copper (sort of).  Peripheral spreads, global equities, and corporate bonds are caught in a twilight zone without end.

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Just wait til Italian Bad Loans goes from Linear(due to able to fudge accounting) to Exponential (when reality rolls over accounting)

OT: So saw this

Obama Says Bernanke Has Stayed at Fed ‘Longer Than He Wanted’ (Bloomberg)
“Ben Bernanke’s done an outstanding job,” Obama said in an interview with Charlie Rose that aired yesterday, when asked about nominating him for another term subject to Senate approval. “He’s already stayed a lot longer than he wanted or he was supposed to"

Who will succeed him to shoulder the Taper Crash blame and launch QE5?

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They are floating Stanley Fisher

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I think we just hit a new low in silver. Another day to go. 

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Italian/Spanish gov and banks are notorious for fudging unemployment figures and non-performing loans.  In reality, these much be far worse. 

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I am thinking a lot of people make shit up all the time, Spain, Italy, China, the USA and on and on.

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Just look at how far away these stocks are from the 200dma. Does anyone remember when a parabola ended well? Hmmm.

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When it was the flight path of an ICBM?

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LOL that looks too funny: So either Italy has been misreporting their bad debt since 2012 or did someone magically re-define 'bad debt'?

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Here we go yet again....trudging back up 'the wall of insanity' again....bloody fucking hell is all this planet is.

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Here's a correlation-causation:  Spanish Bond spreads fall with Mario's Magical OMT announcement in Aug. 2012.


But this brings to mind your comment, Tyler, that Spain is OMT bound... Can a country be bound for something that doesn't really exist? And this despite Germany's "red line" in the sands of Europe.

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Here in Finland we already expect to pay some bunga bunga to Italy, our Finance Minister, professional lady seen in fishnet stockings, is good friend with Berlusconi, I think

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who? Jutta? ok, she is somewhat cute, but she is also a social democrat, isn't she? ok, Berlusconi has broad tastes, I have to admit, though he might find her 37 years as a tad too many...

I really liked when she made a comment on her website which The Telegraph promptly misinterpreted her in the sense that Finland would leave the eurozone, last year in July

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Whole world is just insane now...no market reflects even the least bit of reality at all, thats strictly verboten, and things like revelations about govt spying on citizens just gets swept under the rug by a claim 'Hey, we once stopped a bad guy...so the ends justify whatever means we want!'. Bloody fucking hell.

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as long as banks and agencies don't count the non performing loans they'll be fine and that's all that matters

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- an aside.  Aint is great to see that the only thing really moving up (and therefore benefiting from all this QE), are the fucking banks!!  Fuck it pisses me off.  When I see white candles I check key stocks, and its ALWAYS the fucking banks.  Getting a little sick and tired of that bullshit.

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CNBC reporting that FBI says NSA surveillance helped prevent a bombing of the NYSE.

The NYSE hardly seems worth surrendering the Constitution for.

And, perhaps those were domestic terrorists?

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Gold is taking a massive shit in the markets today..... Awesome. I want to keep stacking up on the deep cheap. Thanks for the fake ass paper prices Jamie and Blythe!

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Spain is in the tank.  Italy is there with them.


Euro keeps climbing. USD keeps falling.


I guess failing members of the EU is bullish for the Euro.  Failure is wealth building.


Send us MO POMO.



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I was reading about the cost overruns on the Spanish submarine program...

Say Wah?   Why is a country that is heading swiftly to bankruptcy and has 15-20% unemployment building submarines?

To protect from enemy ships?   In a real war, any ships will be blown out of the water by jet fighters in a week.    Then what are the subs left to attack?

Makes about as much sense for Spain to be building submarines as it is to put a screen door on them (the submarines that is).