Goldman's FOMC Expectations

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With 45 minutes left to go, only one thing matters: what does Goldman think (the other issue of whether Jan Hatzius shared a meal with Bill Dudley at the Pound and Pence will remain unknown until the next batch of Dudley daily "minutes" are released in a few months). So for all those scrambling for an edge in a centrally-planned world, here it is, via Goldman's Francesco Garzarelli : "Turning to today’s FOMC announcement and press conference, our US Economics team expect Chairman Bernanke to stick to the same message on ‘tapering’ of bond purchases used in previous pronouncements on the matter, but also emphasize that reducing the expansion of the balance sheet does not imply that the Fed is anywhere close to hiking rates. We think this is broadly what bondholders are also expecting to hear."

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today, they're Goldman Horoscopes

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The ONLY tapering the Fed is ever likely to do would be to cut back on MBS and divert that money towards government deficits. Bearish for the $, bullish for PMs.

The rest is all talk...

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"expect Chairman Bernanke to stick to the same message on ‘tapering’ of bond purchases used in previous pronouncements on the matter"


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Uh, me thinks that would mean a sell-off.  That, and interest rates will eventually do their thing, regardless of the Fed.

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You can't print prosperity. It comes from hard work, discipline and savings. Bernanke and the Fed's policies have discouraged all three.

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My name is Bond.  Sam Bond.

Licensed to kill.

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Business Insider reports Bernank has been fired since Monday? Who knows if that's true maybe today will be the day Bernank drops a huge steaming FOMC turd? 

Larry Meyer: Obama Fired Bernanke - Business Insider

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Well of course they are making predictions, they helped write it.

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totally ready. picked out gold & silver buys the ready...looking for the epic bash down......pray to god they go at silver......looking for 500 oz

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If there is a taper announcement, you will see silver at $19 in a week.

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I am holding out for $15. Then I max out credit and go all in and go galt.

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If we get to that it's gonna be baaad!

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And stocks up another 5% or 10%.  Because only precious metals respond to Fed lies about monetary restraint.  While paper markets keep getting goosed by the truth of printing presses on overdrive.

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oh please....they don't respond to Fed comments, they respond to manipulated paper deluges....gimme a break. we all know the Comex is crooked. 

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I'm on the list of people to whom the Fed provides an early look at their decision.  With 20 minutes until the announcement, I just got the word, and I'm going to let you all in on it:

Ben is going to say that what with the economy doing so well, with unemployment falling and low inflation, he is tapering the bond buying by exactly 1 dollar per month, starting in 2018.

I suggest everyone go short.

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This market won't accept anything south of "to the moon!".

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... you guys remember the old days when you buy the rumour and sell the news? ... good old days ...

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"Dear Plebes, there's still plenty of room in the roach motel..."

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So, for a while at least, Bonded We Stand?

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